Belgium Soldiers Fight Cops, US Reporters Attack Trump For Going To Dinner Without Them

Belgium: Police vs. army – soldiers teargassed during Brussels protest – YouTube


Protesting soldiers teargassed, hit with water cannon by Belgian police (VIDEO) — RT News in Russia reports.  This is interesting news since the people being attacked by the police are…the military.  I see an uprising pretty quickly there since the politicians have turned Brussels into ISIS EU Headquarters this last year.  This happens to be where the EU meets, by the way.  In the US, the big, big news is this:  Trump Goes Out to Dinner with Family – Media Attacks “Lack of Transparency” for Not Inviting Them!  Yes, Trump went on a family dinner in Manhattan and didn’t tell the press he was going to have a private meal.  They are roaring mad about this all the liberals are howling like hyenas denied a dead antelope.

Violent clashes between police and anarchist protesters in Athens as Obama begins his final foreign tour before handing over to Trump | Daily Mail Online in England reports.  The US media isn’t going crazy over this news, this is ‘invisible’ news and the select outrage is hilarious to watch only it is also very painful to see how far down the rabbit hole our ‘media giants’ have fallen.


Police attacked during more anti-Trump protests in Portland and LA | Daily Mail Online of England reports.  Yes, the ‘left’ is rioting still and plans more riots and the US media giants are egging this on.  Except funnily enough, Reporters Attacked, Warned Not to Film Anti-Trump Riots:


One reporter, Mike Bivins, who was threatened by the pro-Hillary mob decided to not report the threats but changed his mind after the announcement by police that a news crew had been attacked. Bivins is student at Portland State University and was reporting for PSU”s Pacific Sentinel.




Black Lives Matter founders will stop Trump deporting criminal illegal immigrants  | Daily Mail Online in England reports again: yes, they plan to break laws.  But not just them!


LAPD chief refuses to help Donald Trump kick out illegal immigrants ‘That is not our job’: LA police chief joins mayors of Chicago, New York and Seattle in refusing to help Donald Trump kick out illegal immigrants | Daily Mail Online


Trump has threatened to withdraw federal funds if cities do not co-operate.


I was right after all!  Clinton’s heavy turnout in these states was due entirely to the extra, illegal voters.  And they intend to keep their ‘voter base’.  If this means breaking laws, they will do it because this keeps them all in power.


Brexit plan? There is no plan: leaked memo | Herald Sun in England reports.  Strangling it in the cradle, the elites plan to roar ahead despite yells from the citizens there.


The memo leaked to The Times newspaper casts Britain’s top team in a chaotic light: Prime Minister Theresa May is trying to control key Brexit questions herself while her senior ministers are divided and the civil service is in turmoil.


“The Prime Minister is rapidly acquiring the reputation of drawing in decisions and details to settle matters herself – which is unlikely to be sustainable,” according to the document, dated November 7 and published by The Times on Tuesday.


“It may be 6 months before there is a view on priorities/negotiation strategy as the political situation in the UK and the EU evolves,” said the document, titled Brexit Update.


Breaking its silence on Tuesday Deloitte said in a statement it was “a note intended primarily for internal audiences”.


Yes, plots behind voter’s backs time!  We are at the cusp of something big.  The GOP is closing ranks to keep doing ‘business as usual’ despite Trump and hoping they can elude him somehow to keep all the Bilderberg schemes going and ditto the UK leaders and the EU leaders are freaking out due to their incompetence and inability to understand these words, ‘Illegal alien invasion’ ditto our US Bilderberg gangsters.


Silly geese.  These aliens don’t love them, either, and hope to destroy them.  Suicidal, that is what it all is.


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7 responses to “Belgium Soldiers Fight Cops, US Reporters Attack Trump For Going To Dinner Without Them

  1. Claudeeyah

    Those of us who remember previous turning of the tides look back and smile:

  2. Petruchio

    It’s going to be fun watching the GOP members of Congress squeal like little piggies (actually most of them are big, fat piggies) filibustering a President from their own Party! Their filibustering worked on Obama, but he was a Democrat; it looked like a political battle.
    Now, the GOP controls the White House and both Houses pf Congress. Who are the Republicans gonna filibuster? If they sabotage Trump’s policies, it is going to be so obvious that the Repubs are bought-and-paid-for by the Big Money Interests even the most gullible citizen will figure it out.
    The Elites’ lackeys in the MSM are going to continue their nosedive in terms of Public Trust. This could be the start of the decline of the GOP to the point of insignificance. I think voters are MUCH more PO’ed at their Elected Representatives that the insulated Political Whores realize.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, how is BHO European visit going?

    Saw this,

    Obama left Greece with riots in his wake and is on his way to Germany to support Merkels White genocide program.
    We’re in an information war and (((they))) are losing badly.

  4. floridasandy

    expect Merkel to meet the same fate that Hillary did, if she even chooses to run again.

    Globalism is on the run.

    We all know that the financial coup d’etat in the US occurred in the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton, when the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed,. Even with the media hand-holding Hillary, there is too much information available to the average person to facilitate the continued looting of countries.

    Worldwide, people are starting to see who the elite global players are, and they are repudiating them in each country, even to the point of rioting. I expect the European Union to break up, because even more hands in the pot is never the solution.

    Ironically, some of he kids in the US, who should be the most informed, are being brainwashed by the media—- to the point of CRYING and rioting when Hillary loses. I guess Hillary did her own share of crying and throwing stuff around after the election. A generation ago, those kids would have been in solidarity with the European rioters.

  5. emsnews

    Sounds like you all want to join in my ‘Make fun of Merkel and Obama discussing sex’ contest, no?

  6. Petruchio,

    And if the Dems actually back up most of Trump’s initiatives? (They’ll never see eye-to-eye on immigration though.) We could see Trump running for re-election as a pro-workingclass Lunchbucket Liberal Democrat. What would that mean for the GOP? They’ll snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory like the Dems have been for the past 35-plus years.

  7. Christian W

    The UK has just legalized the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies. – Edward Snowden

    The UK establishment is doing away even with the veneer of democracy. It never was much of a ‘democracry’ to start with but it’s going to be brutal from now on.

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