Project Veritas Proves Muslim Voter Fraud In Manhattan


Founder of Veritas has been banned from Twitter (I despise Twitter and never use the stupid thing, by the way).


Once again, stunningly as usual, another Undercover PV Journalist in Full Burka Is Offered Huma Abedin’s Ballot in Manhattan yesterday| Project Veritas who have been revealing all the flaws, tricks and treats and masquerades in the DNC.  That is, a woman pretended to be Abedin, dressed so no one could easily see who she is and she got the ballot easily this way.  The US voting system has never been secure.


The voting systems are terribly flawed, the primary voting system is terminally flawed, all of this screams ‘need to reform’ and you can bet if our politicians ‘reform’ it, the changes will make it easier for them to rig election voting, not make it more careful about examining and accepting votes.

Last December, Project Veritas caught NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City. He explained how Muslims can use burkas as a way to commit voter fraud.


Project Veritas wanted to test this theory by sending an undercover journalist dressed in full burka to Huma Abedin’s polling location to see if they could vote. Shockingly, an election official offered the PV journalist Huma Abedin’s ballot.


Yes, wearing things that hide who you really are works! And ‘face recognition’ isn’t working in big cities because a lot of people are strangers to each other but in this case, a very public figure was scammed in this attempt at showing how poorly the system is operating!  Isn’t that funny?  No ID was shown, I remember voting in the past and we always had to show ID.  Now, no ID?  Here is the conversation:


PV Journalist: “Not even just voter ID because of people voting twice, but people can like cover their faces, you know what I’m saying?”


Alan Schulkin: “The Muslims can do that too. You don’t know who they are.”


PV Journalist: “The Muslims, yeah. Especially, all those Burkas. Someone could claim oh it’s my religion, but you don’t know if they are pretending or not.”


Alan Schulkin: “Exactly.”


Alan Schulkin: “Your vote doesn’t even count even, because they can go in there with a burka and you don’t know if they are a voter. Your vote gets discounted because they come in there with a burka on and they can vote. People think that it’s a liberal thing to do, but I take my vote seriously, and I don’t want ten other people coming in negating my vote by voting for the other candidate when they aren’t even registered voters.”


After this conversation, the PV journalist comes back as Abedin:


Election Offical: “Goodmorning. Last name.”

PV Journalist: “Abedin.”

Election Official: “Abedin.”

Election Official: “And that’s your last name?”

Election Official: “And how do you spell Abedin?”

PV Journalist: “A B E DI N.”

Election Official: “I don’t know honey. I’m looking for it in the books. But your name is not in the book. For some reason it’s not here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t vote by paper ballot. You just can’t vote by machine”

PV Journalist: “Ok so I can vote today?”

Election Official: “By paper.”

PV Journalist: “So I can vote as Huma Abedin, but just with the paper ballot?”

Election official: “If that’s the name you voted with in the last election, and you haven’t changed your name?”


How easy it is to cheat!  At no point did the election official ask for ID.  The DNC knows all this and exploits this.  The lack of ID examination to see if people are really who they say they are, has been obviously suspended if they can vote in other ways if not on the voter lists!  This is totally wrong from top to bottom, of course.


Obama, himself, encouraged nonregistered people to vote even if they are not citizens.  Of course, the  mainstream media is gloating over how illegal aliens will tip the election to Hillary.  If so, this is a FALSE ELECTION and should be examined carefully to see who is actually registered to vote legally and if it is discovered that illegal aliens voted, these votes should be purged.


But then, the entire creaking, crummy system must be fixed and I wish people would demand uniform voting systems and proper systems for tallying votes, etc.  It is quite possible to do this and good old paper ballots are what works here…and that is the very last thing they want.  So what, if it takes a week to count the votes by hand?  We can wait, can’t we?


This election, our media giants and the DNC constantly said that Hillary already won.  Then news would happen, her ‘win’ would vanish and then they would repeat this process, now around 8 times they have claimed she already won and then forced to backtrack.  It is destroying their connection with at least 49% of the population.


There are budding boycotts as people turn off their TVs.  Football is going under, the big news media outfits are floundering.  I only go to them to make fun of them at this point.  How much further off this cliff will they all go?  All the way, of course.  They can’t help it.




After releasing two viral videos over the last two days, Project Veritas Founder and President James O’Keefe is no longer allowed to access his Twitter account. According to Twitter, he is blocked from accessing his account for twelve hours, at which point they reserve the right to make him pass additional hurdles to access his account.


On Tuesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows Manhattan Democratic Election Commissioner Alan Schulkin admitting that voter fraud does indeed exist.


On Wednesday, O’Keefe released a video which shows a male Hillary Clinton staffer stating: “To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s [female coworker] ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone.”


The second video also showed the campaign worker stating that he could rip up Republican voter registration forms and not be reprimanded.



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31 responses to “Project Veritas Proves Muslim Voter Fraud In Manhattan

  1. Christian W

    There is a lot of insanity and deliberate misdirection on Twitter. But Twitter is also very good for catching raw cutting edge news of developments from places like Syria and Yemen and Palestine, from sources not embedded with the MSM. It’s a source to bypass the MSM and the official narrative control and Hasbara operations, which is of course why Twitter (and FB and the like) are increasingly reaching for various tools to strangle the information flow and to outright censor what Hasbara operations cannot shout down or distort.

    Of course you need to use your judgement and discernment with what you read, but that is as it should be.

  2. Jim R

    Well, there’s another difference between us, Elaine. I have become addicted to Twitter. Can’t say it’s a good thing. Also, I never watch an O’Keefe video. That’s just sort of my policy. He is always pushing some cockamamie agenda.

    As for the “Huma Abedin ballot”, if you’ve ever worked the polls in an election, you’d know about provisional ballots. They are a pain in the ass for the poll worker, because you have to fill out all these little pieces of paper and log them for the ‘audit trail’… it’s so much easier if you don’t have any provisional ballots at the end of the day.

    But if you have some idiot come in, and doesn’t have any ID, but swears that he/she is a voter in that precinct, you give him or her a provisional ‘bedsheet’ ballot. It has all the races and issues on it, and lots of room for the ‘voter’ to express themselves.

    And when the ‘voter’ is done with it, you put it in an envelope, with the ‘voter’s’ affadavit, and add it to the provisional vote log. It goes downtown at the end of the day with all the other records, the ballot boxes or machnes, etc.

    And then, 99.98% of the time, the county clerk will simply throw the envelope in the trash. Provisional ballots are only counted in a really close election, and anyone who has a dog in the fight can examine the provisional ballots and disqualify them on a one-by-one basis. But usually they are simply all tossed out, because there aren’t many of them and the election wasn’t that close.

  3. Case

    Look at any graph of Hispanic population increase + democratic vote share in that state and see why Obama wants them voting.

  4. Jim R

    We were talking about Podesta here recently. Well, here is a nice compilation of what’s known about the Podesta brothers. Even without the cannibalism, they are completely corrupt. They seem to be right at the heart of the ‘deep state’, like the Dulles brothers were a half century ago…

  5. Moe

    Certainly voting is corrupted, and one would hope that Trump would change that. For certain Clinton won’t, except to rig the system sufficiently that no genuinly representative US election will ever occur again.

    I was frequenting Liberty Blitzkrieg today, hosted by one Michael Krieger. He posted an article titled “Final Thoughts On The US Election”. Typical libertarian nonsense about ‘no genuine choice’, etc., etc. with zero comprehension that THIS could be the final US election with any opportunity for change. I wrote a couple of derogative comments that he deleted (called him a ‘moron’ once to often I suppose) and he wouldn’t post them. In all the time I’ve been reading Elaine’s writings, I have never known her to delete comments and I’ve written a couple that were definately non-complimentary. (I’ve still got a bug up my ass regarding Elaine’s comments years ago regarding gold. Just waiting, Elaine, Just wating). Gotta love though her willingness to embrace self-expression and discussion.

    Anyway, vote. It will be, IMHO, the last genuine US opportunity.baring a second revolution.

  6. Christian W

    “no genuinly representative US election”

    Interesting notion. Has there ever been one?

  7. Moe

    C.W. Probably not. That’s not the question that should be posed. What is the applicable query: ‘is this an opportunity for change’? The cynic (and perhaps realist) will respond “No”. But I think it is the only and last, pre-revolutionary chance.

  8. Christian W

    I agree with you Moe, IF Trump is genuinely interested in draining the swamp properly.

    Eight years ago I said the same thing about Obama: If he, Obama, is a genuine Hope and Change candidate that is going to put Wall Street back under control etc he needs to find some uncorrupted FBI officers and start arresting people from day one. Of course Obama was never going to do that.

  9. Jim R


    So it’s pitchforks and rope from here on out?

    I was hoping they’d televise Trump’s first day in office, as he fires everybody.

  10. hans

    “Hillary Clinton” and “Donald Trump” go into a bakery.
    –> Hillary Clinton steals three pastries and puts them in her pocket.
    She says to Donald Trump “See how clever I am? The owner didn’t see anything and I don’t even need to lie.” I will definitely win the election.
    Donald Trump –> “That’s the typical dishonesty you have displayed throughout your entire life, trickery and deceit. I am going to show you an honest way to get the same result.”
    Donald Trump –> goes to the owner of the bakery and says, “Give me a pastry and I will show you a magic trick.” Intrigued, the owner accepts and gives him a pastry. Trump swallows it and asks for another one. The owner gives him another one. Then Donald asks for a third pastry and eats that, too.
    The owner is starting to wonder where the magic trick is and asks, “What did you do with the pastries?” Donald Trump replies, “Look in Hillary’s pocket”

  11. Christian W

    From Sibel Edmond’s Boiling Frogs Roundtable October 2015 (a year ago):

    Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

  12. Christian W

    Things like the above link make me wonder why certain people flipped flopped 100% from their usual political stance and were quick to line up behind Hillary, seemingly out of nowhere.

  13. Moe

    Jim R.

    I do not believe that an armed US revolution can proceed unless military concordance is in force, and have never believed that an armed insurrection would succeed. One military tactical nuclear artillery strike would sufficiently dissuade surviving resistors. And that is an iota of what the military could do.

    Revolution would spring from political, cultural and economic decay and degradation. With the attendant US decline in power, it could also be externally induced. You think Russia and China will sit by if the US weakens appreciably? Why should they? The Federal government has never missed an opportunity since the fall of the Berlin wall to weaken Russia and is provocative to extreme these days.

  14. Jim R


    Yes, I think we covered that in the cannibalism thread. Despite the resemblance in those police sketches, I doubt that the Podestas do their own child-stealing. They employ people to do that. Probably have a whole department for it, with cubicles in the basement.

    My point here, is that this video shows the corruption and crimes that can be proven without getting into the black magic. Unless the investigators find a hidden graveyard it will be hard to make a case for the magic, even though there is little doubt that it is happening.

    There were some clear violations of election and lobbying laws in the video, and we have emails in which they discuss deleting the emails. In a normal world, that should be enough to put them away, as those things are worse than anything Nixon’s ‘plumbers’ did.

  15. emsnews


    It permeates everything and it began with Henry Steele, my ancestor, and it hit me VERY hard as a child and still is annoying as all hell. It is key to what is going on.

    Vote counting: HAHAHA. OK, what did the Supreme Court say? Oh, we don’t have to carefully count ANY votes. And we can’t sue to change that to a sane system that is safe because the ruling was ‘one time only’ and I can’t use it as precedent forcing Congress and the States to fix the voting mess.

    See? And people playing Skull and Bones black magic want it this way so they can cheat. Damn.

  16. Moe

    At least Trump has identified (and to some extent) exposed the corruption. Think about it: he has done more in this regard than any presidential candidate in our lifetimes.

    Trump has to be privy to the details of elite esoteric practices, and if he’s smart he will know how to counter them. He’d better, or he won’t survive.

  17. Moe

    Elaine: Black Magic has been used for years.

    Hows this for blatant, in-your-face Clinton revelation regarding her predictions: Lady (gag-me) Gaga doing her Nazi thing. This is a forerunner of a US future with Clinton leading: blindingly corrupt, pedophilic, totalitarian, satanic.

  18. Christian W

    Even the Clintons is just a symptom, not a cause.

  19. Moe

    Patriots’ Brady and Belichick support Trump.

    Fuck, I hate the Patriots! And Brady. And Belichick. How am I to now proceed?

    Oh well, the NFL appears to be committing financial suicide with support of the BLM ‘kneelers’. Also, the writing has been on the wall with several satanic Super Bowl haif-time shows, so it may be time to stop watching NFL and perhaps. start watching synchronized swimming! (Just kidding…)

  20. Moe

    Project Veritus

    Voter fraud is the central issue this day: IMO, Trump has decisive and lop-sided popular support, but how much will be stolen by fraud?

    Here’s the Democrat game-plan I foresee. No-one would believe a Clinton victory, even if only declared by a couple of percentage points. So the election will have to be contested after the fact, certainly via the sold-out media but also perhaps in the courts. The only thing that would counter this would be a Trump victory of overwhelming proportions.

    As Elaine has identified, the game is rigged.

  21. Jim R

    Once again, slowly . . .

    The P.V. video apparently shows some moron filling out a provisional ballot, which will be in the dumpster behind the county offices within an hour of the polls closing.

    And we have seen a few videos of touch-screen machines clearly malfunctioning and failing to respond. Not a good thing, but probably one-off events. If ALL the machines did this, they’d have to fix them.

    That is not where the fraud takes place. The fraud / rigging takes place in those undisclosed locations where firmware / software is developed for the vote-recording machines. And software for the computer downtown that tallies up all the totals from the precincts. That is where the fraud takes place. But usually, to hide their tracks, they will not change the totals by more than, say, 10%. If they deviate from the exit polls by more than that, gives a lot of weight to the claims of the aggrieved parties and could trigger a close examination of the software and procedures employed.

  22. Jim R

    (they don’t actually throw the provisional ballots in the dumpster, they have to keep them with the archived election results for some period of time — here in Texas I think it is 2 years)

    As for the black magic, Elaine, you have said yourself that it is hard to prove in court. The evidence is “fuzzy” — maybe it was art, or something… I have no doubt that it has been going on, and for a very long time.

    But with the evidence supplied by WikiLeaks, we have hard facts and it should be possible for an honest prosecutor to get some convictions. The problem is finding an honest prosecutor.

  23. Moe

    Proper voting attire if you’re a Trump (Red State) supporter.

  24. Eric Blood Axe

    the american electoral system was crooked right from the start. The people in power wanted to stay that way. One of the first things that the new regime did, was to start raising money by taxation, after coming to power by complaining about taxation!

  25. emsnews

    Yes, from the beginning over 200 years ago, it was set up to not work very well. But…THERE IS NO EXCUSE TODAY!!! So why aren’t we fixing it properly? HAHAHA.

  26. ziff

    Looks like, congradulations America , you have achieved democracy at last.

  27. DM

    Yes, Congratulations America! I had almost given-up on you.

  28. KHS71

    Elaine called it months ago. Stating that Clinton would not get elected. Well done.

    Trump 2016

  29. emsnews

    And Trump won exactly how I figured, carrying most of the ‘hinterlands’ and not the big, big cities on both coasts.

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