Caption Contest! The Hills All Resound With The Sound of Bilderbergs!


I can think of many funny captions but it is more fun to see what you all can come up with.  I already struggle with ‘dying laughing’ today but maybe everyone can make it worse and bang!  I’m gone for good!  No!!!  Anyways, have fun.  If your jokes are dirty and it is obvious what I am referring to here…hehehe…go for it, I’m all ears today.


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39 responses to “Caption Contest! The Hills All Resound With The Sound of Bilderbergs!

  1. Lou

    Obama left Greece with riots in his wake and is on his way to Germany to support Merkels White genocide program.

    Also, Elaine, you had mentioned ‘The Economist’ and ‘coded covers of its issues.’
    One person says the ‘ban on big bills in India is predicted there. The Indian ruler has a piggy bank he is losing or the money is leaving.

  2. Lou

    Angela, ‘George has a warrant for his arrest issued by Putin.’

    Barry, ‘He is peddling fiction, an arrest will never happen.’

    [EMS, ‘never say never.’]

  3. Jim R

    Encounter session at the tournament of fiction peddlers.

  4. Melponeme_k

    She is saying “Natural Beauty like this needs to be filled with Illegal Radical Muslim Aliens!”

  5. Moe

    “Mein Got! Your’s really is this big! Too bad you’re a homosexuelle.”


    ELAINE: Bingo. You win! 🙂

  6. Moe

    “So I tell you, we Marxists have got to stick together, or it’ll be our necks, not our asses, that’ll be in a sling.”

  7. Moe

    “Putin and now Trump are bitch-slapping us! Is this our reward for our years of perfidy, and loyalty to the Marxist vision? You become a Lame Duck, (though dear, probably also a lame-dick, after all you are married to that racist butch), and I probably won’t survive the coming year as Chancellor?”

    Sob, “I’m beginning to feel like a snowflake.”

  8. Moe

    “Putin may be short, but he really does have a dick this long! And I’m really beginning to appreciate the American term ‘butt-hurt’.”


    ELAINE: You are as dirty as me, dude.

  9. Moe

    “And then you Democrats ran a shitty, stupid, losing campaign against Trump! Dummkopf! You arrogant arschlöcher thought you could ram Hillery down the electorate’s throat: I should bitch-slap you right now!

  10. Moe

    “And later, after our tête à tête with Soros, I’ve got an Armenian guy for you with a dick this long.”

  11. Moe

    “You’re kidding me: Michelle’s ass is really this wide?”

  12. Moe

    “You’re kidding me: Michelle’s ass is really this big?”

  13. venguerhere

    Mommy Dearest Merkel sez : Where the f*ck is MY Nobel Peace Prize??????

  14. This is where a picture really is worth a thousand words!!!!!!!

  15. Moe

    Angela: “Ya, while fishing in the Elbe River, I caught a Zander this big.”

    Barry: “Zander, what’s a Zander?”

    Angela: “I think you call it ‘Pickerel’.”

    Barry: “F#% off: I think you’re bull-shitting me.”

    Angela: “I don’t bullshit! Didn’t I tell you that I could flood Europe with Muslim trash? Didn’t I? And you thought it couldn’t be done.”

    Barry: “Well yah, you were right about that. But come on, a Pickerel that big?”

    Angela: “And I caught a European Pike that weighed sixty pounds.”

    Barry: “Angela, as head of state, it’s unbecoming to exaggerate like that. Have some decorum.”

    Angela: “You stupid lame-duck Democrat! Don’t you know anything about anything? If you had paid attention during your years as Senator instead of hanging around Chicago bathhouses looking for white boys, you may have learned something.”

    Barry: (Cringing): “You don’t have to talk like that, Angela. You know how my Vulnerable Narcissism acts up when attacked.”

    Angela: “Yes, yes, poor boy. I forgot what a limp-wristed weenie you are. Come here and Angela will kiss it better.”

  16. tio

    I said ve would recognise ze Hurst goal, and zey still gefickt!

  17. Moe

    Angela: “We Bilderbergers have got to stick together and undermine Trump and Putin or our necks will be on the block.”

    Barry: “Right. I think it was Lenin who said: ‘We must hang together or assuredly we shall hang separately’.’’

    Angela: “Mmm, no Barry. It was Ben Franklin that said that.”

    Barry: Oh, right. Anyway, to war it is against Trump and Putin. To quote again: ‘There was never a bad war, or a good peace’.”

    Angela: Barry, that’s an inaccurate paraphrase, once again, from Franklin. I think the only thing you didn’t fail in life at is falling on your head. Does it hurt to be that stupid?

    Barry: “Does what hurt to be that stupid?”

  18. Moe

    Here’s an Oldie But Goodie about EU Bilderbergers vs. Greece, featuring ‘Ball-Busting’ Angela. Turn on English subtitles.

  19. Moe

    Angela: So they take the rope and stretch it out, like so. And then they form the noose…

  20. Tacitus

    “Ja! We opened the borders and whoosh …. in they came!!”

  21. Moe

    Angela: Putin is pulling on this arm, and Uncle Sam is pulling on this one. Pulling and pushing and pulling and pushing. I’m a wreck, and in this discombobulated state, I ponder: is the UN Secretary General position still open?

  22. tio

    Merkel: Barry, can I smell your Pussy?

    Barry: Of course not!

    Merkel: It must be your feet.

  23. Tacitus

    There was a Frau named Merkel
    Who had a face like a ferkel
    The President said kneel
    And have a good feel
    And get it all in but don’t gurgle

    (hat tip to Boris Johnson / Erdogan limerick….)

  24. emsnews

    They are discussing the size of the fish they claimed they caught in the past.

  25. Moe

    Angela: “No, really: the dildo was this big! You would have been proud of me!

    Barry: “And maybe a bit envious…”

  26. Moe

    Angela: “So there we were, coming in for a landing, wings level, and a Russian jet appears out of nowhere right beside us. With Putin in the rear seat! And he moons me: me, Frau Merkel! That little pissant!

    That penis-head is forever on my bad books. Got nothing to do with my upbringing in East Germany, that’s all a fiction. And wars have been fought over smaller slights than this!

    (But he really did have a nice butt…).”

  27. DeVaul


    “Eez yoost bessair zis vay. Fraum beehinz, zee Trrroomp maybee zink yoo aar vite, ya?.”

  28. Petruchio

    Angela: “The (German) Cities are alive, with the Sound of Angry Muslims….”

  29. Mewswithaview

    Vere ist mein nobel prize? Let zem in you said, und zey vill give it to you. Ze Dummkopfs gave the Nobel to you for vat, I ask?

  30. Lou

    The (German) Cities are alive, with the Sound of Angry Muslims….”
    And she is to blame.

  31. Lou

    Pushing for war—

  32. Moe

    Angela: “Ze only ‘Zound Uv Musik’ you vill hear ist ze stomp uv das boot een ze ass!”

  33. Christian W

    Merkel: “Der Donald sind ja eine Gigantische… Trumpkopf!”

    Obama: “Tell me about it. I hope we still get paid.”

  34. Moe

    From Lame Cherry:

    “Germany and America are imploding in the Obama Merkel Abyss of Europe and North America, and these two have the audacity to have private luxury dinners, flaunting it all like Marie Antoinette before the French.

    Demon presence is such a wicked thing. The mirror image of evil reflecting evil.”

  35. floridasandy

    nice thread.

    that video was interesting, (after translation)

    they like to push photographs of their luxury dinners just to let us know who is still in change. Bye, bye lame ducks. There’s a new sheriff in town and things are very likely to change– at least from our perspective.

  36. Moe

    Merkel Seeks Fourth Term. If Obama could have a third term, it would be sufficient to completely destroy America. Similarly for Merkel: give her a fourth and goodbye Germany.

    A year ago I was traveling alone to Belize from Mexico by bus. (Bus from Cancun to Belize City is far cheaper than air travel within Mexico, and I’m thrifty, i.e., cheap). A young German couple were traveling on the same bus, and I subsequently and coincidentally met them in Belize City at an outdoor cafe.

    I inquired regarding their destination and they related that they were traveling through Mexico and Central America for six weeks. I’m always endeared by folks who challenge their limited environmental confines and travel different countries of the world, just to ‘See What’s Out There, and expose themselves to different venues and perspectives.

    In the course of conversation I asked them their opinion regarding the Muslim influx into Europe, and Merkel’s degree of responsibility for it. The young lady, an admitted supporter of the Green Party, replied: “Well, they have to live somewhere.” I almost fell of my chair in astonishment. Admittedly, the very fact that she supported the Green Party should have been a precurser (the very fact that there is a popular Green Party in Germany is a huge red flag indicative of the propagandization of German citizenry). Her companion was more conservative, and merely ‘wished’ that a solution could be found whereby this influx could be stopped and reversed.

    These were well-educated, urbane, mild-mannered folks. Civilized, if you will. They were virtually unaware of the threat that an influx of people of diametrically antithetical culture and religion would pose to their country and civilization. If Germany, and Europe in general, is peopled by folks like this, led by Trojan Horses like Merkel, they are doomed. If so, Darwinists would point to their relative weakness and thus predisposition to extermination. I would have to agree.

  37. floridasandy

    Moe, Those people are the kind of people who feel they have options if things get bad in their country. They are probably childless and mobile, and feel they can move more freely in the world. They rarely represent the majority, who are stuck in their countries without options.

    We have some of the same kind of narcissists in the US, but Trump won. We have the rise of Le Pen in France, Britain to exit the Euro, Erdogan unlikely for the European Union, anti Merkel sentiment by the last elections, and more importantly, anti European union sentiment throughout

    People receive monumental propaganda—but they can now see with their own eyes the results of bad foreign policy.

  38. Moe

    Now this is funny! Bilderberger George Soros assassinated!

    Well, completely unverified, and promulgated by none other than preeminent nutbar Benjamin Fulford. But we can always hope.

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