Illegal Spanish Speaking Aliens Furious With Election

Language Wars: Quebecer Opposes Speaking English In Public in Montreal – YouTube


LA Times – Trump win sparks student walkouts and angry protests across California which voted heavily for Hillary who promised total open borders for all illegal aliens.  This obvious invasion from the southern states of Mexico and beyond is a huge problem for the US and is rapidly breaking down our unity because they have succeeded in getting linguistic primacy so they don’t speak a common language, a barrier problem with gigantic future complications like we see in French/English Canada or much of Europe, for example.


I went to school at Berkeley long ago back in the late 1960s.  And Arizona until 1974.  Berkeley’s students are increasingly Hispanics who moved in to California in the last 30 years.


At Berkeley High School, about 1,500 students — half the entire student body — walked out of class after first period began at 8 a.m., Berkeley Unified School District officials said.


Students tweeted “#NotMyPresident” and pledged to unify. Others chanted, “Si, se puede,” Spanish for “Yes, we can,” and waved Mexican flags, according to posts on social media.


The trouble this is brewing is obvious.  California is being conquered by outsiders.  The natives of Arizona, New Mexico and California died of European diseases 400 years ago when the Spanish came in.   The Tribes all had their own languages and cultures back in 1600 and the Spanish imposed their language on them all including especially in South and Central America.


This unified the territories but I know for a fact, having lived on reservations in Arizona, the natives there kept their own languages despite this and when my calvary officer ancestor came to Arizona in 1863, they began to pick up English, too.


So Arizona had a complex language past.  The people moving in today come from far away from the homelands of the original Tribes and California is an odd place, the natives in Arizona and New Mexico had built sophisticated cities and elaborate cultures and were agriculturalists but in California, it was much more primitive.


Back to the South and Central Americans demanding to not assimilate with the rest of the immigrants who came to America speaking 100 different languages:


“It’s not the first time we’ve had a walkout. We know what to expect, we know what we need to do,” said Berkeley Unified spokesman Charles Burress.


School and district administrators and faculty accompanied the students as they marched from the school through downtown and onto the UC Berkeley campus.


“Our primary concern is to make sure they are safe during the school day,” Burress said.


See how the students are coddled and can be irresponsible if they so wish?  This ends badly, of course, evidently, they do this fairly frequently.


In Contra Costa County, El Cerrito police cautioned drivers to look out for high school students in the road.


“Students from high schools in west Contra Costa County are conducting walkouts today in various locations over election results,” the department said in a statement. “We urge drivers to use caution if you happen upon any of these groups.”


So, these students being encouraged to disrupt traffic and raise a row because they didn’t get their own way in an election can do as they please while everyone else has to be gentle and kind?  Are the students gentle or kind?


In Oakland, demonstrators smashed a window at the Oakland Tribune newsroom and ignited trash containers and tires, police said. Small fires also prompted the closure of a Bay Area Rapid Transit station.


The crowd broke windows on five businesses and further vandalized another, said Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson. One citation was issued, but no one was arrested, she said.


Protesters also burned Trump in effigy, KNTV reported.


Protests in the Bay Area city were centered downtown and there was a march along Highway 24, where a woman was struck by an SUV. She was taken to a hospital with “major injuries,” California Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Langford told the San Francisco Chronicle.


At UC Santa Barbara, hundreds marched near the campus, with some chanting, “Not my president.”


One person carried a Mexican flag, according to video posted by the student newspaper, the Daily Nexus.


Good lord.  Yes, this is called ‘terrorizing everyone’ and they are demanding to have their own way or else.


The Washington Post is warning us, we have to be nice to illegal aliens and bring in endless invasions of these people and then remake America to be South America or Mexico which is…a serious problem, no?  A ruinous triumph for the GOP – The Washington Post


Demography need not dictate for Republicans a grim destiny but it soon will, unless they act to counter adverse trends. Republicans should absorb Tim Alberta’s data in National Review: Arizona whites have gone from 74 percent to 54 percent of the population in 25 years; minorities will be a majority there by 2022. Texas minorities became a majority in 2004; whites are now 43 percent of the population. Nevada is 52 percent white and projected to be majority-minority in 2020. Georgia is 54 percent white, heading for majority-minority in 2026. Because of inexorably rising minorities, Clinton, an epically untalented candidate, did better than Obama did in 2012 in Georgia, Texas, Arizona and where 1 in 8 Americans lives — California.


The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on, perhaps soon to inscribe this: In 2016, Republicans won a ruinous triumph that convinced them that they can forever prosper by capturing an ever-larger portion of an ever-smaller portion of the electorate.


This kamikaze arithmetic of white nationalism should prompt the president-elect to test his followers’ devotion to him by asking their permission to see the national tapestry as it is and should be.


Basically, wants us to assimilate ourselves so we become part of Mexico/Central America.  Great.  And we have the Pope as our overlord dictating what we do or believe, right?  And keeping the border open so this gets worse and worse is a great idea, no?


California voted for open borders so more can invade!  This is suicidal but then, our rulers are incredibly stupid.


Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won is a long list of ‘performers’ and noisy big wigs who are now all saying it was just a joke.  HAHAHA, there has to be some way to get rid of Cher, Miley Cyrus and Streisand, no?  As well as Madonna, can’t they all just go away for good?  Nope.


Comedian Amy Schumer said in September that Spain would be her destination of choice.


“My act will change because I will need to learn to speak Spanish,” Schumer said in an appearance on the BBC’s “Newsnight.” “Because I will move to Spain or somewhere. It’s beyond my comprehension if Trump won. It’s just too crazy.”…


This idiot doesn’t have to go to Spain, she is in California.  Sheesh.  Just go next door or talk to your maid, dearie.  You are already no longer in the US.


Hispanic comedian George Lopez said Trump “won’t have to worry about immigration” if he takes the White House because “we’ll all go back.”


Indeed, I hope he has already left.  Why is he still here?  Go!  Go away!  The sooner the better.


Then is my favorite Democratic thug: Al Sharpton who tried to get a mob to kill me in Brooklyn so many years ago:


Civil rights activist Al Sharpton told a reporter earlier this year that he’s “reserving my ticket out of here if [Trump] wins.”

DAMN.  This ass better go and go fast.  I think I will hike down to NYC to encourage him to leave for good.  Go!  Begone, foul Dimmerwraith!


Last kick in the shins by our Real Rulers:  General Motors announces plans to lay off employees in Ohio and Michigan hours after Trump wins the election and the cars being made will be made in MEXICO, not the US.

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21 responses to “Illegal Spanish Speaking Aliens Furious With Election

  1. venguer

    I wonder why none of these oh so talented “Celebrities” threatened to move to Mexico is Trump won the election??? LOL . This Amy Shumer wants to go to European Spain to become a Latina wannabe? You can’t make this sh*t up.

  2. Lou

    Mexifornia, where it is illegal for a high school student to bring USA flag to school on Cinco de mayo.

  3. floridasandy

    I watched Trainwreck, dumbest movie ever, with zero laughs. When will Amy Schumer ever be funny?

    I find it interesting that the media is giving so much coverage to these losers,– because it is really the media having the hissy fit over their election loss and they are finding useful idiots to express their own rage. The flag burning and stuff is what they want to do secretly.

    They are giving so much air time to the protests to try and take away any happiness at the election results. The mayors of the cities are complicit in the destruction of their own property as well. I feel sorry for good people stuck In those cities.

  4. Christian W

    The Neocon’s fully expect Trump to continue WWIII policies against Russia and China. (Trump said in August that he is considering John Bolton as Secretary of State..)

  5. Christian W

    Donald Trump:

    “I still can’t believe we didn’t take the oil from Iraq”

    “I supported John McCain big league in 2008”

    Trump’s key foreign policy adviser, Walid Phares, is a psy op specialist from Lebanon with a murky past.

    It will be fascinating to watch exactly how Trump will “drain the Swamp” in Washington. Or rather, IF, he will…

  6. DM

    Yea, well. Trump presents an opportunity to wind back the NWO a bit. After 45 years or so, things are pretty much entrenched so it will not be an easy task. The streets and universities are full of lazy stupid brainwashed retards, so I’m no longer sure who we are “fighting” for. Of corse you are right, if he picks someone like Bolton then it’s all over red rover.

    Maybe, just maybe, Trump will prove to be more than anyone expects. Sometimes, somehow, someone unexpected can do extraordinary things. Maybe Trump will channel Putin. It’s a bit early to give up on him.

  7. Christian W

    Sheldon Adelson now owns Netanyahu and backs Donald Trump…

  8. Christian W

    @ DM,

    Yeah I agree, just like with Obama 8 years ago I am hoping against hope there is a chance.

    But that is of course the carrott, the recipy, the Deep State uses to herd the voters, they know full well what the people want (Hope and Change, Drain the Swamp).

    Glimmer of a hope + Horrible candidate on the other side = result.

    If Trump doesn’t drain the Swamp now, though, there will be no other opportunity. We are getting to the point that things will have irreversible consequences (WWIII going hot).

  9. Petruchio

    The thing that galls me the most about these illegals screaming for their “rights” is: they wouldn’t DARE to speak out against the Government in their native countries. They know better than that. If many of the illegal aliens in the US were to criticize their native countries ruling class, they might be jailed–or terminated. Or maybe they would just be “disappeared”.

  10. Petruchio

    Amy Schumer. She’s hot. I would love to cast her as a girlfriend, but she is so typical of entertainers. They should just stick to what they do for a living and not get political–at least publicly. Wanna move to Spain Amy? Move to Spain!! I have no problems with it.

  11. Christian W

    If many of the illegal aliens in the US were to criticize their native countries ruling class, they might be jailed–or terminated. Or maybe they would just be “disappeared”.

    Thanks in no small part to US run death squads… Where will these people find freedom if not in the “land of the Free”?

  12. Christian W

    Wanna move to Spain Amy? Move to Spain!! I have no problems with it.

    Wth? Yankee stay home!!! :p

  13. Christian W

    Interesting graph by some Professor (@yanagiz). Trump won because the Dems didn’t turn up to vote for the unelectable Hillary. The overall GOP votes were about the same as McCain had. So much for the Red from Sea to Sea meme.

  14. Gurrker

    When a very significant portion of your voter base is uneducated and likely illiterate is it any surprise that they don’t understand their self interest? With no “brother” on the ballot what was their perceived interest in voting? I find it amusing when those who claim to believe in Democracy howl like banshees when their preferred outcome does not materialize. Some cultures emphasize personal responsibility and others don’t. Perhaps this affects whether or not one sees themselves as a victim, eh? I have little sympathy for those who prefer to see themselves as victims. You have to own your share of a problem before you can begin to solve it. As always, talk is cheap.

  15. Moe

    I find the video embedded at beginning of this posting interesting, Twelve years ago I conducted a two-week solo canoe trip in northern Quebec. On the return trip I picked up a young fellow hitchhiking. He was Francophone (French speaking) but had enough command of English to carry on a conversation.

    When evening fell I pulled over at a diner for supper. My new companion didn’t enter and explained that he’d rather wait outside since he was destitute. I invited him in, and explained that I would provide supper for him.

    Once seated, the waitress asked for our orders, speaking only French. I had difficulty getting across what I wanted, so the young fellow took my order and translated it for her.

    She returned to the table with water, silverware and condiments. Overhearing our conversation, she became aware that I was furnishing him both a ride and supper. Suddenly, she spoke to us in excellent English with absolutely no trace of accent.

    It would be an understatement to say I was pissed. This degree of latent hostility, overt bad manners and uncivilized behavior was unfamiliar, unexpected and deplorable. (Hey, perhaps that is how Hillary thought of the ‘deplorable’ term – maybe she visited Quebec!!). In this case, this woman was a native Quebecer, merely reflecting an ingrained, common local bias, despicable as it was. With immigrants, the solution to this type of behavior is simpler, but cultural conflict and cultural wars are realities. That must be acknowledged.

    1. Do not admit people of cultures that have difficulty assimilating.
    2. Mandate instruction and mastery of the English language.
    3. Stop pandering to ethnic groups for any reason, particularly for political advantage.
    4. If they can’t adapt, send ’em back where they came from. Sound cruel? The alternative is to harbor misfits who cannot adapt to the dominant culture. How is that good for a country?

  16. Christian W

    Isn’t points # 1,2, 3 and 4 exactly what that waitress was doing?

  17. Christian W

    Wow, Trump is going to bring in the most fanatic small government, neoliberal privatizers possible into his government.

    This government will look like a who’s who over who should be the first to be ‘drained’ out of Washington by any sane person who wants a balanced, healthy society. The US just elected the most extremist government possible in today’s US. You can kiss Social Security and Obamacare (hopeless as it was) goodbye. This will be Brazil on steroids.

    Already political agitprop color revolution type operations, like we have seen in places like Ukraine and Venezuela, are going on to prevent any real political discourse.

    The US is now lost. Sadly the CIA + Zionists just fucked you over big time. Again.

  18. Moe


    The majority of Quebecois are bilingual and speak English, as did this person The waitress was just being rude, and her behavior predicated solely on my monolingualism since it identified me as nom-Quebecois, But Quebec has been part of what became Canada prior to the American Revolution – how long do you think it should take to learn basic manners? If you visited Europe (where many people are skilled in a second language), what would your opinion be of a Continental who refused to speak to you in your language even though he understood? How would you then impute the points I made above?

    This was a commercial transaction involving a guest to their province, not an immigration issue, hence not an assimilation tissue. Assuming the server was not the owner (a reasonable assumption) she did not have the authority to impede service to me and effectively to refuse it absent my acquaintance’s intervention, unless management required this as policy. A fact which could not have been the case since she eventually communicated in English and did serve me.

  19. Shawntoh


    It seems our rulers don’t have to worry as there’s plenty of room at the Toyota dealership as the cars there have been trashed as of last night–

    “A large crowd of protesters — at least on par with the 2,000 that gathered the night before and estimated as high as 4,000 — started at Pioneer Courthouse Square in the early evening before taking off on a route that included a stop at the Portland waterfront and trip over the Hawthorne Bridge into Southeast Portland.

    It eventually moved into Northeast Portland, where at least 19 cars at Toyota of Portland were vandalized, according to a sales manager.”


  20. Christian W

    @ Moe

    Of course she was. French waiters are the most obnoxious, rude and xenophobic in Europe. So much so I was surprised when I visited Bordeaux and had a semi ok impression of the waiters ie not a repeat of your experience which I expected. When I came home I asked my friends about it and they said go to Paris they are worse there.

    I’m just a bit tired of ‘patriots’ of the “In Finland we speak Finnish” “Sweden for Swedes” “Speak French when in France” variety. Usually they are knuckledraggers and close minded bigots.

    Otherwise if Americans were adaptive they would all speak Algonquian.

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