Super Cold Wave To Hit North America Except For Los Angeles



We already had over 2 feet of snow before Thanksgiving and then it all melted yesterday.  Just in time for another major blast of Arctic cold.  The global warmists have so little understanding about how the sun and weather works, they think we all live in LA or Miami.  El Nino is long dead and we are in a classic cold cycle again.  They can’t tell the truth about the weather or anything in our major media and political class.  They claim, it is super hot and we are all going to roast to death.


Brutal Cold to Blast Eastern Half of US, Challenge Records in Midwest like…-40 F for some places in the Midwest!  I have lived in a tent when it was that cold and we took turns sleeping at night to keep all the animals and ourselves from freezing to death.  That is deadly cold, I assure everyone.


It has been unseasonably cold in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere: UK weather: Country wakes up to a coating of ice after temperatures plunged to -10C with ice covering everything.  TEN major highways in northeast China closed or restricted due to snow and Iran – Snow damage in Gilan Province 89 million USD and Snowfall in Saudi Arabia which is exceptionally rare.


It is snowing in Africa, too:  Snow threatening villagers in southern Morocco with starvation as well as in the rest of the Middle East:  Iran – Snowfall causes billions of dollars damage to crops.  Japan, too, has record snow for this time of year.  I see a pattern.


Hottest year ever!  Frankly, that is exactly what our ‘experts ‘ are claiming.  I would think they might get lynched if they announce this outside of Los Angeles, the only place they would be applauded.


Unisys Weather – Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly – Current shows the blue rippled of a classic La Nina in the Pacific and a big cold blob between Siberia and California.  Fun times for everyone.


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20 responses to “Super Cold Wave To Hit North America Except For Los Angeles

  1. Jim R

    Happens frequently this time of year. ‘S called winter.

  2. ziff

    This is the GW arguement; re angstrom found that increasing co2 in a tube did not affect IR transfer and so GW was not an issue.
    ”Nobody was interested in thinking about the matter deeply enough to notice the flaw in the argument. The scientists were looking at warming from ground level, so to speak, asking about the radiation that reaches and leaves the surface of the Earth. Like Ångström, they tended to treat the atmosphere overhead as a unit, as if it were a single sheet of glass. (Thus the “greenhouse” analogy.) But this is not how global warming actually works.

    What happens to infrared radiation emitted by the Earth’s surface? As it moves up layer by layer through the atmosphere, some is stopped in each layer. To be specific: a molecule of carbon dioxide, water vapor or some other greenhouse gas absorbs a bit of energy from the radiation. The molecule may radiate the energy back out again in a random direction. Or it may transfer the energy into velocity in collisions with other air molecules, so that the layer of air where it sits gets warmer. The layer of air radiates some of the energy it has absorbed back toward the ground, and some upwards to higher layers. As you go higher, the atmosphere gets thinner and colder. Eventually the energy reaches a layer so thin that radiation can escape into space.

    What happens if we add more carbon dioxide? In the layers so high and thin that much of the heat radiation from lower down slips through, adding more greenhouse gas molecules means the layer will absorb more of the rays. So the place from which most of the heat energy finally leaves the Earth will shift to higher layers. Those are colder layers, so they do not radiate heat as well. The planet as a whole is now taking in more energy than it radiates (which is in fact our current situation). As the higher levels radiate some of the excess downwards, all the lower levels down to the surface warm up

  3. ziff

    Those are colder layers, so they do not radiate heat as well.” does that make sense ?

  4. Lou


    Its 40 degrees in Southern California, some nights.

  5. Lou

    May-November was VERY hot in Southern California. Like 90
    degrees in November. Hot at 8am in November. Then, in a few days, winter showed up.

  6. ziff

    ”adding more greenhouse gas molecules means the layer will absorb more of the rays”

    but angstrom showed that isn’t true ??

    talking to my self

  7. ziff

    but it turns out back radiation does exist , so much for ‘violating the 2nd law of thermdynamics


  8. Lou


    Melting Ice / U.S.A. (Artist: Danfung Dennis) — Al Gore takes viewers on a transcendent exploration into the devastating consequences of climate change on Greenland’s ice sheet. Stand under collapsing glaciers, next to raging rivers of ice melt and witness rising sea levels—all visceral warnings of our planet’s future. Cast: Al Gore, Dr. Konrad Steffen. NEW CLIMATE

  9. More reading , this stuff gets beyond my reading level fast but the jist of GW is that the behavior of co2 changes with air density and temp which is how angstrom and Koch got it wrong . The popular view is that it is all about stratospheric co2. If you want to be a climate skeptic you had better be a real scientist with evidence. Or find fault with the temp data.

  10. emsnews

    And they tamper heavily with the data!!! That is the entire problem. It has never been hotter than the 1930s at any time!

    It was definitely warmer in the last 30 years than during the Ice Age scare of the 1960-1980.

    And it isn’t hot now on this planet, it was cold this ‘winter’ in the southern hemisphere which is our summer and our summer wasn’t all that hot at all and winter has come before Thanksgiving which is another big sign on the road telling us that the brief global warming is done and the #1 reason is: Few Sun Spots!!!

    The sun is the thing that warms us up and any change in energy output hits our climate hard.

  11. John F

    Hey Ziff

    Good to see some science coming to the debate.

    Generally I am inclined to defer to experts – it would be irrational not to. Since being introduced to the sKeptic side of the argument I have become aware of what a vastly complex science this is. Also of a number of features of the science which call the consensus into question, at least for someone with my limited knowledge.

    I am not impressed with percentages of scientists on song. That tends to refer to tenured scientists, and having a heretical standpoint is career death. I know economics is not a real science, it just masquerades as one, but the globally dominant school of economics is the neo-classical school which has been shown to be a largely useless ideology with scant predictive capacity. A more nuanced account of how this nonsense came to dominate academia can be found in Econocracy which comes from the rebel movement of economics students.

    Of course a bounded and controlled global experiment on climate is impossible – as is a bounded and controlled macro economic experiment. Here would be my basic experiment to study the effect of CO2 in isolation.

    Two evacuated chambers, sides cooled and maintained at constant temperature. In each a glass sphere containing nitrogen and a known percentage of CO2 and an iron ball on which a light is targeted. Spheres rotate once every 2 minutes to represent a day. Temperatures of iron ball and surrounding gas monitored. Is that hopelessly crass – has it ever been done?

  12. ziff

    then vary the amount of co2 and you would have to vary air density . reading about some of the experiments,its beyond my level [ actually its the mistake of trying to digest it all in 5 min lol ] .
    What sticks in my mind is the claim that the colder air above slows heat loss? If you want to cool something off fast you put it ,,,, ?
    One of the commentors @ realclimate [ alistair] thought that at that height 9-10 km co2 would lose energy to other molecules in collision before it went the long way to ground. plus its high and cold the the amounts of co2 are tiny its hard to see what all the fuss is about. In that guys home experiment above he measures sky back radiation but there is no way to tell if its coming from high altitude.

  13. Jim R

    Northern Hemisphere, December. Here is a report from someone on the ground. Good thing you live on a mountain, Elaine 🙂

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