New Maoist Dictators, Facebook And Google Both Want To Totally Control Media And Content


Facebook Reveals Seven Point Plan To Eradicate “Fake News”: the fake liberals who are in Silicon Valley and other hip places that pretend they love freedom, are on the warpath against all the rest of us who use online services to talk about the world, talk with each other and speculate about everything possible.  These cretins want to shut the internet down and run it like Maoist Chinese.  That is, only they get to talk freely, the rest of us will be censored in various tricky ways.  The Age of Liberal Repression will now commence.  To hell with these creeps.  How dare they silence everyone else while they pursue their private delusions?


So much for ‘free speech’.  I remember the very first ‘free speech’ movement moments, my ex-husband was there at ground zero in Berkeley when the Free Speech movement began in the mid-1960s when I was running around Europe giving speeches and was captured and deported for this activity.  I am a passionate lover of free speech.  But today, it is dying rapidly under the boots of the fake liberals who think it is OK for black people to spit out racist, homophobic, violent, obscene ‘songs’ and liberals on campuses to scream and cuss when a gay conservative comes on the campus and tries to make a quiet speech.

HAL you tube – Google Search

The monsters running Google are attacking free speech in the other way, that is, becoming Pravda whereby whatever the California gang wants to imagine reality is, has to be reality and anyone disputing this is wrong and will be censored:  Google funds automated fact-checking software in bid to fight fake news | The Independent in England reports.  Oh, goodie gum drops: a computer program which we will name ‘HAL’ will decide what ‘news’ we all see in the Future.


UK fact checking organisation, FullFact, has announced it has been awarded €50,000 (£43,000) by the tech giant’s Digital News Initiative to build the first “fully automated end-to-end fact checking system”.


In a statement, FullFact explained that the system will have two main features.


One will inform readers if something reported as fact has already been proven inaccurate.


How do you ‘prove’ something is ‘inaccurate’?  NOTHING is totally ‘accurate’.  All things, when entering the information stream, is only a bit accurate by nature of reality.  Nothing is exactly as reality is, it is impossible.  When it is filmed, it has a beginning and end and above all, a point of view which isn’t ‘all the reality’ at all since reality begins long before an event and ends long afterwards.


On top of this, I spent my long life being deliberately kept out of the information stream by the New World Order gang, the Bilderberg chaps.  They managed this near-impossible task, for I am very noisy and did things say, right in front of the UN, by conspiring to never tell people what was really going on.


For example, when I twisted President Bush Sr.’s arm and forced him to back down on deporting all the Chinese students, this never made the news, only the news that he refused to send them back made the news.  He WAS going to send them all back but I stopped him by camping out in front of the UN for a month with the students literally hanging onto me for protection until he backed down!


Everyone in the news media business in NYC knew all about this, every detail and DIDN’T REPORT IT AT ALL.  Not one tiny iota of information, it was all buried, censored by the media giants, themselves, in collusion with Bush Sr.  This has been true not only for me but many hidden people who manage to turn the Wheel of History but no one knows but the gods.  Information is constantly suppressed or deleted by our rulers who need to manage the news to stay alive and keep people fooled.


The fascists pretending to be liberals in Europe are actively censoring the news as if it is the Soviet Union:  Bring It On: EU Parliament Drawing Up Plans to Combat Sputnik, RT and Sputnik news is a source I go to constantly on a daily basis because they actually report the real news to the best of their ability.  Naturally, the creeps who control Europe hate having Russia giving the citizens news that they are struggling to hide such as the high crime/rape rate of the Muslim invaders.



I hope readers of the British news get curious and visit Sputnik and RT news.  Just like the attacks on Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind! gave Alex Jones millions of new subscribers.  He boasts about this and I am intensely jealous for I am still a nobody online in comparison to him and the ‘you shall never mention her name’ game continues with media giants who know perfectly well, who I am.


Great firewall of China: Facebook builds censorship tool in bid to get back into Asian country with world’s largest internet market is the exact opposite of what I brought to the Chinese way back in 1986: freedom.  Instead, Facebook which is run by evil jerks who are fake liberals, is going to go full Maoist and I am warning everyone, the Maoists are marching on the left again just like in 1968.


Surprised Facebook users receive checks for $15 after it used members’ names and faces in adverts without their permission and some of them sued since Facebook did this for free previously.  Exploiting online populations is what liberalism is all about.


Was Hillary robbed of election by hackers? Experts urge Clinton to demand recount after gathering evidence ‘that shows voting anomalies in key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania AND Wisconsin’ is a danger sign.  Ignoring the fact that the ‘huge vote for Clinton’ was fueled by illegal aliens being allowed to violate the Constitution and vote for a leader who will do as they demand, that is, enable invasion of the US, now the fake liberals want to contest the rest of the election because Trump announced he isn’t going to go after Clinton for her many crimes!


He is a fool.  I don’t advise him and his advisors have no idea how the US is really run, he barely is aware of the Bilderberg gang’s existence and he never tangled with them and I have decades of experience in this matter and he doesn’t like me for outwitting him in the past so…he gets to learn the hard way, if they let him survive after January 22.


Six rebel electors have signed an agreement to try to block Donald Trump from securing the 270 Electoral College votes needed to become president is more liberal insanity.  Go ahead and do this.  Time for another Civil War, no?  Liberals are stupid.  Their troops only know how to burn down their own cities.  Our troops know how to hunt and kill.  Their side sprays bullets and loots, our side is snipers who know how to stalk.


Sigh.  Talk about stupid.  But then, this is what happens to generations of spoiled brats.


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8 responses to “New Maoist Dictators, Facebook And Google Both Want To Totally Control Media And Content

  1. Lou

    And both Google and Facebook are run, started, owned by ((( ))).
    And deep in cahoots with deep state.

    I avoid Google at all costs.Duck Duck Go is available.

    Elaine, are you aware of ‘cameras and computers in store mannequins,’
    and with Facebooks face database the electronic ad boards in stores can tailor ads to whoever is there? And similar in billboards, scanning license plates on cars?
    And recording license plates of those White people attending gun shows?

    ‘Liberals are stupid’—and you posted I am a ‘stupid, classic conservative.’
    You must feel so superior.

    You envy Alex J? i read that he is worth 50 million. If true, he is a marketing genius.
    Is Drudge worth a lot?

  2. Lou

    You want help with marketing?

    ‘I am intensely jealous for I am still a nobody online’ —–
    You Tube, baby, You Tube.

    Get a wiki page because thats the first /top ranked search at Google.

    You dont like Twitter but have a friend who does.

    Dont be jealous, get moving.

  3. Petruchio

    Google and Facebook are owned and run by khazarians. There, I said it…..

  4. Lou

    Thanks, Pet. At least a few people here are street smart.

    Why would China Inc allow Fakebook in? They can or have created their own.

    Heres the NYT story,

  5. emsnews

    2 feet of snow here on my mountain and it isn’t melting.

  6. melponeme_k

    A youtube channel commentator also discussing solar maximum and minimum cycles.

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