Another Alien Does Muslim Terror Attack At Ohio State University


Was balding Ohio State terror knifeman really claiming to be 18? Questions over the age of Somali refugee who came to the US via Pakistan – and whether pretending to be younger helped him stay in America which is a very common scheme with the flood of illegal alien Muslim males pouring out of Africa and the Middle East.  This latest terrorist attack should scare all citizens.  We just had a difficult election thanks to illegal aliens voting in various ‘sanctuary cities’ which encourage people to come here and take over.  Cultural/religious issues are important to any nation for letting invaders in who hold views dangerous to the common good is not smart.


That is, letting in people who are swearing allegiance to a foreign power is highly dangerous and the worship of Mecca is, like its mirror next door, swearing fealty to Israel’s religious state, endangers our democracy as we can plainly see when Zionists use our nation as a tool for their alien ends, endangering us all.


My family has lived here for hundreds of years and the issue of ‘who do you swear fealty to’ has been a huge issue going way, way back to Anne, Queen of Great Britain. This issue was of highest importance to our Founding Fathers when they debated ‘what is this new country and how will we run it?’


The key issue back then was slavery.  Who were these people?  And this issue was not resolved except via a major war called ‘the Civil War’ and slaves were declared to be ‘citizens’.  Now we have a society whereby anyone can be a citizen even if they are breaking our laws via the ‘sanctuary city’ scheme which destroys the entire concept of ‘citizenship’ for one key element in becoming a citizen, for the last 200 years, was to foreswear loyalty to a foreign government and to swear to uphold the Constitution and laws of the USA.


This has been steadily undermined by people who want to be loyal to Israel, for example so it is ignored or even mocked and illegal aliens in this election openly mocked this by waving foreign flags and screaming, they hate our country and openly hope to wreck it so they can have their own country at our expense!  This is called ‘treason’.


Muslims are doing the same horrible thing, demanding to be in our nation while being allowed to be open traitors.  Last March, Obama: ‘Our Most Important Partners Are American Muslims’ and he chided us all about being worried that his program to bring over as many as possible, won’t cause us harm.


“As we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our airstrikes, our military, our counterterrorism work, and our diplomacy. And that’s the power of our example. Our openness to refugees fleeing ISIL’s violence. Our determination to win the battle against ISIL’s hateful and violent propaganda — a distorted view of Islam that aims to radicalize young Muslims to their cause.


“In that effort, our most important partners are American Muslims. That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans, and their enormous contributions to our country and our way of life.


“Such attempts are contrary to our character, to our values, and to our history as a nation built around the idea of religious freedom. It’s also counterproductive. It plays right into the hands of terrorists who want to turn us against one another; who need a reason to recruit more people to their hateful cause.


Obama is a newcomer.  He thinks, this nation was based on religious tolerance.  IT WAS NOT!  The people who came here like my own family were flying away from the religious wars in Europe!  Some of my ancestors were Puritans.  Others were political refugees.  My Huguenot ancestors were Protestants in Normandy, France, forced out when the Queen did the infamous St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.  They all paid a severe price for being Protestants.


Letting in Catholics was a huge move on the part of the new USA government back in 1840.  Integrating Catholics (my husband is Catholic and my ex husband is Jewish) was a tricky business still ongoing, fears that Catholics would obey the Pope and not the President has been an ongoing fear of divided loyalties for 150 years.


England, Scotland and Ireland are still at each other’s throats today over religious divisions.  The Catholic/Protestant wars that began in Queen Elizabeth’s reign still are a major current division issue in Europe, BIG TIME.  Adding the Muslim/Christian religious wars to that means…war.  Europe is far from united, it is highly divided and getting worse, not better.


Meanwhile, many Muslims have openly declared war on Christians and Jews and other people they hate, here in the US.  FBI: 10% of U.S. Mosques Preach Jihad and if you let in a million Muslims, that translates into ten thousand Jihadists.  We are being relentlessly attacked by native-born and foreign jihadists and yesterday’s attack is one of many, many attacks.


Obama at Islamic Society of Baltimore: “Muslim Americans keep us safe” and this has been the DNC mantra and is why the convention this year featured Muslims attacking Trump for talking about deporting Muslim terrorists and not letting in more terrorists.


Guantanamo prisoner claims Saudi Arabia’s rehab program for terrorists is really a front for recruiting jihadists | Daily Mail Online reports from England.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  The DNC dares to yap about women’s rights while at the same time, demands we import people who believe women should have no rights at all.


Obama’s Agriculture secretary: Dems need to talk to rural America | TheHill reports.  That is, the DNC constantly attacks white, Protestant males and even white Catholic males, to push for all sorts of other people and this drove them all to Trump.  Working class and rural males are Protestants and Catholics.


Our lopsided Supreme Court is half Jews and half Catholics.  And there are demands a Muslim be put there…while Protestants are totally locked out despite being half of the population of citizens.  This is a highly charged religious issue and I am on this frontier because my family has several religions in it so I am highly aware of all this it has a direct impact on my family.


All of them got their religious freedom from my Protestant ancestors who made the brave choice to have a multi-religious society instead of a mono-religious society like Saudi Arabia or Israel (Jews don’t let anyone else have any political power in their dictatorship, for example).


The Orthodox/Catholic wars in Europe are raging right now in Ukraine!  The confrontation with Russia and NATO has 100% to do with religious warfare there!!!  This is not a ‘small’ or ‘side’ issue, it can cause WWIII as can the raging wars between the Sunni/Shias in the Muslim world, the Jews/Muslims in the Middle East and so forth!


Obviously, this is highly, highly charged and the weekly Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe and the US are all being done for one reason and one reason only: to make religious wars inevitable, dangerous and highly destructive with the Muslims hoping to win via having more babies to replace their dead jihadists.


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Congress Just Announced MAJOR Plan to Stop Obama’s Muslim Immigrants

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also announced he wants a “a pause or a moratorium,” which is why the Senate will move quickly to vote on this same measure.

Speaker Ryan is determined to have to vote happen immediately, as this issue poses too great of a threat to America… We can not afford to wait for several weeks.

The problem is that Islamic countries which are at war keep limited, if any, records. There is no way for America to determine which refugees pose a terrorist threat to America. Unless that changes, ALL refugees must be denied entry!


‘Not My Fault!’ Merkel Claims Islamic Terrorism Existed In Germany Before Refugee Influx | Zero Hedge last August.  Today, after a series of even more terrorist attacks in Europe and with ISIS announcing they are going to double these attacks, Germany May Cut Funding To Cities That Refuse To Deport Illegals as Merkel does a 180 degree turn about on this issue.




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12 responses to “Another Alien Does Muslim Terror Attack At Ohio State University

  1. floridasandy

    Merkel is floundering now, but it is too late for her-maybe not too late for Germany if they pick new leadership.

  2. Lou

    The wanna be killer was a CITIZEN, according to what I heard on radio.

  3. Claudeeyah

    Obama is a newcomer. He thinks, this nation was based on religious tolerance. IT WAS NOT! The people who came her like my own family were flying away from the religious wars in Europe!


    What Obama believes is completely irrelevant. He marches to Israel’s orders, as do Mitch McConnell, and 90% of all of our Congress Critters. Traitors, all. The NWO folk have one goal and one goal only, the erasure of all borders and no more nation states. (except for Israel)

    Yet how to achieve this goal? Simple. Exterminate all European, white citizens and replace them with Third World aliens who will butcher anyone who does not share their belief in Sharia Law. Quiet the alarmed white populace by slamming them with cries of “Racist!” and “Zenophobe!” BTW, xenophobia is the word of the year….imagine that!

    These A@@holes are slitting their own throats, which ordinarily would not trouble me in the least, except they are taking me down with them. If they want Civil War, I sure as hell wish they had started it twenty years ago or so while I was still young.

    RE: Religious infighting….my own family on my dad’s side were Irish Catholic. A book, which was written by a Great, Great Aunt about my family, (her father), has several passages about how the Irish were terrorized in America during the mid 1800’s. Apparently getting murdered in the street back then on account of being Irish was not too far beyond the scope of happenstance in those days. And this is what we wish to return to, only now we are replaying the drama with our “Muslim friends”. Lovely……

  4. Moe

    Tolerance has no effect upon the intolerant. Civility no effect upon the uncivil. Moderation no effect upon the fanatical.

    The US (and Canada) need a pogrom: send the f#ckers back to the Middle East or wherever.

  5. Melponeme_k


    Yes, Irish immigrants had it very rough. But they did immigrate legally and they worked hard to assimilate.

    In regards to Catholicism, my education at parochial school was very much skewed toward religion. I distinctly remember getting the impression that England turning Protestant was a bad thing. That we Catholics were robbed and that Mary Queen of Scots was the rightful ruler of Great Britain not Elizabeth.

    Considering that, I think US Protestants of the past were very correct in worrying that Irish Catholics would heed the Pope over the US president. Luckily a bullet was dodged because Irish citizens were not interested in bringing over religious war.

    That is NOT the case with recent illegal aliens. Both South American Evangelical Catholics and Muslim Islamic Fundamentalists would very much like to wage religious war.

  6. Ken

    The OSU attacker was an idiot. If he had staged the attack on the crowd attending “The Game” on Saturday he would have had much greater media exposure and potentially killed many more white, Christian Americans.

  7. emsnews

    Ah, the Irish in America! They were needed for fighting the Civil War, by the way. And ended up being excellent citizens. Integrating waves of people is healthy. But NOT IF THEY WANT TO DESTROY US.

    That is a key issue. If the Pope said on the throne in Rome, ‘Kill all unbelievers and deliver America to me!’ my family would fight that to the death. That is a declaration of war.

    Saudi Arabia: guess what they say to themselves behind our media smoke screen? It isn’t ‘let’s integrate’.

  8. Christian W

    Religious warfare is only one aspect of what has always been Oligarch warfare. European history is the history of Oligarchs (including the Catholic Church) looking for more loot.

  9. floridasandy

    factor in the money that countries are taking for accepting refugees, and the money then then put out to get them to leave

  10. No no no must be a coincidence!… This certainly had nothing to do with his religious affiliation or with radicalization. Certainly he was upset with himself for giving hand-jobs like the Terrorist in Florida right?…

  11. Ridiculous… If the rest of the religions especially the Christians ordered a Crusade again we would probably wipe all the Muslims from the earth… its easy to terrorize a People or Religion when they don’t fight back!

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