The Washington Post Article About Illegal Alien Harvard Student Is Full Of Lies And Deceptions

The Washington Post has a typical article yesterday telling us that illegal aliens are good for the economy (if you are a boss, yes! A worker?  No.) and it is a tear jerker only it is full of contradictions:  I’m an undocumented Harvard grad. The election has left me broken. – The Washington Post


 My future has always been blurry. It’s an inherent characteristic of the undocumented experience. But when I got into Harvard University, everyone told me that my life was about to change: Your future is set. This was it. We finally made it. The American dream was within my grasp. Years later, my mom told me that on the night that I was accepted, my dad cried. Late at night, he turned to her and said, “Esto significa que yo hice algo bien.” This means I did something right.


It is very hard to get a scholarship at a major school so of course, citizens must stand in line behind illegal aliens. This is what illegal aliens are all about: they displace citizens.  If the object of allowing a gigantic tsunami of illegal aliens not only into the country but at the head of the line is to crush citizens, it is working fantastically.  Eventually, virtually no one who is a citizen is protected, no, the opposite is to break down barriers and dilute the business supporting citizens.


My Harvard acceptance proved it was all worth it: the blood that covered my dad’s hands after his long shifts, the tears my mom shed because she missed her family in Chile, the frustration they both endured from being unable to fulfill their full potential, all of the times they were humiliated because they didn’t speak English well enough or understand American culture. It was all worth it, my father was saying. I made it. We made it.


I have spent 17 years trying to fit in, since I was 6 and my parents brought me here from Santiago. “Vamos a tener una vida mejor.” We will have a better life. I bought into the idea of the American dream. I was told that if I worked hard, then everything would turn out okay. I did all my homework on time; I always raised my hand before speaking; I followed all of the rules. I have spent 17 years trying to prove my worth to this country. I was told that education was key, that once I got my degree everything would turn out okay. I was told that eventually the laws would change and everything would turn out okay.


In 2012, President Obama initiated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to shield from deportation eligible undocumented immigrants like me who were brought to the United States as children. That sense of security is gone.


One of many of Obama’s decrees not passed by Congress.  It was a trick to prop the illegal immigration door open.  Diluting US citizen voters by flooding the job markets with illegal aliens who are paid under the table or in other ways that hid the money from taxes, etc. these people have displaced US workers who did pay taxes to the government.


There was this big study set up to lie about all this and the US media giants ate it up because they love to lie about nearly everything:  Study: ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes | US News reported this last year.  What the hell?  Um, hate to break this news, I did construction for many years and this field is now totally dominated by illegal aliens…working off the books.  They certainly don’t pay any stinking taxes!  The entire reason they can underbid everyone else is due to tax evasion!  Paid in cash, they carry on and now control a great deal of that field in states where illegal aliens are in greatest numbers.


And pretending that illegal aliens don’t collect benefits is crazy, of course they do, via having children.


I’m not going to say that I’m undocumented and unafraid. Not yet. Three weeks after the election, I still feel broken. I still feel the knife that America stabbed into my back. To so many in America, I was not worth anything. Disposable, replaceable. My work over the past 17 years meant absolutely nothing to them. The laws have not changed; the attitudes remain the same. The abuse will continue and will grow.


I was deported from Germany for delivering a speech on a wall.  The EU and US constantly deport people.  I was arrested for talking about East Germany.  I spoke fine German to the point, I had to convince people I was an American.  Still, I was deported.  This young lady who came to the US when she was 9 years old is insisting she has a legal right to be here due to no one catching her and deporting her for coming into the country illegally.  The US power structure let her family break the laws because they represented cheap labor that would not cause too much trouble over wages.


Stopping this flood of cheap labor is life and death for citizens.  Huge parts of many US cities are now holding pens for useless populations who depend on bread and circuses and crime to stay alive and engaged while they burn down our former manufacturing giant cities and the flood of illegal aliens means the disintegration of society will worsen since competition for jobs continues to cause wages to fall further and further behind inflation and the rich get richer.


A number of commentators at the WP site hit the nail on the head when they all point out that Chile is actually one of the better off South American countries and the excuses given by the writer of this article are deceptive which is no surprise to me for the mainstream media lies about nearly everything these days.  I will note here that readers spotted all sorts of problems with the above article and vet various points saving me the time of doing the same.  One major point is, the young lady in the article was in the Huffington Post in the past, pushing for illegals to have more rights than citizens:

2:18 AM EST

You could go to any country and be successful with your Harvard Degree, but each of those will have laws which must be followed. Frankly, Chile is one of my favorites and you could re-enter even here, if you really wanted. I think that your writing skills could be put to good use as a fiction or advertising writer, almost anywhere. It is a lot better than counting those tiles and using all of that toilet tissue.


David Fishens
1:32 AM EST [Edited]

The Economist magazine rates Chile, in its ‘Lottery of Life’ article a better place to be born in than Japan, Britain and France. Chile is not just beautiful, it is the highest income country in Latin America, the Switzerland of South America.

If I were a Harvard grad and Chilean citizen, with deep cultural roots in the USA, I’d buy a plane ticket and go. She is almost certain to land a good multinational job with that profile. Its a big, big world in 2016 with a lot of exciting things going on, who knows she might like it more over there, and have a fancier and more successful life.

11/26/2016 11:58 PM EST
Very surprised that a Harvard graduate would not know that she needed to become a citizen or at least have a visa or work permit to live and work in a country. I know I and my whole family including our dog had to acquire official papers to live and work in Chile. Makes me wonder if the story being told is true. Another point is that I thought a Harvard graduate would be involved in some kind of politics or at least want to vote. How could she vote without documents?
The column makes me think that her Harvard degree was in writing fiction.


11/26/2016 11:53 PM EST

So why is Harvard accepting students who are breaking the law? Given that Harvard seems to add preferences to illegal immigrants (over legal residents), isn’t it time that we ask Harvard to show some accountability here?


11/26/2016 11:18 PM EST

Anyone put off by the whining, entitled tone of this illegal immigrant drama queen (who destroys whatever credibility she might have by claiming she used 27 rolls of toilet paper in a single night to absorb her tears) should see the piece she published in HufPo in April 2015! As many people who’ve commented here have pointed out, her beef is with her parents, who broke the law by bringing her to the US illegally 17 years ago, & who continue to break it every day they’ve remained here, as she has done since she turned 18. But as her WaPo article above demonstrates, she’s blind to the fact that her beef should be with her parents, because it’s so much easier & PC to pretend to have been “stabbed in the back” by the big-bad USA, which has given her unbelievable benefits in the past 17 years. In her HufPo piece, however, she not only holds her parents blameless, she makes them out to be “brave” & “heroic” – & she cites the fact that her parents have been driving cars without drivers licenses & without insurance during their time in the US as examples of their bravery & heroism! I kid you not. This young woman, whose careeer at Harvard has been spent as an activist on the behalf of illegal immigrants like herself, is clueless; & her HufPo piece along with this one show she has not an ethical bone in her body, & the academic standards at Harvard have gone way, way down in recent decades. If there was any justice in the world, she & her parents would be deported pronto. Here’s her HufPo piece, the title of which is, “Undocumented at Harvard – the real American heroes”:…


11/26/2016 8:24 PM EST
Why I am not sympathetic to illegal immigrants -I live in a swing state and work in the swing county. Like many other counties we turned from blue to red because 1. We are hard hit by the heroin epidemic – straight up from Mexico
2. All of our schools k-12 were rebuilt within the last 6 years but now we have a surge of Hispanic students, over 18 in just K) and classes are over crowded, there is no money to rebuild. 3. Our high minority low socioeconomic school system can’t afford the needed teachers/tutors to work with Spanish speaking only children but we are doing the best we can. 4 our city is broke and needs to cut over a million dollars – among the other cuts they said this week it will be police & fire fighters and this is at a time when we are having almost weekly shootings. The manufacturing jobs that are still around are now on a tier system so new hires are paid less. Our students don’t get to go to Harvard, but they are smart and hard working shouldn’t they have been given that opportunity instead of someone that is not here legally?


11/26/2016 6:10 PM EST [Edited]
Ms. Diaz: The more i find out about you the less I’m inclined to accept you as a Citizen of the United States. You’re playing us for fools. I’ve already provided sources to prove that you spent your time at Harvard acting as an activist on behalf of illegal immigrants. And an quick visit to your twitter account confirms that your intention is to educate other illegal immigrants on how to work our system to the max. Some of your information suggests a disturbing association with Black Lives Matter.


You make no secret of the fact you’re illegal in fact YOU’RE PROUD OF IT. Your Twitter Account proudly announces that you’re “Undocumented and Unafraid” which is at odds with your self serving piece in WAPO. I was astounded to find out from you that you’d applied to our Government to study OUTSIDE the Country and then return. You chose to go to your homeland Chile to see your relatives who you missed greatly. You had nothing but praise for Chile and contempt for the US in your open writing.


Your plea for our sympathy is disingenuous at best and immoral at worst. We’ve provided you with an education, shelter, protection, health benefits and you repay us by keeping the illegal flow across our borders alive and asking us to grant you and your family citizenship. You’re not a child, you know what your doing, you chose your path, now stop playing us for suckers by p-ssing on our shoes and telling us its raining outside. Thank you and you’re welcome for all this Country’s provided you and your family.


The last letter here nails everything down: this crying student is…going to university in Chile!!!  The Washington Post should have had an investigative reporter examine this lying lady who pretends all sorts of things to gain sympathy.  This is a major, major lie on her and the paper’s part and is unforgivable but then…the mainstream media lies about nearly everything, these days.


So far, as I write this story, a number of the comments I am publishing has been ‘red flagged’ by someone hostile who wants the WP to remove them and punish the people who wrote these fine comments.  I went back to look and the ‘red flag’ ones were gone already, in the matter of minutes.  The NYT has nearly eliminated the ‘reader’s comments’ sections and it is as rare as hen’s teeth there but the WP had allowed this but has been ruthlessly eliminating anyone who disagrees with the owners and editors so it will eventually be an empty echo chamber as so many sites are today.

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2 responses to “The Washington Post Article About Illegal Alien Harvard Student Is Full Of Lies And Deceptions

  1. Lou

    Thanks. I am against all immigration to USA and ‘anchor baby’ citizenship.
    At 350? million, USA population has doubled in 50? years.

    Did you know 70 million visitors pass thru USA a year? Many do not leave.

  2. Seraphim

    Illegals voted? There is no evidence, the Aussie media assured me:

    “US PRESIDENT-elect Donald Trump has lashed out at an effort to have the votes of key states recounted, claiming instead that he is the victim of massive electoral fraud.
    In a tirade of new tweets, Trump claims — without evidence — that “millions” voted illegally in the national election, and scoffs at Hillary Clinton’s nearly two million edge in the popular vote.
    And he’s revisited his campaign mantra of a rigged race even as he prepares to enter the White House in less than two months…”

    They said it on TV too!

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