Salem State U Professor’s ‘Art Exhibit’ Closed Because Of Leftist PC Hysteria


The ‘amazing art’ by a Salem State University professor who is attacking the KKK as Evil Doers only to bite the professor in the rear when students freak out. Salem State University, facing criticism from minority students, shutters art exhibit on election because it annoyed some students to see this, that is, the ‘activists’ who were core to the DNC election campaign.  They censor/attack nearly anything that shows up these days and the poor PC professor who made this stupid exhibit thought they would shower him with praise and kiss his feet, instead, they screamed, yelled and successfully humiliated HIM, shutting it down.


This news story doesn’t amaze me, this is exactly how the Maoist leftists operated way, way back when I was at Berkeley in the late 1960s.  They were loud, everywhere, and obnoxiously violently censorious.  They loved terrorizing leftists for this is their ideology: enforced group-think.  This way, the minions march in unison, waving the Little Red Book and shouting down professors which is what happened in China, nearly destroying the entire education system there way back in the late 1960s.


Garry D. Harley is no fan of President-elect Donald J. Trump. Harley, an artist from Lowell, Mass., says the rhetoric of Trump’s campaign reminded him again and again of efforts in history to demonize and subjugate black people in the United States and oppressed groups throughout history. So Harley was pleased to be asked by Salem State University to create works inspired by the election for an exhibit, “State of the Union.” The works were selected before Election Day and the exhibit opened just after.


The ‘artwork’ was stupid, lazy, obvious and one sided.  It didn’t examine reality nor challenged anyone.  It was so PC perfect, it infuriated the Maoists who dictate what PC perfect is.  That is, they were patrolling for something to whine about and found nothing since all traces of dissent on campuses has been erased so they went after the True Believers who ‘deviated’ from the religious dogma of Mao and lo and behold, they decided to choose this pathetic weakling of an ‘artist’ who was thrown to the PC wolves who were howling for more red meat.

Harley pulled no punches in his pieces, both of which are digital works based in part on historical photographs. For one (above), he took (with permission) a photograph of the journalist Anthony S. Karen and portrayed a group of members of the Ku Klux Klan, to show the kind of hate Harley believes has been given respectability by the Trump campaign.


HAHAHA.  Took him all of ten minutes to do, too!  Hard labor.  ‘I’ll make the KKK look stupid and the students will clap,’ thought the art professor.  ‘They will love me and adore my work and I will get a pay raise.’  Instead, they attacked him.  Instead of figuring out that he and his ilk created this monster, every time ‘educators’ get their heads ripped off by angry protesting students, they think they didn’t coddle or give more red meat to the creatures devouring them and so they beg them, ‘Please don’t eat me, I will find more food for your all, argh…yikes…OUCH…STOP IT!!!’


For another (at right), he worked with photographs of the roundup of Jews after the Warsaw ghetto uprising in 1943 to show the kind of inhumanity that can be unleashed by bigotry and hatred…


Another PC true belief moment: ah, the Holocaust.  Showing the end result, that is, Gaza strip children playing in ruins in the sewage with Jewish guards aiming guns at them all from huge cement towering walls, would have been quite provocative.  No, it was the nasty Germans yet again.  The Nazis were evil ethnic cleansers and the idea that Israel is run by the same ideology would force people to face reality.  But that is highly forbidden.  Now, though, even showing Israel propaganda pieces is a mess since Muslims are now being coddled by the left and they hate all this pro-Jewish propaganda so…it, too, is now verboten.


Almost as soon as the exhibit opened, students (in particular but not exclusively black students) started complaining to Salem State officials and posting objections on Twitter. The Klan image attracted most of the criticism, but not all of it.
Two representative comments on Twitter: “Why did Salem state think it was OK to put a pic of the KKK in the art gallery during election time?? [Shaking my head],” and (with a photo of the Klan artwork) “Salem State thinks this is an acceptable piece of art to hang up in their public art gallery …”


Yes, they don’t see this is tiresome leftist agitprop art, they saw this as endorsing the KKK.  This laughable inability to analyze the propaganda regime on the left is hilarious.  But being mostly very young and inexperienced children, it is understandable that they missed the obvious here because…they have a huge chip on the shoulder and are on the warpath to eliminate all negative information about black crimes and black social disintegration and don’t understand how eager beaver white professors who want plush jobs are pandering to the students, instead, they are like the proverbial bull seeing a red flag and charging at it.


Salem State first responded by trying to draw more attention to the artists’ intentions regarding their works. The university typically has a booklet in the middle of the gallery in which artists’ statements are provided. Officials said they believed most people weren’t reading the statements, so the university took the statements and posted them next to various works of art.


I would kindly suggest that most of the ‘students’ can barely write English twitter comments and reading comprehension isn’t their strong point.  In the hard sciences, one still has to have some education to get a degree but the liberal arts, no.  Being merely sentient lets people into that field of ‘study’.


The university also covered the glass doors to the gallery so that people wouldn’t happen to see an image without context. Further, the university posted a sign outside the gallery stating that the exhibit contained some work that could offend some viewers.


‘Lady Godiva is riding naked!!!! Shut the shutters, hide under the bed!  If you see her, you will be struck blind!’ HAHAHA.


An Apology From the University
The university then arranged for an open forum last week to discuss the exhibit. After the forum, at which students criticized the exhibit and talked about the pain it caused them, Salem State announced that it would close the exhibit for now and would consider further steps to take this week.


The administrators are conning the liberal arts students to pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn absolutely nothing. They are to be coddled, nursed, burped and diapers changed daily to keep them rolling up more debt money that they can never escape except, perhaps, death.  They are tools. They are fools.  The administrators don’t want these students escaping the sheep pen before being totally sheered.  And every year for the next 40 years, these poor kiddies will be sheered annually.


I don’t feel sorry for them all, they are fools who think running up huge debts for ten years is fun and then they will be hired by the wolves to work at sheering more sheep or ripping the throats out of sheep that fight back.  No, only handful get to do this and they are trapped and exploited by the wolves who keep them as ‘adjuncts’ and work them all to death while giving them very low pay so they are working as hard as sewer cleaners in ancient Rome (aka: slaves).


“We would like to apologize to those in the campus community who have experienced distress resulting from this exhibit. We are sorry. Yesterday’s conversation made clear the strong emotions this exhibit has caused,” said a statement issued by Mary Melilli, chair of art and design at Salem State, and Ken Reker, curator of the university’s gallery.


“Art is often intended to spark discussion about societal ills. In this case, it did just that, but we deeply regret the distress it has caused students,” the statement added. “We thank the students for sharing their views, and we look forward to working with them to determine how to move forward.”…


Poor babies.  Discussing social issues freaks you little monsters out so we won’t do this again, OK?  Have a sucker, suckers.  Remember to kick and scream and throw your toys out of the pram if anyone tries to teach you all anything…


Harley explained that he viewed his art as warning about the dangers of Trump’s rhetoric and that he viewed art as a tool with which to spread alarm. But he said that “the anger of the students sort of overwhelmed” what he was trying to say.
At one point, Harley said that, with mixed feelings, he offered to remove the Klan image if that would allow the exhibit to otherwise remain open, but he said that students rejected that idea, as there were other artworks that bothered them.
“I saw a lot of projected anger in the room, and it had nothing to do with a thoughtful understanding of the piece,” he said.


Brave, brave Sir Robin, HAHAHA.  He tried and tried to appease the Maoists and got kicked in the teeth.  Lessons learned: crawl on the belly before the students and ask them while panting like a beaten dog, to please not hit you anymore, you promise to sing the International louder next time.


Harley said that he thought Salem State was surprised by the students’ anger. Part of displaying art at a campus, he said, is defending free expression “and they weren’t prepared to do that.”


He wasn’t doing any ‘free expression.’  He was doing the usual tripe, the standard Leninist dogma agitprop routine and didn’t realize the Maoists hate Lenin more than they hate Trump.  He cannot appease them, he has to commit suicide to please them.  Comments from readers are amusing:


Zincwarrior • a day ago
The many ironies revealed by this story are delicious.
-University “invites artists to create works inspired by election” (translation, please create some hate filled art about the evil deplorables so we can feel good about ourselves).
-Art then gets hit by PC safespace crowd it was designed to please.
-instead of defending free speech in art (not from the intended targets, but from their fellow travelers), they cave, and remove the art.


Perfection achieved.Steve a day ago
In general, I support trigger warnings and safe spaces. But I think in this instance, Salem State went too far in appeasing offended students. Socially conscious art should provoke and often offend. It will often be interpreted as being in poor taste and in contradiction of mainstream values. In the tradition of liberal education, it should challenge the authority of “traditional” values and hegemonic world views. In this case, the university should have stood firm in supporting the art and the artists without necessarily supporting the artists’ intended messages.


The ‘trigger warnings’ and ‘safe places’ should be on the outside of campuses warning babies and toddlers to stay away from universities since these are dangerous places.  Since many of these are in dying cities surrounded by slums teeming with predator wolf packs seeking to destroy everything or steal everything or rape anything, dire warnings should be part of the campus street signs.


The #1 thing I learned in university was how to fight criminals when in school since they prowled all over the place and I had to deal with them on a weekly if not daily basis.  I consider this the best part of my education which made it easy for me to take over my neighborhood in Brooklyn when we were besieged after the  1977 blackout riots.


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9 responses to “Salem State U Professor’s ‘Art Exhibit’ Closed Because Of Leftist PC Hysteria

  1. KHS71

    Here’s another “Art” project. Hanging white people in California. From a few years ago.

    Did Garry Harley even think that the Clinton campaign put out the same political rhetoric by calling all of Trump’s backers “deplorable” and “racist”. It appears as if Harley can not think out side his own bigoted and racist mind.

  2. Jim R


    I can remember when they used to bulldoze ’em into big piles, scoop them onto dump trucks, and haul them to the edge of town, where they could sit in big piles until spring.

    Now they gotta protect every little flake.
    Must be the Global Warming, HAHAHA!

  3. emsnews

    Art was murdered long ago. The years pass and the ugliness of ‘art’ as supported by the super rich and the power elites, has become a joke. It is nearly uniformly ugly or violent or celebrates evil. Now, they are also a bunch of cry babies.

  4. Shawntoh


    “Subjective art on the other hand, is an interpretation of the artist, his mood, his feeling, his dream, his passion, his vision; it is a state of his mind. Objective art, meanwhile, is beyond the creator; it can be seen, felt, heard, dreamt; by anyone who comes in contact with it. G. said: ‘In objective art there is nothing indefinite’“.

    Either subjective or objective, which one would you like? I sense, feel, and think with my whole being that G. is correct. What’s beautiful in one period of art is ugly in another period. It’s just fashion unless it is objective constructed using tools such as the Golden Mean in the composition of the picture.

    The really old school painters did this, like Raphael– there are many others, known and unknown who did this and it probably originated in Ancient Egypt but was perfected at various places on earth in the politics of experience.

  5. Lou

    Do you remember the campus of Antioch, closed down and in panic?
    Someone with a white sheet was mistaken for KKK.
    Campus closed.

  6. Lou

    Remember Philip Guston? ‘Ku Klux Clowns?’

  7. Lou

    Yes, they don’t see this is tiresome leftist agitprop art, they saw this as endorsing the KKK. This laughable inability to analyze the propaganda regime on the left is hilarious.
    Did YOU read, ‘The Bell Curve?’ -Average Black IQ is 85.
    Dont expect much and you wont be disappointed.

  8. Lou


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