An Insider View Of The Surveillance State: Elaine Learns How Spying Works At Age 13

Wagner Documentary : In the Eye of the Ring – YouTube I began buying the Ring Cycle records at age 11 when ‘Das Rheingold’ appeared.


I was born into the Surveillance State, aka, the CIA/OSS/NSA underworld which was where my father lived while being an astronomer to the outside world while being an international spy and manipulator in secret.  The junction of these two states fascinated me as a child for I was thrown deep inside it when only age 5.  Figuring out how this Shadow World operated was life and death for me and also, strangely amusing for it was a cat and mouse game between the people running the Shadow World and my little, weak self.  The solution chosen by the Shadowlands operators was to pretend I don’t exist even if I made international news, my being, myself was utterly cloaked in the dark.


This had a boomerang effect for whenever I chose to step forwards and turn the Wheel of History, they couldn’t stop me!  For I was invisible.  Like Frodo using the Ring of Power, I was able to do things suddenly and was unstoppable the times I chose to move forwards with something of interest.


It didn’t always work, of course.  But I did my best under the circumstances.  Today, people are worried that the power structure of the US has not changed with Trump’s election.  Of course, it didn’t change!  The agents running things haven’t been overthrown, they will either kill or neuter Trump, he walks this tightrope and can be dislodged violently or cunningly, whichever they use, they intend to keep a focus on their goal which is to start WWIII and eliminate excess humans this way, for they are quite worried about too many humans to try to control.


I see from comments from readers that they think we are suddenly in this surveillance state.  The reach of this system has grown thanks to the Internet which is a double edged sword.  I have been on the Internet since literally DAY ONE for it was hatched…by the Surveillance state and it began spying on scientists and other users from day one.


One of my early amusements about this new communication/command system was to use it to organize anti-Nixon and anti-war activities with all the other campuses where terminals of this CIA-spawned system lived in various highly guarded buildings where we, of the Underworld, had full access!  All I needed was the keyboard and fun would ensue.


From day one, the Internet freaked out our rulers who wanted to control it and it meant trying to stop us from using this new communication/command system to ruin their global domination plans.  When did the government begin tapping my phones?  Hmmm….I got my first phone service when I was 17 years old and was an ‘adult’ legally and had my own home.


And if I did ‘business’ I did it from pay phones.  We all did this.  I spied on our government and our government spied on me.  Being still a child, I thought this was immensely funny and visits from the FBI or CIA would leave me laughing.  Living life in this peculiar way is rather strange, of course.  For when people complain today about our government trying to control us, I have to laugh, this has been continuous and only on occasion does it rise to the surface and the general public becomes aware.


For the last 60 years, if the government wanted to spy on someone, they did.  The courts existed only to rubber stamp this activity when it had to go public.  Brave individuals court utter destruction of they penetrate this system and expose it.  Look at Snowden, for example.  Democrats are whining today that Trump will be nasty.  Who is nasty right now?


OBAMA!  This Peace Prize fraud won’t free Snowden!  He wants Snowden’s scalp!  Anyone who supports whistle blowers who expose the Surveillance State should hate Obama for being a two faced fraud.  No, the Democratic voters who are crying about Super Surveillance State Hillary Clinton think that Obama is some sort of hero, defying the State, not the director and enabler of this system.


Did he run for the White House claiming he was going to expand spying on Americans and putting them in prison if they are caught revealing all the secret stuff in DC?  Well?  At least Hillary was quite open about plotting WWIII and being a monster!  But she would allow all sorts of fun sex things to go on, first, before NYC and LA and San Francisco blow up in a gigantic blossom of nuclear explosions.


I had a nightmare dream about WWIII when only 11 years old.  I went out into the desert and ran to this hill to look at Tucson and its major military facilities and realized, I would survive WWIII but few others would.  This was very depressing to a child for my father talked about WWIII a fair amount since he was advisor and friend of both Eisenhower and Goldwater.  Only after the Cuban Missile Crisis, did he become closer to Kennedy.


Kennedy was going to change direction!  After a very dangerous confrontation with the USSR, Kennedy began opening doors to Russians and talking with them and started the secret phone thing so the leaders could talk directly to each other and thus, avert WWIII.  Then he was shot by a former US sharp shooter who went to Russia and then came back…the only human who was able to run off to Russia and then be let back in, supposedly with zero supervision and no spying on his activities by the CIA/NSA…HAHAHAHAHAHA….nope.


This insane pretense that the government was utterly unaware of these things is insane.  It was a conspiracy within the Surveillance State to get rid of Kennedy.  It worked like literal magic for this is another facet of the Secret State.  That is, anyone today who wants to know about Kennedy and his assassination will be plunged into a world of crazy conspiracy theories that are stupid and to my eyes, quite childish.  Ditto, 9/11, another event that is intertwined with my own life rather horribly.


I am the luckiest bitch on earth.  The thugs running our government know who I am and what I do but don’t bother me much for I am utterly invisible as invisible as Frodo when he wears that ring.  Since I can’t ever be in the news even when very noisy about things, they don’t worry about anyone listening to me for I am Cassandra.


Cassandra would issue regular warnings and was always right and each time, the populous would be told by her family, she was crazy and no one bothered figuring out the obvious and when I was still a child, I flipped out when I read about Cassandra.  It pissed me off but then quickly, I learned how it worked so effectively.  Rats, I said.  But then, I don’t carry a burden over the Gates of Death where the Interrogators ask about what I did during my life.  Kissinger will have fun there, I am betting.


The US government today is ten times bigger than when I was born.  It has far more agents of the State who can’t be replaced because they created this system and making it run depends on them all and the temptation to use this machine for various schemes is overwhelming…look at Obama, it also consumes the users and again, look at how Obama has aged.  Hillary’s internal rot has caught up with her prematurely and she could barely limp to the finish line and she is only slightly older than me and looks 20 years older despite attempts at fixing her up (I am entirely natural).


There are millions and millions of delusional voters who thought they can control this system via voting.  The games being played by the media, the government and the secret state have created hatred and chaos that is growing, not shrinking.  It is a beast being unloosed on this nation by our rulers to deflect attention from them, ignore Snowden and Assange and the vital information exposing the Belly of the Beast!


Attack each other!  When the flood of evil information about the DNC ruling elites poured out of the Wikileaks operation, ‘liberal’ Democrats put their delicate hands over their ears and screamed, ‘Shut up!  Shut up!  I don’t want to hear all this!’ and the last revelations from Wikileaks hit me right in the gut: it was all about the Black Magik spells the gang in the DNC were using.  What the hell was that all about?


HAHAHAHA.  The same rotten crap I was violently exposed to as a child when I was raped by a coven member.  Seriously!  This has been around as long as the Surveillance State.  It’s tangled web goes back to WWII and the Nazi rocket program.  My father was chosen by Eisenhower and FDR to run Operation Paperclip and the coven in Pasadena which thought they would get their paws on the rockets, were thwarted because someone ratted them out to the FBI.


Interlocking covens seeking magical powers have great power in Hollywood, on TV, in the Pentagon, at Yale, in the White House except for Jimmy Carter…sigh…they have an iron grip on power and Trump has no idea how ruthlessly these people operate nor does he understand their weak spot which is…the Gates of Death is a trap for them.  They are fools, they can’t see past the Gates of Death so they stupidly do things no human should dare do, for fear.


These fools who want WWIII are doing a wonderful job creating conditions for WWIII:  Russia-China military ties ‘at all-time high,’ no threat to other states — RT News: I predicted this more than once since I launched my news service.


“Bilateral military cooperation [between Moscow and Beijing] is not directed against other states, does not pose a threat to them, but contributes to peace and stability on the Eurasian continent and beyond,” Shoigu said at a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Chang Wanquan in Beijing on Wednesday. He is there for the 21st meeting of an intergovernmental commission on military and technical cooperation between the two states that will look into the fragile situations in Syria, Libya, and Iraq.


“The conflicts in Central and Eastern Asia don’t end, the wounds won’t heal, especially in Northern Africa and the Middle East. I certainly keep in mind the ongoing events in Syria, Iraq and Libya,” Sergei Shoigu said ahead of the meeting.


He also noted that cooperation between the two countries “is at an all-time high” and “continues to steadily expand each year.” It is especially apparent in the economic sphere. Last year, trade between China and Russia was about $68 billion while the projects for the next 4 years is $200 billion.


China has been an active buyer of Russian defense technology. Just this month, Russia announced the delivery of S-400 defense systems to China by 2020. Beijing has also become the first state in the world authorized to buy the one of a kind system. According to media reports, the transaction amounted to around $3 billion.


And from today’s news: ‘Worried’ EU leaders to warn Trump over Russian sanctions that are leading to open revolt of people in Europe as the Bilderberg gang tries hard to rule Europe as despots and force them into doing stupid things like launch a war against nuclear armed Russia and China.


Stay out of EU affairs, leading MEP tells British government as the Bilderberg gang howls like banshees after losing power in London.  Obama to meet EU leaders amid concerns about Trump which is a cute headline since he is NOT meeting with Europe, he is meeting with the Bilderberg gang who pays him under the table.  Trump election: Obama urges Trump to stand up to Russia like he has and get that WWIII thing back on track!


‘Ridiculous & insane hysteria’: Russia placed alongside ISIS in new EU resolution debated by MEPs — RT News in Russia reports.  That is utterly insane but then our rulers are crazy people who worship demons and rape children and kill millions of people while awarding each other with Peace Prizes, etc.


“The EU is under growing pressure from disinformation by countries, such as Russia, and non-state actors, like ISIS/Daesh, Al-Qaeda and other violent jihadi terrorist groups which promote violence and use pseudo-news agencies and internet trolls to challenge democratic values and divide Europe,” the newsletter said.


RT was cited as one of the alleged propaganda “tools”. It said that Moscow has an influence on media markets and societies in the EU and other countries. Fotyga told the European Parliament, “surely the citizens of the United States of America are also the target of Russian propaganda with the use of many tools such as Russia Today [RT].”


“It comes to being ridiculous when the same report includes a threat coming from ISIL and from Russia, it demonstrates that people have lost their mind and sense of reality,” French MEP Jean-Luc Schaffhaueser told RT, adding that the situation is now at a point where he doesn’t know “whether to cry or to laugh”.


The EU “desperately needs an enemy, be it Russia or any other,” that it can blame for any of its own failures, the MEP said. “No one [in the parliament] wants to admit that EU ideology has led to the current situation, the bloc’s economic, social and political fiasco,” Schaffhaueser added.


One aspect of the Outerdarkness is, up is down, in is out and everything is widdershins.  I figured that all out when only 5 years old when I was hit by my first lightning bolt.  The EU rulers are telling the victims they rule, that Russian news is fake and their fake news is real and proof is…none, of course.  What is fake news, anyways?  All news has a perspective and deleting news is a huge tool in faking news, hide it and no one learns about important things, no?


Then there is outright lying: EU and US media giants do this nakedly and openly and trusting people imagine they are on top of things and well-read and smart when they are being jerked around like puppets and forced to do things they don’t want to do.  For example, Hillary would hold out the ‘you will have sexual freedom!’ to gays and transgenders and women and blacks who no longer marry to raise children, etc.  ‘Party on!  Have fun!  Dance and wave your arms and yell at anyone who tries to stop you all!’


And then she talks WWIII talk and the community which normally is antiwar falls silent or actively wails, they want her to be President so they can have happy sex even more openly!  Lalalala.  Unfortunately, the crux here is cruel: it is hard to have happy sex in NYC when it is annihilated by Tsar nuclear bombs!  Dust and ashes!  Death!  The life and death issue here isn’t sex, it is literal survival as living beings.


Hillary slaughtered the Peace Movement.  Actually, Obama first struck a knife in the chest of the movement.  Then Hillary decapitated it.  There is no peace movement. It will revive to howl at Trump whatever he does but it is meaningless since it became a limp piece of spaghetti when Obama was elected and went on the rampage across the planet.


I hope liberals read this story today and wake up to their peril.  Happy sex lives vanish when war rears its ugly head.  I know from experience!  When did the ‘Free love’ movement begin?  I was there!  Literally there!  When I was a teenager!  And what did it accomplish?  Well, we had lots and lots of fun and sex diseases spread like wildfire and now plague us despite medical advances, to this day and the wars roared onwards and millions of people died and we were pretty worthless at stopping the carnage.


Speaking about unstoppable evil:  Israel seeks to keep terrorism suspects’ interrogations off-record — RT News reports.  This story won’t show up at the sex-hysterics of the NYT or WP which worry about their parties going flat…this is all about Naziism and raw power and the need to have god fight god and hatred and very much a dark magic business item, the Holy Land, I do say, it was misnamed, it is one of the hot danger spots to all humanity.


Israel has gone down the steep slope to Nazi hell and the Jews can’t stop it, they can only helplessly ape the Nazis to the Götterdämmerung dead end.  Why on earth are they doing this?  Can’t they see into the future?  Yes, humans cannot see the end result of actions, blind and cunning at the same time, humans fall into the same traps over and over and over again for the last several thousand years.


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10 responses to “An Insider View Of The Surveillance State: Elaine Learns How Spying Works At Age 13

  1. Moe

    Elaine, this is IMO one of the most important articles you have written.

    Could you write an article with in-depth explanation of your perception of the process(es) of the ‘Black Arts’? Exactly what energies/entities are utilized by the practitioners, how these energies/entities are used to impact the physical earth plane, and how groups/covens are linked together?

    Not to be critical, but no provision for contestation is presented in your article. What, in your opinion, can the average individual do to counter these negative (i.e., evil) pursuits and attendant effects?

  2. Claudeeyah

    Out of the park. Thank you for providing yet another sage look at what our world has become, not to mention how we got here. Brava!

  3. emsnews

    This is their own site, I am talking about Hubbard. His relation with my family was very intense he went to school with my dad and mom and wanted to attach himself to my family.

    Hubbard was clearly involved in the occult. In 1945, L. Ron Hubbard met Jack Parsons, who was a renowned scientist, protegee of occultist Aleister Crowley, and a member of the notorious Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), an international organization founded by Crowley to practice sexual black magic.

    Parsons had Hubbard move onto the property of Parsons’ Pasadena, California, home. It was there that Hubbard began to practice the occult and sexual magic. Parsons’ mistress, Sara Northrup, left him for Hubbard and later became Hubbard’s second wife, even before Hubbard had divorced his first wife (The Los Angeles Times, June 24, 1990, p. A37).

    ELAINE: this property was next door to my godmother’s home and two blocks from my grandfather’s home. Jack Parsons told Hubbard the key to the Outerdarkness was…guess who?

    AHEM. Hubbard tracked me via tracking my mother down when I was still a reckless teenager and I yanked his you-know-what so hard he ceased being able to have sex anymore. I thought it was funny at the time.

    Hubbard was a maniac, he chased women including teenagers until we met.

  4. Moe

    I read L. Ron Hubbard science fiction with great relish in my youth. During latter years, in exploration of psychic phenomena and religious tenets, I came across Scientology. I had read only a few pages before I recognized Hubbard’s ‘fiction’ coming through. I broke out laughing that he presented this as a factual, new ‘religion’. I only wish it was as easy to see through all the other lies today presented as ‘truth’.

    Elaine, to continue the query presented in my first post, how does one explain that Hubbard could defeat Parson’s magic and abscond with his mistress?

  5. Lou

    sex diseases spread like wildfire and now plague us despite medical advances, to this day

    Like 1981, SF? Is AIDS from a test tube?

  6. MadSklz

    I also agree; posts like these that include your ‘Superstitious’ stories and other worlds is very interesting alongside history and your personal experiences

    What I was interested in is the Guardians…Do you think your spirit or soul actually recounts what you’ve done to others and there is judgement?

    I think that your subconcious does that to itself as you die…ie DMT trip

  7. emsnews

    I have been hammered by lightning bolts. I am not the only human to suffer this fate, it is quite common for ‘religious revelations’ to happen when hit by lightning (after all, this is the ultimate ‘god to human’ event one can have!).

    The second time I was hit, my grandfather said in a surly way, ‘Oh, so you are also one of us.’ Referring to being ‘hit more than once’ and my father was hit more than once, too. I used to joke with him about it.

    I lost a professor as a teacher when he was nearly hit as I pulled him down when he opened a door against my strong warnings that Thor was outside. He said he never wanted to see me again! Rats. I saved his life, too.

    The thing here is, once I was hit by a bolt, all the black magic people came pouring across my threshold all of them wanted to use my situation for black magic purposes and I defeated all of them and when Podesta was shown using this, I was pissed off greatly and…well, let’s just say, this crap won’t work for him anymore.

    Algonquin stories about lightning and the gods: my family interacted with this tribe way back when we first came to the New World. We got along with the Tribe very well, I may add a quote from the above link:

    And anon they came to a great cavern far within, and there was an old man seated by a fire, and the old man welcomed him. And he was very kindly treated by the strange pair all day: in all his life he had never been so happy. Now as the night drew near, the old man said to his daughter, “Can you hear aught of your brothers?” Then she went out to the terrace, and, returning, said, “No.” Then anon he asked her again, and she, going and returning as before, replied, “Now I hear them coming.” Then they listened, when lo! there came, as at the door without, a crash of thunder with a flash of lightning, and out

    p. 261

    of the light stepped two young men of great beauty, but like giants, stupendous and of awful mien. And, like their father, their eyebrows were of stone, while their cheeks were as rocks.

    And the hunter was told by their sister that when they went forth, which was every few days, their father said to them, “Sons, arise! it is time now for you to go forth over the world and save our friends. Go not too near the trees, but if you see aught that is harmful to those whom we love, strike, and spare not!” Then when they went forth they flew on high, among the clouds: and thus it is that the Thunder and Lightning, whose home is in the mighty Katahdin, are made. And when the thunder strikes, the brothers are shooting at the enemies of their friends.

    Now when the day was done the hunter returned to his home, and when there, found he had been gone seven years. All this I have heard from the old people who are dead and gone.

  8. Lou

    The thing here is, once I was hit by a bolt, all the black magic people came pouring across my threshold all of them wanted to use my situation for black magic purposes–how does ‘it’ work, beyond that? Evil spirits pulling strings for people?

  9. melponeme_k


    The mad magicians think they have special rituals but really are a mish mash of different rituals from every religion. They ask for influence and make offerings. You can go to your local Barnes & Nobles and get books on it from Crowley himself. What is really rare are the books on Alchemy. It makes me wonder when they release some titles. The elites go the extra mile by sacrificing pieces of themselves, other people or children.

    However the world always has to be balanced. You ask for something, somewhere something is taken away. I guess they hope it will be someone else who has things taken away.

    However we see it does boom-a-rang back on them. This time the spirits took a big chunk of payback from Hillarita Peron this year.

  10. Lou

    Mel, one ritual is cutting the middle finger.
    Bingo, there is a picture of Obama with a bandage on a finger. Guess which one?

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