Clinton Bribes Dry Up, Russia Collects Philippine Islands In Embrace, Trump Still Alive


No More Pay to Play? Australia Halts All Clinton Foundation Funds: This is the latest news about an entire country giving money to the Clintons and now is ceasing it.  Obviously, this was attempts at bribery and now that Hillary is useless as a power tool, they are chucking her out the door, eventually, all countries giving money to the Clintons will cease.  Meanwhile, this telegraphs that all the money given to this fake foundation is…a bribe and not a ‘donation’ and the squirrely Clinton money grubbing across the planet must be closely examined and people arrested for accepting blatant bribes.


Denver Sheriff’s Department fined $10K for hiring only US citizens | Fox News as the DNC demands civil servants be aliens.  This is wrong from top to bottom and is a huge reason why Trump had such massive support in the hinterlands but not in the handful of cities in California, NY and other states that let illegal aliens vote.


The media giants in the US and the online princes like or Google, etc. are all attacking Russia as the Evil Empire nonstop.  Meanwhile, Putin has been forced by NATO aggression to go around collecting surprising allies like today’s news i Russia which Americans won’t see here:  Russia, Philippines to hold talks on defense cooperation agreement – Russian cabinet decree — RT News reports.


The clowns who own America and who go to Bilderberg super secret meetings have declared RT Russian news as a ‘fake news site’ which is insanity, they have great news there if we want to see what is going on here on planet earth!  It is my #1 news source, quite frankly.


And here is a most interesting story:  ‘Don’t go any further’: Erdogan accuses EU of betrayal, threatens to open borders for migrants — RT News in Russia reports.  Whoa!  Turkey is part of NATO.  And is threatening to overthrow European society which is already collapsing under the tread of millions of angry Muslim males invading.  Ahem…what will they all do, these ‘leaders’ in Europe?


The top news media in one of the most fascist, racists nations on earth, Neo-Nazi Israel:  Senior lawmaker urges Obama, Trump to tackle neo-Nazis as he sits there in Jerusalem, feeding off of US taxpayer money, the writer wants us to stop ‘Nazis’ and I fully agree: start at the roots of this noxious belief system, Israel.  It is the most openly fascist nation on earth!  And practices extreme racism, worse than Japan!  Oh, we are not to mention that Japan is extremely racist in character and laws.


Is Trump reaching out to Europe’s far right before he talks with the heads of state? – The Washington Post whines.  Well, duh.  He wasn’t elected by the Bilderberg gangsters!  So why talk to them all?  A lot of the Bilderberg gang runs Europe ruthlessly for their own enrichment and have wrecked the place and taken the mass of people there to the brink of destruction.  Of course, Trump is talking to all the people who are for stopping the liberal agenda.


Her tweet reflected a highly unusual phenomenon: an American president-elect seeking to forge relationships with ultranationalist and populist factions overseas that are often sharply critical of their countries’ governments. It also raised the question of whether Trump and his representatives have been reaching out to foreign populist parties before first reaching out to foreign heads of state.


Also on Saturday, Nigel Farage, the interim leader of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP), was seen at Trump Tower in New York. The principal architect of June’s “Brexit” vote — in which Britain shocked the world by voting to leave the European Union — may have been the first British politician to meet America’s newly elected president.


British Prime Minister Theresa May was the 11th foreign head of state that Trump called after his victory, causing British media to speculate whether her place in line had constituted a snub. But Trump called May before he called French President François Hollande, who in the months before the election was a particularly outspoken critic of the billionaire real estate developer and his rhetoric.


The EU elites did everything possible to stop Trump.  They failed miserably.  This is quite predictable since these same ‘leaders’ are immensely unpopular in Europe these days and for obvious reasons!  Duh!  Anyone with half a brain could see this coming over the horizon.  It is an obvious reaction to misrule by the elites who told everyone to go to hell, they have no say in their own countries.


This is why ‘liberals’ are cheering the fact that over 2 million illegal aliens voted in DNC states after the governors there opened the doors to voting without even registering, much less, proving who you are.


Trump’s relations with foreign politicians have been an issue in the campaign. In a statement last week, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Kremlin officials had been in contact with members of Trump’s campaign before the election, prompting further questions about the nature and extent of the relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


I remember the howls in Arizona’s Goldwater/right wing factions (Barry was a close friend of my father!) when Kennedy began talking directly to Khrushchev.  Then Kennedy was killed. We are very, very lucky that nothing happened due to Khrushchev calling LBJ on the hot line immediately and how he cooperated with the investigation of the assassination.


The fact of the matter is, I was at school when Kennedy was shot, all the Davis Monthan jets took off, I ran out of the school and headed towards the foothills to avoid being fried in a nuclear bomb, knowing I had less than an hour to get far enough away via bike, to survive.


And then nothing happened, How lucky we all were!  I swore, back then, to track our elites better to be ready for WWIII and lo and behold, this year, Hillary actually said in public, she can unilaterally start WWIII in FOUR MINUTES.  What the hell?  This is the #1 reason not to vote for her!


Tell that to a liberal who wants sex freedoms.  You have no sex freedoms if you do two things: bring in an invasion of angry Muslim males who are extremely sex-controllers who hate everyone or start WWIII and annihilate everyone in nuclear explosions.


The DNC cities are all nuclear bomb targets.  The liberals are too stupid to notice this unfortunate factoid.  NYC will be a dusty, Fukushima hell hole after the first two hours of WWIII.  Every liberal there should have punished Hillary for talking about this matter so rabidly.  And beg Trump to be nice to Putin so we won’t have this event.


But they are too stupid to see the obvious dangers here. All the ‘cool kids’ communities in California like Silicone Valley or other venues like all of Manhattan, will be uninhabitable wastelands especially if nukes hit nuclear power plants like Indian Point in NY, for example, on top of turning entire cities into piles of dust like the WTC on 9/11.


Why are liberals OK with WWIII?  This baffles me for the liberal left is supposed to be ‘antiwar’ when they are warmongering lunatics if they vote for warmongering lunatics.  LBJ gave civil rights to myself and black people and others in 1964 and I used the Civil Rights Act immediately to expand my opportunities but I still was… TOTALLY AGAINST THE WAR IN VIETNAM.  Period.


It was, as I said in a speech in 1968, ‘Life and death for millions of innocent people and I can’t stand idle.’  So it is today: we can’t support people who want WWIII and Trump can’t stop this for he has to hire many of these same people to run the systems because we didn’t have any ‘revolution’ here, we just gave a slap on the snout of the Bilderberg gang who still very much run our government and are intent on doing the dumbest things on earth due to not reading history and realizing, the Goddess of History is also Libra and she weighs good and evil and is a bitch who mocks humans for running in circles instead of learning anything from Her.


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13 responses to “Clinton Bribes Dry Up, Russia Collects Philippine Islands In Embrace, Trump Still Alive

  1. Duski

    For me, it is extremely strange and sad how people can just get too focused on single issue and forget everything else. Like, “Trump is sexist so we can’t vote for Trump!”, even if Clinton is a rabid warmonger and real danger for starting WW3. Also, wars were only expanded more and more during Obama, no one voting democrat can claim to be antiwar automatically anymore.

    It’s just so sad overall. If only people were demonstrating to bring end to wars, not against any person but that totally, absolutely foolish and dangerous policy. But more and more it seems like people have been brainwashed to think in black and white and follow where mainstream media points at… I read comments in Washingtons post fake news story and people are polarized in two camps: other side tells mainstream media is all fake news (which they are) and other side screams all contradicting news is fake news. One guy was asking for reliable news source time after time (believer in mainstream news, of course) and when someone bothered to point him one, automatic replay came: “But that is fake news site!”… sigh.

    People are just too lazy to think and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Simply put, 95% of the time thinking things too much wastes energy, so evolution honed us to live our everyday lives without questioning and thinking too much; only expending energy on thinking things through when there is really good reason to. So, it’s just very, very easy to stick in your worldview, no matter how twisted it has become, as long as you have something in your environment supporting it. I feel for you Elaine, being Cassandra is most frustrating thing there is, very often I feel the same, I just know what will happen but I don’t have any power to change it.

    And if I talk to people, tell them what I think will happen… it will probably only bring me trouble, so I refrain from doing so, mostly. I am so happy there are people like you who can and will tell the other part of the story that mainstream media works hard for us to ignore and forget, even if I disagree with you in some things.

    But to wrap it all up and return to what I started with: To me, although an outsider, the most important issue in your election was war and has been for as long as I have followed politics more closely. To my sadness, it’s less and less discussed or protested by so called left, they did NOTHING in Obamas terms. NOTHING. I understand how psychology behind it all works, they want to believe Obama was for peace and so peace progresses, and so they can skip all the evidence and reality. That just leaves me with little hope for peace through people, now the best chance is to get peace through government and companies whose trade gets disrupted by war.

    But really, so called antiwar people have disappeared totally from view… of course there are some, and now they are claimed to produce fake news as well. So is it really, really, that so few people are against the war in their heart of hearts that it’s become secondary or even lower priority issue for them?

  2. melponeme_k

    “Simply put, 95% of the time thinking things too much wastes energy, so evolution honed us to live our everyday lives without questioning and thinking too much; only expending energy on thinking things through when there is really good reason to. So, it’s just very, very easy to stick in your worldview, no matter how twisted it has become, as long as you have something in your environment supporting it.”

    This is exactly the case. What makes a change in world view is trauma. I was plugged into the system until I sat a murder trial. The experience was so traumatic, I woke one day a completely different person. I immediately noticed things that were off that I didn’t notice before. I began to question status quo. That was when I found Elaine’s site.

    But we also have to beware. The spooks are exactly aware of this blind spot in our psychology. They have exploited it many, many times. It was part of the programs that conspiracy sites dub MKULTRA.

    They use Trauma to control the populace. Remember after 911 they kept showing the same scene of the buildings falling and people screaming? That was MKULTRA. Continual trauma then they would follow that up with stories about attacking Iraq. They are doing it again with focused stories on race war to agitate black citizens.

    This is also why they are howling about “fake news” sites. When people don’t watch their propaganda anymore, they lose the ability to influence with trauma.

  3. emsnews

    We are all traumatized…by entertainment! Look at movies and how even kidding stuff is increasingly violent and ugly. And dumbed down greatly. Look at violent popular music! It is all black magic and killing people and having sex with no responsibilities.

    Remember the Supremes? ‘Going to the chapel’ has become, ‘Hang with the hoodies at the funeral home.’

  4. Lou

    Sorry, Elaine. Your dumb conservative [yr terms for me] knows that ‘chestnut’ was sung by The Shirelles, NOT Diane and company.

    And that tune was co written by someone [ (((Phil Specter))) who killed a friend of mine at his mansion.

  5. emsnews

    Rip off the liberals! Always amusing.

    Lou, you are right it was the other group…I was a kid when they sang that song so the memory was somewhat vague.

  6. JimmyJ

    The liberal mindset is tenacious in Canada too. The stubborn clinging to platitudes and superficiality as a life philosophy is ubiquitous here.

    I’veve seen it in social workers where they’ll state how important human rights and dignity are all important yet make authoritarian policy decisions depriving dignity and rights in the same moment while hiding behind a bureaucratic cloak of anonymity. I’ve seen it in workplace harassment policy where the CEO personally dedicates days to seminars extolling zero tolerance for harassment while fully supporting an authoritarian manager who hires incompetent workers strictly for sex and HR does nothing while an entire office’s staff quits. I know disabled folks who have been raped, robbed and assaulted by Gov sponsored caregivers with no charges or contract changes due to cover-ups from a deeply corrupt social worker system and no advocacy to go to for recourse. My examples go on and on.

    Time and again the liberal accolytes are deeply hypocritical, corrupt and deceitful to themselves and those around them. Yet the apparent mass hallucination of joy and love persists among the victimized. Truly the responsible propaganda has been breathtakingly successful.

  7. Lou

    Is Stein getting the money from Hillary? Where the F does all this money come from?

  8. emsnews

    The Bilderberg gang, who else?

  9. floridasandy

    fascinating link about stein, mews. She is going to be keeping a lot of hat money-, sort of like the Red Cross does after a disaster. She will save it for future election reform, or so we will be told.

    It is really good that so much information is out there that it can’t be scrubbed in a timely fashion before people can see it.

  10. Christian W

    @ 8 Lou

    The money is the spinoff from looting the US Treasury ie the bailout in 2008. That bailout + fake markets manipulations enriched the elite beyond imagination and now they are using the money to buy influence in politics, academia, military, business ie everywhere.

  11. DM

    Stein money. Looks like it’s Soros money. Seems that there was a bot delivering the money at the steady rate of $160,00 per hour, every hour, 24 hours a day – even at 3am, 4am. etc. Piss-poor when they can’t even hire a decent programmer to move the slush around.

  12. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Worthy of investigation, isn’t it? And Stein is obviously easily corrupted.

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