Were The Obama Election Results Fraud? How Many Illegal Aliens Voted?


Hillary Clinton Lost the Election Because Millions of Democrats Did Not Vote and Jonathan Webber, a pundit, couldn’t figure out why this happened.  I was curious about the extra 10 million votes for Obama. Why did that totally vanish this year?  According to the media and black rioters and their leftist white terrorists in the streets, Hillary won. But why didn’t all this phantom voters show up at the polls this year?  This was supposed to be a contentious, hard election that rallied the troops…yet 10 million of the DNC voters didn’t show up at the polls at all this election! I smell voter fraud all over the place.



US Presidential Elections 1900-2016

Note how Bill Clinton’s vote win was very similar to Bush vote wins: between 45 million and 60 million votes.  On the losing side, their opponents got between 40-60 million votes.  Suddenly, we have the Republicans getting the usual 50-60 million votes but the Democrats had 60 to 70 million votes.  Trump won with slightly over 60 million votes and so did Hillary.  So if we look at the losing side of the statistics, it grows gradually from 1900 to 2016 with one big boost when women got the right to vote.  Then logically, it doubled.


All that missing 10 million voters, were they bored with this wild, hate-filled, howling election?  I seriously doubt it!  Did they vote for Obama and then decided to stay home and let Trump into the White House?  I very seriously doubt it, look at the Democratic city riots.


The states like California that let illegal aliens vote all went for Hillary.  The states that had poll watchers preventing this went for Trump.  The real numbers of illegal aliens who voted in the past were roughly 12-14 million and this was cut down to around 4 million this time around which is why the voting numbers are once again in like with previous elections and the anomaly of Obama wins sticks out like a sore thumb.


Out of 325 million Americans, black voters are 45 million (these figures are all ages, not voting age).  The average, normal election has a total of only 130-150 million voters who actually vote.  The huge question here is, why did over 10 million Democratic voters vanish?  The excuse that they were not interested in voting is insane.  Look who rioted during the entire election cycle against Trump: illegal aliens.


Wherever voting was not supervised to see if people were real citizens, these were mainly Democratic home base cities.  But outside the cities, UNIFORMLY, the vote was for the Republican party, all of it which is why they now control the House, Senate and White House.  Rioters now are trying to loot and burn down their home bases in a spasmodic rage so obviously, they wanted to not have this happen but couldn’t stop it.


I would suggest strongly that previous elections had more illegal aliens and this is because the GOP didn’t make a fuss back then, only when Trump ran, did the people on the ground, NOT the GOP leaders, were pushing hard to insure only citizens voted:  Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Volunteer Poll Watchers To Monitor Voting


Poll watchers supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in hopes of averting or reporting a “rigged” election received the Supreme Court’s permission Monday to staff polling places across the battleground state of Ohio.


“Make sure everything is on the up and up,” Trump has told his supporters in urging them to be alert to voter fraud. “So go to your place and vote. And go pick some other place and go sit there with your friends and make sure it’s on the up and up. Because you know what, that’s a big, big problem in this country and nobody wants to talk about it.”


And it worked: this flushed out all the illegal aliens who stayed home rather than go to the polls with fake ID.


ACORN: Obama Campaign Voter Registrations Removed Prior to Ohio Primary – Breitbart


HOUSTON, Texas — Election integrity and voters’ rights organization True the Vote announced that it successfully worked with officials in Ohio to remove duplicate voter registrations prior to the Ohio primary. These registrations were originally submitted by left-leaning and Democrat organizations, including ACORN.


Approximately 30 percent of voters registered twice in the Cleveland area and they did so with falsified birth dates, social security numbers, and other identification. These were submitted not only by ACORN, but by Field Works, The Strategy Network, Organizing for America, and other left-of-center organizations, says True the Vote (TTV) in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.


Upon receipt of True the Vote’s research, 711 duplicate voter registrations were removed in Cuyahoga County and 465 sets were processed in Franklin County. TTV says it has been notified that thousands of duplicate voter registrations have also been removed in North Carolina.


So we had ‘liberal’ organizations actively working to have voter fraud.  Then there was this scandal:  Pew Center: 1.8 Million Dead People on Voter Rolls, 2.75 Million Registered in Two States


Approximately 30 percent of voters registered twice in the Cleveland area and they did so with falsified birth dates, social security numbers, and other identification. These were submitted not only by ACORN, but by Field Works, The Strategy Network, Organizing for America, and other left-of-center organizations, says True the Vote (TTV) in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.
TTV notes that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) had a “well-established track record” of giving local election officials questionable voter registration forms for years, especially in Midwestern and other political battleground states.


ACORN bragged about submitting more than 1.3 million voter registrations in 2008 alone. After the organization was formally shutdown, 18 employees were convicted or admitted guilt to committing election crimes.


A large percentage of the work that ACORN engaged in has been officially questioned.


WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections isn’t big news for the mainstream media or the Democratic Party which thrives of fraud.  But this is big news, all this is very big news.  Why are we back to normal voting growth this election?  It seems obvious to me.  The hysteria on the part of illegal aliens in particular since Trump said he would stop them all, was quite noisy and they marched all over states that voted for Hillary and open borders and yelled at the top of their lungs…but still didn’t vote!  Huh?


They were certain they could vote, some openly admitted they voted illegally for Obama in the past.  Now, they are gone again.


141 counties in U.S. have more registered voters than eligible residents | Sun Times National reports.  No shock here.  Voter fraud begins at party headquarters.


U.S. Spends Another $10 Mil to Register New Immigrant Voters – Judicial Watch reports.  The DNC needs new voters to counteract long term citizens.  Disbelief, questions at United Nations after Trump victory | Reuters reports how the international conspirators who have secret meetings and who gave over $200 million to the Clintons, are enraged that they were thwarted by citizens in the US voting.


 The United States is a veto-wielding member of the 15-member U.N. Security Council and the largest financial contributor to the United Nations. Washington owes about $1.1 billion, the United Nations said. Republicans have long been reluctant to pay dues, accusing the world body of waste and bias.


Ban said on Wednesday he hoped that the Trump administration would “strengthen the bonds of international cooperation.”


“People everywhere look to the United States to use its remarkable power to help lift humanity up and to work for the common good,” Ban told reporters.


So, we owe the UN over a billion dollars.  The UN has lots and lots of super rich dictators like Saudi Arabia who can fork over the loot instead.  The amount the UN wants from tax payers is nearly the same amount the super rich gave the Clinton Foundation.  Have that operation pay dues for us.  Let Wall Street fund it, not taxpaying citizens.


Petitions to cancel classes at universities after Trump win | Daily Mail Online and I agree, these schools should all shut down…permanently.


In San Francisco’s downtown, high-spirited high school students marched through, chanting “not my president” and holding signs urging a Donald Trump eviction. They waved rainbow banners and Mexican flags, as bystanders in the heavily Democratic city high-fived the marchers from the sidelines.


Some of America’s top universities and schools have gone into meltdown following Trump’s shock victory, with professors cancelling exams and organising strikes.


A Yale economics professor announced he was making an exam ‘optional’ after receiving ‘heartfelt notes’ from multiple students who were in shock over the result.



Yale is the home of the Skull and Bones crypt. Why in hell aren’t these ‘leftists’ rioting about that?  Why isn’t this poor, weak, stupid professor yelling about that?  What the hell is going on that these lunatics aren’t interested in stopping the Skull and Bones coven right in the middle of Yale???  Stupid people.


‘It Is America. But I Want to Play in Mexico.’ – The New York Times interviews illegal aliens who want to be here but also want to make money in Mexico.  Good lord. My Liberal University Cemented My Vote for Trump – The New York Times is a rare duck of an article.  This student wrote that he is at a very liberal university (the word ‘universe’ should be deleted from these schools’ names!) that the angst and viciousness of the Hillary supporters totally turned him off.


90% of the comments at this article are liberal screaming abuse at him!  The NYT has banned nearly anyone who is even slightly at odds with their own world views and I read them periodically to laugh at how delusional they have grown over the years in their little echo chamber.  Hello?  Anyone home?


Real news from Russia, the last of the Wikileaks news so far:  Podesta 36: WikiLeaks published 300 more emails from Clinton’s campaign chief — RT America


Theranos fundraiser
On March 14 this year, Center for American Progress director Neera Tanden emailed Podesta a tweet by liberal blogger Ezra Klein, calling the upcoming Clinton fundraiser with Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes a “bad idea.”


“Great minds think alike,” Podesta replied.


The March 21 fundraiser still happened, but was relocated from its original venue at Theranos headquarters in Silicon Valley to Holmes’ residence.


Although Holmes attracted hundreds of millions in venture capital funding by touting a revolutionary blood-testing technology, Theranos was found to have outsourced their tests or used existing technology instead, and is currently under federal investigation for misleading investors.

This is BRIBERY and should be investigated, Podesta should go to prison.  To literal hell with him and his sponsors.  And there is this charming story from the last batch of Wikileaks information:  Assange Just Confirmed Department Of Justice Told Hillary To Delete All Evidence | Conservative Daily Post.


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34 responses to “Were The Obama Election Results Fraud? How Many Illegal Aliens Voted?

  1. will

    Elaine, the Daily Bell has an article about this election, saying Trumps win is designed by the Elite, for the Elite. It claims it is a Hegelian Dialectic involving “Directed History” to usher in the NWO by placing populism vs. globalism. They claim that Brexit and Trump are not a coincidence and that “THEY” planned it. Your article here about voter fraud disputes this theory, I think. But I had never heard of The Daily Bell… What do you think of their theory? Can the PTB be using this to their advantage or are they really losing control?

  2. myyellowbike

    This is a great article; to heck talking about “The Bell” etc. etc. some other article.

    There has always been something odd about Obama’s elections. It does not necessarily mean fraud but we really need to closely examine all factors.

  3. Melponeme_k

    The directed history is supported by conspiracy theorist Jay Dyer. He is very impressed with Carroll Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope. That book pushes the directed dialectic story. While I can see some validity but it strikes me as a scam. Quigley is one of the group that claims FDR was a Wall Street stooge. Which I think is wrong.

  4. Christian W

    Something odd about Obama’s elections? Have you forgotten 2008? Obama was running against a dead GOP party destroyed by the illegal invasion of Iraq, Dubya Bush and the economic crash of 2007/8. The Dems could have run a dead donkey and they would still have won. On top of that the MSM made Mr. Hope & Change Obama into the second coming of Christmas who was going to clean our the corruption in Wall Street and in Washington.

    There is no doubt the PTB know exactly what the people want. The people, Red or Blue, want corruption out of Washington but they get shafted no matter who they vote for.

    The real mystery is why people fall for the same old hoary tricks election after election.
    No President has deported more illegals than Obama.

  5. Christian W

    Second coming of Christ not Christmas silly autocorrect.

  6. Jim R

    About those ‘riots’ — they were works of performance art, they were lightly-scripted drama:

    As predicted > ten years ago by D. Orlov, the ‘news’ here has been reduced to ridiculous propaganda lies, while the Russian news has switched back to actual facts. We have closed the hated-evil-empire gap!

  7. Jim R

    As for the election, it’s what #4 Christian W. said — the Dems could have run a dead donkey. When Obama ran, the blacks came out to vote, something like 97% of them for Obama. But I voted for him, too. At the time, he was such an improvement over Dubya.

    In this election, the blacks and women were like, ‘meh’ … Hillary has been around a long long time, and has lots of political baggage, and frankly most of that baggage reeks of dead bodies, Bill’s skanky women, and rotten bad deals.

  8. Lou

    Compare the size of the crowds the candidates drew.


    Also, Elaine, you know masonry. Yesterday, celebrating 11-11-11 =33


  9. tio

    OK, Now What?: The Party is Over, Cometh the Hangover
    {In short, I think he can’t do or won’t do most of the things he said he would do. The question here is not whether he should do them–I think several are splendid ideas–but whether he can or will.}

  10. Petruchio

    “This is BRIBERY and should be investigated, Podesta should go to prison.” On his last day in Office Barack Obama will PARDON Podesta. Barack the Doorman will also PARDON Hillary Clinton that day. Seriously. It will happen. Probably a bunch of other Clinton Crime Family members as well.

  11. Christian W

    The problem with throwing Podesta and Hillary in jail is that Bill needs to follow them too. Of course the elites are not going to throw a President in jail, so the others walk too. If Podesta goes it will be for something with a relatively minor punishment, Scooter Libby style.

  12. emsnews

    There is a misunderstanding going on here: SUPPOSEDLY Hillary/Trump election was the BIG THING, not a damp squib. Note that illegal aliens are RIOTING. Why was her vote tally 15 million…below Obama’s vote total?

    Where did all these excess voters go? Hint: they were all noncitizens.

  13. billibaldi

    I am seriously disturbed. Voter fraud stopped the US from getting their fist female president Sarah Palin?

  14. billibaldi

    Sorry, should be first.

  15. Lisa

    About those riots. How did all those spoiled brats, in riots in cities all across the country, get the exact same, professionally printed signs, 1 day after the election? How long does it take to get signs printed and distributed around the country?

  16. Lou

    How long does it take to get signs printed and distributed around the country? –Not very long.
    The art can be done in one place and emailed to countless cities where the printing can be done fast.

  17. Laughlin

    I don’t understand one point. How could Obama pardon anyone who has not already been convicted in court? Is it really possible that the President can issue “pre-pardons” that would prevent a future conviction?

  18. Case

    As a non-American I wonder why the hell you are using computers to vote in the first place, rather than pen and paper. Even if the establishment were lily white and innocent I wouldn’t trust electronic voting.

  19. Mewswithaview

    I wonder when the anti-Trump protesters will realise they are being played as a smokescreen to cover the exit of certain elements of the criminal class from Washington. Looks like Obama et all intend to to leave a legacy of chaos behind them, like an army in retreat destroying the land so the victors can’t use it. They are engineering several crisis for Trump to throw him off their trail and making it hard to govern, the powers that should not be a ruthless and do not let go of power so easily. Trump may wish he had not taken the presidents job in 4 years time (if he lives that long), there are a lot of unpopular decisions to be made over the course of the next few years due to such decisions being swept under the carpet for the past few decades by successive administrations, both the Democrat and Republican insiders will manoeuvre to use him as the scapegoat before they kick him out.

  20. Christian W

    Obama is a tool, not worth it blaming him, he never called any shots and never will. What is happening is the same old Hasbara operators at work gnawing away at the US. The same methods are now being used in Europe too, with exactly the same Globalist message.

    The paid tools and assorted useful idiots protesting are burning the bridges for real political and legitimate protests in the future. It is a method to poison and destabilize the political landscape even further. The methods used are exactly the same as the ones used in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere.

    Look at Ukraine, after Maidan there have been many legitimate protests against the hopelessly corrupt Kiev regime, for example by teachers and veterans of the Chernobyl clean up, yet you have heard exactly nothing about those if you only read/watch the MSM.

  21. Lou

    Case, I saw this elsewhere,

    On Being White at the Voting Poll;

    When I arrived at the polls, there must have been 100 people in front of me. A few minutes later I looked back, and, after casually counting again, there seemed to be about 100 more behind me. Bored, I started counting white people, (7, including 1 of the poll workers), Hispanics, (8), NO Asians, and the rest (185) black.
    I didn’t want to leave and go somewhere else, fearing the lines might be worse. Oh, the things I had to hear while waiting 2 hours. “She betta be win, cos it gots to stay fair” is the most common thing I heard. Holy heck- do people really think the last 8 years have been “fair”? I kinda think Unfair SUMS up the last 8.
    I didn’t dare speak up with those kind of numbers against me, though, and thank heavens I brought my noise cancelling headphones and a book to read. When I finally got near the door, a black man volunteering gave me a dirty look and told me to turn off my phone. I wasn’t even on it, and quickly turned it off.
    I looked around and 3 black people sitting on either side of me were pecking at or talking on their phones. I just calmly got up and told the white poll worker, who took care of the problem, bless him. I was asked for id, which was surprising, as I thought was not law yet. Heck, I even brought my birth certificate so that I would not miss my chance.
    After I turned in my card, not much bigger than a credit card, to a black lady, something told me to turn around, and she was fiddling with my vote card. She saw me looking, and quickly put it into the stack. Not much else I could do, as no law was broken YET, so I left.

  22. ziff

    much ado about nothing i fear, one honest man in a den of thieves won’t last very long.

  23. floridasandy

    the democratic primary numbers were also interesting, in light of the difference in enthusiasm for Bernie vs Hillary:


    It looks like they have this voter fraud thing down in the DNC.

  24. emsnews

    My tiny rural town has fantastic voting systems! It is a big piece of paper which is hidden by the voter in a big folder. You do your voting, put it in the folder so no one can see it and then the poll worker, WHILE YOU WATCH puts it blindly into a counting machine that sucks in the paper ballot while no one can see it.

    This way, all the votes are kept on file and can be counted and recounted and even appear in court, if necessary. Why don’t all states have our system?

    So they can cheat, of course, they don’t want no stinking paper trails.

  25. floridasandy

    I think you should get a paper receipt printed showing your registered vote, so you can dispute it on the spot if it isn’t accurate.

    That would have stopped that entire hanging chad thing in Palm Beach county.

  26. melponeme_k

    The same paper vote and machine feed was used in NYC. However after the machine eats the paper ballot, there is no way a citizen can track how his/her vote was counted. There should be receipts given to each voter. That would be another bulwark against voting skullduggery. However the powers that be don’t want that either.

  27. hans


    Some very interesting graphs and diagrams


  28. floridasandy

    Thank you, hans.

    it is so hard to get real news in the United states anymore, isn’t it?

    That’s why I come here. 🙂

  29. Lou

    Hans, compare the size of the crowds. Trump got like 10x as many attending.
    How could the votes be so close?

  30. I read several accounts of alien voter fraud this morning after seeing several posts on facebook claiming 3 million illegal aliens voted in this election; your article is the most credible so far, and the case is made with credible statistics.

    Only US Citizens can legally vote. Legal aliens with green cards, visitors, and of course aliens here ILLEGALLY are not supposed to vote.

    Well done, thank you.

  31. Let Me Get This Straight… The Riggers Who Rigged and Rig Elections found that so Many Citizens cared about the destruction going on that they actually turned out to vote and voted in the Candidate the reflected the feelings of the country that they could not rig the election no matter how hard they tried and so therefore the election must be rigged! This is ridiculous even almost a month after the election they are still trying to figure out how they can steal it back from the people.

  32. emsnews

    They are freaking out, big time! They know the number of options left are fewer and fewer leaving the only hard option left: kill Trump.

    And mark my words here, they will do it. Will they let him in, first and then kill him? They have to rig it so someone does it who is disposable and not traceable to themselves. They fear a backlash from hell.

    So who will be handed a gun and shoved forwards? Remember Reagan? It took a Bush friend to do it.

  33. Jim R

    @Maximilian, they can’t just report that 100% of the votes were for Hillary. You see, that would cause all kinds of problems, since it disagrees with what the polls were saying.

    The software in those counting machines is set to just tweek the totals by a few percent, and not get too far out of line with polling data.

    The way I see it, the actual vote was probably a Trump landslide, and the vote-counting software was not quite pushed hard enough. It isn’t so much that everyone loves Trump, but it was a vote AGAINST Hillary.

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