Ugly Fashion Designers Boycott Beautiful Ivanka Trump…Lucky Lady! Whew.


‘Integrity is our only true currency’: Designer who dressed Michelle Obama vows NEVER to work with incoming First Lady Melania Trump and urges others to follow her lead is definitely ‘HAHAHA’ news today.  The fake ‘liberals’ who want to have a collective female hissy fit from hell, have put themselves up to ridicule.  Look at the bizarre dress for Michele Obama!  Wow, is that ugly with a capital ‘U’ stink!  Blinding, psychodelica eyeblazingly bizarre.  Earlier today, the media giants were  howling that the Prime Minister of Japan did a private visit with Trump and wonder of wonders, his family greeted the man!  No protocols!  Oh my god…HAHAHA.


What was Ivanka doing there? Fury as Trump’s daughter and husband join him for first meeting with Japanese Prime Minister is proof I am not making up the ‘fury’ of the media giants.


Promises to be good little kiddies after the disaster of the election and their weird news reporting during the entire campaign season as well, these lunatics who want to dictate to us ‘what is reality’ are so out of touch with reality, they look increasingly like they need to put down the pot pipes and stop popping the LSD.  Come back to planet earth, guys!


EXCLUSIVE: Peter Thiel has created a secret database called the ‘Plum List’ to screen and ‘fast-track’ top talent who have shown loyalty to Trump – and come from OUTSIDE the Beltway  which is causing even more heart attacks. I don’t agree with even half of what Trump will do or who he is, he doesn’t like me much, but watching the ‘liberals’ erupt in hysteria daily is entertaining so I suppose I must thank him for this service.


Hackers hijack Mark Zuckerberg’s social media for third time — RT America which is a Russian news service which means they actually carry news…Zuckerberg wants to control Facebook (I hate Facebook’s format) and he is freaking out over this but it is happening because he is now censoring people for political gain.  I hope Facebook fades away and he is poor again.


Liberals being creeps news and there seems endless stories like this one:  FDNY forbids firefighters from hanging pictures of Trump | New York Post reports.  Over the years, pictures of Presidents were common.  Even today!  Now, it is forbidden?  What the hell?  And this is a station where Trump has visited in the past, it being in NYC and he lives there?  Good lord, don’t liberals know they sound like Communist commissars? Oh, they are that!  Pardon me.


Ancient Arizona Senator McCain to Trump: Don’t You Dare Make Peace with Russia!  Because…you know, Phoenix will be nuked in WWIII, dude.  I used to live there and in Tucson, too.  Prime ‘nuke us’ spots due to military rockets and planes and such in the past.  I used to have nightmares about WWIII.


On to Russian news where the Communist commissars don’t live anymore, having moved to New York:  Putin’s new hypersonic missile could reach the West Coast in 12 MINUTES: Russia boasts of capabilities of weapon that will sit on top of a NUKE which is OK since Hillary and her gang wanted to start WWIII within 4 minutes.  Another reason to be happy Trump wants to be friends with Putin, not punch him in the nose.


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12 responses to “Ugly Fashion Designers Boycott Beautiful Ivanka Trump…Lucky Lady! Whew.

  1. Moe

    If integrity was the only true currency, the Obamas could never have bought a single dress.

    And Trump has her own clothing line: like she needs this liberal frump/fraud.

  2. Jim R

    Maybe Sophie Theallet can pursue an alternative career dressing up farmer’s cows for the Easter Parade.

  3. venguerhere

    I live in Arizona, voted for Trump, but left the McCain space on the ballot blank. In retrospect I should have voted democrat for Senate. McCain is a seriously f*ck*d up individual.

  4. Claudeeyah

    Michelle Obama is perhaps the most painful to look at first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt, although quite ugly, had a great intellect which is something that our simian First Lady lacks as well. Michelle Obama would be hard pressed to find a job as a cleaning woman in a saner era. And the tents she wears to camouflage her fat rolls and man bulge are atrocious and a nationwide embarrassment.

  5. Seraphim

    The reaction of the ‘liberals’ provides much needed comic relief.

  6. ziff

    from outside the beltway ! you guys are lucky, trump is living up to some expectations and Flynn has moscow connections.WOW ! i hope trump lives , when the establishment kills him the ‘snowflakes ‘ will get the repercussions.

  7. emsnews

    Instead of -100 below zero. Super hot.

    And we have snow in Brazil and most of Eurasia is being hammered by unusual cold…this means…gasp…that the cold surges are at various points of the planet at various times and thanks to modern communication, we can see this happening unlike say, a mere 100 years ago.

    Time to panic! Turn off the heat, don’t drive cars and live in a cave. We are all going to die, right?

    Ziff, 90% of the people who live on the West Coast are NEWCOMERS. My family came there way back before the Civil War. We learned the hard way that the West Coast climate is not ‘normal’ but swings wildly between all sorts of situations including, in my parent’s youth, figuring out the ferocious 200 year drought that happened way back in 1300 AD, for example.

    This drought destroyed the thriving native Indian populations and decimated both California and other West Coast tribes and utterly ruined them in Arizona, a mass die off and loss of culture that was terrible to behold.

    I spent my life after watching scientists, as a child, at the University of Arizona piece this puzzle together and the horror it gave me…I could as a happy-go-lucky child was to pick up the millions of pieces of broken pottery that littered Tucson from the destruction of that era. It lay all over the place!

    Very sad indeed. What causes all this? (BIG HINT: THE SUN).

  8. melponeme_k

    Drought is terrifying. The Mayans were also destroyed by a 200 year drought. So long even their cisterns failed them.

    We, people today have had it so good, we can’t even conceptualize drastic climate changes. People cry about a few degrees which doesn’t affect anything. When really weather changes on the earth are extremely fast and dangerous.

    On this article one expert states the Mayans weren’t prepared. Well, HOW? What didn’t they prepare? They had numerous deep cisterns that held extra water. But I’m sure they didn’t expect 200 years of no rain. What could they have done except to travel north conquer, rape and pillage tribes in wetter areas. Was that what they didn’t prepare to do properly?

  9. ziff

    i think that article [ that went all over incl. WP ] left out the decimal point 3.6 degrees . think about it, 36 degrees ! still hilarious and srong.

  10. CK

    I believe it is illegal to refuse to sell to someone because you do not agree with their politics, religion, sexual orientation etc. Miss Theallet has put herself in the same situation as those bakers who refused to bake a celebratory cake for a gay wedding.

  11. I

    This makes the other scandals look like nothing— Podesta -Freud-Portugal,

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