Former News Reporter, Stengel, Now Is Pentagon Pravda Chief, Attacks Alternative News People

Open the Pod bay doors, HAL. – YouTube–Our future.  I refer to this movie at the end of my news story today, have patience and read all the way through to have a laugh about HAL.


In today’s world, the truth is losing – The Washington Post is yet another pointless article from the poor bastards who have to work for and be ruthlessly exploited.  Writing easily ridiculed ‘news stories’ is punishing, ask anyone who worked for Pravda during the Communist regime in Russia!  ‘Pravda’ is Russian for ‘Truth’ and Russians joked about that for many years, cynically and bitterly.  Well, we get to do the same today with our ‘news media’ owners playing Stalin with us all.


Richard Stengel, the State Department’s undersecretary for public diplomacy, bluntly states the problem that has been worrying him and should worry us all: “In a global information war, how does the truth win?”


The very idea that the truth won’t be triumphant would, until recently, have been heresy to Stengel, a former managing editor of Time magazine. But in the nearly three years since he joined the State Department, Stengel has seen the rise of what he calls a “post-truth” world, where the facts are sometimes overwhelmed by propaganda from Russia and the Islamic State.


Amazing!  This creature being interviewed by fellow Pravda drones, is whining about how the  ‘truth’ can’t be told…when he, himself, moved from ‘reporter’ to ‘servant of Dear Leader’ so effortlessly.  These propagandists are so blind to reality, they openly admit moving from reporting about the government to being the government without batting an eye.


Note, too, how all the bad news about the crap our Rulers are doing, has to be exposed by Russia, according to them all.  As if all of us underground real reporters don’t do our own data digging or other typical things reporters do.  Not to mention, analysis.


What has ailed the US elites for several generations now is, due to hiring only tools of the elites, they have become utterly blind to what is really going on in the world.  These coddled creeps are so wrapped up in themselves, they have literally been screaming, ‘We are all going to roast to death in the Caribbean Islands and LA due to global warming!’ while the rest of us are buried in snow and freezing to death.


“We like to think that truth has to battle itself out in the marketplace of ideas. Well, it may be losing in that marketplace today,” Stengel warned in an interview. “Simply having fact-based messaging is not sufficient to win the information war.”


If we insert the word ‘Pravda’ every time this communist capitalist tool yaps, it would finally be ‘truth’ instead of a pack of lies.  ‘We like to think that Pravda has to battle itself out in the marketplace…’  HAHAHA.  What ‘facts’ are these clowns peddling, anyways?  Oh, Hillary was the Peace Candidate when she snarled that Russia has 4 minutes to nuke the US when she launches nukes to destroy the Russian people, according to the media owners and the Democratic Party.


I can easily believe how the Democratic Party became the Warmonger Party.  If my memory is correct, it was around 1964 when LBJ was President.  I spent my wild teenage years battling the Democratic leadership and then, when they went down the tubes, got to fight Nixon.


Stengel poses an urgent question for journalists, technologists and, more broadly, everyone living in free societies or aspiring to do so. How do we protect the essential resource of democracy — the truth — from the toxin of lies that surrounds it? It’s like a virus or food poisoning. It needs to be controlled. But how?


YIKES!  Pravda team leader meeting under the photo of Lenin!  ‘How do we protect Pravda from the toxin of the Trotskyite trash?  For younger people: Lenin and Trotsky clashed after the Revolution and Lenin won by killing lots of people and sending millions into Siberia.


Stengel argues that the U.S. government should sometimes protect citizens by exposing “weaponized information, false information” that is polluting the ecosystem. But ultimately, the defense of truth must be independent of a government that many people mistrust. “There are inherent dangers in having the government be the verifier of last resort,” he argues.


HAHAHAHA.  No kidding, my little toddler!  Stengel works for the State Department, the same organization I ran rings around when I was a teenager in Europe.  Being a propagandist before becoming a government drone, Stengel cannot see his blindness because all he sees is wall to wall propaganda.  This puts him at a severe danger when Reality comes in the form of a wrecking ball and demolishes everything.


Note how this clown sits there and the clown reporters record and publish the fact that it is DANGEROUS to have the media and the government be one and the same when Stengel is exactly that very thing!  Nakedly, no less.


It is interesting that these clowns mention George Marshall who was a general working for Roosevelt and Truman and was in charge of WWII Pentagon top brass.  He knew my father and was very involved in my father’s activities in Germany while he sought out the Nazi rocket caves.  This operation was so secret, all the details of it were classified all my long life.


And I dug up lots of these details, by age 21.  Tracked down the Nazis, met one of the former slaves who survived the horrors there and forced my father to tell me details.  Why was this so secret?  I was outraged that the entire and only reason by 1968 was…the government wanted to lie about the Nazis.  Period.  That was it, in a nutshell.


For none of the Nazis who did all the war crimes connected to the rocket cave business were punished yet all  sorts of other Nazis, even up to TODAY…are being punished for less. Yes, former Nazis are still being brought to trial at age 89 years old!  What gives?


Well, we needed Nazi rocket scientists so we gave them a massive ‘get out of the Nüremberg trials for free’ card.  And this sort of lying began way back before I was born and continues today and will go on when I finally die.


Our conversation took place in Stengel’s office, the same room that was used by Secretary of State George C. Marshall, a paradigmatic figure in the American age of reason. As Stengel observed, the problems of today’s information-saturated society would have been unimaginable for Marshall, who lived at a time when information was scarce and precious and when openness brought change.


Marshall lived through the 1950’s McCarthy era and my father was in great fear he would be dragged into that mess but Eisenhower protected him.  But many unfortunate people were dragged into that mess but not one of them were Nazi rocket scientists, either.


The media lied about many things in my youth and it was so bad, I finally got free of the misinformation net by using my father’s short wave radio he set up at home where I could latch onto it.  It was my Window to the World.  And opened my eyes very fast.  Anyone doing what I did and having the same revelations would be persecuted by the Government back then.


I got away with it due to being a mere child.  Until age 16, then it was open warfare with the government yelling, ‘Don’t listen to children!’


Now, says Stengel, social media give everyone the opportunity to construct their own narrative of reality. He recalls the early days of the Islamic State in 2014, when extremists used brutal imagery to terrorize people and recruit followers. The State Department’s early counter-radicalization efforts mistakenly were “tit for tat,” arguing with jihadists’ interpretation of Islam. A better strategy, U.S. officials learned, was to empower others who could make the case more effectively.


Citizens! Do NOT construct your own reality.  Big Brother does that.  Anyone doing this is a terrorist.


“The central insight was that we’re not the best messenger for our message,” Stengel explains, “because in the post-truth world, the people we’re trying to reach automatically question anything from the U.S. government.” As the Islamic State has weakened, so, too, has its media campaign. Messages have dwindled; recruits have disappeared; the “brand” has been devalued.


HAHAHA.  Vampires hate mirrors and so does Stengel.


Russia’s propaganda campaigns since the 2014 invasion of Crimea have been much subtler and harder to combat. That’s partly because Moscow’s goal isn’t to confront the West head-on, but to spread doubt and mistrust within. Stengel quotes Peter Pomerantsev, the author of “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia.” For a Russian leadership schooled on KGB tactics, Pomerantsev argues, “It’s not an information war. It’s a war on information.”


Good lord.  Stengel’s name is German.  Is he one of the Nazis brought over after WWII to infest our own civilization?  Sounds like it.  Yes, it is a war on information with the government colluding with the media giants to lie about nearly everything from international politics to the weather.


Stengel dissects the pastiche of fact and fantasy on Russian media outlets such as Russia Today and Sputnik this way: “They’re not trying to say that their version of events is the true one. They’re saying: ‘Everybody’s lying! Nobody’s telling you the truth!’ ”


HAHAHA.  And what, pray tell, are you telling, Stengel?  Note how this clown thinks that telling people to gather information from many sources, is evil?  Stengel wants citizens to hear only his version of ‘reality’.


Russia’s hacking during the U.S. presidential election had this aim of polluting the public information stream. “They don’t have a candidate, per se. But they want to undermine faith in democracy, faith in the West.” In the cyber-propagandists’ atomized, construct-your-own-narrative world, agreement on a common framework of factual evidence can become almost impossible.


The zero hard proof of any ‘Russian hacking’ has been cemented by the media giants and the government they control and serve.  Over and over again, Russia has demanded proof for all these accusations and non have been forthcoming and so everyone with a brain has figured out…only if they have access to other information services…that our government made everything up and is lying about Pravda.


How should citizens who want a fact-based world combat this assault on truth? Stengel has approved State Department programs that teach investigative reporting and empower truth-tellers, but he’s right that this isn’t really a job for Uncle Sam.


You dirty M…F…er A…S.  So, the government should not be doing this but is doing this?  Or are you a computer  robot and not a human so it doesn’t count that you are both media opposition and government employee?  What is it?  How can someone so nakedly lie and the two genius reporters can’t demand this question, how on earth can he even talk about ‘truth tellers’ when he is the person THEY should be grilling in a much more hostile way?


Instead, they write his ‘answers’ and ask no questions or bring up ‘conflict of interest’.


The best hope may be the global companies that have created the social-media platforms. “They see this information war as an existential threat,” says Stengel. The tech companies have made a start: He says Twitter has removed more than 400,000 accounts, and YouTube daily deletes extremist videos.


So, the two reporters are happy to hear from the government agent that this problem of citizens learning stuff that is verboten by our Dear Leaders is now in motion via censorship of anyone who disputes the Pravda of the Leninists.  And this insane article ends with a naked threat:


The real challenge for global tech giants is to restore the currency of truth. Perhaps “machine learning” can identify falsehoods and expose every argument that uses them. Perhaps someday, a human-machine process will create what Stengel describes as a “global ombudsman for information.”


But right now, the truth is losing. And we wonder: Which side will America’s next president take in the war on information?


Trump won’t win this war because wars involve killing people who annoy powerful people who have guns and other tools of mass destruction.


At the top of my story today is the fine movie, 2001.  Here is a side issue about the movie I find rather funny:  Zinzin | How HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey” got his name…and no, it’s not IBM minus one


Although it is often conjectured that the name HAL was based on a one-letter shift from the name IBM, this has been denied by both Clarke and 2001 director Stanley Kubrick. In 2010: Odyssey Two, Clarke speaks through the character of Dr. Chandra (he originally spoke through Dr. Floyd until Chandra was awoken), who characterized this idea as: “[u]tter nonsense! […] I thought that by now every intelligent person knew that H-A-L is derived from Heuristic ALgorithmic”.


Clarke more directly addressed this issue in his book The Lost Worlds of 2001:


As is clearly stated in the novel (Chapter 16), HAL stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer. However, about once a week some character spots the fact that HAL is one letter ahead of IBM, and promptly assumes that Stanley and I were taking a crack at the estimable institution … As it happened, IBM had given us a good deal of help, so we were quite embarrassed by this, and would have changed the name had we spotted the coincidence.


Also, IBM is explicitly mentioned in the film 2001, as are many other real companies. IBM is given fictional credit as being the manufacturer of the Pan Am Clipper’s computer, and the IBM logo can be seen in the center of the cockpit’s instrument panel. In addition, the IBM logo is shown on the lower arm keypad on Poole’s space suit in the scene where he space walks to replace the antenna unit, and may possibly be shown reflected on Bowman’s face when he is inside the pod on his way to retrieve the body of Poole (there is speculation as to whether or not the reflection is that of the letters “IBM” or the letters “MGM”, the film studio).


And…when the movie was made, IBM was…in very close ties with the CIA and the government, big time.  Back in the sixties, we all (kids whose parents were part of the secret government…we kiddies knew each other due to proximity at various times during our parent’s work projects) who were children of the IBM/government/Pentagon system joked about IBM’s spying on Americans and manipulating systems.


This is why we decided to use IBM machines to penetrate the systems!  It was hilarious fun for us all.


Poor Clarke!  He had to run off to Sri Lanka to hide in isolation and then dared to dispute with us telling the people that our fun fact that IBM and HAL are one letter away from each other in the alphabet.  Perhaps poor Clarke was  unaware of his serendipity event.  We thought it was appropriately funny and figured the gods did this as a trick on him and IBM which made things far better, how accidentally he and IBM created this appropriate name.


Magic!  Perfect moment in time when fact and fiction are twins.  Now look at these two letters and try not laughing cynically to death:



HAHAHA.  IBM was freaking out that an IBM computer would be blamed for the events in the movie, that is, taking over the space ship and then torturing the human!  So Kubrick had to assure them, HAL wasn’t IBM at all but something else.  HAHAHA.kubrick-thumb-615x844-109912

This letter shows that MGM was terrified that IBM would attack them for calling HAL an IBM computer.  This is why all the people working on the story or the movie including Clarke and Kubrick were so hot in denying that HAL was one letter away from IBM.  For then IBM would punish them…HAHAHA.  I kid you all not.


Sad, isn’t it?  No wonder both men ran off the rails after this movie.


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10 responses to “Former News Reporter, Stengel, Now Is Pentagon Pravda Chief, Attacks Alternative News People

  1. Melponeme_k

    One film theorist named Rob Ager (he makes Youtube reviews/commentaries) felt that Kubrick was deliberately pointing out the IBM affiliations most notably the Daisy song.

    Most conspiracy theorists think that Kubrick was on the run from the power elite. But that doesn’t make sense, because if that were so, why would he run to England, the very heart of the wasp nest? Still all of his films did make oblique critiques at the power elite. They weren’t so adept at ferreting out these sneak attacks. Now that they are aware, someone like Kubrick could never get away with half of what he did in the past.

  2. csurge

    Except Trump isn’t alone. That’s the problem that faces the elites. Middle management is in rebellion along with him. Half the spooks are on his side from what I hear. It explains why he has been able to get this far

  3. emsnews

    Both of you are right.

    Kubrick’s denials were due to naked fear. In England, he basically retired to the countryside and became less and less available, a hermit. Guess where I live?

    Same way.

  4. Jim R

    Kubrick filmed Dr. Strangelove in England, because the Pentagon would not help him in the USA, and might have gotten in the way. They had gotten information on the cockpit of a B52 from public images and such, but apparently it spooked the military weenies in the US.

    The Pentagon really hated him for that movie.

  5. Duski

    “Simply having fact-based messaging is not sufficient to win the information war.”

    Quite the opposite. But it takes time for lies to burn and illuminate the truth.

    Or, as Terry Pratchett put it: “A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”

  6. Jim R

    I think it was Mark Twain, not Terry Pratchett, who said that.

  7. Duski

    Jim R, oh, I read it in Pratchetts book, did not know that he already loaned it from someone else (or the idea at least). Well, I learned something again. 🙂

  8. Lou

    Guess where I live? You live ‘out of harms way.’

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