USA=USSR: Obama’s Gang Refuses To Answer Russia Today Reporter Questions

USA: State Dept. dodges questions from RT, refuses to treat it like other media – YouTube


Russia Today asked State Department ‘spokesman’ who accused Russia of bombing ‘FIVE hospitals’ in Syria so the reporter asks him to list the actual hospitals hit by Russia.  He says over and over, he doesn’t have to give ‘no stinking details’ so to speak.  This is top secret information, the list of the ‘civilian hospitals’.  HAHAHA.  This is the ‘liberal’ Obama administration talking and the US media has carried this false allegation as if it is real news.  The propaganda continues onwards as we live in never-never the truth land.


‘Obama administration at war with RT, an alternative media source’ — RT Op-Edge talks about the new Stalinism the Democrats are imposing on supposedly ‘liberal America.’  That is, liberals are freaking out that Trump is some evil monster who say, censors free speech!  Oh, how terrible.  Then sit idle while their heroes, Hillary and Obama, do the exact things they whine about!


How can they all be so utterly blind?  The divisions in the US are very strong only both sides want the same thing: power over how we talk, think and act whereby they can do as they please and the rest of us has to follow elaborate etiquette rules made up in order to strangle any conversations that might annoy the people dictating how we all live.


Already, daily, there is news of someone losing their public job, teachers, police, people in corporations, for saying online, at the very dangerous Facebook spy network system (hint: Facebook is spying on you all!) and all this ‘how dare anyone say that’ garbage that gets small, helpless citizens in trouble is on top of foul mouthed screaming contests by our rulers.


Russians watch this in bewilderment and even, I dare say, contempt and hilarity.  Today, the Russian media is yanking on Obama’s chain when they confronted his lap dog press secretary.


Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova began Thursday’s press briefing with a statement regarding a comment by the US State Department that RT will no longer be treated on the same ‘level’ as other news outlets.


Commissar Obama and his hench woman, Hillary Clinton, are in a snit about reporting facts.  One is not allowed to discuss facts in the USA-USSR anymore.  We discuss vague allegations with zero proofs.


It came after a RT journalist asked for evidence to back up the department’s allegations that Russia hit a number of hospitals in airstrikes in Syria. It also claimed Moscow blocked humanitarian aid from reaching conflict zones.


Zakharova said, “Is this a new means of segregation? This separation of the media by ideology?”


HAHAHA, and she said this without howling with laughter so I get to laugh for her.  The fools!  I waited and waited on the story of the hospitals for videos or images or outside reports, etc.  Nothing came over the internet yet the Obama regime continues to pretend they have proof.


“I want to remind my colleagues at the State Department that there are American journalists working officially in Russia. I see some of them here regularly. Would you like them to experience this kind of attitude even once? I don’t think they would be happy about that – but trust me – I can do that too. If there’s such an attitude toward RT in Washington again, there will be a special place marked out for American journalists here,” she added…


Yes,tit for tat.  The US reporters are in Russia to misreport stuff, not tell any truths.


“But if you look at CNN, or MSNBC, or the Washington Post, or the New York Times or any of the independently – that is, corporate-owned – media in the United States they are all an echo chamber of US propaganda and that way it is completely outrageous. Kirby… broke a taboo by speaking publicly what they say to each other. In fact, there’s a war going on, a war against any alternative media, in this case, the Russian media, because it’s effective and because millions of Americans are depending on it because they are sick and tired of the corporate-owned media… as an echo chamber for the Pentagon or for the US government,” Becker added.


I read Russia’s news services daily not to learn about Russia but to learn about what is going on in our own government!  They are blessedly truthful about our own country.  They can lie as much as they please about themselves, but when it comes to us, they are utterly faithful to reality.


The reality is, our real rulers are wrecking America, attacking US citizens for practicing ‘freedom of speech’ in ways that McCarthy is pissed as hell about in the afterlife.  This censoring of what people post online is the ultimate censorship: people lose their jobs and are hounded after saying something that displeases Obama and his ugly gang of thugs.


Freedom…PFFT.  I am utterly turned off of the DNC and Obama, they are nasty people who are destroying our personal freedoms.


According to him, “they are at war with RT, they are at war with Sputnik, they are at war with Ruptly, not because it is ‘weaponized’ information, but because it really is an alternative media source.”


Congratulations, Russia, on supporting the Bill of Rights.  This country is a dictatorship, a dictatorship of the Elites who meet secretly and then openly lie about this.  Time to visit the ever-odious lie machine, the New York Times:


How the Iranian-Saudi Proxy Struggle Tore Apart the Middle East – The New York Times Jewish reporter chortles.  Jews didn’t tear apart the Middle East or start wars, no, comrades, that is false news out of Russia.  The Middle East is very violent because Muslims hate each other which is why the NYT is ordering us to…TAKE IN THESE MUSLIMS:


OK: bring them here so…we can have these wars here, too?  What gives, NYT Jewish editors and reporters?  Can’t you figure out the obvious?  Note how demands that people get to wear whatever they want in school ends up doing?  This isn’t ‘integration’ but ‘separation’ going on.


The NYT has daily stories about ‘undocumented’ people invading our country.  All of these are sympathetic and has a demand we let them all in.  Imagine this happening in Israel: ‘undocumented Muslim males of military age’ moving in illegally and then demanding services!  HAHAHA.


So why must we do this?  Why aren’t the rich Jews over here yelling for it to happen over there?  No?


Chicago teens held in custody as police suspect they shot dead boy  whose grandfather is a Congressional Democrat! over gym shows | Daily Mail Online in England.  Black lives don’t matter even slightly and if this is the attitude of black children then why on earth should anyone care about if they live or die since they don’t care?  The entire BLM movement could have been useful and good if it was aiming at stopping black thugs and their enablers but then this means going after the representatives of black communities, the mayors, the Congress critters, everyone who backs violent black criminals and supports and protects them.


Obama, for instance, pardons record numbers of black criminals, lets them all run loose, has prohibited discipline in black schools and has sat idle during black thug rampages in major cities….he didn’t try to save real black lives of real citizens who really are struggling to survive as their world is being systematically destroyed!


The dead grandson of the Congressman is a typical victim of out of control black youth who are, in the cities, responsible for over 50% of the crime rate which is terrible news utterly ignored by the Congressman, himself, who gave speeches about how the police are terrorizing black neighborhoods, not black thugs raised by welfare mothers.


Wilson knew his attackers and they may have been friends at some point.


Davis said he was told a 15-year-old boy had traded slacks for shoes with Wilson’s 14-year-old brother, but thought better of the trade and went to Wilson’s house with a 17-year-old girl.


He said the pair forced their way in the house and argued with Wilson before the boy pulled a gun and fired.


Davis, a Democratic member of the House for 20 years, told The Associated Press Saturday that his grandson was a victim of a world where gun violence has become commonplace.


The congressman and family members arrived at a local police station around 9.30pm on Friday night to speak with investigators, according to ABC News.


Davis said he planned to continue his work to fight to get ‘guns off the street’ and out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have firearms.


And how is he going to do this?  By hamstringing the police further!  Mayor Bloomberg and Guiliani in NYC managed to figure out how to stop black youths from shooting everyone in their vicinity, it worked and the new DNC mayor undid it all and shootings are rising rapidly in NYC, what a shock!


Eight arrests as White Lives Matter rally clashes with anti-Trump protesters in Austin, Texas | Daily Mail Online reports.  Young white males are very angry that black males get to romp all over the place shooting guns and stealing stuff but white males can’t even say ‘white lives matter’ much less, shoot guns all over the place.


Violence breaks out between protesters and white nationalists in Washington DC | Daily Mail Online and in Manhattan, a Pro-Trump flash mob gather outside Hamilton theater after Mike Pence appearance to protest actors protesting.  Chrissy Teigen, Bryan Cranston and Don Cheadle support Hamilton cast speech to Mike Pence because throwing fuel of fires is real fun if you live in a mansion in California where there are private guards.


‘Grab My Fair Lady By The P***y’: Twitter users troll Vice President-Elect Mike Pence after he was booed at Hamilton Has many samples of ‘liberal humor’.  ‘So, I heard you went to Hamilton, Mike’: Alec Baldwin portrays a clueless President Trump who bullies Pence, asks SIRI about ISIS and holds awkward meeting with Romney in mocking SNL skit as they continue to attack the Republicans.  I will note here that US media used to make fun of everyone.


No more, it is very personal, obscene and ugly and aimed only at one target, never the mirror.  Mirrors serve a very useful purpose.  It prevents one from being delusional.  The SNL skit made fun of fighting ISIS, for example, pretending that Trump can’t do this…WHAT THE HELL???? And pray tell, how did ISIS arise and who has been ‘fighting’ so disastrously all this time now?  Oh yes, Hillary and Obama.  Take a bow, kiddies.


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9 responses to “USA=USSR: Obama’s Gang Refuses To Answer Russia Today Reporter Questions

  1. Petruchio

    I watched the Russian response to this clown John Kirby. The Russian spokesperson made it perfectly clear that IF this kind of treatment of Russian reporters happens again, it will be tit for tat. The American media representatives will be segregated and given a dose of their own medicine.
    The Russian spokeswoman did not mince words. If a Russian media person is abused like this, American media types ( I won’t call them journalists) can expect the same treatment in Russia. This is the correct response, imho.

  2. DM

    What makes me shake my head in utter disbelief, is how incompetents like John Kirby manage to ascend to such important positions. I’m sure there are much smarter, better educated individuals in America. Well, at least one would hope so.

  3. emsnews

    US media giants hiring people with BRAINS???? HAHAHA.

  4. DM, let me ad this to Elaine’s response:

    US Government hiring people with brains???? HAHAHA. x^D

  5. Lou

    It is ‘add’ not ‘ad’, silly.

  6. emsnews

    No, Ed is putting up an ad here online calling on all people with brains apply for government jobs. I understand you didn’t sign up, what gives?

    I am thinking of hiring people to run the government once I get some loot. Maybe some sheik can bribe me to do this…

  7. Lou

    The Government has AA quotas and hires lots of women and ‘minorities’ [soon to be the majority]. Hence dumb. lazy employees.

    Once non Whites are the majority, White women will be cast aside as part of the rainbow coalition.

    once I get some loot.— The Federal Reserve and Mint print fake money. you can too, from an inexpensive copy machine.

    A black man in Los Angeles copied millions of dollars worth of the same
    100 dollar bill before being caught. I saw this on TV.
    And wasnt the Iraq government printing billions of PERFECT US counterfeits?
    And the USSR was allowed to print US or Euro money after WW2? I recall reading something like that.

  8. emsnews

    After WWII, the US dollar was the currency in Germany, for example. The French in the French quarter tried to make it the franc but the Germans snuck over the Bavaria to get dollars.

  9. emsnews

    I lived in the French quarter of Germany in 1968. It was an eye-opener. The Germans would turn their backs on the French troops when they moved about our small city.

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