Media Giants In Total Meltdown, Putin Reaches Out To Trump For World Peace



The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.the corrupt corporate mouthpiece of whined.  Well, the Washington Post was #1 in the crazy three blind mice game as was the New York Times, look at their front page!  I nearly died, laughing.  How Trump ignored the rules of modern politics — and won whines the WP.  The rules are simple: the Bilderberg gang chooses who will win and then the media giants engineer this by smearing and mocking and pulling tricks like we saw so often this year, and voila: their candidate wins!  And it didn’t work this time…thanks to the internet systems where citizens can publish news and force along stories and boy, did we have some rich pickings this year thanks to WikiLeaks and Project Veritas.  We owe both lots of thanks!!!  Thanks a million!!!


Only a few conservative outlets thought Trump had a chance. Then the night wore on.  This story at the WP is hilarious.  Of course, all the mainstream systems were against Trump, they were all for other Bilderberg gangsters!  Duh.  The Bushes were openly against Trump but they are Skull and Bones Bilderberg gangsters and Yale creeps!  Ditto, the DNC clowns especially the top witch, Hillary Clinton.  These black magic magicians thought they are all-so-clever spinning their crap over the last half century.


One fly caught in this web of conspiracy was myself and I dedicated my life to thwarting them all.  Today, I am supremely happy because I hope…and he better do this…all these warlocks and witches who have abused the Outerdarkness to demand more temporal powers will be INVESTIGATED by the FBI and CIA.


OK: the CIA was founded by these interlocking covens…hahaha.  So much for that.  So the FBI gets to dig up all the literal bodies and will investigate the story of Geronimo’s skull and open that damn crypt at Yale to see what is inside and I bet it is empty today, they know I and others greatly want to see inside that nasty hell hole at Yale!


We should all be happy today for we just evaded WWIII.  This is of highest significance!  Hillary claims we will not have more women’s rights.  As if we don’t have this, already.   Letting a satanic female launch WWIII isn’t going to make our lives better.  I will note here that our major target cities in WWIII all voted for Hillary.  Why?  They want more money from DC or they are port cities like NYC and LA which want free trade and don’t care how this ravages 90% of the nation.  And none of these cities will survive WWIII at all.  Period.


This lunacy is the fault of our media giants who pretend that WWIII would be ‘fought’ via a 4 minute warning that bombs will fly and then Russia and China will be annihilated in less than an hour only…they ain’t stupid.  Both have been attacked repeatedly in the past and remember this and both have hair trigger reactions to threats.  Hillary was definitely threatening them and they had the legal right to nuke her the day of the last debate but they did not only because they figured Trump might win so they held off.


Aren’t we lucky?  Lucky duckies.  She did this irresponsible thing at the debate to make herself look ‘tough’.  But she is really a coward, after she lost despite all the heavy lifting by the giant media owners, the elites, Wall Street, foreign money by the billion from governments wanting a puppet run our nation, she still lost and this was due entirely to voters looking under the table to see where the dealers were stashing their duplicate cards at the poker table.


The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way, the Washington Post whines.  Duh.  The Post openly LIED about what was going on, the lies were nonstop, daily and enraging and I had a blast making fun of the lies.  The NFL, the media giants, the Pope, Wall Street, the global warmist gangs, they all refused to understand how angry we all are about their plans for us which is enslavement and control and having these clowns live in gigantic mansions, flying private jets, sailing in Titanic yachts, eating and drinking and having fun at our expense while we live in poverty, in huts, no transportation at all, jammed into big slums surrounded by high walls to ‘protect nature,’ while lecturing us about how we are destroying the planet and they are saving it!


To hell with them all.  I believe in practicing what you preach.  I lived off the grid for years and years!  I grew my own food, too.  I have this nature preserve which I own and protect and it is mine, not theirs!  And I am not trying to enslave everyone due to this, I am one of everyone else, too.  But these monsters are not imitating me, they are irritating me by being a bunch of spoiled brat hypocrites!


Chinese President Xi Jinping asks for ‘win-win cooperation’ from Trump and of course Japanese prime minister: Trump a ‘strong leader’ because they are smart enough to know not to irritate him.  Putin on Trump victory: Russia is ready to restore relations with US — RT News gleefully reports.  Putin is laughing today and I don’t blame him.  Finally, we escape the Bilderberg net and will have sane diplomacy again.  Hallelujah!


 “We heard [Trump’s] campaign rhetoric while still a candidate for the US presidency, which was focused on restoring the relations between Russia and the United States,” President Putin said, speaking at the presentation ceremony of foreign ambassadors’ letters of credentials in Moscow.“We understand and are aware that it will be a difficult path in the light of the degradation in which, unfortunately, the relationship between Russia and the US are at the moment,” he added.


Speaking about the degraded state of relations between the countries, the president once again stressed that “it is not our fault that Russia-US relations are as you see them.”


Earlier today, in a message to Donald Trump the Russian President expressed confidence that the dialogue between Moscow and Washington, in keeping with each other’s views, meets the interests of both Russia and the US.


The Russian leader noted in the message that he hopes to address some “burning issues that are currently on the international agenda, and search for effective responses to the challenges of the global security,” RIA Novosti reported.


On top of it, Putin has expressed confidence that “building a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington, based on principles of equality, mutual respect and each other’s positions, meets the interests of the peoples of our countries and of the entire international community.”


The last paragraph says all: we have negotiations and come to agreements that suit both parties.  Duh.  We call this ‘diplomacy’ and Germany is now the next nation to choose diplomacy and guarding borders, too.  Definitely, this is next on the world revolt’s agenda.  We are stronger than we think!  Go for it, everyone!  You can do it!


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28 responses to “Media Giants In Total Meltdown, Putin Reaches Out To Trump For World Peace

  1. Melponeme_k

    If the districts in the 5 boroughs weren’t constantly redrawn to give a democratic advantage, NY would have been as red as Hillary’s Satan pantsuit.

    Here is to hoping that Trump will institute a fair and uniform voting act as well as having all districts across the US, drawn in a comprehensive and fair fashion.

  2. Duski

    Well, lets see what happens next. Trump for sure was the one who might bring change to this cesspool of corruption, but I thought same from Obama as well.

    Time will tell.

  3. This is for my fellow Diabetics on insulin presently covered by an Obamacare.policy who will have their policies cancelled. You may have to buy your own insulin for a period. I checked and found the cheapest insulin in my area. Check manufacturers for a discount coupon. Not sure how this plays out for us (the uninsurable’s)?. At least we don’t have to worry about wwIII!
    The Democrats decided to campaign like it was already 2050! They jumped the shark and got bit.

  4. floridasandy

    The NY Daily News is so unhinged they ran a headline:

    House of Horrors; with an upside down American flag.

    Gotta love how well they are taking this!

  5. Melponeme_k

    I love the photos of all the Clinton zombies crying tears of defeat. It is so sweet. Especially since all of them were fine and dandy with Clinton’s ambition to start WWIII, her Satan worship and her pal Lady Gaga dressed like Goebbels at the last Clinton campaign show.

    The MSM is also crying tears and it is laughable to see. They keep stressing the UNEDUCATED who voted for Trump. That is how stupid they are about this country. The people who voted for Trump were once celebrated as the salt of the earth, the common sensible, productive people who kept this country on track. They tried to destroy them by taking away their jobs, killing the farming communities, flooding them with born again Religious fanatics and illegal aliens. But they came back fighting.

  6. Ed

    Someone reminded me Trump was inducted into the Wrestlemania hall of fame. . . heheh Glad we get die another day.

  7. Christian W

    So, Trump descends upon the Trump House, formely known as the White House.

    Time will tell what his presidency will be like. The Dems were captured by/sold out to the Neocons under Clinton, Bush and Obama and I hope Trump kicks their sorry asses out of Washington. However there are a LOT of crazies within GOP as well that may come crawling out of the woodwork now.

    Trumps presidency will be determined on how he deals with:

    – Wall Street + the MIC
    – the Zionist infestion, including but by no means Neocons only.
    – the GOP loony right
    – The Pentragram + agencies
    – the Oligarchs and their crazy schemes (including Trump’s own agendas)
    – and if he has the balls to be Trump the Trust Buster

    The GOP has the House, the Senate and the Presidency now… which would normally be a scary thought – but…

    This election also proved that there really is no Democratic Party anymore:

    – Blacks voting for hand outs from Super Predators like the Clintons
    – LGBT + radical feminist one issue voters
    – Corrupt elite party leadership like Pelosi, the Clintons, Harry Reid etc etc

    does not a Party make.

    Then again, you could probably make the same argument for the GOP.

  8. Gurrker

    If the will of the Democratic Party’s voters had been respected and the primary season and candidate selection process had been free of corruption and manipulation then this morning Bernie Sanders would be the President elect. But it wasn’t and the rot and ethical wasteland that surrounds the Clintons prevailed. Great efforts were made to hide and/or minimize this when details (Wikileaks) came to light. Those who defended her and chose to ignore the moral bankruptcy that allowed her to be the “chosen” candidate now reap what they sowed.

  9. Melponeme_k


    I don’t think Sanders had a chance either. His own pledge on his campaign site supported the Illegal Alien invasion. This was the number one issue that people were voting on. The only candidate that promised to stop illegal aliens and put a moratorium on legal immigration was Donald J. Trump.

    Ultimately Sanders proved to be a BIG sellout.

  10. JimmyJ

    I wouldn’t count on evading WWIII quite yet. There are far too many neoconservatives embedded in power structures and far too many establishment opponents to Trump for his backers to have an easy time changing the course of the USS Ship of State.

    The lead up that already exists is substantial, so much so that Putin just now stationed a guided missile fleet off Syria, ostensibly to protect Assad, but really to protect Russia’s flank if NATO attacks Crimea.

    The next few months are crucial.

  11. emsnews

    Looking at all the election maps, many cities were ‘blue’ and 90% of the rest of the maps are bright blood red. This is an urban/countryside issue! And the countryside won this round but the war between the cities and the countryside will continue.

    This has been true since the school integration busssing business back in 1970 onwards. It is the final deciding force to all this. I had to move twice due to bus problems in schools that were violent and now our schools are more segregated with black schools being nearly useless for teaching as crime soars there and the Democrats demand a resumption of busses taking children away from neighborhoods to violent black schools…again.

    But it won’t happen thanks to the Trump victory. The Repubs control BOTH Houses AND the Presidency which is gigantic. They now rule the roost but many of them are Bilderberg agents so we are not free of this influence at all.

    The Bilderberg gang will have an emergency meeting in Switzerland, I am assuming but it won’t be in the news, of course.

  12. Christian W

    Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK both are much closer to the values of the “real” left than the puppets of the elites, like Tony Blair and Bill and Hillary Clinton. That is why both Bernie and Jeremy are getting so much flak from the MSM.

  13. Christian W

    But as Mel points out their stance on open borders really doesn’t work anymore.

  14. Gurrker

    While I agree that Sanders has the same open borders problem as Hillzebub the closeness of the popular vote in the critical Rust Belt States makes me think that Sanders would have carried them and won the election.

    I am very hopeful that we have greatly enhanced our chances of avoiding WWIII. If Trump avoids assassination that is.

  15. Jim R

    “And the countryside won this round but the war between the cities and the countryside will continue.”

    It has ever been thus. And as we know from previous empires, when the cities ‘win’ and tax the countryside into bankruptcy, the whole mess collapses.

  16. Jim R

    I’d just like to watch the reality TV show, as Trump fires all the neolibcons infesting the Executive Branch.

  17. billibaldi

    In all honesty Bernie was token opposition. Jim Webb, former senator from VA was a better choice but he was locked out by the DNC. “Lets be honest: HRC wasn’t secretly a bad candidate.” SE Cupp conservative commentor

  18. Lou

    Christian W—Presently it is The Black House and the Blacks there [Barry and Mochelle] put us in the red.
    Get it? I didnt think so,

  19. Lou

    Bernie may have been there to get the under 30s re interested in the party of Hope n Change [remember that empty slogan?] and once BS was out, he pushed them toward Hitlery.

  20. It’s too early to determine if we’ve evaded WW3. The Bilderbergers, the Deep State and the MIC have many, many tricks up their sleeve. One of them is calling forth lone wolves to deal with presidents they don’t like.

  21. Christian W

    Put us in the red?

    Who is ‘us’? and what ‘red’?

    It would help me greatly if you could manage to write complete sentences, Lou. Also, when you are copy pasting something please make it clear what is your comment and what is someone else talking.

  22. Christian W

    @ 19

    When Bernie was out the white working class had no option but to go for Trump. Voting for Hillary would mean more of the same and even worse, nobody votes for their own death. The working class really is what should be the Dems natural base, but the elites/”Bilderbergs” deliberately destroy the leftist parties by hijacking the leadership.

  23. pontiff holysh*t

    Well, Trump announced that “we owe Hillary Clinton a major debt for her service to our country”.

    How does that line up with his promise to investigate and prosecute? Things don’t seem to be getting off to a great start.

  24. Jim R

    Well, we still don’t know much about him. Maybe he won’t actually fire all the sleazeballs … though I think that would be a yuuuge mistake.

    As for the kind words “thank you for your service”, that’s more or less standard operating protocol, even if he’s going to appoint an AG who will prosecute. To maintain a veneer of civility, you know. But we still don’t know.

  25. It’s great to think that somehow Trump will bring about all the changes that many desire. But history suggests he won’t. History suggests it will be more of the same.

    To think an ultra self-absorbed man who boasted of his pussy-grabbing ability and who seems to never have been altruistic in his ways is suddenly gonna have what it takes to “Make America Great”, is naive at best and foolish in general. I know better. But, he’s no worse that what Hillary would of been (but we’ll never know will we?).

    Time will tell and I’m dubious. Let him have his time as POTUS and lets what really happens…..

    See you again in a few years……(ha, ha…)

  26. emsnews

    Well…since our Real Rulers still run DC for the most part and this alien being is now at the top, his ability to clean up this mess and stop the various interlocking conspiracies such as the Bilderberg gang and the Skull and Bones is nearly impossible right now. With stupid liberals supporting the Bilderberg gang(!!!!!) and ignoring the Skull and Bones (thanks, Kerry and Gore!) we have the left utterly incapable of stopping anything and the right has the fringe and people like myself who are aware of all these things but the mainstream right is corporate servants of the very rich.

    The future revolution will be either the dispossessed (MALE) lower working class arming themselves (already very armed!) simply eliminating both the fake left and fake right.

    The other thing is our rulers blocking any security and letting in huge armies of invaders like Europe just did…that kills nations and empires very fast indeed, ask the Romans how this happens.

    Half of the invading barbarians were DELIBERATELY called in by emperors to fight others.

  27. Seraphim

    re:Lady Gaga…Satan worship

    You forgot Madonna’s promise:
    “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blow job,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden. “Ok? I’m really good. I’m not a douche and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact and I do swallow,”@ (Amy…Schumer? Anything to do with Chuck?)

    But eventually she couldn’t swallow it:
    “Broken election promises? Madonna eludes oral sex pledge to Clinton voters “@
    “Queen of Pop, Madonna, appears to have reneged on a promise to offer fellatio to anyone voting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. That’s according to one intrepid reporter who turned up on the music icon’s doorstep looking for her to make good on her word.
    New York Daily Post columnist Gersh Kuntzman recorded a video of himself outside Madonna’s Upper East Side mansion hoping that the 58-year-old would fulfil her sexual promise.
    Kuntzman, who brought along a selfie of his ballot as proof he had followed the pop star’s instructions only got as far as a doorman with whom he spoke through an intercom.
    The employee laughed as Kuntzman explained why he was there and replied “I didn’t get that information, sorry man” before hanging up.
    The eager journalist said he emailed two follow up questions to Madonna’s representatives but by the time of publication his queries had not been addressed…”

  28. Lou

    will Huma, podesta, weiner be brought up on criminal charges?

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