Trump And GOP At Odds, Struggle For Power Will Be Long And Hard


Donald Trump ditches press to eat at famous New York steak house 21 Club | Daily Mail Online being a Brit paper that has allt he juicy stories and stupid stories, was allowed to cover this end run around the back of the US mainstream media as Trump uses this as a tool to teach the Big Boys a lesson.  They all want access to him now and he won’t give it.  On the other hand, House Republicans choose Paul Ryan as speaker again despite clashes with Donald Trump because all of them are mainly tools of the elites and many of them are outright Bilderberg gangsters and Trump’s election only changed the head, not the body.


Very little has changed in DC or will change over time since the entrenched parties happen to control most of the systems and they do this with full collusion of the media owners and Big Business.  All the howls of rage during the election when the Bilderberg candidate lost, was just show.  They know they control all systems except for one: the White House, and they need Total Control to do their game of reducing US citizen participation in government and control over our country’s borders.


This is, as I have stated many times, all about who is an ‘internationalist’ and who is a ‘US citizen’.  Our rulers do this by conspiring secretly behind many troops arrayed to prevent anyone from seeing even who attends these super secret meetings where they lay out plans for the future and Trump has thrown a spanner in all this, he is a total outsider to the Bilderberg gang and now they must lure him in.


But since Trump’s Election Day victory, the president-elect visited Ryan at the Capitol and the two men have spoken frequently.


In addition, Ryan will have two powerful allies and old friends at the highest levels of the White House: Pence is a former House colleague and Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus, who will be chief of staff, is from Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.


Trump hasn’t forgotten how the GOP leaders all stabbed him in the back and in the face, too.  But he has no choice but to cooperate with them on the other hand, they have no choice but to support him and not betray him for what he has is the support of the voters which over time, can be critical but more interesting to me is, who will follow up on all this?


The Washington Post has no longer nonstop editorials about how evil Trump is but then…they had to have some attacks on him:


This stable of internationalists all were in hysteria the entire election, now they are reduced to mere snarling instead of whole blown howling.  I find Milbank’s editorial particularly insane.  Trump didn’t make it ‘safe to hate again.’  The DNC was the sewer of hate this election.  It was nonstop, quite racial and very violent.  Liberals, it seems, are as fearful of mirrors as vampires.


Nearly 6 in 10 Americans say Trump should compromise with Democrats but Democrats move to more aggressive stance against Trump so as per normal this year, the DNC refuses to do something they claim, we are supposed to do.  That is, draw together somehow.


On the Republican side of insanity, Lindsey Graham plans hearings on the Russia threat including alleged HACK of the DNC  as all the Bilderberg gang hate Putin even more than they all hate Trump…Trump has not won anything, yet.  He is basically alone except for the actual citizen-voters and he isn’t the first President to be in this condition, either.


The articles go on to discuss how Lindsey plans to continue the anti-Putin propaganda and the scheme to start WWIII is still cooking and stopping this requires US citizens warning Congress to slow down with the hysteria.


‘This is a defining moment I think for the country,’ Graham continued. ‘I want a good relationship with Russia. But things have to substantially change. [Trump] is the president o the united states and he is the leading diplomat for the county. But Congress has a role.’


He said he wanted to put together an aid ‘package’ to ‘help our Eastern European allies better deal with the threats they face from Russia.’


Summing up his posture toward Russia, Graham said the ‘goal is to lay out and make the case. I’m an old prosecutor. Make the case that here’s what Russia is doing. Here’s fact versus fiction and what should we do about it?’


Obviously, the Bilderberg gang, the military/industrial complex overlords, the lunatics driving us towards WWIII are intent on continuing this and I recall when Kennedy cooled tensions and ended up very dead and his replacement gave us a very hot confrontational war in Vietnam.


One last story:  Where’s the Feminist Outrage as #RapeMelania Trends on Twitter?


Yes, hypocrisy is both left and right wing privileges.  People who have no sense, no perspective of what is sane and what is infantile, get to do as they please.  The hipster owners of various web site situations like or Twitter or You Tube practice one-sided censorship as if they are kommisars in the old Soviet Union.


They have no honor or morals or consistency.  They simply want to do mind control and pretend we are free and open and wonderful while being brutal, dishonest and pig-headed.  So much for the Liberal Revolution.


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16 responses to “Trump And GOP At Odds, Struggle For Power Will Be Long And Hard

  1. Melponeme_k

    The 21 club Scandal! The man just wants to have dinner without anyone screaming false accusations at him. Is that so wrong?

    I love how most of the media (especially Rachel Maddow) are acting as though they have never set foot in the 21 Club themselves. Which beggars belief since the restaurant is a known power broker hang out.

    Infowars had a good idea of Trump dividing his time in D.C. and NY. He doesn’t need to be a sitting duck in the White House. It wouldn’t be the first time a president removed himself from D.C. Many times Roosevelt directed the country from his house in Oyster Bay.

  2. Claudeeyah

    It is indeed refreshing to have a real man in the White House rather than a simpering, effeminate, girly, half negro closet case. And Miss Lindsay Graham is probably the gayest Bilderberger to occupy power in Washington since J. Edgar Hoover. Somehow, I doubt that someone of Trump’s ilk will roll over and swallow whatever these vipers dangle in front of him. We shall see.

  3. Nani

  4. Petruchio

    “Very little has changed in DC or will change over time…” Correctamundo, Elaine. The elites that currently own the Political Whore Class are not going to go away quietly into the night. These guys are making wayyyyyy too much money looting the Public Treasury to simply call it quits and pack it in.
    Trump’s election threatens the elites, but they are going to need MORE threatening. I believe that only when people like Harry Reid and that closet gay man Mitch McConnell are VOTED out of office, will the Political Whore Class start thinking they have to do something to appease the voters. (BTW: It doesn’t really bother me the McConnell is gay. What bothers me is he is a hypocrite; his Party preaches Family Values to appeal to the nutjob Religious Right so in the closet McConnell goes.).

  5. Melponeme_k

    According to Politico and Infowars, Soros and other elites met in DC last weekend to plan out their attacks on Trump.

  6. Christian W

    US State Dept. spokesman refuses to take questions from Russia Today because RT is “State run”…

    Like Elaine I will probably laugh to death one of these fine days.

  7. Henry

    In reading about the possible makeup of Trump’s cabinet, two names popped up that are very, very scary. One is the arch neocon Stephen Hadley and the other is John “Bonkers” Bolton. This the same John Bolton that when asked by Jon Stewart if there was a country he didn’t want to bomb couldn’t think of one!! Trump has to purge the warmongering Neocons from the government or he (and us) is/are doomed!

  8. emsnews

    Christian, if you laugh to death, you go straight to hell so control it! 🙂

    Henry: both political parties are Bilderberg gangsters who want WWIII. Trump is the only one who can declare war so he can keep even Bolton on a leash. Hillary was dripping poison from both fangs about starting WWIII over HACKERS! So we do the best we can, no?

  9. Claudeeyah


    Oh, yeah!,,,,,,better yet, let;s make that a big ole, “oh, hey-all Yeah-us!:!….A dodged bullet, bitchez!

  10. Jim R

    Actually, Congress was supposed to be the only one to declare war, per the Constitution. Remember Reagan and Iran-Contra?

    But the military is still carpet bombing five or six countries in the Middle East and Africa, on that vague and bogus ‘AUMF’ issued under Dubya.

  11. emsnews

    Congress never does this without the leader doing it, too.

  12. Jim R

    The whole point of Iran-Contra was that Reagan was carrying on his war entirely out of the Executive branch, using the CIA and Pentagon. Or at least Reagan allowed that to happen.

    And it wasn’t supposed to happen without Congress.

    Trump won’t be able to stop the spooks and generals either, not without really a lot of help…

  13. Christian W

    More on the deaths of the three Green Berets in Jordan. The Special Forces are not best pleased with the CIA to put it mildly.

  14. emsnews

    BUSH ran ‘Iran Contra’. Reagan was brain damaged by then by Bush buddy boy shooter.

    And Bush Sr. hated my guts back then and all the way to the bitter end, especially when I forced his hand during the Tiananmin Square massacre and my crusade in front of the UN back then.

    Hates me for interfering with the Skull and Bones Geronimo stuff, too. Those lunatics were allowed to rule us for years and years and years. With huge assistance from our ‘media giants’ who pushed him on us all.

  15. Jim R

    Shhhhh-shh! Nobody is supposed to know that. Top seekrit.

    But Bush did not have any authority to run that war, either. The congressional investigation should have continued, and jailed him.

  16. Donald Trump should have picked some Republican governor or former governor who is at once stupid, corrupt and inept (like Rick Perry) as impeachment insurance. Instead he picked PENCE whose possibility of being President is actually an incentive for The Usual Suspects to make sure Donald leaves the Oval Office feet-first. 😡

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