Discount Starter & Alternator, A Georgia Rip-off Parts Business Are Thieves


I and my friends fix cars and trucks.  Recently, I have had several really bad experiences with businesses who mess up things and then try to cheat me.  Perhaps, because they hear a female talking to them, they assume I am stupid and know nothing about this business and thus, can be cheated.  Today, I just had a huge fight with Discount Starter & Alternator that sent me the wrong starter for my Aveo car we just rebuilt.  This began a long series of mistakes on the part of the seller which they take zero responsibility for forcing me to sue them.


When we ordered the first starter, all was well and I paid them online.  Then, the starter turned out to be the wrong one, it was for the same sort of car, an Aveo, but a different year so it didn’t fit.  I did all the proper paperwork and sent it back to them.


The sales staff sent me an email saying they received the starter and were sending a replacement.  I waited and waited and then called them.  They told me, they sent me a refund instead and didn’t tell me and I was supposed to get it from Pay Pal.  I never got it from Pay Pal.  So we argued about this.


First, the fact that they never told me there was going to be any refund and secondly, where was it and who is responsible for it.  Since they have the paper trail and I have nothing, I ordered them to go to Pay Pal and find out what happened and to refund me and get their money back from Pay Pal since this was all lost before I got so much as a shipping code number.


THEY REFUSED!  Hung up on me!!!  I called another staff and asked to talk to someone higher up.  THEY REFUSED. I called again, demanded information, they told me ‘We don’t want to pay the money to you, why should we?’  I said, ‘I am suing you for this, then.’  They hung up again.


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CHEATERS IN GEORGIA.  They are rude, stupid, and noxious.  I recently had a fight with a local car dealer who I won’t name because they fully surrendered to me in the end after I showed my fangs.


In this case, their mechanics lied about my front brakes, telling me nothing was wrong with the parts insured by them.  Finally, I brought in a friend who is a mechanic and he ordered them to take the brakes apart to see how bad they were.


He and I went home and soon got this call (I demanded they fix the brakes for 9 months!!!) ‘You waited too long to have us fix the brakes so it costs an extra $100 to fix them.’  I blew up.  I yelled, literally, ‘I am coming in and I am going to sue you all, how dare you do this.’


When I showed up, we had a magnificent fight. I deliberately started it in the garage area and then lured the mechanics into the SHOW ROOM.  There, I gave a very loud speech, I used to address mass crowds in the past and sing operatically so I have a booming voice without any screaming at all, I just channel Brünhilda, and the entire sales staff and the bosses came running and within ten minutes, they surrendered to me.  I didn’t pay a penny and got apologies.


I now learned today that Discount Starter & Alternator has many complaints online about their business practices.  It is obvious now, they are con artists and I am going to contact their home state to see if I can shut them all down for good.  How dare they do this.  My story today is the #4 item on You Tube when someone uses the word ‘bad’ while Googling this business:


PART ll:  I have the boss on the phone.  He is complaining about us talking about his ‘business’ online.  It turns out a LOT of people are complaining specifically of the same problem I am having: I just got off the phone with the ‘boss’ who said he doesn’t care and thinks that ripping off everyone is OK since no one can stop him, he is in Georgia.  So he stole my money outright.  Some ‘customer service’!


At various websites for auto repair people gather, this business has a bad reputation.  Several cases just this recent time frame had the identical problem of them pretending to use Pay Pal to return funds only there is no money and no paper trail for the victims.  I can’t shut down this fraudulent operation for it is in Georgia but intend to contact the government there to complain and hope they stop these guys from stealing money from everyone.

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9 responses to “Discount Starter & Alternator, A Georgia Rip-off Parts Business Are Thieves

  1. I would trust Paypal over those guys,Never had any problems with my account.
    Aveo????I had to google that!
    Made in South Korea by Daewoo under licence to Chevrolet?
    My Ford Ranger is a Mazda underneath,or at least the transmission is.
    Or are the Mazda’s Fords underneath?I cant remember.

  2. Ken

    Sad to say, it seems like a lot of auto repair places try to take advantage of women. Not sure what it is about auto repairs that seems to lend itself to this type of abuse.

    My ex-wife had the engine in her car seize up after driving it for several months while ignoring the engine trouble light. The place she had it towed to wanted to sell her a brand new engine. I had it towed to a separate garage, appeared personally (so they could see I was a guy), spoke knowledgeably about the problem, and got it fixed for $200. There is no doubt in my mind that the first garage was trying to rip us off just because a woman brought in the car.

  3. pontiff holysh*t

    You shouldn’t need a lawyer to do this. Just go to your “small claims” court, tell the clerk what happened, and ask what forms you need to file the complaint and get service of process.

    Also, the law is that if you get another one from somewhere else at a higher price, they owe you the difference. It can’t hurt to ask for pre-judgment interest in the prayer for relief as well.

  4. Lou

    Post at Rip off

  5. Moe

    Elaine, in future buy on-line at Rock Auto. Prices are good, rock-solid company (pun intended).

  6. ziff

    Moe beat me to it , rockauto

  7. tio

    My mum got charged £400+ to skim her front disks, I recently had them replaced for £120. Also quoted £800+ for welding on her previous car, thankfully my brother managed to intercept that one and got the job done for £15. Ripping off (supposedly) vulnerable people is a global problem, needless to say I disapprove (translation: fucking hate these cunts).

  8. Petruchio

    I know this: auto repair places rip everybody off, male or female. I can say this with confidence because, as an American and long time car owner I have ALOT of experience in this area. There are honest and dishonest folks out there. As a consumer you need to acquire the smarts to find a reputable business, whether it is auto parts, auto repair or whatever. I could give examples but that would be boring to the reader.

  9. tio

    As a bent auto part vendor, you have to accept you will inevitably have to come across me.

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