Worker Jumps Out Window After Bezos Torture Program

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A distressed Amazon employee sent out an email to hundreds of co-workers criticizing the company before leaping off its Seattle headquarters in a failed suicide attempt.The unidentified worker, who had been placed on an “employee improvement plan,” jumped off the 12-story building in the downtown area Monday morning and survived the fall, Bloomberg Technology reported.Before taking the plunge, the worker sent out a mass email to Amazon employees, including CEO Jeff Bezos, saying how he was displeased with the company’s recent handling of his transfer request, according to the news site, citing an anonymous source.


Amazon Worker Jumps off 12-Story Building After Being Put on Big-Brother-Like ‘Performance Improvement Plan’

AlterNet – 3 days ago
An Amazon worker was injured in a suicide attempt after jumping off a 12-story
company building in Seattle, reports Bloomberg. Authorities did …

I expect Washington Post workers especially the editorial page clowns, should look very carefully at their new boss and his belief that they all are slaves and better obey this Democratic Party Dictator. Hillary’s close buddy, Obama’s best friend, Bezos has gone to the White House more often than Obama’s golf instructor.


The Washington Post Goes Silent on Labor Abuses After Its Owner Buys Them Out | Alternet in October, 2015.  Guess what?  This week’s story is missing at the WP, too.  The staff there probably knows about this news but no one would dare to publish is.  This is why, in the last 2 years, the WP has become utterly useless for news but very useful to shining a light on how the elites warp reality to fit their World View which is…we are all slaves and disposable.


This evil man, Bezos, has bought the Washington Post and turned it into a DNC propaganda rag.  And Bezos is a Bilderberg gangster who wants no borders for the rest of us so he can exploit markets and labor and use both with brutal efficiency for himself.  He is, in other words, a monster.  Boycott  I never use it, myself.  Never.


In 2014 a former Amazon employee wrote to Gawker about these euphemistic corporate tools. “I would not want such a thing to happen even to my enemy,” wrote the worker, who broke down the details of PIPs:


Yes, they have code names for various punishments and torture for employees.  Amazon’s Perpetual Insult Program is designed to destroy humans.  He sits in his headquarters, happily pulling wings off of flies in between torturing his staff.


In Amazon, PIP is being used as a tool to fire employees. That is, once you are into a PIP you can be sure that you would be made to quit within a maximum of 3 months.


Or worked to death.  Illegal aliens working in farms across liberal California have it better than this.


Before going into the details of PIP, I want to share the confusion I still have regarding the eligibility criteria of PIP. As by the name, PIP stands for ‘Performance Improvement Program’. But all the people who were into PIP from my team are super performers. They are all brilliant and experts in their own area of work. To be precise, they are all candidates who deserve a promotion. But it was a huge shocker to all when they were told that they need to take up a PIP.


Yes, it is always a shock for highly educated, smart people to discover they are actually disposable slaves.  I will note that California went for Hideous Hillary in a Huge Way and so I guess, they want to be slaves and are too stupid to figure out the obvious.


In Amazon, when an employee is asked to sign a PIP, he or she is not allowed to disclose it to any of the team mates. In case they disclose, and if the manager comes to know of it, the employee would be terminated on the basis of ‘Compliance Issue’ for sharing confidential information !! So employees doesn’t share it to anyone. And also in most cases they feel ashamed to share it to others. Hence the concept of PIP remains a secret to most people until it happens to them….


Obviously, Bezos was made to read Nineteen Eighty-Four and thought it was an excellent model for running a business.

Amazon’s image suffered a serious blow last year when a New York Times story on the company revealed a cutthroat culture that pushes employees to the brink. “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk,” a former employee told the paper.


In response to the report, Jeff Bezos sent out a memo to all employees. “The article doesn’t describe the Amazon I know or the caring Amazonians I work with every day,” he declared, “But if you know of any stories like those reported, I want you to escalate to HR. You can also email me directly… Even if it’s rare or isolated, our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero.”


Oh yeah…right…the employees are going to tell him he is making them all cry.  Right.  HAHAHA.  This is how evil people become monsters.  The fact that this creep DENIES this happens after it makes the news means he is determined to keep up his regime of terror and anyone disputing him will be obviously tortured and then removed.


He is so horrible a monster, he thinks that denying people are committing suicide at work, even, is OK and normal for us humans (he is no human) and anyone accusing him of being cruel is wrong but of course, his poor employees can tell him otherwise but since even world reported news that they are jumping out of windows in despair…doesn’t move this monster’s heart even slightly.


Boycott  Thank you in advance.


I just found this: Amazon Worker Jumps off Building After Being Put on Big-Brother-Like ‘Performance Improvement Plan’ | Alternet

Akira1643 • 16 hours ago
WARNING – Insider Amazon Perspective
My first job post college was as a temp worker (I never learned about this concept in college) in HR at I had worked three jobs at my time in business school so I thought I would be prepared. That was far from true. While the team was nice you could obviously tell people were overworked. I even witnessed some people on my team crying during work hours.
I was hired along with several other temps with more work exp/education. One temp always kept looking over my shoulder to see if I was doing better than her. Competitive culture is an understatement. Behind the veneer of a smile is a self-serving high performer that makes sure you don’t get ahead.
Since this is about PIP’s I’ll talk about that.
I saw so many internal PIP’s at Amazon. Few came back from them. I can truly say they are the last nail in the coffin. If you get one you might as well think you are fired (for In my case as a temp I didn’t need to get a PIP. It was even more brutal: I got fired without warning.
I recall my team splitting into two. Both managers sat us all individually in a meeting to announce which team we would end up in. I knew something was off when the manager whose team I would be on couldn’t even look at me. I asked if there was anything I could do better and got no response.
Less than two weeks later I was unceremoniously fired. I remember saying goodbye to my firing manager. I went to get my bike in the bike locker, but my badge wouldn’t work. I naively thought it was due to the team split. I asked security. They told me to talk to my manager. I called everyone on the team. No one responded. I waited on the day of my baby sister’s birthday until someone came out that had bike locker access. Some HR people came out and helped me. While one was running in to get someone the other asked if I liked my job. I said it has been alright. Another flag.
One of my full time coworkers came out with a smile to help me. I got home rushing to my sister’s birthday. I quickly told my roommate what happened and he said “Dude I would think I got fired.” I laughed it off and said, “No way man I have been working 45-50 hours a week there. I haven’t heard any indications of a fire.” I then got a call from the temp agency w/ three measly lines of feedback.
Shocked I called the other manager that hired me initially and didn’t fire me. Thankfully she spoke to me on the phone. I couldn’t even collect my stuff before leaving so she had to mail it to me. God bless her for even speaking to me for 30 minutes, but shame on them for not even warning me. Tossing me aside like a piece of trash. If I had any less integrity I would have kept the Amazon laptop full of offer letters, interview notes, employee social security numbers, etc. I had on me that day.
What was I supposed to tell my baby sister on her birthday? Your big brother is a failure? What was 4 years of business school worth if I couldn’t even do the least complex business job in the business (HR)? What am I worth? What am I going to tell my family and friends? What am I going to tell future employers? Do I lie? Do I just avoid the subject? Do I hope they don’t bring it up? Will anyone even hire me?
For months I was distraught. No, hopeless was more like it. I had to update my LinkedIn with my HR job that I no longer had. I felt it was snarky that some of my former team members liked that update, but never reached out to me.
To Amazon’s credit – one person did reach out, added me to her Snapchat and greeted me with a warm hug every time we crossed paths at concerts and such. Some teams are actually great, but many are stressed as hell due to the nature of the work. Stress and money change people. The offer letter structure is such that you get 100% of the company stocks in your letter after 4 years. DO NOT TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A JOB AT AMAZON. I asked the HR Exits team and they told me global turnover was 2 years.
Ironically, I worked for Amazon in a different capacity, proved myself for that company, and got a promotion where I am now. I picked myself up without any psychologist’s help or my family’s. It was tough and I had to be resourceful in what I read to make sure I was recovering properly.
I feel for the dude because:
1. He is an intern, a millennial probably, having his first working experience in a Fortune 500 company.
2. Assuming he is American he was probably brought up in the participation medal culture I was raised in.
3. He was not taught how to cope with this.
4. A PIP is truly a last nail in the coffin.
5. The Seattle Passive-Aggressive style can really wear on someone over the months leading to a PIP then official fire.
6. He probably never got nor ever will get clear, solid feedback on his technical and interpersonal skills.

Advice I would offer my firing manager and other managers:
1. Be direct – have a one-on-one talk clearly stating how X decrease in performance can lead to a firing.
2. Be supportive – offer clear tips on how to improve the performance by analyzing processes with the effected employee
3. If you have to fire someone – bring them into the office, look them in the eye and tell them this won’t work. Offer them some life advise, how to properly go about the last day or last few days, and give them a solid list of things they can improve on.
a. Let them know it isn’t the end of the world and offer a story like mine.
4. Be clear with why you hired someone on the first day and don’t dangle the thought of them getting hired full time in front of them. Let them honestly know the chances and support them on their journeys. You never know when they will be writing a diatribe like I am right now.


I could go on about this. If you have questions I will do my best to respond to them.
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Akira1643 Akira1643 • 8 hours ago
Hey all,

I wanted to follow up on this with an article on Reddit with the exact letter this man sent out:…

Turns out he was a level 4 SDE which means his offer letter was 90k base salary, 22-37k year 1 bonus depending no his uni/previous exp, 22-25 k year 2 and less then 100 stocks that vest 100% in 4 years. You all know how I know this if you read my above post.

I do believe this man’s actions are his own. He should have left. However, Amazon promotes this culture. Managers block employees from transferring all the time. The “Want to lose your H1B” card is used all the time to threaten obedience in a subtle manner. And this man was 3-4 months into the job and got a PIP. Preposterous. He just started.

What a terrible hiring manager and a terrible company. Love the product, but the employees are starting to look like Apple’s Foxconn in China. Suicide nets on the building anyone?….
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21 responses to “ Worker Jumps Out Window After Bezos Torture Program

  1. Melponeme_k

    Amazon is part of the EST influenced tech industry. Like Hollywood, it was eye deep in cults. They want robots so they can get rid of the rest of us. They want to be part robot so that they can hit the singularity rapture and live forever.

    Avoiding the Amazon site is easy. What is not so easy is avoiding their distribution network. They handle the movement of goods for a great many companies as they are trying to supplant the US postal service, UPS and Fedex.

  2. Lou

    But Amazon relies on a middle class, yes?That is disappearing.
    I had this talk yesterday with someone who is rich and an Amazon investor and ‘Believer’– in that Bezos has a monopoly.

    ‘This evil man, Bezos, has bought the Washington Post and turned it into a DNC propaganda rag. And Bezos is a Bilderberg gangster who wants no borders for the rest of us so he can exploit markets and labor and use both with brutal efficiency for himself.’ [Like Zuckerberg and Gates]

    I see a disconnect between my statement and his world view. No middle class, no 63 billion $ for Bezos.

  3. Lou

    Amazon is part of the EST influenced tech industry.
    Mel, the book is ‘Outrageous Betrayal’ -The truth about the founder of Est-Forum.

  4. Christian W

    Related to Mel’s post above:

    “Last week, a US District judge in Cincinnati ordered a halt to a strike by pilots for Air Transport Services Groups, which hauls packages for Two hundred and fifty pilots struck November 22 to protest manpower shortages.”

  5. emsnews

    Thanks, everyone, for additional information which you all provide frequently here. I appreciate the effort.

  6. Christian W

    Remember a while ago I posted about how Bezos’ WaPo uses algorithms to find out which angle works best in presenting “news” (ie WaPo clickbait)?

    It’s hardly surprising then to discover that Bezos also uses algorithms to squeeze his workforce.

  7. Mark son

    The reddit article link is not working.

    Anyhow I would be interested in knowing what was written in the letter and which team he worked for. It will help new millennals to avoid the company or Atleast the team. It is ridiculous.

    I hope the injured person is doing well.
    Did they let out the identity of the person?

  8. And the link kindly provided by Akira1643 is now a dead link. Looks like someone at Amazon has been talking with the people at Reddit.

  9. emsnews

    HAHAHA. Welcome to 1984. Erase stuff, put up stuff.

  10. Lou

    Drones, Groceries, Bezos is after Wal Mart and all his competitors.
    And paying Wmart level wages.–finance.html

  11. Lou

    pilots for Air Transport Services Groups,—In Los Angeles, a few months back, I started to notice white vans. Amazon now has a fleet here.
    And Amazon is delivering lots of packages.

  12. emsnews

    Yes, a monopoly is forming. Indeed. Bribe more politicians and voila: monopolies.

  13. Lou

    Indeed. Mail order, drones, Vans, groceries.

  14. Lou

    A black man muses on his area and Amazon.
    The one thing I dispute in article is Bezos religion. He is not and was not ‘a Jew’.

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