Trump Accepts Taiwan Phone Call, Communist Chinese Go Nuts

Tiananmen Square Massacre – YouTube


Trump Speaks With Taiwan’s Leader, an Affront to China – The New York Times: I have been a fairly big player in the history of Chinese/US relations since my father’s visit right after Nixon went to China.  The Chinese communist dictators hate me greatly.  I have helped Chinese nationals defy their own government when it was doing terrible things to its citizens.  When I helped a number of Chinese dissidents camp out in front of the UN on the Union of African States side garden in Manhattan, Bush Sr. was furious and I faced him down and forced him to side with me against the communist Chinese back then.


Since then, our stupid rulers have sold US industries to China.  The Chinese communists told me way, way back in 1982, their long range plan was to induce US businesses to come to China for cheap labor and then take it all over and the US would cease to be an industrial giant.  I warned the State Department under Reagan of these plans and have yelled about this for the last half century, nearly.


Now, Trump is poking at the Chinese rulers and they are plenty pissed off.  So of course, the NYT and the rest of the mainstream media and our traitors in DC who are still there, in both parties, are screaming bloody murder because Trump accepted a phone call from the woman who is President of Taiwan!


Initial reaction from China about Friday’s telephone call was surprise verging on disbelief. “This is a big event, the first challenge the president-elect has made to China,” said Shi Yinhong, professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing. “This must be bad news for the Chinese leadership.”


OK: translation time here.The professor is…pretending to be unhappy that Trump challenged the dictators running China.  But he is playing a double game here for he is probably happy that someone is yanking the dictator’s chains.


Note that this professor said, ‘bad news for the Chinese LEADERSHIP.’  Not the ‘Chinese people.’


Official state-run media have portrayed Mr. Trump in a positive light, casting him as a businessman China could get along with. He was favored among Chinese commentators during the election over Hillary Clinton, who was perceived as being too hard on China.


Yet Hillary wanted ‘free trade’ which China excels in so I am calling this ‘fake news’ at the NYT.  Why would the Chinese not want Clinton?  She espoused actions that benefit them and destroys US industries.  Trump made it crystal clear, he intends to bring US industries home to the US workers.  She most certainly did not.


Mr. Trump’s exchange touched “the most sensitive spot” for China’s foreign policy, Mr. Shi said. The government, he said, would most likely interpret it as encouraging Ms. Tsai, the leader of the party that favors independence from the mainland, to continue to resist pressure from Beijing.


HAHAHA.  No kidding.  For years and years, our Manchurian Candidates in DC all howled about how we must have trade with China that is totally one way.  This has infuriated me for years and years and the US media says nothing about the trade deficit.  And did we have a strong debate about this trade deficit?  Oh, yes, the ‘debate monitors’ who were all anti-Trump and pro-free trade Hillary didn’t talk much about this, did they?


Among diplomats in the United States, there was similar shock. “This is a change of historic proportions,” said Evan S. Medeiros, a former senior director of Asian affairs in the Obama administration. “The real question is, what are the Chinese going to do?”


HAHAHA.  Bow to Beijing, slaves!  What the hell.  Medeiros clearly shows that Obama was more interested in servicing the communists in Beijing than American citizens just like Bush Sr., Bush Jr. and both Clintons.


In a second Twitter message about the call Friday night, Mr. Trump said, “Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call.”


BINGO.  Yes!  Thank you, Mr. President, for saying the obvious.  This is so refreshing.  About time, too.


Ties between the United States and Taiwan are currently managed through quasi-official institutions. The American Institute in Taiwan issues visas and provides other basic consular services, and Taiwan has an equivalent institution with offices in several cities in the United States.


In other words, it is all ‘tricky Dicky’ stuff that pretends to be one thing while being another, that is, dishonest and obviously stupid.  I am 100% against this.  China wants to trade with us and run a huge surplus?  Then they better dance to our other tunes, not the reverse. DUH.


Mr. Trump’s call with the Taiwanese president came just as President Obama delivered a more subtle, but also aggressive, rebuff of China: He blocked, by executive order, an effort by Chinese investors to buy a semiconductor production firm called Aixtron.


Why is Obama so scared of talking honestly?  Instead, he does ‘tricky Dicky’ ‘rebuffs’ that are preventing China from buying up the last remaining industries.  Good lord, do it directly and openly, what the hell!


Mr. Obama took the action on national security grounds, after an intelligence review concluded that the technology could be used for “military applications” and help provide an “overall technical body of knowledge and experience” to the Chinese.


ALL transfers of US industries to China and Mexico are treason.


The decision is likely to accelerate tension with Beijing, as Chinese authorities make it extraordinarily difficult for American technology companies, including Google and Facebook, to gain access to the Chinese market, and Washington seeks to slow China’s acquisition of critical technology.


The Chinese have been doing this since day one.  No one is allowed to come in and exploit China, they have made this crystal clear way back since 1982.  I know this for a fact, big time.


Mr. Trump has made little effort to avoid antagonizing China. He has characterized climate change as a “Chinese hoax,” designed to undermine the American economy. He has said China’s manipulation of its currency deepened a trade deficit with the United States. And he has threatened to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese goods, a proposal that critics said would set off a trade war.


We have been in a ‘trade war’ for decades now.  WE LOST.  Time to turn defeat into victory.  Pretending that now, we will have a trade war is insane. The NYT is insane. They know perfectly well, we can’t run trade deficits with China forever.  Yet they do this because Wall Street got filthy rich destroying US industries and moving them to China and Mexico.


This is insane, it is TREASON and I want all the people who destroyed our industrial base be put on trial for treason for it is treason, big time.  Germany didn’t move its industries to China wholesale!  Our rulers did.  Years of pro-move our industries to China propaganda pays off for it turned ‘Democratic’ voters into stupid people who have no idea how trade works and why running deficits is dangerous and moving all one’s industries to foreign powers is suicidal: here are two letters to the editors at the NYT parroting the free trade propaganda.


 For the sake of this country, we need to get rid of Trump and the Republicans. They haven’t got one thing right so far during the transition period. They have managed to offend most foreign leaders, worry three quarters of Americans concerning health care, racism, and homophobia with the chosen cabinet members, basically they have already failed to unite and have succeeded in dividing. The Republican party is responsible for this mess, instead of sticking to their guns and disavowing president elect Trump, we see them begging for a seat at the devil’s table. And now he wants to pick a fight with China with this amateurish move? He will only succeed in making us the paria, isolating us and hence destroying our economy which after all is based on trade. The only thing our Chinese friends need to do is call in the majority of our debt, which they own, and it’s game over folks… We are witnessing a national suicide performed by the zealots of the Republican party. To the Democrats, we can not cooperate, we must put up a frontal opposition, find grounds to impeach not only Trump but as many as we can from the said party of Lincoln. These people are simply not fit to lead and have no place in our government. Not to mention that they have no popular mandate and represent at best 25% of our citizenry. We need to take our country back! For American values are not fear mongering, hatred, racism, homophobia or just plain stupidity!


fbraconi New York, NY 5 hours ago
This is obviously a major diplomatic blunder. No leader in their right mind would provoke another nuclear power without a) first gaming this out with his/her national security team b) having a Secretary of State in place c) being inaugurated President. Anybody claiming this was a smart move is totally ignorant of how foreign relations are conducted.

China now has to decide whether to take it as a serious challenge or not. If they consider it a serious challenge, they will respond in a carefully calculated manner when and where they choose. Alternatively, they could conclude that it should not be taken seriously because Trump is in fact an idiot, and they will carefully plan to exploit that. There is no upside for the U.S. in this incident.

I don’t know which is scarier– our President-elect demonstrating so quickly that he is out of his league, or reading the numerous comments of his supporters who seem to be enjoying an episode of The Apprentice in which the contestants are armed with nuclear weapons.

Archive: Chinese troops fire on protesters in Tiananmen Square – BBC News – YouTube

Both letter righters are scared of nuclear armed China.  They are also way too stupid to figure out that moving our industries to nuclear armed China is stupid and suicidal.  They are scared that the puppet masters in Beijing will be angry and will kill their customers via nuclear war as punishment.


Ahem: we moved most of our industries into a huge, nuclear armed country that still remembers the depredations of colonial invasions that utterly wrecked and enslaved China for the last 150 years.  I assure everyone, the Chinese have not forgotten theNanking Massacre or the The palace of shame that makes China angry when, in the 19th century, Europe and the US did ‘gun boat diplomacy’ there.


US diplomacy has been all about lying about reality, lying to the US public, forcing us to foot the ‘defend Europe’ business by 70% while the Europeans goofed off and exploited us taxpayers here in the US.  This stupid diplomacy led to 9/11 and the US protecting the Saudi royals who helped plot that event.


Stupid diplomacy has led to the US illegally attacking the only ‘liberal’ Muslim dictators while supporting violent, vile reactionary Muslim radical leaders who encourage terror attacks on us.  Our goofy ‘international relations’ has been an unmitigated disaster from top to bottom for many years now, it is enough to utterly destroy our nation and we are still very deep in the red and in greatest trouble thanks to years and years of being run by outright traitors, arrest them all.


Naturally, this won’t happen.  We will slog onwards, doing the same stupid things, though maybe Trump won’t be killed for daring to try to change on iota of our foreign relations messes.


I almost forgot this NYT front page story:


How insane is this headline and news story?  Talking tough on trade hurts our factories???  What the hell?  Up is down and in is out and widdershins is all about black magic, eh, NYT?  And it took three reporters, one of them Chinese, to write this insane and utterly lying piece of garbage.  Talk about expensive, hiring three people to write outright lies that require just one Pravda typist.


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19 responses to “Trump Accepts Taiwan Phone Call, Communist Chinese Go Nuts

  1. Joseppi

    The US with President Trump has one secret weapon left to destroy China – Debt!
    The battle plan is to create so much US sovereign fiat dollar credit and then borrow on this credit to buy so much from China that China’s factories break down from overproduction, and millions of Chinese workers suffer stress related illnesses because of over-working.
    Multi-national corporations then buy out these Chinese factories for pennies on the yuan, and export to the Chinese synthetic opium, and the “good guys” win! (Once again)

  2. Lou

    I owe you a dollar, you have me.

    I owe you a billion dollars, Ive got you, babe.

  3. Christian W

    So the first thing Drain the Swamp Trump does is play Wall Street and Pentagon Divide and Conquer games… HAHAHA

  4. DeVaul

    I’m surprised the Chinese are so upset — IF they really are. Our news comes from here, not there, so it seems to me that it is the MSM that is jumping all over him and not the Chinese. (They are writing a letter of protest. Big deal.)

    If the Chinese are upset about anything at all, it is the end of their dumping scheme. This will affect their economy because they are learning the hard way that capitalism does not work with sweat shops and low wage jobs. The Chinese people cannot afford to buy what they make at their own sweat shops, just as Americans could not do the same thing back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    Keep in mind that Trump did not call Taiwan — he ACCEPTED a call from Taiwan, which is what the president is supposed to do. The person calling wanted to congratulate him on his victory. This should not be a big deal, but our Congress is so used to conducting foreign policy for their puppet masters on Wall Street that they have gone nuts. (That is treason, by the way, and Mitch McConnell is the biggest traitor along with McCain. The Constitution does not allow Congress to conduct foreign policy, not that it really matters anymore.)

    Trump did not call Taiwan. In fact, he made the mistake of asking out loud after the uproar: “Why can’t you call Taiwan?”. I don’t think Kissinger is there to help him, or he would not have made this foreign policy blunder.

    So much for the idea of a “CEO Presidency”. What nonsense.

  5. emsnews

    Kissinger created the ‘do not openly talk to Taiwan’ crap in the first effing place.

  6. venguer

    So, our BRILLIANT LEADERS have blown THREE TRILLION DOLLARS in the Middle East in the past 15 years, with nothing but MILLIONS OF DEATHS to show for it, and Trump makes monumental “blunder” by talking to the Taiwanese??? F*ck the globalists.

  7. Christian W

    Here is an excellent article highlighting the coming attack by US Über Alles on China, and the preparations for it.

    ““The United States,” wrote Amitai Etzioni, professor of international Affairs at George Washington University, “is preparing for a war with China, a momentous decision that so far has failed to receive a thorough review from elected officials,namely the White House and Congress.” This war would begin with a “blinding attack against Chinese anti-access facilities,including land and sea-based missile launchers … satellite and anti-satellite weapons.”

    The incalculable risk is that “deep inland strikes could be mistakenly perceived by the Chinese as pre-emptive attempts to take out its nuclear weapons, thus cornering them into ‘a terrible use-it-or-lose-it dilemma’ [that would] lead to nuclear war.”

    In 2015, the Pentagon released its Law of War Manual. “The United States,” it says, “has not accepted a treaty rule that prohibits the use of nuclear weapons perse, and thus nuclear weapons are lawful weapons for the United States.”

    In 2015, in considerable secrecy, the US staged its biggest single military exercise since the Cold War. This was Talisman Sabre; an armada of ships and long-range bombers rehearsed an “Air-Sea Battle Concept for China” – ASB — blocking sea lanes in the Straits of Malacca and cutting off China’s access to oil, gas and other raw materials from the Middle East and Africa. “

  8. Anonymous

    >Why would the Chinese not want Clinton?

    Maybe because Hillary Clinton is a psycho neocon and unabashed warmonger? Maybe because she is one of the primary sponsors of the Pivot to Asia policy, which seeks to encircle and contain China? Maybe because her husband bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade?

    I shouldn’t have to be informing you about these things, Elaine.

  9. floridasandy

    I doubt if the Chinese are upset.

    The media wants you to think they are.

  10. Anonymous 2

    I hope the president of the U.S. will continue to follow diplomatic and security protocol. A president does not breach protocol through it behavior, unless he want to be a dictator.

    The government of the PRC did not overact because the U.S. presidential inauguration on 2017-01-20.

    I do not support Taiwan independence from China because the leader of Taiwan independence show themselves to be anti-Chinese culture ( China is a multi-cultural ethnic society).

    To understand how Chinese people view this incident, imagine if a leader of a country accept the call from a racist organization in which is was elected through democracy.

    I hope PRC and U.S. will find a solution to affordable house and improve efficiency of distribution of good and service to all people, because the lowering of the middle class is the common problem shared by both nation. For example, the price of house could not continue to increase while there are more monthly paid subscription service available like mobile phone, TV cable, Internet TV, insurance for all kind of thing like for a pet: cat and dog.

    I do support insurance for dog, because if a dog bite a human or another animal, the insurance is there to help the victim and the offender. It paid the victim for health care while it send the offender to education camp.

    There is more pressing domestic problem to solve than to start a diplomatic problem that need to solve.

  11. Petruchio

    “Stupid diplomacy has led to the US illegally attacking the only ‘liberal’ Muslim dictators while supporting violent, vile reactionary Muslim radical leaders who encourage terror attacks on us.” Because this is what Israel wants the US to do. US Foreign Policy, especially in regards to the Middle East, is mainly influenced by Israel. Hard to believe. A tiny country HEAVILY dependent on US financial assistance, can rule the US with an Iron Hand. And, just to show you the contempt the khazarians have for their American slaves, the Israelis figure that “Muslim radical leaders” target the US instead of Israel it’s all good.

  12. Jack

    You’re getting dumber as you get older, Elaine.

    A lot of people in China were happy that Trump won the presidency because they hated Hillary’s warmongering provocations in the South China Sea. Trump just pissed away all the good will he had in China for a measly island with only 20 million people.

    Provoking China over Taiwan is even worse than provoking Russia over Ukraine. And yes, not being enemies with large states like China and Russia is more important than championing ideology like democracy or human rights.

  13. Floridasandy

    You underestimate China, jack

    They will not go to war over this. They have well over a billion people to feed , and an improving economy.

    They aren’t looking for a war over Taiwan

  14. Christian W

    Taiwan is the residue of the Chinese civil war. It’s where the remnants of the Western supported “nationalists” fled to after they were defeated by Mao and his cadres.

  15. Jim R

    USA foreign policy has been such a pile of crap for so long, that this one little faux-pas by Trump will soon be forgotten.

    I’m looking forward to the reality TV show where he fires everybody in the State Department. That should be a hoot to watch.

  16. emsnews

    It wasn’t a ‘faux pas’ it was him ignoring years and years of US complicit cooperation with the Maoists of China who swore, way back years ago, to fool the US into moving our industries to China and then strangling us.

  17. Jim R

    The newsdroids are all worried about Trump hurting China’s delicate little snowflake feelings, while they insult Russia on a daily basis for the last three or four years. It is utterly insane.

  18. emsnews

    It is going to be 10 above 0 on my mountain this weekend. Grrrr….one of the coldest Decembers…

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