NYT and WP Lead New Attack On Putin And Trump: Prepare For A Coup Against Trump


The nation’s dumbest paper has the usual insane headlines, this one today is echoed across the entire US mainstream media: Russia gave American voters vital information our Real Rulers hid from us all and this is PURE EVIL, how dare anyone do this for us???  The very idea that someone overseas can give captives living here in the US who are deliberately lied to, deliberately driven into fatal wars and other events, giving us real information of what our rulers really are doing…is heroic to me!  The real crimes here are what our own rulers are hiding from us and this includes the CIA, Pentagon, Congress and all our recent Presidents.



So, they BELIEVE in this but have ZERO proof.  OK, I got it.  Faith, everyone!  We must have faith in the System and trust our leaders who lie about small items like wars and free trade and crime and other issues that are not very important…to the rulers, it seems.  Lying about everything in sight won’t work this time, NYT and WP.  Or all the other brazen hussies and hustlers who run the mainstream media.


They will hammer away that Trump is a tool of Putin as they amass troops on the border of Russia and tell Putin we will attack in literally 4 minutes warning! This terrible future was planned long ago and Trump spoiled it totally.


They based that conclusion, in part, on another finding — which they say was also reached with high confidence — that the Russians hacked the Republican National Committee’s computer systems in addition to their attacks on Democratic organizations, but did not release whatever information they gleaned from the Republican networks.


In the months before the election, it was largely documents from Democratic Party systems that were leaked to the public. Intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russians gave the Democrats’ documents to WikiLeaks.


Republicans have a different explanation for why no documents from their networks were ever released. Over the past several months, officials from the Republican committee have consistently said that their networks were not compromised, asserting that only the accounts of individual Republicans were attacked. On Friday, a senior committee official said he had no comment.


Ok, what interesting information about the GOP is there?  I hope Russia (hahaha) publishes all that, too.  We should demand the CIA hand over that information before Russia does it, perhaps?  I know that Obama and Hillary, if this were possible, would have done so, themselves.


But no one has hacked Russia.  Perhaps our geniuses running our insane government could have systems that actually work?  But I don’t want secrets, I don’t give a damn, who released these ‘secrets’ which were mainly our Real Rulers talking about lying, cheating, stealing and committing war crimes!


These should be revealed!  NO SECRETS!  I grew up inside the ‘secret’ community.  Operation Paperclip during my entire childhood and well into adulthood, was top secret and I pried each one of these secrets out of former Nazis, former concentration camp slaves (mostly French and German Jews) and of course, talking with my own father about the WWII rocket program business.


Why was that kept top secret long after WWII?  Easy answer: America prevented the Nuremberg Trials from convicting war criminals who our government desperately wanted so they could further the nuclear war program by developing powerful rockets as nuclear warhead delivery systems!


How insane!  This is why, all my life, I have maintained that the Nüremberg Trials were illegitimate and should have never happened.  Worse, we never punish our own leaders when they ape the Nazis and run illicit, illegal invasions otherwise, we must put both Bushes and the Clintons and Obama on trial, right?


Of course.  The Russians know all this and are quite happy to point out how infantile, childish, criminal our leaders are with their blanket lies and pretend innocence.  The US public doesn’t know about any of this unless they riddle it out and it was made as difficult as possible to figure out all the crimes of our rulers because they hide basic information informed citizens need desperately.



But the intelligence agencies’ conclusions that the hacking efforts were successful, which have been presented to President Obama and other senior officials, add a complex wrinkle to the question of what the Kremlin’s evolving objectives were in intervening in the American presidential election.


“We now have high confidence that they hacked the D.N.C. and the R.N.C., and conspicuously released no documents” from the Republican organization, one senior administration official said, referring to the Russians.


It is unclear how many files were stolen from the Republican committee; in some cases, investigators never get a clear picture. It is also far from clear that Russia’s original intent was to support Mr. Trump, and many intelligence officials — and former officials in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — believe that the primary motive of the Russians was to simply disrupt the campaign and undercut confidence in the integrity of the vote.


Look at all the suppositions in this story.  Not one iota of evidence to back up any of these statements.  It is all 100% hearsay.  Why hide the proof, eh?  HAHAHA.  Why hide the information that was released in the first place?  We got to see a bit of Hillary’s secret speeches to Wall Street via this hacking event, for example.


Nothing on earth prevented Hillary from releasing these speeches.  She simply stonewalled everyone and lied about what she said to Wall Street billionaires.  How very charming of her!  I based 99% of my opposition to her due to her many secret deals and speeches! Convincing Americans that she hid these speeches because she is two-faced and was lying to everyone was a lot easier to prove when we had the actual speeches!  Duh!



The NYT highlighted the comments by easily fooled people except we can see one stark fact here that ruins the entire story made up by the Real Rulers who are Bilderberg gangsters and the NYT owners who are now servants of a Mexican billionaire, even believers in the NYT propaganda are demanding that PROOF be shown, not allegations.


HAHAHA.  There is no ‘proof’.  Thus the refusal to issue it. Both Putin and Trump has called for proof and nothing, not a single iota of proof has appeared.  Good lord, this would be funny except it is these gangsters wanting to impeach Trump before he even enters the Presidential palace.



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45 responses to “NYT and WP Lead New Attack On Putin And Trump: Prepare For A Coup Against Trump

  1. Moe

    I don’t get nervous about most international developments, war, insurgencies, coups, etc. But a US coup would definitely get my attention. This would represent an all-the-gloves-are-off by US ruling interests, a desperate attempt to retain power, and more importantly, to forestall Trump’s ascension to the Presidency. TPTB must be shitting themselves right now.

  2. KHD71

    What trash. All fake news. What is the point here? And they wonder why people no longer read their papers. This is all bought and paid for. Are they getting desperate and now realize that Trump will be the next President and are pulling out all the stops now that the recounts have failed? Do they really feel HRC can steal the election on January 6th when Congress approves the votes? Is this their goal? This one has me baffled.

  3. Christian W

    Can the CIA please make public Trump’s promises to the foreign leader Netanyahu?

  4. Christian W

    If the CIA was worried about the interference by foreign powers they would kick Israel out of the halls of US power.

  5. emsnews

    All of you are correct. We agree.

  6. Jim R

    As soon as he is sworn in, on that day, Trump must discredit, defund, and disband the CIA. He must finish JFK’s task. Send in the US Marshalls and drag everyone out of the buildings and begin sorting through that mess.

  7. ziff

    This ‘russia did it ‘ stuff was predicted here , good call . also martin Armstrong predicted this.

  8. tio

    I’m sure you’ve all seen the video but just in case.

    {John Pilger: The Clinton campaign has said that Russia is behind all of this, that Russia has manipulated the campaign and is the source for WikiLeaks and its emails.

    Julian Assange: The Clinton camp has been able to project that kind of neo-McCarthy hysteria: that Russia is responsible for everything. Hilary Clinton stated multiple times, falsely, that seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That is false; we can say that the Russian government is not the source.

    WikiLeaks has been publishing for ten years, and in those ten years, we have published ten million documents, several thousand individual publications, several thousand different sources, and we have never got it wrong.}

    {The CIA found that Russia’s interference with the presidential elections went beyond an attempt to undermine American democracy as a whole – and actively favored Donald Trump’s chances, it has been claimed.

    But Trump’s transition team shot down the findings, issuing a statement that read: ‘These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.’}

    Note to MSM, never go full ‘tard.

  9. ziff

    OT ; here’s an idea , heard the other day , Exxon does business with russia, wonder how many other multinationals do the same ?

  10. Jim R

    In another little tiny story on ‘fake news’, Yves Smith (of the Naked Capitalism blog) has filed defamation suits against at least two of the parties who accused her of “Russian propaganda”.

    If they go forward, the discovery process might be more interesting than the trial.

  11. Moe

    New York Times’ resident Keynesian nutbar Krugman is all a-Twittering. How does these traitorous sellouts/retards sleep at night?


  12. emsnews

    Damn…I wasn’t included on those lists! I can’t sue anyone. Rats.

  13. Jim R

    #11 Moe,
    The Onion is complaining that its business model has been disrupted. The silliness level is so high from guys like Krugman and the “media” that there is no longer any place for satire. We have reached Peak Silliness.

    Monty Python was a documentary.

  14. ziff

    ”Monty Python was a documentary.” Good one ! lol ,, i waiting for someone to point a banana at a policeman .

  15. Petruchio

    This latest, “The Russians did it” media blitz shows just how desperate the Real Rulers are; their obvious attempts at smearing/discrediting Trump and Putin are but the latest example.
    I’m reminded of the Russian joke on the subject: “Why are there no revolutions in Washington D.C.?…Because there is NO US Embassy there!!!”

  16. EMS: “This is why, all my life, I have maintained that the Nüremberg Trials were illegitimate and should have never happened. Worse, we never punish our own leaders when they ape the Nazis and run illicit, illegal invasions otherwise, we must put both Bushes and the Clintons and Obama on trial, right?”

    I’m reading a book called Sherman’s Ghosts, by Michael Carr. One of the findings of USA attitudes is that they aren’t war crimes when WE commit them, rather, moral crusades. HAHAHA. In reality the war crimes go all the way back to the War Between the States — back to the early 17th Century in Virginia and New England if you want to include war crimes on the Indians.

  17. Moe

    By Alexander Mercouris:

    Excerpt:”I need hardly say that this is playing with fire. Never before in US history has there been an orchestrated campaign against an individual elected President in order to prevent him from being inaugurated. Never before has the US intelligence community involved itself in such a campaign.” End excerpt.

    Perhaps the “US intelligence community” has never been so blatant in this regard. I have difficultly believing of no previous similar malfeasance. But Mercouris nailed it pre-election and re-nails it now.


  18. csurge

    He’s ready. Mattis, Flynn, and most of the other intelligence agencies are on his side. The CIA doesn’t have a hope in hell if they attempt to do what they’ve done in other countries

  19. Moe

    We’re gonna need more popcorn…

  20. Christian W

    Trump wants to make another Goldman Sachs heavy weight, Gary Cohn, part of this cabinet. Looks like the Donald will let Wall Street run the economy for him.


    In related news I hear the futures on Lube just skyrocketed.

  21. Christian W

    The futures on popcorn skyrocketed too.

  22. Jim R

    Maybe farmers will plant more popcorn after Trump cancels the beyond-useless bio-ethanol subsidy.

  23. Christian W

    Exxon CEO Tillerson to be Sec of State, with top Neocon nutcase John Bolton who will ‘handle the day to day management’ of the office…


    We’re gonna need a LOT of popcorn.

  24. emsnews

    Of course, Trump is a Republican and part of the Wall Street/Manhattan system. But unlike Hillary who is an EMPLOYEE of these guys, he is a BOSS.

    And thus, even if other bosses who rule us will pretend to work for him, they know he isn’t one of them, aka, a Bilderberg guy. Thus, the desire to stab him in the back and get rid of him somehow.

  25. Christian W

    So you need to be an independent billionaire to be a boss? That is pretty much the definition of an oligarchy is it not.

  26. Jim R

    I’d rather have _this_ kind of oligarchy than the one in which you don’t even know who the boss is, and your government is made of puppets taking orders from the oligarch.

    I never really liked his reality TV show, or blustering persona. I don’t like his cabinet picks. And I don’t think I’ll really like most of his policy decisions. But it beats the hell out of starting WWIII next month.

  27. Moe

    I tend to take Trump at his word (yah, I know, an undertaking fraught with potential for error and disappointment!). I propose that his cabinet selections are based on his assessment of each candidate’s ability, merit and experience.

    My observation is that Trump is much more intelligent and nuanced than his opponents perceive him to be. In this, he reminds me of Putin, though I don’t believe that he is Putin’s equal in tactics or strategy.

    May we live in interesting times. (Chinese curse, purportedly).

  28. Moe , exactly , I find listening to what he says makes me happy , things I never ever expected to hear from a US pres.

  29. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Well, I’m not at all certain we are out of the WWIII frying pan yet.

    It is funny though to see that Trump is doing away with pretences. A Big Oil exec and a warmongering lunatic as Secretaries of State (good cop, bad cop), an anti-union Burger Baron as Labor Secretary, Wall Street insiders in charge of the economy, a Marine war criminal (he dosed Fallujah with White Phosporus and Depleted Uranium as part of the illegal invasion) as Secretary of Defense and so on.

  30. emsnews

    Pray, tell me which time in the last 30 years, has the DNC been pro-labor union? Protect US jobs from cheap foreign labor?

  31. Christian W

    Thanks to neoliberalism, at no point…

    But that is the important point. Trump promised to “Make America Great Again”, a very specious claim. Yet all his cabinet appointments point towards neoliberalism on hyper drive.

    Of course HRC was not an option. But I don’t get that Trump actually gets support. The US needs to get off Wall Street and dismantle the elite controlled financial manipulation “economy” or the situation will keep spinning out of control.

    You cannot have State where the 1% are in complete control and a healthy nation for all citizens – the concepts are mutually exclusive.

    US citizens have been reduced to flag waving for one faction of Oligarchs over another. If there is no New New Deal to balance things the West will be destroyed.

    It was not the Barbarians who destroyed Rome, it was the Roman elite. The “Barbarians” simply mopped up the pieces left after the Roman oligarchs devoured everything.

  32. charlottemom

    Key cabinet appointments point to Trump perusing Mercantilism. Global “free” trade dead.

  33. Lou

    Jim R—–I don’t like his cabinet picks. And I don’t think I’ll really like most of his policy decisions. But it beats the hell out of starting WWIII next month.

    INDEED. Trump will not bring the troops home and he wont stop immigration.
    I oppose all immigration to USA. [including refugees that the UN dumps on us].
    The only way to get the USA back on track is to do these 2 things.

  34. Christian W

    @ 32 Charlottemom

    Indeed. That is why the “Atlanticists” (Bilderbergs) are freaking out. They spent their careers serving global neoliberalism and got very fat and rich off it.

    If the US goes towards mercantilism it points to a default on it’s debts, another US bankruptcy in a way, which will create shockwaves throughout the world to say the least. A turning point in history. Decades of US policy reversed overnight if this is the case.

  35. charlottemom

    MercantI list and fortress America go hand in hand. No one shoud be surprised where this is headed. Also not for nothing that Trump has experience with bankrupcies’
    2017 – hold on to your hats ! This ship is sailing!

  36. Moe

    #13, Jim R.

    Re: The Onion, here’s a recent Chicago parody. The underlying reality makes it more poignant than ironic.


  37. emsnews

    The US is bankrupt, pretty much. It has pretended that this would never happen. On the other hand, we prop up the entire planet and this is ridiculous.

    Europe has leeched off of us for nearly a century and gave us little to nothing in return. China has exploited US stupidity and I can’t blame them for this, they are smart but it can’t go on forever, the Chinese secret plan is…to remove all industry from the US and then kick us out.

  38. Christian W

    It wasn’t the Chinese who removed the industries; it was the US elite master plan to move the US economy to financial instruments and wizardry instead of manufacturing. Of course the Chinese were eager to pick up the industries and rebuild.

  39. Moe

    Judge Jeanine Pirro spears Obama over his comments about Russian interference.

  40. Jim R

    @Christian #29,

    We may not be out of the frying pan, but Hils promised to dive right into the fire. Maybe with such a low bar of expectations, Mr. Trump will not disappoint me.

  41. Lou

    Chinese and US — kick us out— Kick us out of? [Forgive my ignorance].

  42. emsnews

    The Chinese can’t do a thing to us right now because their ‘enslave the US and steal all the jobs’ program isn’t finished yet. they dare not slam the door on us since we would benefit if they do this.

  43. Petruchio

    It looks as if the Political Wh#re Class in D.C. has been given the Order from their owners to push “The Russians “fixed” the US Presidential Election” meme. Here’s a headline–a Washington Post article–carried by the local Fish Wrap Rag of a “newspaper” in my area: “Election Tampering charge roils Washington.” I’m sensing a buildup of this “The Russkies did it” theme/meme. We will see more “news” about Russian “tampering”.
    Also, I note today that US Senator from Kentucky Mitch “still in the closet” McConnell is going to start an “investigation” in to Russian tampering. Gee whiz, I wonder what they will find. I see it as trial balloon. Behind closed doors, I see these political wh#res asking each other, “Now what kind of BS about Russian election rigging can we sell to the gullible American voter/”

  44. emsnews

    This is a coup. We do not have political parties in DC. We have interlocking international operations there with the Bilderberg gang being the easiest to follow and annoy (thanks to EU young people activists there). But all these operations are also connected to Israel which they are puppets.

    Trump tries to make Israel’s rulers feel OK but they still hate him, he isn’t a puppet, you see. Has too much of his own money.

    This is why I keep saying, they will NEVER allow him to enter the WH. If they have to nuke it, they will, anything to stop him.

  45. Christian W

    There is only room for one Master race at the top of the totem pole. That’s the problem with all these Master Race über Alles/God’s Chosen morons.

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