New York Times Claims Super-frump Hillary Is Fashion Beauty, Not Melanie Trump


New York Times Admits They Blew It On Trump, Vows To ‘Rededicate’ Paper To Reporting Honestly – Fox Nation sneers at the NYT.  Today, just one day beyond the promise to report the ‘truth’ the NYT goes off its rocker and makes a fashion story that borders on…now, is so deeply insane, it nearly caused me to laugh to death.  Curse you all, super-duper fashionistas at the NYT!  You nearly  killed me!


The publisher of The New York Times penned a letter to readers Friday promising that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election while rededicating itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly.


Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., the paper’s embattled publisher, appealed to Times readers for their continued support.


“We cannot deliver the independent, original journalism for which we are known without the loyalty of our subscribers,” the letter states.


The massive gulf between reality and truth and NYT reporting is wider than the Grand Canyon and deeper than the deepest pits of hell.  I cannot imagine a more ‘widdershins’ backwards world as the NYT reports here today.  Will anyone believe the NYT fashion story that is so off the rails, so insane as this obvious mess?  HAHAHA.  Liberals in NYC will!  This shows utter contempt for reality.


New York Times: We blew it on Trump | New York Post reported on the apology of the NYT which claims they want more honest reporting:


“After such an erratic and unpredictable election there are inevitable questions: Did Donald Trump’s sheer unconventionality lead us and other news outlets to underestimate his support among American voters?”


While insisting his staff had “reported on both candidates fairly,” he also vowed that the paper would “rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism. That is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor.”


Ah, there’s the rub. Had the paper actually been fair to both candidates, it wouldn’t need to rededicate itself to honest reporting. And it wouldn’t have been totally blindsided by Trump’s victory.


His delusions are obvious: at no point in time did anyone at the NYT fairly report anything.  This includes their lying about Sanders, too.  They were so fake, unreliable, outright lying bastards, they openly defied anyone to stop them from turning the NYT into Pravda on the Hudson and it is the twin tower to the Pravda on the Potomac.  Both utterly failed to report the truth about anything at any time including studiously either ignoring or making up stupid stuff about all the Wikileaks documents.


The New York Times even had an article that said the Podesta emails showed that Hillary is honest and smart!  Huh?  HAHAHA.  Such charming lies, openly told with wide innocent eyes!  Well, just one lousy day after ‘apologizing’ for lying, the NYT published one of the stupidest, most openly insane lies of all.  That is, Hillary, as we see in her top picture, is the icon of fashion designers and Melania is ugly!

Is Fashion’s Love Affair With Washington Over? – The New York Times


On Wednesday, when Hillary Clinton stood in the New Yorker Hotel for her farewell speech, she did so in one of her signature Ralph Lauren pantsuits. Dark gray, with purple lapels and a matching purple shirt (and a matching purple tie for Bill Clinton), it underscored, as so many of her fashion choices did in the run-up to the election, a point: the way two colors/factions — red and blue — can unite to make something new.


But it also symbolized, perhaps, the end of what might have been an extraordinary relationship. And possibly the end of fashion’s seat at the power table.


More than any other industry, fashion had pledged its troth to Mrs. Clinton. Vogue magazine formally endorsed her, the first time it had taken a public stand in a presidential election. The W magazine editor, Stefano Tonchi, declared his allegiance in an editor’s letter.


Vogue Magazine should buy eye glasses for everyone on their staff and the owner should get her own eyes checked.  Huh?  HAHAHA…this must be a scheme to make us all laugh to death.


Who Wore It Better: Hillary Clinton Or This Sofa? Hillary Clinton Still Frumpy on the Stump, Even in Giorgio Armani? is a right wing site and at least they still have eyeballs.


On top of that, there is this insane story at the NYT:  Melania Trump’s Speech May Not Have Been Original, but Her Dress Was – The New York Times whines that she bought a dress from the  same ethnic group she belongs to, how dare a Republican wife do what the DNC clowns praise when their own voter base does this exact same thing, that is, ‘ethnic is good!’


 …her choice of convention garb was an interesting one because it suggested strategic planning. Especially given that Ms. Trump bought it herself on, a campaign spokeswoman told WWD, where it sells for $2,190.


Ms. Ilincic’s story parallels Ms. Trump’s nicely: She was born in Serbia, which, like Ms. Trump’s native Slovenia, was part of Yugoslavia at the time; and like Ms. Trump, she found her way out via a career in fashion. It shadows Ms. Trump’s own American fairy tale.

Honest Trailers – Cinderella (1950) – YouTube

If Cinderella lived in times where the NYT was reporting on princes, the NYT would declare her step sisters are fashion icons and Cinderella is ugly.  Too funny.  This is also why Donald Trump blocks press access, in defiance of long standing practices.  Who on earth would want such obviously insane people to lurk around him, insulting him and his family?  No way.  Crazy people like this can be dangerous.


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17 responses to “New York Times Claims Super-frump Hillary Is Fashion Beauty, Not Melanie Trump

  1. Christian W


    President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to start taking out their old allies Al Qaeda in Syria. This following several major defeats for the Jihadi/NATO alliance. The Jihadie ‘rebels’ aren’t best pleased so they just issued this ultimatum and threaten to expose US/NATO involvement in 2013 gas attacks:

  2. ziff

    hillary and the pant suit thing , sort of like Mao uniform , good fit with Elaines Maoist analogy.

  3. melponeme_k

    I think she wears the big, baggy pantsuits because she is hiding medical equipment.

  4. Petruchio

    ““We cannot deliver the independent, original journalism for which we are known without the loyalty of our subscribers,” the letter states.” Who still looks to the NYT for “independent, original journalism”? Now owned by a Mexican billionaire, the NYT has been a bootlicking toady to the D.C. Establishment and the Israel lobby–to name just two. Does anyone with even a shred of integrity look to the NYT for honest political reporting? Is Sulzberger really that delusional?

  5. Maddie's Mom

    Beauty, elegance and grace returns to the White House.

    Another reason they hate Trump 😉

  6. Jim R

    Christian W,
    If you’ve been following the other news agencies (other than the ‘West’), you’d already know that the Syrian insurgents have been firing chemical weapons. As I recall, Seymour Hersh exposed the 2013 sarin attack soon after it happened.

    And the Russians have been decontaminating areas in Aleppo where the ‘rebels’ are firing shells containing things like chlorine and mustard gas.

    So I’m not sure what that jihadi general would reveal. Maybe who gave them the chemical weapons?

  7. Claudeeyah


    Yes, MM, I suspect Hillary is a les-ben. Michelle Obama looks more like a man in drag than a woman. It has taken her exactly 8 years to learn how to walk and sit like a lady (which cannot be easy when you’re carrying a “package” betwixt your legs.) 😀

  8. Christian W

    Brazil has a higher homicide rate than war torn Syria…

    Interesting informations seeing that Brazil is often pointed to as the future of the US on these pages.

  9. Claudeeyah


    Yeah, Christian W,

    give it a few years (Karl Denninger today claimed 4-5 years) and you’ll see many of us ‘merkans taking the Big Chill. No worries for Elaine….she has prepped wisely. Now, for the rest of ya’ll???

  10. Maddie's Mom


    I don’t know about you but Denninger’s piece gave me a big chill :-/

  11. Lou

    Mel, the med device did fall out on 9-11.

    Christian, Interesting information on murder seeing that Brazil is often pointed to as the future of the US on these pages.

    Brazil is Black and Mulatto, yes? Like 50% non White.
    Look at murder rates in Haiti and Saint Louis. What do you see? African DNA at work.

  12. Christian W

    @ Lou

    “Whites” have easily the same murder rates when under similar social stress. The history of Europe is quite brutal as where the European invasions of South and North America, Africa, India and China. I don’t think it is “Black” DNA at work as much as human DNA. When the survival instinct dominates (Greed is a spin off) the cognitive higher functions of the brain have less priority.

  13. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    All this talk about DNA is hard to calculate since Elites use IMF and other strong arm tactics to create 3rd worlds and keep them there.

    HOWEVER, if Culture and DNA (to a certain extent) are a factor that would explain why 3rd world people cannot thrive in first world societies. I believe Culture is the main culprit. But DNA scientists refuse to study the affect of Neanderthal genes on European and Asian people due to racism fears. I think it is very interesting that Asians, the smartest people on earth, have double the amount of Neanderthal genes.

  14. emsnews

    Nearly 90% of all black children are raised by mother/grandmother/strangers. Very few are mentored by fathers who are married to their mothers or who are genetically their fathers. This has consequences.

  15. Lou

    Nearly 90% of all black children are raised by mother/grandmother/strangers.—

    You imply that this is due to society.
    No, it is DNA.
    Look at Africa. Blacks behave the same way in Congo or Camden.
    Abandoning women and children is nothing new to Black men.

    What is the poorest nation in the Northern Hemisphere?
    What is the Blackest nation in this hemisphere?

  16. Lou

    CW—Whites” have easily the same murder rates when under similar social stress.

    What ‘stress’? Having to live among their own?

    “Keith Richburg, author of “Out of America”, a WaPo reporter assigned to their Africa desk for some years, He saw : the killings in Soweto, the famine in Ethiopia, and the genocide in Burundi.

    He came away very disillusioned about the continent of his ancestors. Indeed, he doesn’t even mention agriculture in this discussion, preferring to focus on the shortcomings of African ”culture.”
    Much of Africa is in awful shape, clearly. War, corruption, hunger, disease, environmental destruction and a world economy increasingly indifferent to African products and markets have all contributed to a broad decline in the quality of life for many Africans. Mr. Richburg cites a few countries not currently trapped in the downward spiral — South Africa and Zimbabwe, where white businessmen still essentially control the economies; Malawi, where a dictator was democratically overthrown; and Mozambique, where decades of war recently ended — as exceptions that, somehow, prove the rule.
    In fact, many other countries — Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast — are stable or finding their feet. Keith Richburg may have stayed true to his own experience with this wildly overdrawn portrait of Africa’s agonies, but he has poorly served both his American readers and his subject. [1993, NY Times]

    Ever notice how many times the ‘Back to Africa’ movement dies in the bud? Because when any black people from America go ‘back to Africa’, they discover, much to their horror, there isn’t any welfare, food-stamps/S.N.A.P. cards, section 8 housing vouchers, and they’re at the bottom of every food-chain, and if they riot, they’ll be shot.”

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