Trump Chews Out Mainstream Media Giants Who Then Double Down Attacks On Him


As our strung-out, deep in debt Empire goes mad, we have this interesting news story that is all hear-say because the participants in it are all lying.  That is, Trump went after the top media giants again and this is like fighting the Ghostbusters Vs. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…it is a messy business.  Trump, used to handling the media in a different way, has chosen to confront them instead of ju-jitsu avoiding them.  So they will continue to torment him with real and fake stories since our media giants think nothing of making up stuff or hiding the truth and Trump is naive, having to not fight the media giants like say, I have all my long life.  The media hates me and I despise them but Trump needs them to reach the public or he can start his own media system.  What will happen next except for an ugly mess?


Seriously, I have battled the media giants since 1968.  For years and years, they used to only show my hands or have my voice muted in the distance, or in public, pretend they didn’t know me and in private, yell at me to shut up.  It is most amazing to see.  When Phil Donahue made the mistake of inviting me on stage, he got his head nearly ripped off and scared as a rabbit, ran at me in the halls to the stage, yelling, ‘Get out of here, go away!!!’ while I laughed at him.


The hidden behind the scenes world of our giant media system is a labyrinth of lying, cheating, stealing, and committing war crimes for it is a war crime to push for illicit, illegal wars like several of our last Presidents including the present occupant in the White House who is packing his bags to retire to a private golf course community in California where he can hang out with the rich elites full time.


Why do I harp on war crimes?  My father testified at the Nüremberg Trials.  I first learned of this when I found a photo of him standing at the doors of the trials.  I asked him why he was there and he got angry with me and told me to go away. He was so enraged, it was impossible to live with him anymore and is one of several reasons I moved out by age 16.


Consumed with curiosity, I spent considerable time and effort to track down Nazis both in Germany and the US and others to learn the truth about the Nüremberg trials and visited terrifying places to get a feel for things and this searing journey is what made me what I am today.  Tracking down the truth is very dangerous and many people go insane, trying this.


There are so many crazy conspiracy theories out there on the internet which are naive, even outright stupid and obviously insane and it isn’t just the fringe troublemakers, the mainstream media has their own lies and fake stories designed to hide the truth.  Confused by all this, people swing wildly from one solution to another while avoiding paying the price for previous crimes, that is, our empire struggles to cover up crimes and the people vacillate between anger and fear.  This is ripe grounds for deception to deepen which is why the mainstream media has chosen to utterly, nakedly lie this week about the stupid Bilderberg gang and their international activities.


Trump summons network executives and anchors from ‘the dishonest media’ to Trump Tower | Daily Mail Online


The New York Post spoke with a source who said that the meeting felt ‘like a f***ing firing squad,’ and described the hour-long discussion as a ‘total disaster.’


Anonymous strikes again!  HAHAHA.  Why on earth can’t anyone just put their names and faces to what they all say?  And why can’t I appear in the media with my name and face instead of ‘an anonymous woman did…’ sort of stories in the past?  At least the Daily News had the kindness to label me ‘The Housewife from Hell’.


Some of those in attendance also got a ‘Trump-style dressing down’ according to the source, most notably CNN president Jeff Zucker and ABC’s chief global correspondent Martha Raddatz.


Trump made a mistake here.  He wants them to be friends but doesn’t understand how they operate since previously, they let him be who he is instead of viewing them as I do: enemies.  Now they are definitely ‘enemies’ since they hate being told what to do.  Except when their owners order them around, of course.  HAHAHA.


A second source, who confirmed that there was an encounter between Trump and Zucker, said: ‘Trump kept saying, “We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful dishonest media who got it all wrong.  He addressed everyone in the room calling the media dishonest, deceitful liars.’


That is correct only Trump should have simply said this to the public at large, not in private to his tormentors.  These are people who, as children, probably pulled the wings off of flies and then fed them to spiders.


This account differs wildly from the one Kellyanne Conway gave to members of the press after she left the meeting, which she said was ‘very cordial, very productive, very congenial.  She went on to say that Trump was ‘very candid and honest’ in the meeting, and on a personal note stated that it was ‘great to hit the reset button’ after a ‘long, hard-fought campaign.’


Conway responded to the story in the Post on Monday evening by saying that Trump did not ‘explode in anger,’ but did not comment beyond that.


Norway Slashes Clinton Foundation Donations By 87% As Political Clout Dries Up is a news story we won’t see in the mainstream media.  A huge hunk of their business is all about not reporting any real news.  Instead of lying all the time, the concealment of news is highly important, I would suggest, highest importance for our media giants.  This is why, all my long life, I go mainly overseas to learn what is going on.


All the nations and evil dictators who showered a billion dollars in bribes on the Clinton Crime Family are exiting left stage and the Clintons better be careful with the loot for none will be coming in after this.  And here is what the Washington Post is featuring yesterday:  How President Trump could use the White House to enrich himself and his family while never reporting the news about how State Department Hillary’s husband went around the world, collecting open bribes!


Citizens in the US are to panic about Trump exploiting the White House but what did our media say about Ronnie Reagan running off to Tokyo to collect his gigantic bribe?  They praised him!!!  They said ‘How clever is he to get the Japanese to hand over so much money!’  It was infuriating and insane and I yelled about it in Manhattan and no one responded.  ‘So what?  Our Presidents should be allowed to collect bribes!’  Yes, this was the media’s answer to that obvious treason.


I did a search for Reagan speech in Japan bribe at DuckDuckGo and lo and behold, my news service was one of the top stories there:


I go on and on about this story because it was a turning point in US history.  Since Reagan openly collected huge bribes, all the people elected do the same.  Congress and the Presidency are both utterly corrupt now and this election fixed nothing, just one of the bribers has taken over but then, the alternative choice was a woman who works as a Wall Street hooker, herself.


Reagan set up this entire catastrophe by pretending he was paid for a speech he gave in Japan.  Now, all these clowns ‘give speeches’ even if they are screechers like Hillary (did they pass out ear plugs before her speeches?) are paid millions to say ‘I will be your slave in Congress and the White House’.  This criminal operation of open bribery can be halted, of course.  This means our media giants have to tell citizens that bribing politicians is bad and that Wall Street billionaires should be put on trial for this as well as all politicians accepting bribes!


And that will never, ever happen!  If war crimes made Hillary OK for President for liberals, Captain Hook should be in charge of schools for our children.  Liberals are the ones who made bribes OK after conservatives celebrated bribery for Reagan and Bush Sr.  Since Bill entered the White House, both parties have been accepting bribes.


I scan the leftist media in vain, looking for condemnation of the Clintons for accepting bribes.  Or, outside a few sites, condemning both for war crimes.  This really annoys me greatly.  One cannot stand on the moral high ground while sitting in a swamp filled with gators.  Yet, this is where most liberals now dwell.


One major problem with the entire left today is, how they have cut out all white males as ‘evil’ and alienated many of these fellow citizens and then turns on them all and accuses them of being ‘evil’ because they vote for someone, anyone, who is polite to them and listens to them all.  This war against white males in particular and the ferocious war against any white women who side with any white males, is the death of liberalism.


The pretend ‘inclusion’ game isn’t that at all.  It is forming alliances to attack a racial group which is against the Civil Rights Act not to mention, insanely dangerous since white males can fight back and black males are not anywhere remotely near the same in numbers.  The Hispanic/black alliance is a temporary thing because Hispanic males hate black males and living nearby, have good reason to attack them specifically whereas Hispanic males often work with or for white males.


So the temporary alliance is doomed over time and I suspect if the feminists in the liberal community continue attacking men for being males this won’t fly long for Hispanic men and I know them very well, having grown up in Tucson, AZ.  I don’t see Hispanic males turning into wimps any time soon.  Nor do I see them disarming, either.


Massive ‘Women’s March on Washington’ Planned for Day After …as screaming females will assail everyone and make demands that Hispanic males hate.  Latino women will probably participate but then, Hispanic men who live near black communities can see where all this goes: matriarchal families that self-destruct.  Feminists celebrate the collapse of the family and think this is just fine but statistics show clearly, this leads to disaster for children especially boys.


This is one scary graph.  The out of wedlock rate for children who are black is nearly total.  Hispanics, tracked only in the last 39 years, is shooting upwards and is more than half of all children are born this way.  ‘Whites’ are climbing, too, but is still under 30%.  The DNC’s solution for this cultural and social disaster is…to make it much worse by celebrating this.  Murders Shot Up in 2015 | American Renaissance:


Hispanic crime rates are well below black crime rates but the connection between crime and single mothers is outstanding.  The liberal response to this massive rise in black crime and the utter deterioration of schools hosting black children is…to blame white males for all this and then do nothing except make it infinitely worse.


Last year, the Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities – The New York Times reported and it went on to say, ‘No one knows exactly why..’ which is an outright lie.  Anyone examining the social statistics can see why and when anyone notices that the places with the highest black murder rate that is right through the roof and 20 times higher than anyone else, is in cities run by black politicians and white Democrats all of whom conspire to lie about all this and pretend, it is mysterious outside forces at work and not social/moral collapse.


Blacks 70% of shooting suspects in 2013: NYPD – NY Daily News reported several years ago.


Data collected during the first six months of the year reveal 74% of the city’s 567 shooting victims were black. An additional 21.5% were Hispanic. Less than 3% of shooting victims were white, according to the report.


Blacks also accounted for the majority — about 70% — of the 222 people arrested for shooting someone during the first half of 2013, according to the NYPD’s Crime and Enforcement Activity report.


Black community activists said the frustrating statistics, which have barely fluctuated since 2009, tell the stark stories of economics in poorer neighborhoods and the NYPD’s laser-like focus on communities of color.


That story illustrates while liberals are destroying our cities (and the liberal/conservative conspiracy to foist free trade on us is the other killer destroying our cities!) they claim the cops are too focused on the vast majority of murderers and criminals who are blacks though Hispanics are doing it more and more, too.  Yes, focus only on white killers who mainly kill family members in a fit of pique, not black predators who are the vast majority of killers and muggers.


This delusional thinking is destroying what remains of our major manufacturing cities.  And Trump can’t fix this because he doesn’t control this aspect of things.  And he has to work with a corrupt Congress.  Can anyone fix this?


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18 responses to “Trump Chews Out Mainstream Media Giants Who Then Double Down Attacks On Him

  1. Melponeme_k

    Trump, while very savvy, isn’t as devious in nature as the global world order gang. They actually believe in their own divine right given to them by whatever bloody god they happen to worship right now. They use alchemical imagery to push on us the idea that their blood is special magic that we peons lack. How can you reason with people who believe that they are elves?

    He needs to cut the MSM out totally. Only address them in public, if at all.

  2. Moe

    Trump’s coming response to the liars in media…

  3. ziff

    Trump should resist getting baited by alex baldwin.

  4. lyrac

    Bravo, Elaine! Good to hear a plug for father-headed families. Read “The Garbage Generation” by Daniel Amneus for further details. My father also was at Nuremberg, an assistant to Justice Jackson. I remember the large set of volumes on our bookshelf at home, “Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression.” But the New World Order-ites are in many ways worse than the Nazis. As someone wrote recently (I don’t remember where I read this) the robber baron class has joined forces with the socialists. It’s a horrible hybrid which has become a total predator, economic and social.


    ELAINE: Alas, my father is long dead now. I am certain he talked to your father at some point since my father was the #1 witness for Dachau and the rocket caves that used brutal slave labor to work people, mostly from France, to death there.

  5. Nani

    This is one of the most outrageous articles i have read about Trump so far. Take a look at the comments below, and see how many angry responses this journalist got.

    These liberal media elite people should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.They, alongside the current political elite, are the reason why the world is in such a messy state as it is right now. They alone bear the responsibility for this , not Trump, not Putin!

  6. KHS71


    Did you intend to make a pun?

    “These liberal media elite people should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror.”

    Der Spiegel means The Mirror.

    I am of German/Irish heritage and can speak well enough to get around Germany. My grandfather was 100% German. Elaine also speaks German.

  7. emsnews

    Ja, ich weiss dass. Ich kan deutsch sprechen und lesen. 🙂

    Yes, mirror mirror on the wall, who is the Bilderberg gangster of all?

  8. Melponeme_k

    Ich kan deutsche lesen einfache worte aber nicht sprechen gut.


    So shameful, I took about 2 years worth of classes. I only have my own laziness to blame.

  9. billibaldi

    So long as Donnie does not meddle with the primal forces of nature ,

  10. tio

    Outstanding post.

  11. Moe

    I would be inclined to think that Trump attacked the press purposely precisely because he recognizes them as his enemy, and that he will never get anything but a raw deal from them. Bannon too knows what’s going on, and he would keep Trump informed.

    IMO, Trump’s best bet is to go to war with them, hire a hundred lawyers to sue the media at every opportunity, and form his own information medium, channel or whatever to disseminate his agenda, and directly compete with the MSM.

    Scorched earth it would be.

  12. Seraphim

    @Der Spiegel means The Mirror.

    Till Eulen-Spiegel war ein Betrüger!*

    The liberal media does indeed reflect the image of the ‘elite’.
    *”Betrüger = fraud; scammer; swindler”.

  13. emsnews

    Ah, the Owl Mirror of Medieval Germany….

  14. Seraphim


    Had your Dad anything to do with the ‘Ritchie Boys’, the interrogators of German prisoners with less than ‘orthodox’ methods (like testicle crushing)?
    “They worked for the Nuremberg Trials and determined the policy for the de-nazification of Germany”.
    Could it be that his reluctance to talk about that was due to pangs of conscience?

  15. Dennis Roe

    In answer to your last question , no. Its been a long gradual descent into the gutter We’re the new Rome, right on the edge of the fall. Work ethic, pride, integrity, long gone. Shit for brains from the Ivy league aren’t going to change things. They’ll just make the collapse more complicated

  16. emsnews

    My father never tortured anyone. The former Nazis all loved him very much but above all, the concentration camp victims adored him greatly. He managed to be kind to everyone back then and this is why millions of Chinese loved him, too.

  17. Seraphim

    But would we ever know what did he testified about at Nuremberg? To exonerate the former Nazis (of interest, of course)?

  18. Lou

    ‘My father never tortured anyone.’–You only had his word for that.
    The Nazis loved him! That tells me all that I need to know.

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