Stupid New York Times Reporters Go To Chicago To Figure Out Why DNC Cities Are Hell Holes


Today’s New York Times huge, headline article whining about high crime in Chicago without mentioning how Obama and his buddies there made it deteriorate badly with one of the highest murder rates in America:  This depressing story was written by several ‘reporters’ who anxiously went to Chicago to puzzle out what is going on there and in all the Democratic-run former industrial cities in America which are now magnets for welfare families and foreign criminals and other troublesome people now that all the former working class stiffs were destroyed by free trade.


I want to refer to this noxious attempt at reporting since the NYT claimed just last week, they were going to no longer tell lies but try to tell the ‘truth’ only…they doubled down with the lying because the Democratic Party base has become cemented to these lies and it has utterly alienated white and Asian workers from the DNC base.  Instead, this destruction of the former ‘working stiff party’ continues and even accelerates.


Over Memorial Day weekend, when The New York Times tracked every shooting in this city (Chicago), the largest concentration of them happened here, in about six square miles that make up Chicago’s 11th police district. Of 64 people shot that weekend, 16 were in this district. Three people were shot on this same stretch of Walnut Street.


The Times returned to the blocks in the 11th District where the Memorial Day weekend shootings occurred to try to better understand Chicago’s crisis of violence.


Residents along Walnut Street and at other crime scenes told of a fractured community — isolated by this city’s entrenched segregation, hollowed out by joblessness and poverty, and battered by resignation and indifference.


I am assuming most of the NYT staff lives in the NYC region.  I lived there for many years.  The Daily News called me ‘The Housewife from Hell’ during the crime waves that began in 1976 because I patrolled the place and arrested many, many people.  Thanks to this and the turn around in attitude at my local police stations, we struck a blow for civility and lo and behold, my neighborhood ceased burning down, crime dropped and now it is considered one of the finest places to live in NYC and housing is very expensive.


So many of the blacks who rented there were moved out!  There were many black brownstone owners back when I worked with them to save their neighborhoods and many of them made over a million dollars, selling the now-expensive homes that were sold for less than $20,000 when crime was high.  Neighborhoods change when crime is stopped.  The deterioration stops.  People stay.  Get rid of jobs and let criminals run riot and you get a filthy slum that is extremely dangerous.  DUH.


Here (in a now very dangerous slum), graystone homes and brick cottages line elegant boulevards with wide, grassy medians. Garfield Park, once known as Chicago’s Central Park, sits in the 11th’s middle.


But on Walnut Street, one vacant lot has been there so long that walking paths are worn through it. Young men gather on this section of the street, and neighbors say they hear calls for “Pills!” or “Flats!”— slang for drugs — in the middle of the day.


In places like this, cycles reinforce themselves: Poverty and joblessness breed an underground economy that leads to jail and makes it harder to get jobs. Struggling, emptying schools result in the closings of the very institutions that hold communities together. Segregation throws up obstacles to economic investment. And people and programs with good intentions come and go, thwarting hopes, reinforcing frustrations while never quite addressing the underlying problems, anyway.


This is NOT ‘segregation’ it is an INVASION.  The original people fled due to lack of good jobs and rising crime and were replaced with welfare families raising mainly thugs who can’t learn anything in any school and who focus on making money via crimes.  No one can live next door to people who are destructive, dangerous, criminal and hateful.


I’ll never forget one pair of this sort of ‘people’ arguing in the middle of my street in front of my own brownstone in NYC: ‘I’ll kill you!’  The other: ‘I’ll kill you deader!’  My next door neighbor: ‘I can’t sleep.  Will you kill each other and shut up?’  Followed by, ‘Oh my god, she killed him!’  Which had me jump out of bed and go forth to make an arrest.  This sort of garbage goes on day and night in hoods dominated by criminals.



Homicides citywide are up about 56 percent compared to last year and shootings are up about 49 percent, but just five of Chicago’s 22 police districts are driving the bulk of Chicago’s rise. All are on the South or West Sides.


In the 11th, shootings are up by 78 percent compared to a year ago, and homicides are up 89 percent. So far in 2016, 91 people have been killed in this district, where only about 74,000 people live. That is more homicides than in all of last year in entire cities, such as Seattle (population 684,000), Omaha (444,000) and Buffalo (258,000).


Obama, take a victory lap!  You did it, homey.


This year, a baby-faced, dimpled 15-year-old was shot as he rode his bicycle outside his house. “Our block was making a lot of money doing what they’re doing, so I guess people get jealous,” said the teenager, who wore an arm brace for weeks and who says his stomach still aches when he sneezes.


The teenager said he only occasionally helped sell drugs and just happened to be there when competitors turned up, armed. At the time, he was enrolled in middle school and working one-on-one with a mentor, who asked that the youth’s name not be published for his safety.


The teenager, the mentor said, was registered to attend a “peace conference” with him on the very evening he was shot.


HAHAHA.  The kid is good at lying to reporters who have the innocence of little babies.  He ‘only occasionally’ sells drugs?  HAHAHA.  Shot for no reason at all, eh? He is still in ‘school’ and I bet he works hard at preventing other students from learning anything.  Way back when I ran street patrols, the adult criminals sent out their kiddies into the streets to do the dealing because they wouldn’t go to prison.


By age 17, these kiddies were all thugs, themselves, and did more and more violent crimes and ended up in prison eventually.  Nothing has changed. Why these stupid NYT city reporters can’t see the obvious is…laughable and obvious: they are LYING.


 In a police district that is mostly black, Ms. Marquez, 35, is unusual. She came from Mexico at 16, and after living in other Chicago neighborhoods, she and her husband and their three children moved to the 11th District because it was a place they could afford.


Ms. Marquez says her family coexists, if a bit awkwardly, with her customers. “We don’t let them mess with us,” Ms. Marquez said in Spanish. “They’re not comfortable that we’re here.”


The picture is at the top of this story.  She is an illegal alien.  She claims, she can basically kill people if they mess with her.  She does her business from behind a huge, high, spiked fence and I bet she has pit bulls guarding the place.  Note that the NYT admires all this.


Since 2012, the city has spent $178 million on capital improvements in the 11th District and added programs and services, city officials said….The mayor’s office this fall announced plans for $36 million for mentoring in areas like this, and for a $100 million fund to bring economic development to neighborhoods…


Leaders have long been trying to draw attention to this part of Chicago. In 1966, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. moved into an apartment near this district as part of his Chicago Freedom Movement campaign to desegregate neighborhoods and get fair, affordable housing. In 1986, Jimmy Carter helped build a Habitat for Humanity townhouse but it caught fire years later, and was eventually torn down.


Um, the house didn’t ‘catch fire’ because it had modern wiring and other systems.  It was vandalized, wrecked and looted and then torched. The vandals living in my neighborhood did this all the time.  Stopping them was very violent.  In retaliation for us stopping them from stripping and burning brownstones in my neighborhood, several thugs decided to muscle us and tossed explosives in the corner brownstone just 5 houses away from my house.


This really put me on the warpath.  My dear friend and her two small children were saved from the top story by the fire department but I declared war on them while standing in front of the blown out ground floor and yes, we chased down everyone trashing my neighborhood.  We won.  And it is possible to win but the politicians have to fight, too.  The ones in NYC defied me and made fun of me and attacked me and most of them went to prison for corruption except the one who stabbed himself in the chest and died.  Good riddance to him.


It is possible to stop this but to do this, NEWS ITEM HERE: You have to chase out the criminals, the thugs, the murderers and the destroyers!  You can’t fix what is unfixable this is why we have a thing called ‘prisons’.



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14 responses to “Stupid New York Times Reporters Go To Chicago To Figure Out Why DNC Cities Are Hell Holes

  1. Lou

    ‘Rolling Stone’ had a cover story on ‘Camden’ but missed the mark.
    Bring in the third world, you get the third world.

  2. Lou

    EMS—So many of the blacks who rented there were moved out! There were many black brownstone owners back when I worked with them to save their neighborhoods and many of them made over a million dollars, selling the now-expensive homes that were sold for less than $20,000 when crime was high.
    Uh, I was there in the 1970s. My Grandparents had owned a house on President Street, if I recall.
    8th Avenue and Garfield or President street was 80-100k by 1975.
    Maybe houses at 4th avenue were 20k.


    ELAINE: I was next to Flatbush Ave and burned out 6th Avenue which was…totally destroyed back then. I paid only $30,000 for my brownstone in 1979. You didn’t mention why my part of Park Slope was a smoking ruin. The 1977 black out riots destroyed entire neighborhoods including one that I lived in back then.

  3. venguer

    What I hear listening to RINO republican talk radio ( Meghan McCain etc.) is that “automation” would replace the workers at Carrier even IF Carrier didn’t move to Mexico. Which I find totally ridiculous, since automation should be just as cheap in the Midwest as in Mexico.

  4. Lou

    Back Row Heckler reports from New Haven,

    In the past week or so ‘Cultural Enrichment’ has been taken to a whole new level here in the Nutmeg State.

    Porfolio Diaz arrested for driving 130 mph at 2am on I 84 … with 4 little kids in the car.

    In Hartford, 4 year old Jose Gonzalez killed in a stolen car being pursued by police at 3 am , driver being the dead boys mother’s boyfriend.
    In Milford, Enrique, Juan, Jose and Fidel cause massive pileup on I 95, burglary suspects running from police back toward New Haven.
    In Stamford, illegal carves up his wife and ditches his 5 year daughter in NYC bus station (this case is unique in that the local newspaper headline read, ‘Connecticut man murders wife’ and went on to a screed about domestic violence in Connecticut.

    Only problem is the guy was an illegal who lived on CT for one (1) day). In Willimantic, 2 illegals from El Salvador beat their cousin to death with a baseball bat, then make a break for it; they were picked up by police in Phoenix.

    In New London, on Thanksgiving Day, another Jose beaten to death with fists, body found in the hallway of a public housing project …
    Phew, there’s a lot more; these are just off the top of my head from watching the local news.

    Most notable, in Hartford, is the flash mob of 50 ‘Youths’, and ‘schoolchildren’ who overwhelmed a convenience store Wednesday, stripping it clean and injuring a police officer; ‘Youths and Schoolchildren’? Video shows a large mob of black teenagers streaming in and smashing the place up. Of course the media is offering all kinds of explanations for this embarrassing situation; the explanations boil down to one thing: in the long run it whiteys fault.

    This is a Sanctuary State, which seems to exist so BIGLIBs who run the show, and base their careers on racial politics, can feel good about themselves. Illegals are streaming in here from all over Latin America and Africa, via NYC, to get a DL, or a city identification card, and the generous welfare benefits that go along with it. But the state is in debt billions and vital services for the disabled and the handicapped are being eliminated. The result is social chaos and erosion of public safety.

  5. Lou

    I notice the ‘fake news’ from the main stream, ‘Connecticut ‘resident’;

    In Stamford, illegal carves up his wife and ditches his 5 year daughter in NYC bus station (this case is unique in that the local newspaper headline read, ‘Connecticut man murders wife’ and went on to a screed about domestic violence in Connecticut.

    Only problem is the guy was an illegal who lived on CT for one (1) day).

  6. venguer

    LOL. The line about the Jimmy Carter Habitat for Inanity house “catching fire” . Another fine example of outright LYING by our Mainstream Fake News Media.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, but my neighborhood was by Atlantic Avenue near Bed-Stuy’s border. You were deep in Park Slope. The Italian parts, not the black parts of the northern half.

  8. floridasandy

    36 million for “mentoring”,and 100 million for “economic development”?.

    sounds very vague— like perhaps a program where you could siphon some of that money for yourselves if you were so inclined. 🙂

    the death of “hero” john glenn brought me back to the Keating 5 days-long forgotten evidently. (and Meghan’s dad, as well).

    that victory lap belongs to Obama and his protégé, Rahm. A great site for tracking the unfreakinbelievable violence in Chicago:

    they know where the crime is, just don’t have the will to fix it.

  9. emsnews

    ‘Mentoring’ is code for ‘paying off political buddies with government money for poor saps.’

  10. Christian W

    Austerity enforcer for the UK non-elite George Osborne has been on a ‘speech tour’ to line his own pockets.

  11. Lou

    my neighborhood was by Atlantic Avenue near Bed-Stuy’s border.
    You were deep in Park Slope.
    The Italian parts, not the black parts of the northern half.

    Thanks. What street were you on? You bought for $20,000?
    Those Bedford Stuy Brownstones are now a million each?
    Did you use the Union Street food coop?

    I thought the cheapest part was near 4th avenue, near Flatbush. I recall a Karate School, run by a Black man.

    And, ‘Mentoring’ is code for ‘paying off political buddies’–you have a way with words.

    ELAINE: 43 Prospect Place…was a wreck I rebuilt. You mention this karate teacher: The Karate Master was his ‘name’ and he was part of my street patrol and he and I made many arrests together! I miss him, he taught my daughters. That brings back memories!

  12. Shawntoh

    “If you don’t accept others who are different, it means nothing that you’ve learned calculus.”*

    — Shirley Chisholm, Radcliffe College, 1983.

    The late Ms. Chisholm, I understand, was from Bed’-Sty. She said the above statement while she was on tour of college campuses later in her life, I understand, reaching out to college students as the Age of Reagan raged on brutally–

    Was she who she really seemed to be? I don’t know. I figured you probably dealt with her directly/indirectly, perhaps, like your “pal”, The Rev. Al.**

    Thank you for your reply, if you can say anything without the public relations fallout these days for saying “the wrong thing”. Argh!

    If you mention nothing, I’ll understand completely.

    It just seems to me there are positive aspects to Ms. Chisholm leadership and her agenda from what I’m researching about her and what I can remember about her when she ran for President in 1972.

    Why can’t we go back to that quality of good leadership?– In everyone of any color of race! Why do do I keep imaging that I was born into the wrong planet called “earth”?

    Btw, good luck on the Apple computer stuff– I was crossed-trained to deal with Apple computers to do tech support over the phone many years ago–but that was too long ago to be of any help now and I wasn’t that great at it to get promoted so I was left with the only option of supporting the now “ancient” Windows platforms like “Win95” and “Win98”, alas.



    * SOURCE: “For Shirley Chisholm, life in academia is hardly sedentary”, Diane Casselberry Manuel, Special to The Christian Science Monitor, December 13, 1983,

    ** SOURCE: “16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You”, Newsmax, By Jim Meyers, Tuesday, 09 Dec 2014 12:40 PM,

  13. Lou

    Shirley was just jealous of YT [Whitey].
    How many Blacks can pass advanced Calculus?
    As a child my IQ was measured at 125 and I cant do Cal1, let alone Cal2.

  14. Lou

    I hope the memories are good!

    I recall avoiding the area on the other side of Flatbush, where the fabled ‘Academy of Music’ is.

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