Democrats Demand Destruction Of First And Second Amendments

Italy Votes Against EU Takeover As Globalism Implodes – YouTube


The Global Government, aka, the Bilderberg Gang, run Europe with an iron fist and are systematically destroying the place.  The elites have total control of the Democratic Party now and are using Obama and his friends to attack the first and second amendments but this push to take away our freedoms is now being resisted by enough people after Trump won the election, that efforts to do this are faltering and hopefully, will fail.  Meanwhile, Europe and Canada both have very draconian laws forbidding a host of ‘hate speech’ things that leads to destroying people for posting the wrong words online or saying something in public that isn’t PC.  Censorship is on the rise as governments battle citizens.


This is Maoism at work.  Censorship is key to all dictatorships.  The dictators in Europe are falling one by one as we see voters demanding they get to leave the EU which is a dictatorship of bureaucrats telling everyone how to live, what to say and to not stop disastrous programs like the ‘let in millions of angry male Muslims’ agenda.


Efforts to suppress citizens has shot upwards as our Real Rulers panic.  This is why Obama and Hillary enabled the votes of illegal aliens in California while at the same time, the US media giants refused to explain why Trump is protesting the ridiculous recount efforts which ignore California’s violation of the US Constitution by allowing illegal aliens to vote, for example.


So this morning’s top story at corrupt Google’s ‘news feed’ online is this story:  Facebook, Twitter, and Google are still failing to curb hate speech, EU says – The Verge


 European governments have pressured tech companies to more proactively curb hate speech and incitement to terrorism, amid heightened racial tensions and national security concerns. The government-led effort has been particularly aggressive in Germany, where the ongoing refugee crisis has sparked a xenophobic backlash that has reinvigorated the far-right. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas recently said that Facebook should be treated as a media company, which would make it liable for any hate speech published to its platform….Speaking to The Financial Times, Jourová said that tech companies may face new laws to curb hate speech if their voluntary efforts prove unsatisfactory. EU justice ministers will meet on Thursday to discuss the report’s findings.


“If Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft want to convince me and the ministers that the non-legislative approach can work, they will have to act quickly and make a strong effort in the coming months,” Jourová told the newspaper.


Sieg Heil, Liberals in Europe.  So, learning zero lessons from history, the Real Rulers think that gagging everyone so no one can say a thing without fear they will be persecuted, lose their jobs and positions at work, lose their homes, be tortured or imprisoned, all this does is recreate…EAST GERMANY!!!  Aufwachen, Deutsche Volk!  Die Führerin, Merkel, ist Hitler.


This huge disaster descending upon Europe which is being systematically destroyed by foreign terrorists or their children born in Europe, this huge disaster that is destroying the ability to discuss world events, local events, stop crimes, prevent terrorism, is sponsored and run by a gang that has met in Europe for years and years and forged the present policies driving all of Europe into WWIII with Russia while at the same time, flooding Europe with hostile illegal aliens who want to destroy Europe.  Wow.


This is insane.  It is crazy, lunatic, bizarre and out of touch with reality to the nth degree.  I am aghast watching it.  But then, I was deported from Europe way back in 1968 for saying I was going to deliver a speech outside of Leipzig in East Germany, and talk about the secret rocket caves of WWII which my father entered back then.  Top secret stuff for zero reasons, the #1 reason being, Americans were not supposed to know about the Nazi rocket war crimes because they were running NASA by 1968.


From 2015:  They Want To Use ‘Hate Speech Laws’ To Destroy Freedom Of Speech In America » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


 Hate speech laws are going in all around the world, and progressive activists in the United States want to use these kinds of laws to destroy free speech in America.
You see, the truth is that these hate speech laws that are being implemented all over the planet are not just about preventing speech that promotes violence or genocide against a particular group of people. Instead, these laws are written in such a way that anyone that says something that “offends” or “insults” someone else is guilty of “hate speech”. Even if you never intended to offend anyone and you had no idea that your words were insulting, in some countries you can be detained without bail and sentenced to years in prison for such speech. Today, there are highly restrictive hate speech laws in Canada, in Mexico and in virtually every single European nation. The United States is still an exception, but the truth is that our liberties and freedoms are being eroded every single day, and it is only a matter of time until “hate speech laws” are used to take away our freedom of speech too.


If you don’t think that this could ever happen in America, you should consider what the American Bar Association has to say on the matter. This is the national organization that represents all of our lawyers, judges, etc. So when the ABA speaks on legal matters, it carries a significant amount of weight. The following is how the American Bar Association defines “hate speech”…


‘Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insultsgroups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.’ And support for these kinds of laws is growing. In fact, one survey found that 51 percent of all Democrats now support hate speech laws. It is only a matter of time before progressives start pushing for them in a big way.


Hate speech is not the same thing as free speech, wrote CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on the ultimate forum for public discourse:Twitter.
Amid debate about free speech after a shooting at an anti-Muslim protest in Texas , a user tweeted at Cuomo: “Too many people are trying to say hate speech (doesn’t equal) free speech.”
In response, Cuomo, who has a law degree, said, “It doesn’t. Hate speech is excluded from protection. Don’t just say you love the Constitution … read it.”


Wow.  So ‘hate speech’ isn’t protected.  This devolves into defining ‘hate speech’.  And that is the rock that wrecks the assumptions and arguments by Chris Cuomo.  I know his dad and did business with his dad in front of the UN back during the Chinese crisis when the government there murdered many students.  I was being threatened by Bush Sr. and the US media giants for making a platform for Chinese students to argue with their dictatorship government.


Cuomo stood up on my side of the argument and helped me defy Bush Sr. and I was very grateful for his cooperation.  Now look at his silly son!  Screwing up everything, understanding nothing.


Here’s an actual list of things that according to the University of Wisconsin are racist:
Asking someone where they are from or where they were born.
– Telling someone they speak good English.
– Telling someone that you have several black friends.
Saying that you’re not a racist.
– Complimenting an Asian person by telling them they are very articulate.
– Asking an Asian person for help with science or math.
Uttering the phrase “There is only one race, the human race.”
Saying that you think America is a melting pot and that when you look at someone you don’t see race.
Believing that the most qualified person, regardless of race, should get the job.
Thinking that every person, regardless of race, can succeed in society if they work hard enough.
– Telling a black person who is being too loud to be quiet.
– Telling an Asian or Latino person who is too quiet to speak up.
– Mistaking a person of color for a staff member when you’re in a store.
– Calling something “gay”.
– Doing an impression of someone’s dialect or accent.


All of these rules are insane.  So, you can be arrested if you are gay and you are caught saying to another gay person, ‘Oh, you are so gay’?  Should all movies made since 1932 whereby actors pretend to have accents be banned?  That is around 50% of all movies especially anything made by Mel Brooks who delighted in making ethnic accent jokes, especially Yiddish.


Some of these rules are totally destructive.  So, Obama became President because he had to be helped into office by say, forbidding white males from voting?  What limits on our rights must happen to help black people succeed?  The crutch of having blacks get an advantage has to end at some point in history.  It cannot go forever.


The longer it runs, the more dangerous it is and the more likely a backlash.  But it has become addictive so the DNC pushes for more discrimination against white males and Asians to ‘level the playing field’.  Punishing people for believing we are all one human race is beyond evil: it spawns the exact monster these stupid liberals fear!


The obvious answer to that Verboten rule is…so, blacks and Hispanics and Muslims are not human, after all, eh?  They are different?  OK.  My god, the blindness of liberals unable to think through things!


Passing laws punishing citizens for asking people where they are born is of course, a coup against voters who are real citizens and it is being done to degrade the citizenship value and replace it with counterfeit citizens who hate this country and openly plan to break it up and take over.


From back in 2010 when the online censorship by liberals began to bite: Google Blacklists Prison – Alex Jones Tv – YouTube


Not all liberals want Maoist propaganda rules that eliminate our freedom of speech:  Proposed ‘Anti-Semitism Awareness Act’ is an Unconstitutional Mess – Hit & Run :


Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) have introduced the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act which according to a statement on Casey’s website is meant to “to ensure the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has the necessary statutory tools at their disposal to investigate anti-Jewish incidents” on college campuses.


The Jews in Israel want to keep an iron grip on our government and our media and are freaking out that there is any alternative media and don’t want anyone to notice that one of the most suppressive/racist/religious phobic nations on earth is Israel.


Citing a recent FBI report stating over half of all reported hate crimes in 2015 were of an anti-Semitic nature, the senators claim their bill is necessary to provide the DOE with the “firm guidance” it needs to determine “what constitutes anti-Semitism.”


Many of these ‘crimes’ turned out to be Jews pretending someone was attacking them.  Black activists do this too.  This is why articles about racists/anti-semites attacking people only use the ‘reported incidents’ numbers and not the ‘actual attacks verified’ numbers.


Seemingly shoe-horned into the end of the senators’ statement is this line:  This act is not meant to infringe on any individual right protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution…


As the article notes, this is key to the fraud of ‘free speech’ as visualized by Zionists and Muslim radicals and Bilderberg gangsters.


The bill’s definition of “anti-Semitism” is directly culled from a 2010 State Department memo, which The University of California Board of Regents considered adopting as official policy, before ultimately agreeing to a softer condemnation of “Anti-Semitism, anti-semitic forms of anti-Zionism,” but not a blanket ban on anti-Zionist expression itself. There was also a push by New York state lawmakers to ban anti-Zionist speech on City University of New York (CUNY) campuses, but the bill died in the legislature before it could be voted on.


Anyone supporting the Palestinians in any way, shape or form is accused of being ‘antisemitic’.  Anyone pointing out how Nazis and Zionists are two sides of the same coin, are condemned by Zionists and their attack dogs in the media and Congress.


Unfortunately, the bill also proposes the following as examples of hate crimes:


Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust
Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all inter-religious or political tensions
Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation
While holding such a view is stupid and objectionable, Holocaust denial is legal in the United States. Likewise, politically “demonizing” Israel and unfairly holding Israel to a “double standard” are thankfully legal, just as a pro-Israel speaker expressing an opinion blaming all of the tumult in the Middle East on Arab Muslims would be.


Israel isn’t a democracy.  It is an ethnic/religious dictatorship nearly identical to the noxious one nearby, Saudi Arabia.  Many people ruled by these Zionists have zero human or civil rights.  They certainly have no votes as to how they are ruled.  More than half are trapped in this ghetto that looks an awful lot like the Nazi Warsaw ghetto.


Talking about all this is very verboten in US media and Congress.  At the same time, these same people are demanding we let in millions of illegal alien Muslim males…who want to destroy Israel and hate Jews!  This schizophrenic policy is most marvelous and utterly insane and any discussion of all this descends into insanity because our Real Rulers are…crazy!  Lunatics!  Cut off from reality by a wall taller than the one in Israel locking Muslims into Gaza!


Oh, I almost forgot my headline: and these crazy people want to disarm us all, too.


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16 responses to “Democrats Demand Destruction Of First And Second Amendments

  1. Lou

    What does the vote mean for the Dollar and the Euro?

  2. Lou

    BBC— Paul Weston, chairman of the Liberty GB party, was arrested last year on suspicion of racial harassment after reading aloud some of Churchill’s thoughts on Islam.

    Weston was quoting from Churchill’s 1899 book The River War, in which he wrote: “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia [rabies] in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

    “Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.”

    Snippets of these quotes now accompany Churchill’s face in numerous internet memes purporting to show his anti-Islam stance.

    —Funny. Reading Churchills words landed someone in jail.

  3. Petruchio

    As soon as Trump won, I thought to myself, “Look out! Here comes the sh#tstorm.” Barack the Doorman can now do his masters’ bidding more openly; he’s out the door in 40 days or so.” I can’t wait to see who Obama is going to pardon. Will he grant Amnesty to ALL the illegal aliens currently in the US, like that sleazy, lying fraudster Ronald Reagan?

  4. DeVaul

    King George the Second (Bush II) said himself that the Constitution was nothing but a god damn piece of paper when he and Cheney were trying to get torture legalized, so these attacks on the Constitution are nothing new.

    They date all the way back to the end of WW II with the creation of the CIA, which never acted legally under the Constitution. Numerous other agencies have been created in the White House since then that also have nothing to do with upholding the Constitution.

    I even blame the gun lobby as well. Their endless obsession with the 2nd Amendment while ignoring the First or even supporting restrictions on it will now lead to them being arrested for complaining about the confiscation of their personal arsenals. It will be called “hate speech” or “sedition”.

  5. Nani

    Censorship is running high in Europe also, especially in Germany where the government is desperate to keep a lid on crimes committed by the migrants they invited. ARD, the national broadcaster in Germany, did not mention the murder and rape of a 19 year old medical student with a peep, leading to angry reactions from many citizens who rightfully fear for their daughters security.

    Notice how the mainstream media howls at people who are angry about muslim migrants raping and murdering women. How dare you be so angry, you’re a neo-Nazi!

    Just bow to fuhrer Merkel, and shut up!

  6. Lou

    Elaine has mentioned Bezos, WaPo, CIA connection. For those who rather
    listen than read;

  7. Anonymous 2

    I do not know if electing party A or party B will solve society problem. I prefer that we used technology A or technology B to solve current problem or improve process performance.

    But before we can decide, we need to ask the question “what is the technical basis for civilization to advance”. The answer is counting. Then I ask why counting. The explanation is since a long time ago, counting enable us to put order in our language and enable us to manage our resource so we can share it. Since then, we started to count many thing and also discover concept as measurement, quantity, ratio, identity, group, mass, geometry and many more so we can solve society problem.

    For example, if we can count the number of resource produce and used for a given project, we might get enough information to decide on weather to used technology A or technology B for a given problem. Of course, we need technology to count accurately. Computer are excellent at counting and AI can help us to count faster.

    That why counting is a basis for civilization. Without counting, we are loss in a sea without compass.

  8. emsnews

    It all began with counting sheep. The first to try this always ended up falling asleep. Solving this problem was the start of civilization. (joke)

  9. DeVaul

    “That why counting is a basis for civilization. Without counting, we are loss in a sea without compass.”

    Not really. I read that ancient shepherd boys kept a different colored or marbled pebble for each sheep they had in their flock (which was not very large back then). At the end of the day, they had their sheep paraded in front of them so that they could match each pebble with the right sheep. If there was an extra pebble in their leather pouch, then that’s how they knew a sheep had gone missing, and the dogs were sent out to look for it.

    So, in my opinion, civilization actually started with marbles.

  10. Jim R

    I heard that civilization started with the invention of beer. Before that, people couldn’t stand to even look at each other…

    On the fake news front, this other WordPress user has done some social-media triangulation and has offered a guess as to the origin of a Twitter disinformation account:

  11. Nani

    Angela Merkel calls on Germans to “integrate” with the migrants, not the other way around. She also calls for censorship of the internet, which means censoring anyone who opposes her migration policy.

    No wonder anger and resentment towards Germany is growing in the rest of Europe. No european country wants “German leadership” anymore, they want to be free and independent, and make their own decisions, especially in regard to immigration policy.

    Americans have chosen a patriotic leader who is standing up for America’s interests in the world. A leader who refuses to bow for the globalist Bilderberg elite. Consider yourselves lucky, i envy you guys. We do actually have two such leaders in Europe also; namely Viktor Orban of Hungary, and of course Vladimir Putin, if you consider Russia to be a part of Europe.

  12. Christian W

    A leader who refuses to bow for the globalist Bilderberg elite. Consider yourselves lucky,

    I very much doubt that. Trump is just a more hardcore globalist that wants to suck more loot into the US. What he will do is squeeze the vassal nations into paying more tribute to the US than before.

    Sarah Wagenknecht recently pointed out that Merkel has not opposed one single US policy. She is utterly and completely a US tool.

  13. Lou

    Merkel is a Soros tool.

  14. Nani

    I do not share your pessimism regarding Trump. I believe him when he says he will put America first. I do not believe he is a Bilderberg globalist. Everything he has said so far proves otherwise. The Bilderbergers for instance are pro-mass migration, Trump is not. They seek to destroy national identities, and create one “global village”. Trump will not allow this to happen.

    He will protect America, and serve her faithfully. Europe desperately needs leaders like Trump and Viktor Orban, otherwise we are screwed. We will have no future as a civilization if we continue down the road that we are currently on.

  15. Nani

    @ Lou

    Yes she is, just like Hillary Clinton. Thank God Hillary did not win. One Bilderberg witch is more than enough!

  16. emsnews

    Trump is the enemy of the Bilderberg gang. They are working day and night to impeach him with zero evidence via the ‘Putin cheated in our election by releasing Hillary secrets!’ scam.

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