Both GOP And DNC Unite In Congress To Kill Alternative Media

Congress Moves To Outlaw the Alternative Media – Dave Hodges ……/congress-moves-to-outlaw-the-alternativemedia/

Sep 25, 2013  Congress Moves To Outlaw the Alternative Media … During her tenure, Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her …

Treacherous Congress Quietly Moving to Eradicate Alternative Media…/…

15 hours ago  The U.S. Congress is very quietly moving to advance legislation that will …Treacherous Congress Quietly Moving to Eradicate Alternative Media … Intelligence authorization bills rarely fail to pass when brought up for votes.

Treacherous Congress is Quietly Moving to Eradicate Alternative ……/treacherous-congress-quietly-moving-to-eradicate-alternativemedia/

4 hours ago  … it is an opportune time to eradicate the alternative media once and for all. … quietly moving through Congress that would create a totalitarian… … Intelligenceauthorization bills rarely fail to pass when brought up for votes.

Congress Moves To Outlaw Alternative Media – Activist Post…/congress-moves-to-outlaw-alternative.html

Sep 26, 2013  The alternative media is having a dramatic impact on the worldview of … During her tenure, Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of …

With the ongoing hysteria over “fake news” after the shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton and her neocon war cabinet now at a deafening pitch, it is an opportune time to eradicate the alternative media once and for all. That could easily be facilitated by dangerous legislation quietly moving through Congress that would create a totalitarian environment for government thought police to bring an iron jackboot down upon whatever a new intelligence committee with sweeping powers deems to be “Russian” propaganda. In layman’s terms, this means that ANYONE who communicates views that are critical of the corrupt oligarchy’s war machine is subject to harassment, prosecution and worse.


You won’t read about this existential threat to free speech and association anywhere in the corrupt and thoroughly discredited U.S. establishment media but it is getting some attention across the pond.


“US Legislation Proposes New Committee to Counteract Russian ‘Covert Influence” and our dear Washington Post tool of the elites ran this story: “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” and the elites are pulling strings in Congress to impose censorship on the internet and other forms of communication.


This will turn us into Communist China.  This bi-partisan move to prevent Americans from questioning the Bilderberg gang which controls the media giants must fail.  How do we resist this?  I would hope fellow Americans on the right and the left join in this battle to keep the internet free but I fear the left wants Leninism not Ben Franklin’s free press.


The Constitution gives us the right to lie.  It gives the mainstream media the right to lie, too.  It also allows us to tell the truth and this is the key: they hate the truth.  Note how our rulers have imposed near-total silence or open outright lies on the topic of the super secret elite Bilderberg meetings.


Despite Lack of Media Coverage, Damning Veritas Video Is Top Trend on YouTube – this was last month, the videos were not broadcast by the mainstream media.  It did float to the top of the alternative news via the internet and You Tube.


How Goldman Sachs made it back into Washington’s inner circle – The Washington Post is reporting today.  This article is a classic case of open lying.  Instead of saying, Wall Street is courting Trump once he won, they also don’t mention that Hillary whored herself secretly to Wall Street for several years and now all that loot they paid for her fellating them and sucking dick now is lost forever and god bless them, HAHAHA.


New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters, Open the Borders: IGNORE THE VOTERS is the mantra of the Bilderberg gang.  And they are yelling at us to do this, here, too.  Congress is definitely ignoring the will of the voters with the secret vote to censor the media who pushed Trump into the White House.


University of California digs in to fight Trump on illegal immigrant protections by pushing US citizens out of this US-state-paid school run on taxpayers money and replacing them with illegal aliens.  Good going, dudes.


Great news, if Assange is still alive: UN ruling to free WikiLeaks’ Assange to stand after British appeal rejected — RT News reports in Evil Russia (HAHAHA).  Thank you, Putin.


Italian Referendum No-Vote Could Lead Entire EU Banking System to Collapse: HAHAHA.  It is collapsing due to stupidity of letting in millions of illegal alien terrorist Muslim males and then driving everyone into debt and then cut social services because of the flood of illegal aliens…hey…they are doing this here, too.  Revolutions on the right are the final result of this sort of treason.


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8 responses to “Both GOP And DNC Unite In Congress To Kill Alternative Media

  1. tio

    “Politicians are of course an artificially privileged and protected class; more privileged and protected than any of the aristocracies of the past. An aristocrat sometimes had his head cut off by the public executioner, at the command of the public authority. A gentleman was sometimes run through the body by another gentleman, in an affair of private honour. As our politics make light alike of private honour and public authority, the politician is probably the first ruler in all history who runs no risks by the act of ruling.” – G.K. Chesterton

  2. floridasandy

    obviously the left doesn’t make the rules anymore

    They just throw their little snowflake bodies around, and yell that they will kill themselves in they don’t get their way. The media is almost hysterical in their diatribes against Trump-before he even is inaugurated

    There are enough good people left that we will be okay.

  3. JimmyJ

    Since your site was omitted from the first round on propornot, Elaine, you may end up being the last woman standing of all the so called alt sites once this gets really wound up.

    Yves at Naked Capitalism is joining with others in ‘fighting’ this but with all due respect to her any fight is already doomed to come down to a McCarthyist ‘we’re not as bad as ____” not long from now as websites simply get blocked at Google, Bing and all North American ISPs. Judiciary won’t even look at cases if FISA is involved.

  4. emsnews

    I have been censored in the past. For me, that is normal. I am amazed at how long I was allowed to infest the internet. I was kicked off of it more than once.

    This is all so pathetic, of course, I could go back to running leaflets all the time like in the old days. Sad, isn’t it?

    And note how nearly ALL mainstream media allows NO COMMENTS, ever. the NYT, for example, has only one in 100 stories that allow very brief and totally censored ‘comments’ from readers and these are mainly in stupid articles, not important news ones.

    The WP has heavily censored comments but they are much easier and more common but I doubt much longer since 70% of the comments generally mock the WP story telling.

  5. Lou

    What is the true sales numbers for the big Newspapers and Magazines?

    Last time I bought LA Times was because I needed to hit 25.oo dollalrs in sales to use a coupon for a discount.
    It was so flimsy. not worth 2 cents let alone 2 dollars.

  6. I would hope fellow Americans on the right and the left join in this battle to keep the internet free but I fear the left wants Leninism not Ben Franklin’s free press.

    And I fear the right wants Putinism, not the free press.

    I’m convinced after the WaPo hit piece that both sides of the Establishment (this includes now most Progressive Caucus and TeaParty congresscritters I’m sure) are in on this.

  7. emsnews

    The GOP top brass are all Bilderberg gangsters. But not Trump, himself.

  8. Yeah, but Trump is probably not too please with the left-wing alternative media.

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