Wikileaks Releases HB Gary Intelligence Secret Files After Government Prison Release of Texan Reporter Brown


The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia front page which is not all about the world at all, just the usual daily crap they spew mindlessly at this point.


A tale of two countries: the US was supposed to be the serious news/tell the truth nation and Russia the evil empire/lying about reality nation.  But lo and behold, it is the exact reverse and easy to prove.  The lunatic asylum US media world is utterly at odds with reality whereas the Russian news is serious, carries stories we desperately need to know and I rely on Russian news a great deal due entirely to the fact that it matches reality far better than the US media which is a circus hall of warped mirrors.


Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – has the usual garbage on its stinking editorial page.  Daily, at least two editorials are about how nasty Trump is and how we have to repudiate him and his army of deplorables.   I already tore up poor Ignatius, a rank Zionist mole, his ‘truth is Pravda news’ story.  Now it is time to examine why our media is so infantile.


Right now, there is this huge Pravda push to tell Americans, the clever, smart, literate Russians who do English better than our own people, are infiltrating everything and publishing fake news.  HAHAHA.  So let’s look at News — RT international and then USA front pages to see how nasty, silly and stupid the Russian media is:

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-10-08-36-am screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-10-09-36-am

Wait, serious stories about global and US challenges and war, situations that are dangerous to us all?  And then there is the huge, huge story that Wikileaks managed yet another blow on our corrupt, evil, lying Pravda crews who lie about the news so often, they should be open prostitutes, they do so much work on their backs with their feet or other parts spread wide!


So my story today is all about Wikileak’s story that…our spook government plotted to do nasty things to reporters who are  not whores working for the Bilderberg gangsters!


Thousands of leaked emails from a US cybersecurity contractor were published by WikiLeaks to mark the release of whistleblowing journalist Barrett Brown from federal prison. Among other things, the emails discussed targeting journalists and governments.


Emails belonging to HBGary Federal were first obtained by hacktivist collective Anonymous in February 2011. WikiLeaks published them for the first time on Tuesday in the form of a searchable database comprised of some 60,000 emails.


Murky news time: there is this online debate that Wikileaks has been seized by the CIA after Assange was cut off from the world.  I still have no proof of this but the release of this information today is interesting since Wikileaks sat on it since 2011.  Is this release a trap?  Or is it simply good political timing?  What is it?  I cannot say for certain, just suspicions rise due to what is going on in the news at this point in time.


 The release was dedicated to Brown, a Texas journalist who spent almost two years in federal prison for his work in reporting on the HBGary leaks and the 2012 hack of the private intelligence company Stratfor. Some 5.5 million emails from that hack were published by WikiLeaks between 2013 and 2014.


So much for ‘freedom of the press.’  As my news stories have shown clearly for the last several months, there is this major war on real news so that the mainstream media which is utterly corrupt and a twin of the Secret Government aka, the Bilderberg gang, has been howling about ‘what is real news?’


In January 2014, Brown was sentenced to 63 months behind bars for obstruction of justice, threatening a federal officer and being an accessory after the fact. He was paroled Tuesday.


Yes, I remember him.  He was set up.  One thing about our Real Rulers: if you battle them, if you step on their toes, never, ever lose your temper with them.  I deal with this by laughing at them.  It helps greatly.  They hate being laughed at.  Note how FBI and CIA agents are trained to never lose their cool.  It greatly amused me to be interacting with them and being quite composed the entire time, it irritated them greatly but in the end, they had to admit I did screw up their methodology badly this way.


Among the revelations contained in the HBGary Federal emails was the company’s proposal to spy on Russia using mobile telephony and wireless “sniffers,” hinting at capabilities of the NSA before they were disclosed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.


This is one of many reasons Snowden ran to Russia for sanctuary.  Unlike poor Assange, he found a real protector.  Putin.  This infuriates our Real Rulers no end and is one huge reason they hate and want to destroy Putin.


In a July 2010 email exchange, HBGary executive Greg Hoglund proposed “sniffing” operations in Russia, targeting cell phone operators Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) and Vimpelcom.


“NSA has all the collection resources you could imagine, CIA likewise has operatives coming out the wazooo. What they don’t have is an ability to manage complex campaigns,” Hoglund wrote.


HBGary CEO Aaron Barr built upon the proposal by discussing the plan to infiltrate governments and groups using social media, by setting up fake “personas.”


HAHAHA.  So that is why social media has so many really dumb fake personas!


“I will create a few personas for the executive members of the company so there can be some email traffic. You will at some point be able to use this guys [sic] accounts as compromised,” Barr wrote.


“If this looks too big we could probably pitch this as a whitepaper to either a large defense contractor like Mantech,” he added. After the 2011 hack and the resulting scandal, Barr had to resign, HBGary was sold to the Virginia-based ManTech, and the HBGary Federal subsidiary was shut down.


HBGary also worked with Palantir Technologies on a project targeting WikiLeaks and its volunteers, pitched to Bank of America before the whistleblowing organization released some of the bank’s documents.


Many moons ago in California, the Bank of America screwed up my student accounts.  I got in a big fight with them.  I forced them to correct things by being very, very loud when they tried talking to me.


Palantir, a big data analysis company serving the US military and intelligence communities, was founded by Peter Thiel – now a major backer of President-elect Donald Trump and member of his transition team.  Part of the strategy was to go after journalists who supported the work of WikiLeaks – specifically naming Glenn Greenwald (now editor of The Intercept and instrumental in publishing the Snowden disclosures).


Yes, the minute it looked like Trump was going to win, all the CIA spook operations began gravitating towards him.  It doesn’t mean Trump is safe, it means he is now surrounded by wolves a la Kennedy and others like say, Reagan who was nearly killed.


A December 2010 email from Barr to Palantir engineer Matthew Steckman gives a glimpse into how the presentation was put together.


“These are established proffessionals [sic] that have a liberal bent, but ultimately most of them if pushed will choose professional preservation over cause,” Barr wrote. That exact line made it into the presentation, which also contained a detailed dossier on WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.


Among the proposed strategies were “disinformation” and creating messages intended to “sabotage or discredit the opposing organization.”


“Submit fake documents and then call out the error,” the presentation proposed – a tactic used against WikiLeaks when it began publishing emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta in October.


HAHAHA.  That is EXACTLY the same schemes the CIA cooked up during the Vietnam War to discredit activists.  And it is sad, how many activists are destroyed by this process.  Because I was rendered ‘invisible’ this didn’t happen to me since I was…invisible.  But I was nearby while this went on and I do mean very near by, like in the same room when things happened or directly negotiating with the FBI over the fate of political radicals being hunted down that is, I protected them to some degree so they could negotiate.


The ‘submit fake documents’ game is OLD.  I remember it being played in the past.  I DID THIS MYSELF!  Honest to god!  Being still rather a child, I told everyone I was going to prove my phone was tapped at Berkeley, CA.  So I had a friend call me and I said, ‘Chairman Mao promised to give me $500.’  and then I deposited this amount in my bank account.


Next day, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about how an anonymous Berkeley kid got $500 from Chairman Mao!  I then gleefully visited the FBI headquarters in SF and chewed them out and then had the Chronicle pull the story.  Egg on more than one face.  Anyone who thinks the ‘fake news’ game isn’t played daily by our rulers needs to wake up: this is nothing new, it is TYPICAL.  Normal! Old hat.


Counterpunch’s top dogs, Jeffrey St. Clair – Alexander Cockburn have a good story about a matter that is dear to my heart:  The CIA and the Press: When the Washington Post Ran the CIA’s Propaganda Network.  The thing here is, ‘when’ is TODAY.  They certainly still run it.  This story retells the Gary Webb suicide.  He was a very brave and intelligent reporter in California who uncovered  the entire Iran/Contra mess.  His reward for his hard work was to be denied work, driven to bankruptcy and then he committed suicide under very suspicious circumstances.


My last conversation with Gary was about exactly that: I told him to come to my mountain, I would protect him.  He said, he wasn’t scared, ‘What more can they do to me?’ he said.  Then I got the news about his death.  It was devastating.  Cockburn and St. Clair were equally upset for they gave him the same offer, too.  We all wanted to protect him but he was in Silicon Valley and thought it was safe there.  It wasn’t.


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6 responses to “Wikileaks Releases HB Gary Intelligence Secret Files After Government Prison Release of Texan Reporter Brown

  1. DeVaul

    Just read on RT that Trump only uses tweets and twitters and facebooks to do foreign policy. I find the whole social media thing to be very strange (I am assuming it does not include email), especially since it is used widely by celebrities and billionaires. I’ve never used it and don’t understand it.

    The rural people I know of do not use social media either. They don’t have time for it and don’t have any use for it. I don’t see how they can keep up with what Trump is actually doing if he uses a form of communication that they are not using. He also said that he wants to shut down large parts of the internet to “protect America” and so forth. He plans to talk to Bill Gates about how to do it. Great. And now Mitt is his best friend. Where does it end?

    All of this comes from RT. I don’t know of any other news source now that is worth reading or can be trusted. After Al Jazeera was bought by an Arab prince, it faded away quickly as a reliable news source.

    The fact that RT is probably part of the Russian government is actually a good thing because no western or NCO corporation can buy it and shut it down. It is protected by Putin himself, which is why there are no articles making fun of him or criticizing his foreign or domestic policies. That does not mean it is not telling the truth about what WE are doing.

  2. emsnews

    Al Jazeera is still better than NYT, WP, NBC, etc.

  3. Lou

    I’ve never used it and don’t understand it.

    Tweets are for twits and those over age 50 grew up before the web was ‘in.’
    By 1990 or so, high school students were usually PC savvy.
    Then in the 1990s ‘The Web’ became ubiquitous.
    What TV did to peoples attention spans was less bad than what cell phones and texting did.

  4. Lou

    Off topic BUT I cant resist. CBC [clinton body count] grows,
    Dick Morris comments,

  5. Jim R

    Morris has put on a little weight since the ’90s…

  6. Jim R

    Just noticed this in the ole Twittier feed:

    Ominous sign … did not know she was into this stuff.

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