Trump Lock-out Pentagon Procurement Officers From Taking Jobs With Manufacturers

Budget hysteria 2011 at my own blog…the Elephant is even angrier with Trump than the DNC clowns.


Trump says the unspeakable, out loud: procurement of weapons and equipment should never be allowed to change jobs and work for Big Corporations that feasts at the Pentagon feeding troughs.  This would be a real reform!  It is amazing, and obvious and one wonders why Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clintons and Obama could have easily done.


Unsurprisingly, Pentagon officials are already criticizing the proposal, saying such lucrative jobs were a big reason why Pentagon officials took procurement jobs in the first place, and in the absence of that “career track” they might struggle to fill such positions at all.


This is easily solved: have the procurement people get pay raises and a good pension so there is no difficulty in finding good workers.  Now let’s look at the market for college professors: saturated with candidates, they now work part time for peanuts and are suffering greatly from this.  Now if we take an army of college graduates anticipating a lifelong slog trying to pay off college loans, suffering terribly, and tell them they can work for the Pentagon and get good pay, a pension and live in nice homes…there will be no shortage of takers, right?


Of course, and the Pentagon knows this!  Now for some insane news: US ‘key’ allies which shall not be named in this article by Reuters, want the US to not cooperate with Russia in stopping ISIS but want the US to fight Russia and Assad so we can have WWIII instead…I am assuming European ‘leaders’ are demanding this insanity? Or are they the Saudis?


Trump has said defeating Islamic State was a higher priority than persuading Assad to step down.


“On Syria the new administration says crushing Islamic State is its priority, but we’ve explained our view that without a political solution in Syria those efforts will be fruitless because new pockets of radicals will re-form,” a senior French diplomat told Reuters.


France has been the target of coordinated attacks claimed by Islamic State. Western capitals fear that a prolonged conflict will exacerbate mass refugee flows in which radicalized individuals might hide.


A political solution in Syria, as envisioned by Western powers, would involve a transition in which Assad eventually left power. Assad, from the minority Alawite sect, cannot unite Syria and quash extremists after nearly six years of warfare, they argue.


The ‘Western powers’ that want Assad dead (like Libya, for example, which is now home to many terrorists attacking Europe) are few in number: Israel.  And…Israel.  Yes, that is the ‘foreign power’.  The Saudis might do this, too, for they are the sponsors of 9/11 terror and lots of other terrorist attacks on the West and are demanding we take in millions of angry Muslim males and let them take over Europe and the US this way…right.


Bring in more Saudi-sponsored terrorists!  Not one terrorist attacking anyone in Europe or the US are Alawite Muslims.  Not one!  Virtually all are Wahhabist Muslims. So why do we have to destroy Assad?  Oh!  He kept a lid on the Wahhabist Muslim terrorists!  Makes the usual sense: none at all.


So, the Pentagon top brass want Trump dead because he will interfere with their gravy train and the Jews want Trump dead because he supports Russia’s efforts to stop the destruction of Syria…and of course, the crazy left wing wants Trump dead because he defeated them even after they brought in millions of illegal alien votes in major cities that went for Hillary thanks for that…he is surrounded by potential killers.


Our Real Rulers and of course, the corrupt Bilderberg Gangsters who shipped most of US jobs to Mexico and Asia, are screaming at Trump for telling the communist Chinese to go to hell…Today’s headline is ‘Trump Tells China To Go To Hell.’  Oh, the screams!


It is unclear what led Trump to ditch nearly 40 years of diplomatic protocol and take a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen. Beijing, which sees political reunification with the island as a historical necessity, lodged a diplomatic protest but otherwise seems keen to let the issue blow over. State media wrote off the call as a gaffe resulting from the transition team’s lack of foreign policy experience.


“American business operating in Asia needs certainty and stability,” the American Chamber of Commerce in China noted, with some understatement. Good luck with that while loose cannon Trump keeps firing. After defending his Taiwan call he went on to lay into China’s business policy and territorial claims in the South China Sea, making it much harder for Beijing to brush the incident off.


40 years of betrayal ending!  Oh my, the horror.  Why can’t Trump take orders from China?  Oh, he isn’t being bribed by them?  HAHAHA.  Hillary knew how to collect money from China!  She and her minions in the DNC and GOP would run off to China to deliver Reagan-type speeches about how wonderful it is to move all US manufacturing to China!  But then, Obama has been engaged in confrontations with China over the islands surrounding China…hmmm…kind of hostile.


I recall last several months, the US has been leading other Asian nations in sailing around offshore of China, showing off and blasting away with propaganda that the oceans belong to the US navy, not China.  During all this, US corporations cheerfully kept their manufacturing in China.


The Chinese 30 year plan hatched long ago, I witnessed it being devised, was to lure US businesses to China with two lures: cheap labor and a potential huge market.  Now, China is one of the world’s biggest economic machines and it is crushing us and we are afloat on a sea of debt rather than trade surpluses.  The trade deficit has huge downsides over time and history is clear: we are heading towards bankruptcy.


Our billionaire Bilderberg rulers don’t give a damn about this.  They want more money and if working with China to destroy the US will make them all much richer, the stupid idiots think the Chinese won’t scalp them, too, in the end.  Duh.  They are doomed. The Chinese hate them and want them dead.  Why they think we are friends is strange, the Chinese are not stupid, they know history perfectly well and want revenge and I can’t blame them.


But their revenge involves destroying my homeland and that is not a good thing.  I am not stupid or a traitor.


As worrisome for U.S. firms, Trump also tweeted a plan to apply a 35 percent tax to products imported by U.S. firms from factories they have moved overseas. That would hammer companies who have spent decades building supply chains and facilities in China, like Apple, for example. A recent Rhodium Group study shows the stock of U.S. direct investment in China reached $228 billion from 1990 through 2015.


‘Supply chains and facilities’ are factories and such that provide jobs and pay taxes to the Chinese government, not the US government.  Note how our ‘leaders’ don’t give a damn how many jobs are lost here or how big businesses evade taxes by moving overseas and then mooching off of the rest of us.  Trump is truly a threat to our Real Rulers if he reverses the treasons of past Presidents all of whom including Obama, should be put up on treason charges and put in prison as a warning to anyone thinking of repeating this historic disaster.
The New York Times continues its insane push to demonize Trump for being sensible about Putin with this top story ‘Trump Widens Rift With Russian Experts Over Hacking’.  HAHAHA.  They won’t give up.  These ‘Russian experts’ seem to me to be McCarthy wannabes aka, Bilderberg tools.  They have to justify their jobs by barfing up propaganda trash digested 70 years ago.  I remember the McCarthy era vividly for my father worried about being dragged into the hysteria back then.  All the people around him were also very fearful.


The fact that liberals like the NYT staff and Hillary, and of course, black dude Obama, are grasping at these particular evil straws is…horrifying.  And proof that none are ‘liberals’ at all.  They are tools of the elites who want to terrorize anyone who dares to cross them or do anything different than their way or the highway.  They need slaves and pour money on slaves which is why the Clinton’s corruption led them to becoming immensely rich while seeking office.
The NYT has another top article that is funny as hell: The ‘Democrats’ have a new message to workers: it’s the economy, stupid!’  the campaign to make us all laugh to death continues.  It takes a certain kind of evil genius to be so consistently stupid and at the same time, annoying as mosquitoes on a humid summer night.  Oh, a little side story is, after vote recounting which the DNC and others demanded, another Republican has won a Senate seat, this time, in Louisiana.
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11 responses to “Trump Lock-out Pentagon Procurement Officers From Taking Jobs With Manufacturers

  1. Moe

    Trump briefly mentions this in his YouTube broadcast of Dec. 10.

    A couple of observations: Trump is uncharacteristically wooden in this transmission, reading from a teleprompter would be my guess. Also, this guy is going to circumvent the MSM in every way possible, except of course, to troll them (which he frequently did during the election campaign, I almost peed my pants on occasion!). Can you envisage YouTube pulling down one of his videos? YouTube owner Google might hate Trump but they wouldn’t dare. Irony at its best 🙂

  2. Moe

    Completely out of context, but I thought readers might appreciate a (moderate) laugh. Gutfield on Inaugeration Protestors.

  3. emsnews

    He probably is just tired. He just ran like a rabbit during the election and then did a victory tour while also tending to all sorts of business.

  4. Lou

    I know that Elaine does not think much of hoarding gold, but what happens when the dollar dies?

  5. Mewswithaview

    @Lou. The dollar will eventually die like all currencies do. Today though it is the best looking horse in the glue factory. The Euro and Yen will disintegrate first. Most likely there will be some form of currency fix or international accord attempted. Gold coins might be a way to trade in emergency, but more likely the men with the guns will take it from you, so you will have to bury it like the ancient Romans did. Those hoards are still being found, want to bet their owners never got to retrieve them.

  6. Jim R

    James Turk is just another one of those ‘gold bugs’. When gold is going up, he says it’s always going to go up, and when it goes down, he claims it will go up again. It’s lousy trading advice.

    Small gold coins may, or may not, be useful as barter tokens if the dollar goes away. Silver ones would probably be better. Go flashing gold around and people think you’re rich, and you become a target for robbers.

    But with history as a guide, the dollar’s demise may not be as imminent as the gold bugs think it is. Those little Roman Denarius coins were in circulation for centuries after the Roman Empire was dead and gone. They replaced the silver with pewter, and they tried mightily to inflate away their value, but if you were to bring some Roman coins to a market any time during the Dark Ages, you could buy whatever you needed with them.

    Coins with almost no silver in them, no longer backed by an empire. Still a store of value. Crappy pewter coins.

    Of course paper money tends to wear out, and probably won’t last five centuries. But it wouldn’t be surprising if, in the year 2500, people still know what a hundred dollar bill looks like.

  7. Mewswithaview

    The Democrats have lost the presidency, senate and congress, the Russian hacking and fake news stories are about poisoning the well by laying the ground for a coup against Trump or else limiting his scope to make decisions that keep them out of power. The real fight is between the different factions that hold power around the Beltway. So far Trump has the wind in his sails . . . .

    Fell over laughing at a twitter from Neon Trotsy “the CIA protesting a right wing president being installed by a foreign power might be the funniest thing that has ever happened”


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Quite. Oh, the horror, someone installing a dictator!

  8. Jim R

    Oh, a little side story is, after vote recounting which the DNC and others demanded, another Republican has won a Senate seat, this time, in Louisiana.

    Oh thank you Elaine, for turning up that tidbit! I have a feeling (no proof, just like the WaPo) that, if they honestly counted all the votes, and added in all the mailed-in ballots from overseas military, etc. and counted ALL the votes, Trump would have won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote, and in a 60-40 landslide.

    Voters were PISSED in this election. I usually vote for Democrats/Progressives, but if I hadn’t voted for Jill Stein I would have voted for Trump. Hillary was just that bad. But I figured Texas was a foregone conclusion, so was free to vote for Stein.

    She was a disappointment after the election, by the way, what with all that money-grubbing for a recount. She probably just wants a comfortable retirement out of all this.

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t know why you suddenly think it’s a great idea to poke nuclear-armed China in the eye over Taiwan, which they consider an issue of national sovereignty. Do you seriously want to go to war over something this retarded? Because I assure you the Chinese are more than ready to.

  10. emsnews

    China goes to war with us, they will go bankrupt. Yes, debt is a two edged sword.

  11. Petruchio

    Elaine: great cartoon at the top of this article. Really good.

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