Uber Owner, Rich Iranian Man Wants California To Leave USA

Cliffs Crumble in California – YouTube

Silicon Valley investors urge California to secede from the U.S. and form their own nation as foreigners who our country let in, attack our nation after fellow Bilderberg gangsters are kicked out of the White House.  Yes, this man who came from Iran wants to break up the USA so he won’t have to pay taxes or other unpleasant things and rule California as a venture capitalist playland with no water.  What a wonderful immigrant!


Venture capitalist and Hyperloop One co-founder Shervin Pishevar proposed the idea about California forming it’s own nation on Twitter, as the potential movement has been dubbed ‘Calexit’, ‘Califrexit’ and ‘Caleavefornia’ on Twitter.


On Tuesday night as the election unfolded, Pishevar tweeted that if the billionaire won the race, he would be ‘announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.’


After Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Trump, Pishevar said that he is 100 per cent serious about the proposal and already has a name for the potential sovereign body.


Shervin Pishevar was born in Iran and our country took him in only to see this money manager man demand to rip the nation apart due to him not wanting the result of an election…and pray tell, why can’t we deport him?


An American citizen of Iranian descent, Pishevar was awarded an Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2016, and in 2015, he was appointed by Barack Obama to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board. He was chosen by the U.S. Government as an Outstanding American by Choice in 2012. He is a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council, and has served as an entrepreneurial ambassador in state department delegations to the Middle East and Russia.[6][7]


So, according to Wikipedia, this rich banker guy is probably a member of the Bilderberg gang as is Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Bush gang.  One of his money schemes is:  What Uber’s Massive New Investment Really Means:


Now, in the largest single investment ever made in a private company, Uber says it’s raised another $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. In the past two years alone, Uber has raised $13.8 billion in private rounds, mostly venture capital and private equity but also convertible debt.


Uber is planning on investing $500 million to map the world’s roads …and is developing cars that don’t need drivers.  Meanwhile, this billionaire dude is doing this to the underclass:  Uber Cuts Prices—and Kneecaps Drivers – The Daily Beast


“I came to Uber for my freedom but now I’m a slave,” said Masud Rana, 27, who said he was driving to help his wife, mother, father, and two siblings in Bangladesh.
Rana said expenses are $3,000 a month and that he used to take home about $5,600 a month working six days a week between 12 and 14 hours. Now he’s working the same grueling schedule and making less.
“We are working like dogs,” said Mohsin Alvi, 28, a Pakistani Uber driver for three years. “They used to call us partners. How can you come to your partner and do this? It’s like a dictatorship.
“We made them a $60 billion company and now they do this.”
“It’s like cyber slavery,” Alvi’s friend Bisram Gittens, a father of one from Aruba, added.


Um, I am betting 100% that all these angry drivers are illegal aliens.  Can you be an Uber driver if you’re not a US citizen? | RideSharingDriver


It’s not an easy question to answer because Uber doesn’t publicly explain rules for noncitizens, and as a noncitizen you might not want to risk your residency status by trying to apply for a job that could cause trouble with immigration officials. I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I emailed my local Uber support team for a clear answer that can help you make a more informed decision.


Supposedly you need the easiest thing to fake, a Social Security number.  Looking through the news about this exploitation of illegal aliens, I found this:  California orders Uber to pay $7.3 million fine, or else – no wonder this man from Iran wants to break up the USA and take over California!  HAHAHA.


MORE PROOF:  Uber Caught Smuggling Illegal Aliens Over U.S. Border.  Yup.  Great guy!  Go, team, go!  HAHAHA.  Back to the article about this foreigner money bags exploiter of illegal alien labor:


‘It’s the most patriotic thing I can do,’ he told CNBC on Wednesday. ‘The country is at serious crossroads. … Calling it New California.’


Deport this creep.  Now.  How insane has it become?  Does California want to be run by people like this monster?  My family lived there since the Gold Rush but we all left by 1990.  Just in time, it seems.


I almost forget my local news from Troy, New York:  4th suspect arrested in Troy beating-stabbing homicide all these men are illegal aliens from south of the border who ran off to Virginia after the murder and were caught there.  Illegal aliens think nothing of doing illegal stuff by definition: they are breaking laws to begin with, why not do it much of the time?

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5 responses to “Uber Owner, Rich Iranian Man Wants California To Leave USA

  1. Lisa

    Maybe it’s time to give all or part of CA back to Mexico so Mexico can pay for their welfare and infrastructure costs. And then the Californians can pay their taxes and bribes to Mexico since they seem to consider that the preferred culture and country.

    OT. Trump beat both the Bush and Clinton crime families in just one election. A rather impressive feat considering those 2 rotten families have been running things for nearly 30 years.

  2. Melponeme_k

    And what is Mr. Iran’s plan when the earthquake creates one huge sinkhole in the middle of the state? After he has turned the Republic (snicker) of California into a third world Brazil, who will pay for all the damages? Will he, Sillycon Valley and Hollydoof take it out of their own pockets? LOL, no way. Something tells me they will be trying to move to NY and just leave the mess to rot.

  3. Petruchio

    I can recall the bumper sticker I saw when I was out in the Montana, Wyoming area visiting Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. The sticker read: “Californians: Enjoy your visit but PLEASE don’t move here.”

  4. Lou

    Another one to boycott is Chobani Yogurt. Him and his ‘immigrants’ –do a search.

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