Germany And France Want Old NATO Status Quo, They Pay Nearly Nothing For Military

Subtitled speech by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to the victims of the 2011 Norway attacks – YouTube this man is head of EU NATO. Note how scary he is…HAHAHA. He is in this video, at the funeral of the poor victims of a mass murderer who was…Norwegian, not Russian.  My point here being, how weak this man is, he can barely deliver a speech.  Cannot picture him yelling, ‘Into the breech!’


How Trump’s victory is causing Europe to rethink its security – The Washington Post gets all hysterical about this issue.  Why, Germany and France are being very clever here in this story by ‘US’ reporters who really are not very interested in the US which is going into bankruptcy protecting Europe from what, exactly?  Oh. capitalist Russia!!!  Wow.  The desperation of our Real Rulers and the Bilderberg gang is clear here: we are to have this crazy ‘Cold War’ with Russia because…it keeps them all in power!  Naturally, the Washington Post and the NY Times approve of this false Cold War cooked up by our Real Rulers:


 Few countries are more in the crosshairs than Germany, Western Europe’s most populous nation and the pacifist home to 47,000 U.S. troops. For decades, American power has been a security blanket here. Even as thousands of U.S. troops were redeployed elsewhere, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Obama forged a bond that became important in tackling various issues, including the Ukraine crisis and the fight against global warming.


Crosshairs of what?  WWIII?  And who, pray tell, talked about ‘Four minutes from when I give the order and the nuclear missiles will be launched at Russia’ person?  Hillary Clinton, of course.  Right now, riots are breaking out in the sliver of the US that voted for Clinton, the ‘liberal’ cities are seeing mobs set businesses on fire and are trashing cars and screaming, they will burn down the nation, if they could.


Thankfully, they will basically confine their destruction to the cities that voted for Clinton.  They instinctually know that if they try this in the ‘red territory’ they will be shot.  So they burn down our cities, instead.  Russia watches this very bemused, of course.  Who else is seeing frequent terror attacks and cities burning and ‘no go zones’ in cities due to violent criminal gangs?


Europe!  And not one of these are ‘Russians’.  They are, obviously, illegal aliens who are invading by the millions each year, demanding everyone give them stuff for free and running riot in between begging sessions.


Enter President-elect Trump, who threatened on the campaign trail to back away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and force U.S. allies to shoulder more of the burden of their defense. Amid concern of a future bromance between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the victory has put Europe on notice — and bracing for transatlantic divisions potentially greater than the “freedom fries” era of President George W. Bush.


And why not?  If Germany thinks Russia is a danger, why aren’t the Germans doing something about this instead of leeching off of the deep in debt US taxpayers who have to foot the bill?  Ditto, for Japan. Neither country can build a big military today, they don’t have the young males except for alien populations which won’t fight for Germany but for Allah in Europe or they are from other Asian nations in Japan who were invaded by Japan in WWII and who won’t fight and die for Japan, no, the opposite.


A big question now is whether Trump’s America could awaken the sleeping giant of German might. This nation, weighed down by the horrific violence of Adolf Hitler, has shied away from military strength since the end of World War II. But leading voices here are now calling for a fresh debate on beefing up capabilities and equipment. They join a chorus from Belgium to Finland, where the clamor is growing for a more independent security strategy with the dawn of Trump.


HAHAHA.  Oh, yes, the Germans can build an army out of what?  A 1.3 birthrate?  It is insane.  Their days of military power are now over. They have to live in Reality Land that is, make friends with neighbors, not attack them or use the US as proxy to attack them.  All of Europe has to figure out very quickly, the US cannot patrol them forever at our own expense.  They have to either pay up, big time, around a trillion dollars a year, or shut up.


“Europe will have to be prepared to take better precautions itself,” German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen told public television…The military is also an atrophied limb, with a 2014 parliamentary report detailing a shocking state of disrepair. Only one of Germany’s four submarines was operational. Only 70 of its 180 GTK Boxer armored vehicles were fit for deployment. Seven of the German navy’s fleet of 43 helicopters were flight-worthy.


Ursula von der Leyen – Wikipedia:

is a German politician who has been the Minister of Defence since 2013, and is the first woman in German history to hold that office. A doctor by profession, she previously also served as the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from 2009 to 2013 and as the Minister of Senior Citizens, Women and Youth from 2005 to 2009. She has sometimes been suggested as a possible future successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel due to personal loyalty to the Chancellor and her ‘political instinct’.


I knew it when I saw her name!!! This is the person running the German military.  HAHAHA.  Perfect choice, the woman who ran the office of Senior Citizen and children…great choice, Putin is terrified of her, she might have nursery kids put in uniform and join the elderly like Hitler did at the end of WWII?  What a choice.  Speaks volumes of the serious threat of German military might…HAHAHA.


What is funnier is, she isn’t German at all, she is Belgian.  That country overrun by Muslim terrorists, that Belgium.  Who is daddy?  Well, he is a Bilderberg gangster who is rich and one of her ancestors was a cotton king baron, Ludwig Knoop.  Yes, she is perfect for fighting WWIII with Russia, no?


In a sense, that new era of European security is already unfolding. Berlin is sending 650 soldiers to Mali next month in an experimental operation to relieve French forces fighting militants affiliated with the Islamic State. Next year, German troops will also stage a deeply symbolic deployment to Lithuania — a nation once brutally occupied by the Nazis — as part of NATO’s mission to counter an increasingly belligerent Russia.


Germany to send 650 troops to Mali after hotel attack – Al Jazeera reported A YEAR AGO.  Yes, a year ago.  French Mission in Mali Puts Germany in a Tight Spot – Spiegel Online reported in Germany way back in 2013 when France invaded with 2,400 troops and Germany did nothing at all.  I can’t find the outcome of this Merkel promise so I am assuming it never happened.


Why can’t the stupid writers at the Washington Post use search engines when writing stories?  This inability to check out the news and talk sanely about it is most irritating but also entertaining.  Propaganda pushing rots the brain, after all.  Germany ready to send helicopters to UN mission in Mali back last month!  And did they do this?


 Germany ready to send helicopters to U.N. mission in Mali … He declined to say how many helicopters or troops Germany would deploy if not…


Decisions, decisions!  Note how the Germans manage to send no troops at all.  Very amusing.  Oh, we are all so scared of the German military machine that can’t stop armies of aliens relentlessly entering Germany and attacking the population there.  So much for ‘protect the homelands’.


French to send 1,000 more troops to Mali; US playing supporting role in 2013.  Yes, this is how Europe forces US taxpayers to foot the bill of foreign invasions that make things worse in Europe and the US.  The flood of refugees when Hillary and Obama, both war criminals, launched is overwhelming Europe now and they deserve this since the people there allowed the Bilderberg gang to run riot so long as they could export to the US and run a trade surplus with us as all our ‘allies’ are doing to us today.


According to the propaganda in the news back in 2013, our troops and the French were fighting al Qaeda, our allies in Syria today.  This is classic: the WP and NYT and other media won’t talk about blowback, or how the US created al Qaeda in the first place and how this is being used to attack countries the US and Israel want destroyed and the countries being destroyed such as Libya, Iraq and Syria are the only Muslim nations that gave women full civil rights.


The howls about women’s rights this election on behalf of creeps like Hillary who destroyed women’s rights in Libya and Syria are deafening and infuriating.  I want to slap these women for their hypocrisy.  How dare they have one rule here and the opposite in Syria or Libya?


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18 responses to “Germany And France Want Old NATO Status Quo, They Pay Nearly Nothing For Military

  1. Expecting a mass suicide over at the Counterpunch offices any time now.
    Talk about wailing and gnashing of teeth!!!!LOL

  2. Moe

    There is presently zero chance of defeating Russia in a conventional European land war, that era has passed for Europe and the present prime agitator, the US. So why continue to provoke the Russian bear?

    Does the US Deep State really think it has an opportunity to initiate a Russian ‘color revolution’? It is to laugh. Not gonna happen, if you consult Putin’s approval ratings, presently around 85% (or higher?).

    It is informative to read Russian news media, which fully publishes western think-tank perspectives, understood and discounted by the Russian population as vile propaganda. Russians are fully aware that the conflict with western ‘values’ as promoted by western oligarchy is a conflict of civilizations and they will never back down. It is unnecessary to defend Russia’s political system or to compare it with the West. It is only necessary to perceive the finality of this confrontation.

    So the a-holes running the west must have a different agenda than actually physically defeating Russia. Nuclear war is not an option, as it would not provide victory, only mutual devastation. (Though who knows the real agenda: Satanists are running the shop. I don’t believe though that their intent is to actually initiate a general nuclear exchange, otherwise they already would have done so long ago.). IMO, what they really want is neo-feudalism over a degenerate, hence weakened, populace.

    So, who is today’s ‘Evil Empire’? The Euro/Anglo-sphere.

  3. Petruchio

    When you get right down to it, France and Germany are deadbeat freeloaders. Why wouldn’t they want to keep the status quo? It would be a burden to their countries if they had to spend some of their own money on their own Defense.

  4. Christian W

    NATO needs to be dumped asap and the US needs to get out of Europe. Time for Europeans to find their own way without dictates from Uncle Sam.

    Of course, Europe then becomes a target for the US since nobody is allowed to be independent of US dictates. Ask Russia, China, Iran etc how that works.

  5. Duski

    Ah, Counterpunch, but at least some guys writing there understand why Trump was chosen:

    Or rather, why “…seeing your saintly queen of benevolence, fail to be anointed Queen Mass Murderer of The Planet Earth.”

  6. melponeme_k

    I don’t see the US leaving Europe anytime soon, especially since the elites have allowed millions of angry, radical muslim males.

    But will they have to pay for defense until or if they can muster their own? YES. The socialist network the Europeans had was built directly on the backs of American citizens. And this was done deliberately by the elites to curtail economic independence of US citizens and to cause helplessness in the European population.

  7. Lou

    NATO needs to be dumped asap and the US needs to get out of Europe. –
    What about Japan?China?

    USA pays to keep seas safe, so China can ship goods.

  8. nani


    Not true. China has sent its highly capable navy on several missions to combat pirates. By no means is China dependent on the US to keep the sea safe for its merchant ships.

    Japan and South Korea on the other hand are both using the US military for their own protection. Just like Europe.

    As for Europe, i am so angry about the current rulers who are ruining our beautiful continent with massive illegal migration. It makes me so angry. Europe desperately needs a new leadership who can take us out of this mess. Europe should not leech of the US military, but become more independent. We need our very own “Trumps” here to..

  9. Christian W

    @ 6 Mel

    That’s the Petrodollar system. In the 80’s, in the early days of Reaganomics but before the Neoliberal Casino system took off for real, the US used to devalue the $ whenever the US economy started to slow down. This meant the US exported it’s economic depressions to Europe and Japan since the exporting colonies overseas were dependent on selling goods to the by far strongest economy in the world, the US. The Japanese ZIRP system, which the US and Europe has now taken over following economic bankruptcy, was born out of these currency manipulations. The US sneezed and Europe an Japan got a cold.

    In the 90’s cheap credit issued by the FED led to the globalist corporations buying up competitors and chose businesses leading to the creation of enormous too large to fail trusts, including in Banking and Finance. This was deliberate as part of preparing for the NWO.

    All that came to a schreeching halt when the US economy came to a halt in late 1999 early 2000. The solution to that was 9/11 and Dubya Bush’s War economy and Housing Bubble. When that collapsed it was time for the Looting of the US and money printing and Quantitative Easing for the elites 2008 onwards. That is now failing and the US and EU are locked in the ZIRP death spiral that invariably leads to a tiny elite holding all the wealth while the rest collapse.

    So the situation is now different to the last few decades. Back then the US was by far the largest economic heavyweight and Germany, Japan and the other exporters were but tiny economic planetoids circling the enormous economic gravitywell that was the US. The exporters then had to invest a huge amount of their profits in US Treasury bonds to keep the USD strong enough not to risk yet another economic slowdown, or even depression.

    This system is now dying as the chart I posted recently showing US bonds collapsing illustrates. Trump’s election signifies that the US Deep State is now going to take the gloves off to preserve the USD reserve currency status and bend other nations (Russia + Europe and China) to it’s will.
    The USD is exhausted and now it is time for War.

    The problem with this is that Germany and France know all too well what real war means. Elaine can mock them for not being manly enough all she wants but everyone knows that the next war will be nuclear and the US is going to take a huge gamble it can intercept all the nukes launched against it. Europe will not be able to.

    If Germany and France decide to make their own proper armies, and disband NATO, it will inevitably mean that they will ally with Russia. The US will not allow this. The reason is clear. If Germany and France make their own armies, they will also need economies not dependent on Wall Street and London City. London City and Wall Street will never allow such competition to emerge unchallenged. There are many reasons the US is flooding Europe with Muslim men of military age.

  10. Christian W

    @ 8 Nani

    I respectfully disagree. The ‘Trump trap’ is obvious and deadly. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that economic depression and hordes of illfitting invaders smashing the welfare state is going to trigger the ‘We Need a Strongman’ reflex in populations.

    The problem with that is that the Strongmen tend to be extremely destructive, callous and belligerent. Turkey is already well on it’s way to self destruction under Erdogan, who btw is absolutely adored still by the masses in Turkey. Strongmen taking over is yet another step away from the Liberal world order with the rule of law paramount – which the US has spent the last decade and a half deliberately destroying. Hillary being a chief operator in this scheme when she ordered the US spy agencies to spy on UN personnel, just for one example.

  11. Lou

    Christian W – USA has been on a debt tear for a very long time.
    As Oil becomes more expensive the scam is getting harder to maintain.

    USA has been post Industrial for a long time.

    Look at components of DJIA. Dow INDUSTRIAL average. How many

  12. Ed

    Soros is sponsoring a The Color Purple insurrection in the US right now , with the Clintons still as the sock puppet.

  13. tio


    Trump and Brexit: Directed History Proceeds Apace?
    {Again, we have a hard time believing it’s a coincidence. The idea from our point of view is that this rhetorical stance is the gateway to further elite, globalist consolidation.

    It may seem strange to make a statement that the elite forces of this world intend to “win” by losing. But everything we understand about their employment of the Hegelian dialectic gives us a sense that this is just what’s going on.}

    Occam’s razor?

    “Judge a man by the reputation of his enemies.” – Arabian Proverb

    Nigel Farage to be Donald Trump’s go-between
    {Mr Trump was also left furious after MPs in Parliament debated whether Mr Trump should be banned from the UK, even threatening to withdraw £600 million of planned investment in Scotland.}

    Soros-fronted orgs among groups calling for anti-Trump protests (VIDEO)
    {Some of the anti-Trump protests in the US have been organized by groups that were sponsored by Clinton sympathizer and billionaire George SoreArse}

    I had a chat with and old friend in London last night who whilst being very bright is a mushroom for propaganda, I explained that essentially the Donald was the peace vote irrespective of the man or of the machiavellian machinations that may or may not be in play. Also I’m not sure how strong the Donald is considering the Republican Party is not exactly pleased with this arrangement.

  14. Christian W

    So we are caught between Sheldon Adelson on one hand and George Soros on the other. Some choice.

  15. emsnews

    Christian, life is all about yin and yang, the Terrible Twins.

  16. Christian W

    But Neocons and Neoliberals are not the only yin and yang forces in the world 🙂

  17. Petruchio

    France and Germany may pay nearly nothing for NATO but these guys are pikers compared to THE biggest deadbeat freeloaders of ALL TIME: ISRAEL. I would be cutting Israel off the US Taxpayer Gravy Train FIRST.

  18. Christian W

    But Pet, the # 1 priority is to throw out the surplus Mexians. Not the illegal alien slave labor for Big Agriculture tho, that would be taking it too far.

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