Lying Mainstream Media Claims We Outsiders Are Fake News, Not Them


The New York Times –swore just two days ago, they would finally start telling the truth and then exploded with lies on top of lies, as per expected. How stupid do they think we all are?  I love the ‘ritual of constant coverage’ silliness.  Obama didn’t let these hyenas into the White House very often at all.  Neither did Bush Jr.  Nor Clinton, for obvious reasons.  Bush Sr. didn’t either.  Um, Reagan kept them firmly at bay, too.  So what is all this stupid whining about Trump doing the same?  Oh…the NYT never tells the truth about even small details easily checked by smart people who know how to use the internet.


Google, Facebook move to restrict ads on fake news sites | Reuters reports.  These two entities are controlled by Hillary control freaks who have been harassing and attacking anyone who doesn’t support this manic woman.  So now they will up the ante and destroy anyone who is not a ‘liberal’ which is of course, very much not a liberal thing to do, it is tyranny.


This is NOT ‘news’ to anyone who is anti-Silicon Valley billionaires.  They have been attacking us for the last year, nonstop.  The defunding of You Tube videos of anyone who opposed Hillary continues and gets worse by the hour.  The open censorship is rising. When I google my own site which used to bring up thousands of stories now brings up two or three and then wanders off to totally unrelated junk stuff.  Google is terrible now and this is a new development in the last year.


They are slitting their own throats, doing this garbage.  Alienating half of the internet to the point that we attack back is stupid in the short and long run. They are now all plastered with annoying ads in desperation to make money and the ads get more and more intrusive and annoying and at the same time, they advertise that they hate us, too.


Google said it is working on a policy change to prevent websites that misrepresent content from using its AdSense advertising network, while Facebook updated its advertising policies to spell out that its ban on deceptive and misleading content applies to fake news.


The shifts comes as Google, Facebook and Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) face a backlash over the role they played in the U.S. presidential election by allowing the spread of false and often malicious information that might have swayed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump.


What on earth is this ‘backlash’ they are yapping about?  The ‘false information’ floating about the internet happens to be Wikileaks true information like the Podesta files!  All the ‘fake’ stories were real.  And the ‘real’ election news was uniformly anti-Trump and peddled by the elite media owners who lie about everything and do this maliciously and continuously and obviously if one has access to real news by say, going overseas and reading say, Russian news sources that are not run by the Bilderberg gang.


JPMorgan to Pay $264 Million in China Bribery Case: you see, in evil China, Wall Street hires the children of politicians or retired politicians….HELL’S BELLS!!!! LIKE HERE???  Big news.  No news service continues this story by listing all the US politicians whose families end up on Wall Street like Chelsea Clinton’s husband, per chance? They all do it here, all the time.


And some of us notice this and there are articles I found via Google about this: “Yes, We’re Corrupt”: A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics:  “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and What They May Be … are two stories selected by Google for me to read.  Um, it took a lot of word choices to finally get to the source material:  The Nation: Conspiracy Theorists Unite; A Secret Conference Thought to Rule the World – The New York Times reports on the Bilderberg gang!  HAHAHA.  NOT.  No, they issued standard lies from top to bottom, which makes them…a FAKE NEWS service.  Yes, fake.


Yes, this story showed up a decade ago at the NYT, the home base for peddling fake news that ends up killing millions of people in war crimes.


Today, we were told we should be afraid of fake news!  In 2009, we had DAVID M. HALBFINGER and ALAN COWELL who are two creepy NYT ‘reporters’ who attend these super secret meetings and they decided to lie about doing this, pretending they are outsiders looking in and not creators of this huge monstrous conspiracy to rule us secretly.  HAHAHA.


SINCE its first meeting 50 years ago, the Bilderberg conference, a secretive gathering of global power brokers, has inspired layer upon layer of conspiracy theories, which it has done little to dispute. Over the years, the deeds laid at the conference’s devious door have included the creation of the European Union, the invasion of Iraq and the bombing of Serbia — all to service its most cherished goal: the creation of a world government.


The conspiracy theories bubbled to the surface anew last week, after it was reported that a well-received speech by Senator John Edwards at the conference last month in Stresa, Italy, was one reason for his selection as John Kerry’s vice-presidential running mate.


Is the Bilderberg confab now molding domestic American policy?


Roughly 130 delegates attend the invitation-only annual gatherings, named for the Dutch hotel where the first Bilderberg conference was held in May 1954, to debate issues surrounding the cold war.


The meetings are hardly a monument to transparency. The hotels involved are usually closed off to other guests.


Unlike the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, journalists are not invited to cover it — although a few attend as participants — and all delegates promise to keep quiet about what they hear and say.


Ahem.  This so-called reporters are not ‘reporters’ since they lie about everything or hide important stuff.  So, as world leaders meet totally secretly to plot what to do next, they join in, cover up these crimes, assist in making these crimes happen, they lie about Iraq, they lie about Syria, they lie about Israel, they lie about everything possible, such as Putin or the invasion of the EU, or whatever.


These many lies are like a deadly blanket thrown over the planet so they can loot it while we scream in terror as we are attacked all over the place and we get lies when we try to figure out who is attacking us and why, etc.


”They do not have to sign anything, but they understand that they do not talk,” said Maja Banck-Polderman, the organization’s executive secretary. In a telephone interview, she said she was the only employee at the Bilderberg administrative office in Leiden, the Netherlands.


HAHAHA.  Pure Mafia boss stuff!  How charming they all are. And what, pray tell, happens if you dare talk about these conspirators and their plots?  Oh, ask any Kennedy.


Secrecy understandings aside, prying details loose about Mr. Edwards’s appearance was not difficult so long as the chattering chieftains were not identified.


Note the conspiracy to hide everything here.  The two ‘reporters’ are actually co-conspirators and they know perfectly well who says what to whom and further, who is lying when talking to outside reporters!  They are, in a nutshell, lying bastards.


The NYT fake reporters should have begun the story about the Bilderberg business by admitting to the news that their own paper is a founder of that secret world domination group of creeps.  Oh, my!  All they had to do was go upstairs to their boss and ask him questions about all this…HAHAHA.  Seriously, this is a conspiracy to make me die laughing.


How pathetic is all this?


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22 responses to “Lying Mainstream Media Claims We Outsiders Are Fake News, Not Them

  1. Lou

    BY Melissa Zimdars … g-electio/

    Google Plans to Pull Ads From Fake News Sites … 1788977677

  2. Lou

    We’re in an information war and (((they))) are losing badly.
    David Halbfinger. Sounds very Jewish.

  3. Lou

    I can relate to Elaines being banned from posting at sites.

    I have had the same at 2 sites. One claims to be ‘Libertarian’ and uses Disqus. I am not sure if the site or Disqus blocked me.
    Also at (((Facebook))) I have been banned from ‘leftist’ run groups.

  4. Lou

    Elaine, I know that you dont think much of Gold.
    But look at Venezuela and India,

  5. Melponeme_k

    Your site is not on the list. Which is good.

    Then again, it could be that you are so banned they won’t even speak about you on a banned list.

    That’s how much Hoodoo you have on them! LOL

  6. Claudeeyah

    Odd how we have not had an “Islamic terror attack” lately. Wonder what’s keeping the PTB from setting another one off. I am a little put off. They appear as low energy as Hillary these days.

  7. Fred Chase

    It’s interesting to search the internet for the definition of “Fake News Site”.

    And inside all the expected confusion it seems that there is a “real” thing usually called a Fake News Site.
    Here are some excerpts about one of these, from

    The National Report Fake News Site

    Allen Montgomery:

    “One of The National Report’s biggest ever stories was a scare about a US town being cordoned off with a deadly disease.” As Montgomery explains they’ve mastered the art of getting people to read and share a fake news offering.

    “Obviously the headline is key, and the domain name itself is very much a part of the formula – you need to have a fake news site that looks legitimate as can be,” Montgomery says.

    “Beyond the headline and the first couple of paragraphs people totally stop reading, so as long as the first two or three paragraphs sound like legitimate news then you can do whatever you want at the end of the story and make it ridiculous.”

    But why go to such trouble?

    The answer is there is big money to be made by The National Report …,
    “We’ve had stories that have made $10,000 (about £8,100). Montgomery says.

    More believable fake content from a Fake News site is more likely to be more widely shared than stuff from a joke or funny content web site.

    And that idea of reinforcing people’s beliefs and falsely confirming their prejudices is something that Allen Montgomery says his fake news site actively tries to exploit.

    “We’re constantly trying to tune into feelings that we think that people already have or want to have,” he says.

    “Recently we did a story about Hillary Clinton being fed the answers prior to the debate. There was already some low level chatter about that having happened ……. but that sort of headline gets into the right wing bubble and they run with it.”

    Montgomery says he now has nine fake news sites around which he moves content to try to beat Facebook censoring.

    Apparently the fake news assertion often fits a “confirmation bias” for a prejudice or other notion the site’s viewer already has.

  8. DeVaul

    I think this man said it better than I could regarding Trump:

    I said Obama was a gangster when I learned he came from the Chicago political machine, and he acted like one — for eight years. I said before that no rich man gives a damn about the poor or the working class, because cheating them is how they get rich. Trump will do what he has always done — steal from the poor and claim it all came from his superior intelligence.

    He and the oligarchs that supported him will loot what little remains of the national wealth while making sure that no nukes fly to spoil the party. He may even cause the “planned” bankruptcy of the US by 2020 — as the Chinese hoped, and I am betting his massive ego will play a big role in that, as he just loves to walk away leaving someone else “holding the bag”.

  9. emsnews

    DeVaul, think for one minute. The DNC now gets to OPPOSE this instead of ENCOURAGING this only…they WILL NOT.

    The entire system is set against the lower classes. To fix this means organizing and this isn’t happening because everyone wants to run off and have fun doing stupid things, not smart things.

    The working stiffs need to organize but cannot…so far…and it may take a while to stew but when an uprising happens, it only comes when the working stiffs get disgusted enough to really fight back.

    The future battle won’t be young leftist radicals egging ghetto gangsters into fighting, it will be fascist as the working stiffs follow a leader willing to destroy the black inner city ghettoes.

    This is history, this is what happened to ancient Rome which was filled with people goofing off and outsiders came in and destroyed the place utterly.

    Who took over when the Roman empire collapsed? The barbarians who knew how to fight. Ghetto gangsters don’t know how to fight, they terrorize unarmed civilians, if they set foot outside the cities, they are dead ducks and they know this.

  10. Melponeme_k

    “….if they set foot outside the cities, they are dead ducks and they know this.”

    Of course. The yellow press keeps pumping stories about dwindling white citizens. But any one who does some traveling in the US will see town after town with nary a minority. I even grew up in a Fl town near Alabama where I was one of the only minorities. It was rough. Kids can be cruel. But I was never threatened with violence.

    There is just no way minorities could fight a fascist uprising, if the working class/middle class are pushed to such an extreme. Not even if all minorities fight together. There still aren’t enough numbers.

  11. DeVaul

    It is true that the Goths invaded Rome and sacked it, but after every treaty they made with the Romans was violated or broken by Rome, they had every right to. The Romans used the Gothic tribes as a bulwark against the Huns, then failed to deliver the food and supplies and other things promised to them. Rome was so corrupt it could not keep a single promise at the end.

    Corrupt, rotten-to-the-core empires always collapse from within and then are finished off by outsiders who see a chance to pillage the place or have legitimate grievances against the former empire. It would not surprise me if Mexico eventually invaded America with Chinese help and pillaged the entire western part of the country. How have our oligarchs treated Mexico?

    Most Mexicans live in utter misery on both sides of the border. They have watched America and now know that the law is “might makes right”, so they will just bide their time and then take over after all the aging white ranchers die off one by one. Who will then oppose them? Arnold? Brad Pitt?

    I never said the little people will become organized or get a clue as to who their real enemy is and how to deal with them. Yes, they will probably be swayed by idiotic propaganda rather than go after the men and women who stole their pension funds and IRA’s and lowered their wages to nothing. The oligarchs know how to play this game and have done so for eons, but in the end they will also lose. Usually, they are dragged before some warlord who then kills them and takes all their wealth in a single day.

    That… is also history, which I think about a lot.

    @ Mel

    Mexicans and South Americans are not a minority, and soon will be the majority west of the Mississippi River, if not already. They are not weaklings, usually live in a war zone, and live lives of unrelenting hardship.

    They were let in to drive down wages, but then their own wages were driven down too and they were abused by their employers. Now comes the final act: Trump. They will be further abused and threatened and have things taken from them by the oligarchs in Rom… I mean DC. And like the Goths, their anger will build over time as they feel they were betrayed and lied to.

    If white people had a clue, they would not be hiding out in cabins in Idaho, but instead would band together and organize a defensive line along the Mississippi — the natural barrier between “white America” and the brown people they secretly loathe. I predict they will not figure this out in time, and the southern states will be overrun with “white people” being confined mostly to the Yankee enclaves in the North and becoming a minority in the South.

    When Rome was sacked, their legions were fighting in Persia.

  12. Lou

    I see White women w Black men and White men w asians.

    Abortion did Whites – as a race- in.

  13. Melponeme_k


    The living conditions and politics in Mexico is not my concern. It isn’t my country. I voted for a President who wants to pull out of Free Trade agreements that hurt American and Mexican citizens.

    After that, it is up to them to make their country a more equitable place. NOT TO COME HERE WITH MEXICO FLAGS when they have broken the law. You break the law, I don’t care about fricken sob stories. They are the very definition of weaklings since they don’t choose to fight for their own countries instead come to the US to turn it into another CATHOLIC shithole.

    Yeah, I said that because religion is the main reason why their countries stink. And I am Catholic. Look at the countries that have prospered ALL of them invariably are Protestant. I was also raised in a part WASP family. The cultural values are extremely different. EXTREMELY.

  14. DeVaul

    @ Mel

    “The living conditions and politics in Mexico is not my concern.”

    Then you’ll never truly understand why they came here.

    Perhaps you also don’t give a fig about what happens in Syria, even though it could lead to a nuclear war. But perhaps the Syrians and Russians are just weaklings with sob stories. Their “sob stories” and their missiles motivated people to vote for Trump to avoid all out nuclear war.

    When the heavily armed Goths came to the border with their sob stories about the Huns not far behind them, the Romans had to make a decision.

    Somebody else’s “sob story” can easily become your worst nightmare if you put your head in the sand and “hope” it goes away.

    But whatever. Trump is busy already pulling another Obama on us with his new policies that he did not tell us about before he got elected. This is so common now that I really do wish there was a way to recall a candidate who ditches his plank before he even reaches inauguration day. That would have eliminated the last five presidents and opened up new possibilities.

    Of course, no one needs to tell me that would never be allowed. I already know.

  15. melponeme_k

    Duvaul, All the US public can do is vote for people who will stop war profiteers and pirates in our government from rampaging in other countries. THAT is what we can do. And THAT is where it stops kiddo.

    Our job is not to build their cities, give them 2 story houses, eiderdown quilts and steak dinners in every 3rd world crap hole. Sorry. Not our problem. That is the JOB of the citizens in those countries. For too long people have been buying into the lies of sociopaths that push the “poor me give me a hand out” way of life. And look what it has done. It has totally destroyed my people, Natives. It has destroyed South America, Africa, various Caribbean Islands. US Black Citizens who have been systematically disenfranchised and pushed into criminality.

    Again we in the US can only help our own. The money is gone. The days of handing out freebie welfare to criminal illegal aliens is over.

    “Trump is busy already pulling another Obama on us with his new policies that he did not tell us about before he got elected.”

    REALLY? LOL. The man has been President Elect for little over a week. He is muddying the waters because he is trying to buy time and keep his life safe. Of course, he is going to “listen” to Neocons in order to placate them. So far the appointments haven’t been all that bad.

    But its strange that you never mentioned how censorship is taking over the net at the behest of liberals and libertarians. One day we may all turn our computers and try to log into Elaine’s sight only to receive a no service message. But I’ll guess you won’t mind that because OMG TRUMP IS TEH EBIL!!!!!!

  16. DeVaul

    @ Mel

    Wow. You really are an angry person, but I understand. At least Native Americans and other minorities get news time. When was the last time you saw a news program about the Deaf? We don’t exist. We’re not human, and even many minorities agree on this point. I have it on film.

    As for my quote, I think you will soon find out is coming true. You seem to even tacitly admit it:

    “So far the appointments haven’t been all that bad.” LOL!!! Just wait.

    As for Elaine’s site, I’m already blocked from it at work. The IT department did it a long time ago. They have cut off many alternative sites, leaving me with nothing to read. Will Trump bring them back? Will he put the Wall Street oligarchs in jail? Will he really stop the war profiteering? I doubt it.

    Actually, the people can do more than what you claim in your first paragraph — a lot more. And when they do, IF they do, it’s not going to be pretty.

    I did not mention many things wrong with our empire. Did you expect me to write you a book? Sorry bro. Don’t have that kind of time.

  17. melponeme_k


    Not angry, just tired with people looking for special snowflake status because of past hurts. Some of these hurts are 100s of years ago and have no bearing on the present except to keep people imprisoned in an ever tighter circle of despair.

    A close family friend has a son who is deaf. He is absolutely ADAMANT about not being classified as a disabled person or any kind of minority. In fact he and many others actively advocate against the use of hearing aids or surgeries that restore hearing. While I don’t understand not wanting surgery etc., I do support their pushback on infantilism. Is he a minority opinion in the deaf community? Maybe not. Which is exactly why we don’t see story upon story of deaf people crying poor me.

    The same goes for Asians. They don’t allow themselves to be treated as persecuted. Hence no stories about their struggles.

    Only blacks and hispanics partake in the “I’m a martyr, you’re to blame” game.

    “Will Trump bring them back? Will he put the Wall Street oligarchs in jail? Will he really stop the war profiteering? I doubt it.”

    The man has only been elected less than TWO WEEKS ago. How can you turn into a chicken little about him now? He isn’t even near power until January 20th. But one thing he has done is stop the sabre rattling to Russia. I count that as a step in the right direction.

    “Actually, the people can do more than what you claim in your first paragraph — a lot more. And when they do, IF they do, it’s not going to be pretty.”

    You can’t build or give anybody anything on sufferance that people will appreciate. We have an example of it. All the assisted living here in the US. All of it has been destroyed and turned into criminal havens. Because the people given these homes don’t value them. They didn’t give up skin for these homes. But go into any black neighborhood filled with hard working middle class and working class people and you will see BIG pride of living. The same as any other neighborhood.

    You want another example? The communal housing of the USSR. All of it dumps because no one felt that it was a place of their own. And since it was communal, no one wanted to be the janitor to a whole building in shared bathroom facilities or kitchen facilities.

    People want autonomy. They want to do for themselves. It is the nature of our psychology.

  18. Petruchio

    “WHITE PEOPLE COULD HAVE LOTS OF WHITE CHILDREN.” On this subject, we have to discuss one of those issues Elaine doesn’t like to discuss: ABORTION. Abortion has devastated the White population. Hispanic race has been growing. Same with Blacks. Same with Asians–in the US. Our Rulers have had a very single minded focus from the beginning: destroy the American Middle Class–which means the White Family.
    You can see it more openly in the media. Watching TV, you would think that Black people are a majority of the population. And every white guy is playing the role of The Idiot in the commercial. Or the white folks are the Bad Guys in the movies or on TV shows. This is true even though Blacks a.) have significantly LOWER IQ’s than whites–or Asians, b.) commit many MORE violent crimes than other races and c.) have significantly LOWER incomes than other races.

  19. emsnews

    My mostly deaf husband won’t use hearing aides, either. He does sign language, too.

  20. Jim R

    Petruchio, the point is NOT to have ‘lots of white children’. The whole point is to not FORCE women to give birth to a child with, say, Down’s Syndrome.

    The Idiocracy dynamic is bad enough as it is.

  21. Lou

    Elaine’s site, I’m already blocked from it at work.
    The IT department did it a long time ago. They have cut off many alternative sites.

    –No surprise. I am so tired of censorship. I ma blocked from posting at various sites, are you?

  22. DeVaul

    @ Lou,

    I assume your question is directed at me. I don’t know. And I have heard that there is a way for some sites to allow people to post comments, but without anyone else seeing them. I think they call it “ghost comments”, or something like that.

    If that’s true, you cannot really know if you are blocked. If someone addresses a comment you make, then you are not blocked, unless the person who responds to you is a sock-puppet, but that seems like a lot of work and rather expensive to maintain.

    @ Mel

    I also do not wish to be classified as “broken” because I am Deaf, but that is exactly what happens in the Hearing World. While I do have a severe physical disability, I do not like that people use it to deny me the right to learn or become skilled at something. But with deafness, it is even worse. I had to threaten to sue for the right to learn how to fire a kiln during my pottery studies because the TA’s and the professor all believed that a Deaf person could not do that. So the discrimination against us is very real and happens on a daily basis, but it is never reported in the news.

    I guess, in your opinion, the Deaf have no right to complain in public. If we do, we are savaged by people who claim we are parasites posing as victims. That is the cost of trying to learn something other than dishwashing or working for Chicago drug lords if you are Deaf.

    The news does not cover us because, as you put it, they think we are “poor cry babies”. They do not cover our struggle for equality because they do not believe in it and never will. That is the real reason.

    Like most Deaf people, I really don’t want to “join” the Hearing World, as it does not change its view of me. I want to help found a Deaf homeland where only sign language is used and English only as a second language, but there is no money or will to allow this to happen. At least, not yet.

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