Washington Post/Amazon.com Accuse Trump Of Using Traditional Campaign Methods


How marketing helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election – Washington Post is yet another of the endless anti-Trump stories published by Amazon.com.  Already, there is an online move to boycott Amazon.com and Bezos because of this moronic activity.  Today’s story is screeching about how clever Trump is (in that it is nefarious and nasty tricky stuff) by doing TRADITIONAL campaigning for office!  So, clever, devious Trump held traditional rallies?  Wow.  Genius.  I thought this is exactly how one runs for office, no?  Obviously, our ruling elites think this is unusual and bizarre.


Even trickier, according to the Washington Post Amazon.com crew, was that Trump took the trouble to see what voters wanted.  And worse crime of all, viewed them as ‘ethnic’ and do note that the Amazon.com reporters were very careful to not mention ‘race’ but then, their candidate ran on race/ethnic foreign privileges issues, that is, Hillary and her gang wanted to punish white males while giving out goodies to black voters and illegal aliens voting illegally.


The WP evidently think that it is OK to run based on race and coddling foreigners but appealing to citizens who are not black or Hispanic is evil.  And frankly, this is what is creating very bad conditions for a civil war.  The left thinks this pandering has no downsides.


It has huge downsides.  For black people, it means living in destroyed communities, social isolation as their family structures collapse to ground zero and high crime and high murder rates generated by themselves.  Zero help stopping this internal social collapse, more of the same is the solution.


This is the end result of pandering to people.  Black voters are victims of this system, they were handed goodies for years,  nonstop, with zero responsibility and now it has caused a moral collapse that is epic in nature and hard to recover and regain self-respect and a sense of moral focus on children and preservation of one’s home.


The Amazon.Washington Post continues the madness:


Translation: Trump communicated directly with voters using typical online systems which we all use all the time.  Duh.  Hillary probably doesn’t know how to use the internet since she is somewhat brain damaged.


The rest of the article avoids mentioning how the mainstream media boosted his voters because of their nonstop, often suicidal and stupid attacks on him.  I don’t agree with 90% of what Trump does but I am 100% against Hillary because she is a war criminal who is part of an international conspiracy to rule us and remove our freedoms and who have stripped us of our industrial base and ran up our national debt so I have 100% reasons to not vote for her.


Washington Post Names Drudge, Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton “Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools”  is the other fake story from the Amazon.com California crew.  These monsters want to be McCarthy.  The entire DNC is aping McCarthy now.  This is pure evil, I still remember my confusion and fear as a child when the McCarthy gang went after various people which caused my father to become fearful, he would be attacked, too.

‘Fake news comes from our own govt’ – Ron Paul – YouTube: Ron Paul clearly states what is going on.  Note how the DNC and the media giants are either silencing or openly attacking everyone who opposes them.  Ron Paul is 100% antiwar and thus, has been attacked by the Bilderberg gang for years and years.


I will note here that he is appearing on my favorite news source, Russian TV.  Well, this is due to that station being in opposition to the Bilderberg gang.  Naturally, our Pravda/Amazon.com gang will use this against Ron Paul but as each year goes by, more and more Americans are watching RT for news because their news is closer to reality.


REVEALED: The Real Fake News List – Ron Paul Liberty Report as Paul strikes back at our media gangsters:


PAC Releases Evidence Backing Trump’s Claims of Mass Voter Fraud in 2016 Elections which is no surprise to me.  Yes, illegal aliens voted in huge numbers in California and NY, my home state.  I greatly resent aliens imposing state government on me.


By the way, Ron Paul is like me today: no one at the top mentions him anymore except for this hysterical blast about how he is an evil news service!  And I got left off that list published several days ago about who is an evil outsider.  Damn.  Here is the last most recent story about Ron that I could find:  Ron Paul signed off on racist 1990s newsletters, associates say – The Washington Post reported four years ago.


Hillary got a free run so she could call white working males ‘deplorables’ and other names and the rest of us took off with that meme and turned it into a badge of honor but Hillary and the Bilderberg/Amazon.com gang were trying their best to paint everyone else as evil while they indulged in racist talk and yes, it is racism if one attacks anyone due to skin color black OR white.


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13 responses to “Washington Post/Amazon.com Accuse Trump Of Using Traditional Campaign Methods

  1. Jim R

    There is a funny thing that happens when a newspaper starts publishing lies. It eventually dawns on the readers.

    And as word gets around, eventually nobody cares what that newspaper has to say any more.

  2. emsnews

    I have decided to call the Washington Post the WP/Amazon.com rag. Keep reminding everyone who our enemies are.

  3. billibaldi

    Dear Jim, at the end you have what the Russians call the Andropov Moment. The elites, the nomenklatura still believe the propaganda but nobody else does. Worse the people start to ignore the elites and act in contrary fashion. Entertainment showing rich people behaving badly like “Dallas” and ” Dynasty” doesn’t end up reinforcing Communism but leads to its repudiation.

  4. billibaldi

    Imagine what a teeth-grinding moment it must have been for a Mr Mort Zuckerman, property developer and owner of the NY Daily News, that part of DT’s strategy was to be on front page next to Kimmy K and sister witches, so DT could enjoy the publicity. (Bad things happen to men who cross the Kardashians, good luck Kanye).

    The Amazon news article misses the fact that DT did his home work. He researched his market and ddtermined the weaknesses of his competitors. He knew a man of his age could run for president. Reagan did. He knew he wasn’t going to get all the votes but he knew he had to get enough and how to get them.

    I agree with you Elaine, the best thing about DT is that he is not the duchess of Mena.

    This is what I expect from DT, not a flowery and it will always be be about the kids.

  5. emsnews

    I beat Trump at his own gambling game! He doesn’t like to lose and I hate losing so I was very happy back then. HAHAHA.

    Hillary was a con artist. She and her gang which I call ‘The Bilderberg gang’ are international looters. Stopping her was vital.

  6. Christian W

    Bezos is worth some $67 billion now… yet he imposes such cruel work conditions on his Amazon staff (including “continual performance improvement algorithms”) one worker jumped off a 12 storey building recently.

    Boycott Amazon.

  7. Christian W

    Hillary was a con artist. She and her gang which I call ‘The Bilderberg gang’ are international looters. Stopping her was vital.

    Yeah, but I am not sure the alternative will be any better. There only seems to be neocon nutcases and crooks to chose between when it comes to staffing the US cabinet.

  8. Seraphim

    It is stupefying to hear that doing things the way they must be done is evil!

  9. emsnews

    Well…this has been going on for a long, long, long time. But then, the British ‘royals’ have, too. And look at them all! White trash.

    The royals want another pay raise of 66%. Wow.

  10. Lou

    I have read of Reno Nevada camp groups full of Amazon seasonal workers.
    Living in vehicles. Grueling foot work in warehouses.
    Typical Leftist, is. He is for Gay Marriage. Wow.

    Bezos is worth some $67 billion now… yet he imposes such cruel work conditions on his Amazon staff (including “continual performance improvement algorithms”) one worker jumped off a 12 storey building recently.Boycott Amazon.

  11. Petruchio

    I can’t help but notice that the local newspaper just raised it daily copy price! When you think about it, that’s hard to believe. Usually when readership drops–and drops and drops some more, that triggers price DROPS. It seems our media elites don’t like the Free Market too much.

  12. Lou

    From your ‘stupid conservative,’

    And silence from WaPo.

  13. Jim R

    Just one guy?

    Lou, if they went after only the ones from the Podesta emails, they’d need a bus to round them up in…

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