My Computers And Systems Had To Be Rebuilt And It Doesn’t Work Entirely Like Before, Rats!


Inside the Airfarce One which Trump doesn’t want right now.  Oh, the media has been attacking him nonstop about this. ‘How dare he refuse to spend $4 billion on a private jet!’ the mainstream media howled like banshees yesterday.  Most of them lied and pretended it would cost less than a billion dollars but that was an outright lie.


Meanwhile, I am going through hell.  All new systems have screwy stuff with them as programmers tinker and change things making posting here at my site harder and harder to do with all the bells and whistles making the format system noisy, with all sorts of stupid things popping up which I have no desire to see, auto-correction which sucks to hell, I do my own corrections.  Sheesh. I have this theory that things work great at some ‘peak point’ only to be tinkered to death and boy, this tinkering system sucks to hell and is VERY hard to ignore.


Stupid programmers…always thinking they fix things when they make it annoying as all hell.  Every day for the last two years, systems have become more complex and more annoying to the nth degree.  Damnation!  I wish I could set up my own systems…Driving me nuts now.


Anyways, my computers conspired to die on me simultaneously this week.  They must have talked to my truck and car and tractor all of which my friend, Rob, has rebuilt for me so they run again.  Settling down for a happy time, my computers must have communicated with each other and the car’s computers to throw a mass revolt.  On top of this, the phones for my elderly inlaws stopped working and I had to fix that and then run around fixing other things for family members and so it was very annoying to have ALL my computers screw up the same week.


It was like being on the Titanic.  At least my vehicles still ran!  Most annoying.  I do think we have Poltergeist in this world, it is the only explanation for this sort of nonsense.  I now have to reconfigure a lot of stuff to make my blog easy to post again which is, as I said, very annoying.  Too much meddling by programmers…annoying.



I am annoyed tonight.  This is the night to howl at the moon only it is too cold outside.  Anyways, it will take several days for me to reconfigure my computer and to make things work properly again.  Rats.  But that is life!  I have to reconfigure a lot of things here to get them working properly again such as my ability to drag headlines to the main body of the story is now impossible.  Damn.  Very annoying.



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17 responses to “My Computers And Systems Had To Be Rebuilt And It Doesn’t Work Entirely Like Before, Rats!

  1. Hey Elaine…I run an IT business and understand how frustrating newer programming is!! Windows 10 is d0gsh!t

    Here’s $50 as an early Xmas present to help out with anything related to downtime! };^>

  2. Seraphim

    Cyberattack? Is your blog on that ‘Porn’ list of blogs to be taken down?

  3. Laughlin

    Good idea, MadSklz! I donated $50 too.

  4. emsnews

    Now I have to figure out how to access my email account. I did manage to get to it somehow but it is run differently from before so I have to now figure out how to delete emails, open emails, etc.

    I am too tired tonight and frankly, got DRUNK because I am so annoyed tonight. THANK YOU for the donations, just figure out how to process everything…rats. HAHAHA.

    Sigh. Why do they change things all the time??? I am too old for this sort of mess.

  5. Jim R

    Is it Ubuntu time?

    My experience with it is that most everything ‘just works’. Of course, you’ll have to set up email accounts, etc. once you install it, but it doesn’t force you to “upgrade” to some totally unfamiliar thing if you don’t want to.

    It runs Firefox and Thunderbird just fine, thank you.

  6. I turn on my PC once in a while just to remind me of why I switched to a Mac.
    Windows has always been inferior and WIndows 10 carries on the tradition.

  7. Shawntoh

    C’mon, where are the Linux tech-monkeys? I know you’re out there somewhere in the ATM clouds! Damn, I’ve lost my powers to call them in to help Elaine, alas, I am no good– oh well.

    My sincere apologies to you, Elaine. Okay, seriously, folks–

    Please help Elaine out as I agree about the horrors of WIndows– I, myself, having worked in the Telecom industry for a long time many years ago.

    This is hard but I always tell people, if you do Windows, then at least wait on the new upgrades for the latest release of Windows UNTIL the tech-monkeys online and offline indicate it’s clear to proceed when MS (Microsoft) FINALLY releases the patches to fix “the upgrades” and then just hope like hell, sort of like Pete Townsend once said, you won’t be fooled again!

    Elaine, right on again you are– we are at diminishing returns with technological advances and this is a case in point because programmers are overloading OS with TOO many features instead of BENEFITS that users ACTUALLY want in the OS (operating system).

    Once again, it’s nothing more than hustling for a buck when QUALITY needs to come first in programming an OS– and then you FOCUS on making money and riches off the OS. Ekkkkkk!

    But then, forgive me, I doubt if corporate America will ever get anything that right!

    If they do, I must be dreaming!

    Yeah, I know I’m burnt out and I’m ranting again. Sorry if I offended anyone. Peace.

  8. Ken

    Every organization I’ve ever worked at has had the same problems as Elaine. The IT guys “upgrade” the system, and then it is completely unusable for a couple of days because things are messed up. No one likes the changes. No improvement in productivity or protection is realized. It just seems like change for the sake of change.

  9. ziff

    OT , those planes were meant for Clinton w/ one for Bill of course. another thing the news media forgot ..
    Meanwhile in canada we will be wishing we had a trump, our prince charming Trudeau was caught taking bribes the Clinton way and a headline here says we have loosened visa requirments to allow mexican drug thugs entry.

  10. Moe

    I’ve been running a Linux system for three years now and never looked back. A bit of learning curve involved but not insurmountable.

    Apparently WordPress can be run on Linux, but I am not informed how. Mint or Ubuntu are the popular distributions (‘distros’ in Linuxese: don’t you hate the arcane terminology?). Personally I liked Mint better of the two. But I have run PCLinuxOS (Aka: PCLOS) for two years and prefer it.

    Good luck Elaine in your efforts.

    PS: I have four desktops in my household and one laptop. Two desktops are currently in use, the other two computers and laptop are backups. Nothing like redundancy to get one past the ‘Blue Screen Of Death’.

    PPS: If you have Windows 10 and must maintain a MS operating system, go back to Windows 7.

  11. tio

    Elaine please delete my last comment – thanks 😀

  12. emsnews

    I deleted it, Tio.

    My computer is an Apple computer and is rather old but was refurbished so it works fine now only the new Apple program is utterly different from my old one and has some annoying flaws which forces everyone using these systems to change various protocols.

    So I have to inform everyone’s services I use that there are now ‘flaws’ in their own programming which is annoying to them all and to me but this is the way systems work: constant changes force constant other changes.

    Well…IT KEEPS COMPUTER NERD KIDS EMPLOYED! One of my dear children is exactly that and I am inviting her over this next week to help me out here to fix what is wrong with the new systems.

    Thank you, everyone, for all the advice! I greatly appreciate you all taking the time to write thoughtful comments here. I read everything people post here, and greatly encourage it.

    I don’t care what side of an argument one takes, I like to argue. And I enjoy the comments section here, greatly.

    Many websites have destroyed and eliminated all comments because the creators (MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOES THIS!!) they hate it when people contradict them or challenge their stories. Too bad for them all! The only reason I read mainstream media is to make fun of those fools. Sad, isn’t it?

    But not here! I am happy, tucked away here.

  13. Jim R

    Apple started going seriously downhill when they switched from the Power PC hardware to Intel chips. It didn’t make sense, because Intel chips were always inferior.

  14. Moe

    Elaine, one more (hard-earned) computer ‘pearl of wisdom’ to impart here, hackneyed but true:

    “Save Early, Save Often”, i.e., save work frequently and back up everything on external drive.

    Seriously though, I have no idea how the average non-techie copes with computers since they have become an essential window to the world, though now being supplanted by smartphones which are really a miniature computer.

    So many things have gone wrong with my computers over these past 18 years since I built my first PC, both hardware and software related. I was informed enough to remedy all issues, but for the average user with little exposure or knowledge, when problems arise they are then doomed to submit their device to the ‘professionals’ who are often scammers who overcharge for services/parts not required. (Much like the automotive repair industry). But then, I am not nonplussed by repair of anything in my household, including modern vehicle repair.

    Seems that our technological advances have created a fragile environment, not resilient nor amenable to repair. You on your ‘mountaintop’ with a climate-friendly, energy-efficient house and woodstove is the way to go.

  15. emsnews

    90% of my stuff was saved. And I am reorganizing it. The FORMAT has changed so I have to change how I organize stuff and that is a huge headache. I much preferred my previous system but alas, it is out of date. Rats.

  16. Lou

    Great that only 10% was lost.
    I assume that you prefer Apple computers.

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