Where Is Wikileaks? Where Is Assange? Life In US/UK, the New USSR



Where’s Waldo in this picture?  And of course, where on earth is Assange and did he also get killed?


This video and story made zero news in the mainstream media but the internet’s wilder outlaying lands are discussing what happened to Assange this week:  Wikileaks Julian Assange Is BACK! Speaks About Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on October 26th, 2016 – YouTube. I tried listening to this video but the sound was as murky as this story and far from thinking Assange is OK, I am certain he isn’t able to talk to any sane humans, the CIA and the Bilderberg got their claws on him and he is now being forced to dance to their music.  Aka: torture.

Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised – YouTube

Of course, I cannot verify or challenge anything in this video.

What happened to Wikileaks?? New information about Assange and the organization – YouTube: Here is a young lady reading texts about the disappearance of Assange.  Obviously, Wikileaks is in serious trouble since the CIA/NWO gang has control of the systems now, quite likely.

Here is the controversial video recording of the voice of Julian Assange – IS ALIVE – Interview 27 Nov 2016 after he Disappeared – YouTube but its sound quality is horrible and I struggle to understand and failed so I have gravest doubts about this video being real.

WikiLeaks AMA: Reddit grills staffers over alleged pro-Trump stance


The online question-and-answer session – dubbed ‘Ask Me Anything’ – comes after WikiLeaks released tens of thousands of hacked emails from both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the personal inbox of close Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta.


If the WikiLeaks personnel running the AMA believed they would receive a warm welcome, they were mistaken. As one commenter noted: “This AMA is making you guys look really bad. WikiLeaks is starting to seem like the kind of organisations you claim to fight against.”


The session highlighted key contradictions in WikiLeaks: It claims to not censor yet schedules content for “maximum impact”. It denies Kremlin-linked hackers were the source of the Podesta files, yet claims it doesn’t know the identity of sources. It denies favouring Trump but sells anti-Clinton merchandise on its website.

Music I played while writing the rant below:  Schoenberg – Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night), Op. 4, for string sextet (1899) – YouTube

Major, major propaganda point for the Bilderberg gang/US rulers is, Putin did everything, the Russians can run circles around the CIA (HAHAHA) and other bizarre stories.  We are supposed to think this is the Cold War all over again.


I crossed borders and snagged my own share of hot wires during the Real Cold War back in the 60s.  I know that 99% of all the actions that move events and make things happen are utterly hidden from view and don’t appear in history books or in the news.


How many people believe a word I say here?  Few.  And rightfully so.  I am part of the Dark World of the Real Rulers and how crazy is that place?  Pizza, anyone?  The Assange business was to shine a light on this murky world and the price he must pay is to be erased or if unerasable, turned into a bad guy, I know, a Russian agent working for Stalin, I mean, Putin!


Yup.  And so the Eye of Mordor has been on this particular Hobbit for a month and has been blasting away hoping to stop Frodo from showing everyone the Ring of Power.  Assange is now invisible.  Will this make the Nazgûl more powerful?  This is their hope.  They want Assange to vanish forever.  Wipe him out of the news or demonize him.


Whatever it takes!  Unluckily for our Real Rulers, the other Realm, that is, Death, has its own ideas about all this which is why the Skull and Bones clowns at Yale should watch out, Geronimo and now, bin Laden, are waiting for you all on the Other Side, that is, where the Dead go to be judged.


More non-news about the now invisible hobbit:  Julian Assange Emerges In New Interview; Denies Rumors That “CIA Is Taking Over Wikileaks” | Zero Hedge


However, on Saturday, the concerned public may have finally gotten their answer when Julian Assange emerged, and gave an audio interview as part of the Free Connected Minds conference.


The first indirect proof of life came earlier today, when Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, human rights activist and writer, reported that he had “just got back after a long chat with Julian Assange. We were joined for a light supper by the ever interesting and ebullient Yanis Varoufakis. Another of those brilliant evenings that will live in the mind. Julian is very aware of the persistent rumours about his position or health. He is fine apart from a cold, and buoyed by recent events;


Subsequently, the FCM conference relased the full 1 hour recording of the conversation with the supposedly sick Assange, which can be heard below.


Many topics were discussed and touched upon by the (at times unintelligible) Assange, among them the manipulated role of the media – a sensitive topic these days, what the role of the West has been in creaing ISIS, the issue of public ignorance in society today.


More importantly Assange clearly states, 50 minutes into the interview, that his team remains in control of Wikileaks, explicitly telling moderator Youmna Naufal that “CIA taking over wikileaks is false.”


So, is this distorted, almost unable to hear words, voice real?  I can’t tell.  And why didn’t he talk about how he is imprisoned?  The conversation about this item or that item while ignoring the real important stuff namely, what the hell is going on in that embassy and where is he?  That hasn’t been answered at all.


The former ambassador, Murray: why didn’t he record his lovely visit?  Eh?  Why should I trust him?  My own parents played many murky roles when they ran all over the planet earth to every possible strange country, rare places, bumping int the Chinese army in the Himalayan mountains, arguing with Madame Mao, storming out of Saudi Arabia, running around Europe between the Soviet and US armies both shooting in my father’s direction at the same time?


The list of very famous people I have met and known in my life is extremely long due to my parent’s activities and yet all that is hidden, not one thing we have done shows up in the news especially my father’s work in the Nazi rocket cave business.  Secret!  TOP secret!


The hidden book of top secrets is ten times bigger than history books about things happening in the open air.  The Dark Arts Book of Turning the Wheel of History Undetected is the how-to manual I read and used all my long life.  Assange decided to go head to head with the Darkness while in public eye and now has to pay the terrible price for this deed.


I feel sorry for him.  I also thank him for doing service for the rest of us.  Is he still alive?  You can bet, the CIA doesn’t want him dead, they need to interrogate him and then wipe out Wikileaks.  This witch hunt is very serious.  The charming young people who took on the Forces of Darkness did so thinking this is a game.  But it isn’t, it is war.


Real war.  Look at how Hillary and Obama the Peace Prize Devil, talked openly about launching WWIII over Wikileaks and blaming Russia for Wikileaks.  Shades of Nixon!  His demonic spirit is laughing in Hell.


The deranged left that once loved Wikileaks are not thanking Assange for pulling off Hillary’s mask and showing her real face.  They want their delusions, so now they join the orcs in attacking Wikileaks, too.  Good lord.


The liberal internet giants are now Bilderberg gangsters and itching to stop the true internet from being an open place where no secrets can hide.  They want a secret, dark world they control.  And this control is insane and fatal and anti-human.


‘In French presidential elections, it will be Marine Le Pen’s to lose’ — RT Op-Edge:  the NWO news in the US is, don’t read RT news, they are evil.  But I can’t help it, I have to have real news so I read RT every day.  And yes, Marine Le Pen will win the French election and the wars raging in France will get much hotter because this is a fight for the survival of France as dire as in Battle of Tours in 723 AD.


But then, my own ancestors did the Siege of Paris (885–AD) soon afterwards and become ‘Normans’.  Uncivilized and brutal people…certainly changed France, no?  Invaders do that.  Well, here we are, “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you” which is what I have done all my life.


It should say, ‘Stare into the Abyss and it will yank you into its maw and swallow you because this pisses it off, greatly.’  It is safer to stare at an annoyed cat.  Maybe.  The Abyss hates Assange.  He illuminated its gaping jaws, its bloody teeth, its Dark Arts.  So he is doomed.  There is nothing we can do to save him, too many forces surround him and I have a great deal of experience with these many forces like the Scientologists in Hollywood pretended to be his friends (THAT WAS STUPID OF ASSANGE!!!) not knowing the very Dark Arts part of that noxious organization that goes all the way back to my own parents in Pasadena during WWII and covens that did black magic back then.


Our Real Rulers are now out in the open thanks to Assange and Wikileaks and to re-conceal themselves, they have to do many terrible things, they can’t kill everyone who now knows about them…wait!  THEY CAN.  WWIII will fix that!  And so we have much to fear.  This isn’t the first time insane rulers have driven millions and millions of people to violent, horrible deaths when they freak out.  The Abyss does this and has done this over and over again, read history while thinking, ‘Why am I reading about all these horrible people and so many victims?’


It never ends, does it?  And the clue here is: Power corrupts and absolute power is absolute evil.  It hates living things, it hates Reality, it hates Life.  It is a Death Force, not a Life Force.  Look at it!  What do you see?


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12 responses to “Where Is Wikileaks? Where Is Assange? Life In US/UK, the New USSR

  1. Christian W


    Britain now has far deeper, ubiquitous and pervasive surveillance than Stasi could dream of achieving in the old DDR.

  2. Seraphim

    Saint Vladimir was a Viking too, but he became a ‘Byzantine’.

  3. emsnews

    Correct. Note how the VIkings that left Sweden and Norway became rulers while the ones who stayed home became weak.

  4. hans

    i am not convinced he is dead. if he has been got at, then it will look bad for Trump, remember he used Wikileaks during his campaign to hurt Hilary Clinton. I pity the poor people of Ecuador who will have to suffer because of Assage and their country support of WikiLeaks, they are poor and probably threatened for complete currency destruction and embargoes.

  5. emsnews

    Of course, he is not dead yet. IF he is captured, he will be interrogated and then confess his sins and then encouraged, like the famous reporter of Iran/Contra…forced to commit suicide.

  6. hans

    just in, the cabinet of Ecuador have resigned and new one will be in place after the funeral of Comandante Fidel, maybe they were traitors in the cabinent. Strange goings on. I personally think he has been spirited out and laying low

  7. emsnews

    WHAT!!! I haven’t read the news since sunrise. Will check it out now…

  8. emsnews

    Russian news media has this story: https://sputniknews.com/latam/201611301047990650-correa-cuba-colony-castro/: Corea is still alive, according to this news story from 12 hours ago:

    Castro passed away on November 25 at the age of 90, as announced by his brother, incumbent Cuban President Raul Castro. Cuba received many condolences over Fidel Castro’s death from leaders around the world.
    “With the example of Fidel, the Cuban people will never allow to make itself a colony of the empire. They did not invade Cuba, because they knew they would not be able win the whole nation,” Correa said during a ceremony to honor the Cuban revolutionary leader.

    According to the Ecuadorian leader, today the peoples of Latin America are united as never before.

    “With you, dear Fidel, Che [Ernesto Guevara] [Camilo] Cienfuegos, [Hugo] Chavez, we have learned to move towards the creation of a world of justice, we swear to always struggle till final victory, Comandante” Correa said.

  9. emsnews

    After searching hard, found this story from 17 minutes ago: http://www.ecuadortimes.net/2016/11/30/president-rafael-correa-ordered-his-cabinet-ministerial-to-resign/

    before he went to Cuba funeral of Castro.

    According to sources from the Carondelet Presidential Palace, yesterday an internal meeting was held to define who will take charge of the campaign of the binomial of the Alianza PAIS party, made up by Lenin Moreno and Jorge Glas.
    The news that Vinicio Alvarado, who directed the AP campaigns in the past, would be the current coordinating minister of the Production, Vinicio Alvarado, ermerged.
    In recent weeks there have been three ‘casualties’ in the cabinet. Jose Serrano, Esteban Albornoz, and Augusto Espinosa resigned to run for the Assembly.
    Diego Fuertes, Freddy Penafiel, and Jose Cadena, in his order, were appointed by the president to occupy those offices.
    Source: http://www.eluniverso.com/noticias/2016/11/30/nota/5929543/presidente-pidio-renuncia-todo-su-gabinete-ministerial

  10. Lou

    Was Castro a Billionaire?
    Nice money, for a former Hollywood Movie Extra.

  11. Seraphim

    @VIkings that left Sweden and Norway became rulers

    There is a nuance here. The Vikings who became ‘Byzantines’ ended up as the strongest defenders of Byzantium (the ‘Varangian Regiment’) and eventually its legitimate heirs (Russia).
    The Vikings who overwhelmed the ‘West’ became the mercenaries of the Papacy and continued their depredations against Byzantium and contributed to the destruction of the Western Roman Empire. Read more closely the history of the Crusades.

  12. MadSklz

    Elaine….could you please have 1 article specifically related to ‘Where the Dead go to be Judged” and your thoughts about other realms?

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