The Democratic Party Demonizes Desperate White Working Class Stiffs


Today’s edition of the WP insanity with it joining in the DNC propaganda attack blaming Russia for losing elections in the House, Senate, White House and many governor’s races.


This was the top headline in yesterday’s WP fake news feed:  What will it take for Democrats to woo the white working class? – The Washington Post wonders.  The billionaire California boss who hires overseas and hates Americans, this traitor to the nation, wonders how he can talk to white working males without rampant racism or sneering nastiness on his part.  Of course, he can’t.  He hates the white working males and fears them all greatly so his puppy dogs who write for the WP struggle to pretend concern about white men but then go on to attack white men nonstop in their ‘news story’.


The one group Democrats did not target were their old mainstays, non-college-educated whites (especially the males of that species), who responded by giving Donald Trump a margin of 39 points over Hillary Clinton, while voters of color failed to vote for her in the expected numbers.  According to much newly minted conventional wisdom, Democrats can and should win back downscale whites by cranking up economic populism, without losing minorities, women and other key components of their coalition.


“We need to speak to their economic interests, that we get it, that we understand, that we talk about those things and we try to fight hard for those things,” said Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio), who is challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi of ultra-diverse San Francisco for leadership of House Democrats.


San Francisco has one of the most expensive housing markets in America outside of Manhattan.  The DNC is very popular in both places so long as the Clintons work for Wall Street and international gangs who transfer US jobs overseas at a mad rate.  So the DNC guy in Ohio is going to try to get ‘leadership’ from ‘give me more bribes’ Pelosi?  No way, the super rich pay good money for their creatures who do their bidding.


Easier said than done. Consider: Rust Belt states that Trump turned red — Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan — heavily rely on coal for their electricity. Ohio and Pennsylvania also mine it. Some in those states likely backed the Republican partly out of opposition to Obama’s crackdown on coal, the Clean Power Plan, which Clinton supported.


I burn coal to stay alive in winter.  Now, the coal will have to be imported due to the DNC efforts to outlaw using it while China and Russia get to use it.  Eventually, freezing Americans will revolt, angry that ‘communists’ as the Mainstream Media is claiming today, get to be snug and warm whereas we freeze to death.


Anyone with a brain looking at the election maps can easily see, 90% of the US landmass area supports the GOP now due precisely to the war on working white males and the war on energy where it is as cold as Siberia in winter, that is, the Midwest.  I also burn trees because I own a forest.  I and my friends go out in winter when the sap is low in the trees and cut up trees for firewood and then sled it down the mountain.


This is hard work, dangerous, too.  And makes one stronger, doing it.  And is also why it is highly dangerous to egg on attacks by city slickers against the well armed hard life hunting communities that are all over the place and which now hates Democrats with a passion.


Democrats could modify their climate change policy, in the name of protecting coal jobs and lower utility bills; good for the working class of all races. That would infuriate green voters — and donors — on the East and West coasts. It’ll never happen.


And as we go into another cold solar cycle with fewer and fewer sun spots, it gets colder and colder and it is very cold right now, it looks like mid-January in the middle of November.  True, some snow melted since two feet fell but I still had to clear snow off of a number of roof edges yesterday and struggled to step through deep snow while doing it.  So much for ‘global warming’.


At a deeper level, Trump tapped unease among working-class whites that is related not to economics but to culture and race: in a word, identity.  A diverse society brings great benefits — social, cultural and economic. Urban Americans experience these daily. Life brims with new experiences, challenges,excitement, what an economist would call “positive externalities” of demographic change.


Note how these two reporters (yes, it took TWO idiots to write this tripe!) switch gears instantly to attacking white men.  As we watch various ethnic groups spew hatred and screaming at American citizens, demanding they get to run things and they intend to wipe us all out eventually, one would not be surprised to see some backlash, big time.


Perchance, the writers for the WP want to be terrorized by foreigners like we have seen over and over again in the news such as more than one Muslim massacre especially the ones aimed at…GAY PEOPLE…who the WP thinks wants more of this, I am assuming.


I know when I lived in NYC I had a very exciting time with illegal aliens attacking my neighborhood.  It was fun, arresting them and then arguing with Mayor Koch about deporting them all.  Fun, fun, fun, and it taught me a great deal about how we should let in millions of illegal aliens who then break many other laws.


Yet homogeneity has benefits too. In rural areas, or small towns, where everyone speaks the same language, or practices the same customs, life can be simpler, more predictable, less frictional. Economists call these “compositional amenities,” and many people value them above the benefits of diversity — even above economic gains.


The ‘economic gains’ liberals gave white working males has been to export their jobs, attack them as people, sneer at them and make fun of how they struggle to survive.  The entire point is, and the WP can’t see how stupid they are, is these ‘economic gains’ all went to the top 1% of society!!!!


In a 2009 paper, a U.S.-British trio of social scientists led by David Card of the University of California at Berkeley used survey data from 21 countries to show that concern for compositional amenities is much more important in explaining public opinion on immigration than economic concerns, such as immigration’s impact on wages and taxes.


I went to school there and it was nearly worthless.  I was supposed to get a degree in German with a music minor and ended up with all the Universities canceling their German programs except beginning German and I had zero job prospects so I went into construction business instead and made money doing that.  I worked alongside the now-hated men who did all the raw labor in the US, both black and white.  Now, most in that field are illegal aliens from Hispanic countries who work under the table.


That is, no one pays any taxes.


Anxiety about cultural change can, and often does, outweigh evidence on immigration’s economic impact — even positive data showing immigration actually raises wages overall, or that undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes.


So, now the delusional attempts at justifying the present system goes into overdrive.  So, illegal aliens cause US white working male wages to RISE???  This is insane, it is totally made up by the ‘reporters’.  How dare they lie so openly…oh!  The top headline today at this same paper is, all about how RUSSIA is using ‘fake news’ to take over the US!  Got it.


The Democrats’ dilemma, then, is this: They can make only limited political gains with an economic pitch to the white working class, unless they adjust on immigration and other issues of identity too, probably. Yet this would require compromising on what the party defined as matters of basic justice and tolerance, and turn off voters from their racially and ethnically diverse “coalition of the ascendant.”


Illegal aliens got to vote in every state that voted for Hillary.  This betrayal of US citizens was deliberate and Obama let the doors to Mexico wide open on election day so a flood of them could come into the US to vote and the DNC is screaming that Trump, not they, are doing voter fraud and are demanding a recount and are trying to steal electors who were ordered by voters to vote for Trump and all this garbage is designed to keep the Bilderberg scheme running.


Indeed, some on the left are already warning that conceding on identity politics would be a capitulation to “white supremacy,” in the words of Columbia law school professor Katherine Franke.

It’s an understandable impulse — no concessions to this demagogue. And Democrats may end up doubling down on identity politics because of it.


So, angry white males who are being systematically run over by coastal liberals are evil because they are doing ‘identity  politics’ and this is because…only Democrats are allowed to do this! They are all about ‘identity politics’ and you are supposed to vote based on who you are, racially, sexually and ideologically but not those nasty Republican supporters.  No, they are to hang their heads in shame and not even dare to talk about ‘identity politics’.


This screwball view of the universe is exactly why the DNC lost control of every part of the political system from top to bottom.  True, NYC is still run by a pro-crime/we hate whites mayor but he will be dumped once the riots are over next year just like previous ‘liberal’ mayors were dumped.


The question is whether this will prove effective, or prove to many whites that Democrats just don’t understand them, or care to; certainly Trump will encourage them to think so.


The alternative, of course, is to appeal to the public on the basis of our common American identity, and aspirations, rather than our overlapping grievances — cultural, racial, economic or otherwise.


Note the solution!  White males at the bottom are to join in Kumbaya with screaming leftist radicals who hate white working males with a fiery passion and we become ‘common American CITIZENS’ with an army of illegal aliens who are exactly the people displacing white lower class workers!  HAHAHA.


And how do we push for ‘common American identity’ with people who refuse to speak anything but Spanish, wave Mexican flags and howl that they want to take over and  cut up the US???  Are the writers in NYC insane or blind or just low IQ?  I am betting on them being big supporters of Israel which leeches off the US public, stealing millions of dollars every month.


Death rates among white middle-aged Americans have soared ‘due to the decline in factory jobs and laid off workers turning to drugs or alcohol or committing suicide’ Trade with China blamed for soaring death rates among white, middle aged Americans | Daily Mail Online in ENGLAND reports.  We won’t see this report in the US media.  It is verboten.


And this rampant inflation story doesn’t appear in US headlines, either:  Venezuelan shops take to WEIGHING money due to hyperinflation | Daily Mail Online reports.


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17 responses to “The Democratic Party Demonizes Desperate White Working Class Stiffs

  1. Christian W

    The entire point is, and the WP can’t see how stupid they are, is these ‘economic gains’ all went to the top 1% of society!!!!

    The very definition of neoliberalism right there.

    The WP reporters are paid not to mention how neoliberalism works. It’s by design these fake reporters spew poison into the system to confuse citizens even further, not because of stupidity. It’s merely more ‘trickling down’.

  2. JimmyJ

    Looks like you won’t be able to import thermal coal from Canada soon Elaine, we’re phasing it out over the next decade. But you have your forest and it’s surprising how much firewood you can get from a small acreage forest without decimating it. I had an acreage with mostly lodgepole pine, and I could heat easily with trees that died every year.

  3. JimmyJ

    There’s now a list of so called Russian propaganda fake news sites. Not sure who sponsors it and how credible it is or even if it’s an ironic attempt at humour. If it’s even a little serious it might be a hint at sites that will soon be blocked by Google, Facebook et al. I didn’t find Elaine on it but it’s not alphabetical so hard to read. Some of my fav alternative sites are on it, naturally.

  4. tio
    {Charles Lane is a … member of the Council on Foreign Relations.}
    {“The most powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common — they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty of the national independence of the United States.

    A second clique of international members in the CFR comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily, they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in the control of global government.” – Rear Admiral Chester Ward}

    .. what an economist would call a “sociopathic tapeworm” of demographic change. Talking of which ..
    {Economists are too detached from the real world and have failed to learn from the financial crisis, insisting on using mathematical models which do not reflect reality, according to the Bank of England’s chief economist Andy Haldane.

    “Mainstream economic models have sacrificed too much realism at the altar of mathematical purity. Their various simplifying assumptions have served aesthetic rather than practical ends,” Mr Haldane wrote.

    “As a profession, economics has become too much of a methodological monoculture. And that lack of intellectual diversity cost the profession dear when the single crop failed spectacularly during the crisis.”}

    No shit Sherlock, weird that Steve Keen teaches at Kingston Uni. just ten miles away from where this pathetic clown works.

  5. Petruchio

    “And how do we push for ‘common American identity’ with people who refuse to speak anything but Spanish, wave Mexican flags and howl that they want to take over and cut up the US??? Are the writers in NYC insane or blind or just low IQ? ” They may have low IQ’s–the result of inbreeding–but I think the problem has a different source. They are pampered, overindulged ultra spoiled rotten rich kids without a lick of common sense. They are smug, arrogant, delusional child-adults. They have never had to accept negative consequences for their misbehavior/mistakes. I could go on.
    It has ALWAYS been about destroying the American Middle Class. It has ALWAYS been a Class War. one side just doesn’t know it is in a war. Sooner or later, they WILL.

  6. DM

    Not really off-topic.

    I may be wrong – but I have not come across much solidarity with the Indians. Would be nice to see the NYFD – or some working-stiff union – ‘taking up arms’ to help.the Sioux

    It’ all the same war against people.

    The Army Corps of Engineers decision to declare some land off limits to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is the latest move in centuries of treaty violations, according to the Standing Rock Sioux.

    For over 150 years the federal government has taken land from Lakota and Dakota people according to tribal leaders, beginning with the seizure of land in the Black Hills of South Dakota after the discovery of gold in the 1870s “to the construction of dams in the Missouri River that flooded villages, timber land and farmland in the Dakotas in the 1950s.”

    “This government honors international treaties like they are the Holy Grail, but within our own homeland they find a way to break,” Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault told the Denver Post. Under the treaties and American law, Archambault is the head of a domestic sovereign nation.

  7. melponeme_k

    What is waiting for us if we don’t stay vigilant.

    Sweden overrun by aliens and at war.

  8. Lou

    Mel, does the name, Barbara Spectre, ring a bell?

    Barbara Spectre – “Swedish” Zionist | Why I Left Sweden
    Barbara Lerner Spectre (born ca. 1942) is a US-born Jewess who is most noted for waging a racial campaign against Swedish people in particular and European people …
    [Search domain]
    Barbara Lerner Spectre – Wikipedia
    Barbara Lerner Spectre (born 1942) is an academic and philosophy lecturer, who is the founding director of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in …
    [Search domain]
    Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of … – YouTube
    Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European … Jewish subversives behind anti-European racial subversion & foreign policy …
    [Search domain]
    Barbara Lerner Spectre and jewish implementation of …
    Barbara Lerner Spectre and jewish implementation of multira

  9. Christian W

    @ Mel

    Interesting video. This is the first time in my life that I see what I think of as an American style ghetto in Scandinavia. I haven’t been to Sweden much the last few years but it is obviously vastly different now than it was back in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    It’s easy to see how the far-right nationalists are rising in the polls in Sweden. Clearly you can’t allow people like these young thugs to run amok.

    But I don’t understand what you mean ‘what is waiting for us’? You always had this in spades in the US.

  10. melponeme_k


    No, we have not had this in the US. Not anywhere near it.

    Check Youtube. You can see religious extremists in the UK, Spain, France and Hungary, just to name a few, acting the same as they do in Sweden. Setting cars and buildings on fire. Throwing themselves onto train tracks to pretend that law enforcement is abusing them. In France you can see them steal food that meals on wheels type programs give them, then throw it away on the street in front of the few families that actually NEED it. One French aid worker was practically in tears over it.

    We don’t have that here YET. But soon, Obama has a few million Christmas gifts left to give us.

  11. Claudeeyah


    Thanks Mel,

    i can always count on you to give an accurate, non-biased response to issues that Christian W. raises. Christian W. is very wise and provides invaluable insight, yet he is missing the core American component. You, living in NYC know the deal. NYC was and still is the major dropping off center for immigrants.

    It is difficult for us Americans to comprehend what is going on in Europe, because our country is so vast and spread out. What Christian is seeing in Europe might mirror what we have going on here, but at the very least, it is diluted. I don’t argue his point at all, but you have correctly identified the difference. Obama might just go down in history as the most treasonous, vicious, anti-American president we have ever had. And we all thought George “Dubyuh” Bush would be a hard act to follow. Paul Craig Roberts has a good read on it on his site. Dick Cheyney had his hand so far up Bush the Second’s a@@ that the poor guy still has hemorrhoids.

  12. emsnews

    Sweden looks EXACTLY like NYC after the blackout in 1977. The same nonstop terror/riots/crimes, the cops not patrolling huge hunks of the city. This is why, when I decided to take over my neighborhood and organize our own police force, we told the mayor, the governor and every news media outfit, they could all go to hell.

    And then our neighborhood became a heaven! People paid huge money to live where my patrols worked. We wiped out street crime. It worked! It totally and absolutely worked and then children could play, people could sleep safely…and I was called ‘The Housewife from Hell’.

    And the government was happy to see me leave. Well, NYC is going to hell again and the Housewife lives on a very well guarded, armed mountain that is difficult to invade since one has to come uphill from the river to come bother me and believe me, periodically, stupid people did try this in the past. HAHAHA.

    The people of Sweden as weak. They are getting what they asked for. I don’t feel even slightly sorry for them, they chose to be weak and stupid so they get exactly that: slavery and death. Enjoy it, Sweden. Sorry you made this choice.

    If they want this to stop, all they have to do is fight back full force, hard and strong and focused on the goal which is to remove the violent criminals totally. And it isn’t a pretty process, no battles are pretty but they can be necessary for survival.

  13. Petruchio

    Elaine: in some quarters the New York City Police Department, the NYPD are referred to as the sixth Organized Crime Family. There has always been corruption in Police Departments, especially those in the bigger cities, such as Chicago and Los Angeles. People putting the burden of restoring Law and Order into their own hands really IS the only solution at times–and this seems to be one of those times in Sweden. We in the US of A can rip Sweden for being so stupid as to let a bunch of West-hating young Muslim males into their country but we are no better.

  14. emsnews

    All citizens need to do is BE INVOLVED. We had bad sheep in the precinct and…I got rid of them. Including the captain and the mayor gave me Captain Hill who was fantastic and under Guiliani (I introduced them) he ran Manhattan entirely and guess what?

    Crime nearly disappeared! Now, it is years later and NYC is experimenting with repeating past mistakes and will have to learn hideous lessons all over again and I hope someone appears on the scene to save everyone again.

    Before I could clean up street crime, I had to put a number of top politicians in prison except the one who committed suicide. Cleaning house has to happen regularly and BOTH parties can be corrupt.

  15. melponeme_k

    One of the real reasons why Di Blasio was allowed into office because NY was sick of the crony capitalism that came with Bloomberg. His friends were always the ones that landed on top in any kind of local government deal. Which is no surprise but it was so in the face obvious that even NY got sick.

    The worst was when he started closing NYC Public libraries and selling the land they sat upon. This was all rammed through without allowing NY citizens to have a say in the land usage. Much of this land was in prime, fancy locations. The straw that broke the camels back was Bloomberg trying to sell off the prime Mid-Manhatten location on 5th Ave & 39th then turn the historic location into a working library. That turned up a howl so loud, you would not believe it. But that is a big reason why the mayor’s office turned democratic party. Of course, Di Blasio hamstrung the police as soon as he could. So now we have our libraries but we also have huge crime spree on top.

  16. Christian W

    If they want this to stop, all they have to do is fight back full force, hard and strong and focused on the goal which is to remove the violent criminals totally. And it isn’t a pretty process, no battles are pretty but they can be necessary for survival.

    So why doesn’t US citizens take your advice and clean out the corrupt mess in Washington?

    Are US citizens truly happy to accept the Warfare State as long as it also provides a wee bit of Welfare State?

  17. emsnews

    The only people fighting are thugs who want to destroy the State and burn down our cities. The average person feels helpless. But then,this is why so many voted for Trump to do something, ANYTHING to deal with rising problems.

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