Corrupt Media Owners Demand Monopolies So They Can Do Blanket Propaganda


The coup against US voters continues.  Propaganda is flowing like blood from a slit throat.  I have witnessed more than one coup in the past, I had to swim the Rhein river to escape the military take down of the student uprising in France in 1968, for example.  Being a mere child, I thought it was very funny, but then back in the US, I had to contend with LBJ’s collapsing presidency and then Nixon’s open hostility.  The GOP and DNC leadership are conspiring together to overthrow Trump and I don’t know how all those millions and millions of rural/suburban Trump voters feel, they better wake up and smell the coffee because the Day of the Coup is just three weeks away and the US media Bilderberg giants are screaming themselves hoarse, telling us Trump is a communist sympathizer when Russia has zero commies, they are all in the DNC and GOP.  Oops.


The Washington Post is demanding that US media giants who are losing money due to alternative news systems, should be able to form monopolies controlled by the GOP/DNC Bilderberg gangsters so we all can read ‘Pravda’ simultaneously and thus, obey all demands for war crimes, theft of our tax money and foreign control of our economy.


A pair of congressmen on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee want to repeal a long-standing ban on media consolidation, calling it a “disco era” rule that prevents struggling local media outlets from surviving in an increasingly competitive market for information.


Introduced by Reps. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), the legislation takes aim at a 41-year-old rule that prohibits a company from owning both a newspaper and a radio or television station in the same market.


Undoing the ban on cross-ownership, Yarmuth argues, would help combat the rise of fabricated stories on the Internet by empowering trusted local news outlets.


“It is increasingly important that we do all we can to protect legitimate sources of news,” Yarmuth said in a statement. “This legislation would give media entities the flexibility they need to compete and grow.”


Wow, they really have gone insane.  No questions about why we despise ‘trusted (sic) local outlets’.  These are already controlled by rich people.  Look at CNN today: way back when Turner first began CNN, he talked to me…sometimes a great deal.  We got along.  He was my only news outlet to reach the US public because he simply recorded the news as it happened.  There were, back in the 1980’s, no one giving their take on the news, it was raw, uncensored news and I loved Ted for this.


When he was tempted by offers of tons of money, I warned him it was to stop his news media business from running raw news.  ‘Oh no, I am on the board of directors, I will control it,’ he said to me.  Sigh.  They, of course, basically kicked him out of the seat of power there, he left the country and we now have the wretched mess called ‘CNN’ today which is pure nonstop propaganda.


 The National Association of Broadcasters praised the move.


“Striking this cross-ownership ban would save journalism jobs, create more investigative reporting and provide communities with greater local news,” said Gordon Smith, the organization’s president.


Why do they have to lie all the time?  Why can’t they be slightly honest?  ‘Investigative reporting’ is nearly dead in the mainstream media.  They are so intimidated now, when black inner city criminals run riot and terrorize, loot and rape as well as murder citizens, the news reporters will describe the clothing and the getaway cars but have no peep about what the actual criminals look like, for example.


Some ‘investigative reporting’ going on here.  Hell, it cannot transmit even the most basic, simple information citizens need to protect themselves!


The media has gone full Pravda on us and is now openly demanding we let our Real Rulers commit various crimes against Trump. Look at the editorial page of the WP, for example:  One lunatic there, Ramped, a female harpy, wants to steal Trump Tower from him, for example.


Hayden at the WP is claiming Trump is evil because he is upsetting the CIA!  HAHAHA.  I, on the other hand, aware that the CIA exists for mainly one reason: to make coups happen, control coups, defy citizens and crush them wherever they contest the CIA for power, to start illegal wars based on fake ‘intelligence’ and other crimes.  I want the CIA taken apart.  It has caused more problems, killed more people, destroyed more societies than any other US organization aside from…our media giants who all work with the CIA to run false information and lie about everything so they can…create more coups, etc.


This is where ‘liberalism’ has ended up: in the garbage can.  How dare they demand we not boycott stuff that infuriates us?  Are they going to force us to watch football?  Eat corporate food laced with all sorts of chemicals?  My parents went to a show in Beijing way back when Madame Mao ran things there.


The performers on stage did their Maoist song and dance and then stopped and looked at Madame Mao who sat scowling next to my father.  My mother said, ‘I think we are supposed to clap, dear.’  So my father clapped.  The people on stage clapped and thanked him for clapping.  Madame Mao was pissed off that my mother had to ask him to clap and she stood up and the people on stage were scared.


‘Clap’ she commanded and the entire audience clapped for HER while she stood there.  Seriously, they all turned to face her and clapped madly out of naked fear.


The WP is yowling about how nasty it is that people want to surround themselves with stuff they like!  DUH.  And if the mindless left insists on politicising  everything, the opposite side will do so, too.  The Post corporation is being boycotted because they are boycotting any media that doesn’t follow Madame Clinton Mao’s orders!  This online boycott is due to corporate  America choosing sides and punishing anyone who isn’t PC perfect comrades of Madame Clinton Mao.


So we won’t buy any of their goods or use their services.  Consumers still have the right to boycott businesses who make nasty political choices.  Post wants to be hot shots and only fund crazy leftists?  Well, the rest of us can tell Post to go to hell.  Take that, you worthless creeps.


You Tube, run by Hillary bots, is systematically stripping videos made by people who oppose Obama and Hillary and the DNC/GOP gang of all commercials so the makers can’t earn money.  We, in turn, can boycott them all and I cheerfully and faithfully do this because I support free speech, no matter who is talking or writing.


I have been banned all over kingdom come due not to being evil but for disputing people, left or right.  The monoculture online began many years ago, after 9/11.  It gets worse each year.  Many people don’t like me because I won’t ban people, stifle debate and do other creepy things both the left and right are addicted to: controlling all conversations so we hear only one voice is a vice both sides of the spectrum indulge in, after all.


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28 responses to “Corrupt Media Owners Demand Monopolies So They Can Do Blanket Propaganda

  1. DM

    It’s starting to look like the gods intend to destroy America.

    We are at the insanity bit.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The powers are so sure they can turn the US into a Banana Republic that they don’t even try to hide naked lies anymore. Its shocking. However we are in a tricky spot. They WANT us to take up arms so that they can declare martial law. We can’t do that…not while they still have power.

    “The monoculture online began many years ago, after 9/11.”

    This was always the case on the internet. The internet does not encourage free discourse, it balkanizes people into various subsets and fandoms. I’ve been banned from numerous sites for just arguing opinions and facts.

    However I date the banning of comments not from 9/11 but from the time the elites wanted to install Caroline Kennedy into the NY Senate without a vote, by appointment only. All the propaganda was stating how wonderful it was that Catty Kennedy was taking up the political banner and that NY was wild for it! NOT SO. I and many other New Yorkers let out a howl so loud and filled all online news comments with our protest. We demanded a fair vote, not to have her installed. The Kennedy push failed and THAT was when the Powers realized how powerful comments on news sites could be and that was when they began to shut them down.

  3. Nani

    I hope the forces of karma will bite these authoritarian, evil, satanic bilderbergers hard in the ass! They richly deserve all the nasty surprises coming their way..

  4. KHS71

    Isn’t this the same trash we heard from the WP during the campaign requesting Trump quit due to growing GOP resistance? Same stuff when Bush was elected. The stench of the Klinton Krime Klan is all over this smear.

  5. Christian W

    Well, the WP does have a point with this one:

    A government of Ayn Rand believers does not bode well either, never mind the craziness in other quarters of US society. Randists are just another flavour of crazy.

  6. Christian W

    @ Mel

    However we are in a tricky spot. They WANT us to take up arms so that they can declare martial law. We can’t do that…not while they still have power.

    Well said. You cannot take on the elites directly, they feed on anger and hate and will use strong emotions to destroy you. Any collective action has to be indirect and aimed at starving them out and deny the elites their sustenance of fear and power.

  7. Petruchio

    I don’t think a ‘monopoly’ per se is what the Media Oligarchs want. Why? They don’t really need to have an actual monopoly. The media oligarchs merely want a BIG majority in the American media, which they have! 96% of ALL media outlets in the US are owned by 6 Mega Media Corps.. They don’t need any more control than that. We can all thank Ronny Reagan and Billy Boy Clinton for allowing this to happen.
    What the Media Oligarchs REALLY want is the ability to crush, silence, stifle opposing views from THEIR narrative. Of course, they can’t come right out and say this, it would be too obvious. Example? Yours truly, Petruchio, tried to post on a blog an Anti-Hillary comment. A Clinton ‘bot’ challenged me when I mentioned how corrupt Mrs. Clinton is. I tried–repeatedly to post a picture with the comment from Clinton’s boss on The Watergate Committee the reason Mrs. Clinton was FIRED from said Committee (because she lied repeatedly and falsified documents, btw.). I was not allowed to post that picture.
    I know. Petruchio posting an anti Hillary comment. Shocking….

  8. emsnews

    If the coup was supporting the armed countryside, it will succeed. It is laughably easy to take over a city especially cities that depend on government money to feed the masses.

    But if city people who depend on taxes to feed the idle masses and criminals in cities try to take over the armed productive countryside…this is when you get civil wars and great violence. Millions, of course, will starve in the cities when besieged.

    I forgot: in the countryside, we hunt, grow food, have our own wells, often have our own energy systems whereas in the cities, few have any of this.

  9. Christian W

    Going back to a pre-invasion native lifestyle is always an option I guess. That is easier in the woods than in a city landscape too.

  10. Shawntoh

    With all this talk about propaganda I have one question to ask–

    Whether you are “right”, “left” or whatever on the political spectrum, what are the seven to nine devices used in propaganda?

    If you can’t answer that question, how can anyone say they are “free” to make a decision?

    If you couldn’t name them, then here’s a good place to start.


  11. tio

    Asking the right questions is vastly more important than correctly answering the wrong questions.

  12. emsnews

    Propaganda is in the eye of the creator, for the victims, it is a game of wits to figure out stuff without falling into various traps.

    It is HARD to do. Most people struggle to make sense of things and this is why appeals to emotions is so big in the ‘propaganda game’.

  13. Ken

    Off topic, the Washington Post (one of Elaine’s favorite news sources) published an article stating that global warming scientists are copying and saving climate data in the fear that Trump and his administration will attempt to change the data to undermine the global warming movement.

    This is actually a little amusing, since a lot of this data being saved was “adjusted” by these same scientists from old data, supposedly to correct for errors made long ago in amassing the data in the first place.

  14. tio

    Apologies, that was meant to compliment Shawntoh’s piece not negate it. Having re-read my comment it looks crappy, sorry. It was as a challenge to the msm!

  15. tio

    {It is HARD to do. Most people struggle to make sense of things and this is why appeals to emotions is so big in the ‘propaganda game’}

    Most people?


  16. Claudeeyah


    Yes, tio, most people I would characterize as being disconnected. Mind you, I do not mean dumb or unintelligent. I mean that their brains are not structured or trained into converting what knowledge they have with reality. This process is long and tedious, especially for a mediocre intellect like myself. Nevertheless, after years of programming, I have found more of what is reality than I ever before knew. That being said, only about ten percent or so of the population of the United States seemed tuned into what is the reality of our present age.

    Look around you. There are people in their eighties and older who still walk around wondering why everything in this country is so completely f*cked up- Giving the lie to the old adage, “With age comes wisdom”.

  17. emsnews

    Simple test: ask anyone ‘How many MINUTES away from total annihilation from nuclear war, is the US?’ Give them a hint: Hillary mentioned the exact number of minutes during the debates.

  18. indeed

    On the subject of propaganda; don’t forget people that Elaine is one of the Elites, and she plays the propaganda game as well.

  19. Claudeeyah



    That Elaine! She’s a bewitching lass, one of whom I might have eschewed back during my more straight collared days during the ’60s. She don’t seem so troublesome now that she’s old, but I’ve heard tell she packs a mighty arsenal up there on that there mountain of hers! A She Devil, if ya ax me!

  20. Moe

    @18 Indeed

    Elaine might be from an “elite” background, but anyone who lived in a tent for years, chops firewood for heat, and skins her own deer (?) should not be classified as elitist.

    And I never feel propagandized by her missives. (Oh my: perhaps that’s indicative of how effective her propaganda is! Drats, just when I was beginning to believe in my own perceptions and analysis!).

  21. Claudeeyah



    What he said….yep………

  22. Mewswithaview

    Syria is also used as part of the propaganda

  23. Shawntoh


    I take that as a debating challenge what you just wrote in response to me bringing up the issue of the specifics of propaganda.

    I’ll keep my response decent here– besides, you can also censor me anyway if you want, right? So now I will return the volley, if you please–

    If you CANNOT name the specific device or propaganda technique, then HOW do you answer your critics effectively? Further–

    Please let me point out this fact–

    Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA) was an USA organization that consisted of social scientists, opinion leaders, historians, educators, and journalists. It existed from 1937 to 1942. Now–

    My understanding from my research is that the IPA was created because of the concern that the US public was losing the ability to do critical thinking because of the increase of the flow of propaganda at the time.

    The aim of the organization was “To teach people how to think rather than what to think.” How?

    By engaging the public to pursue rational thought by empowering the public with a guide on propaganda to get discussions that were better informed on the important issues facing our country.

    The IPA emphasis was on US domestic issues compelling enough because of the potentially dangerous threats to our country’s democratic processes.

    At the risk of being accused of being didactic in the pejorative sense, may I please proceed to ask you to identify the first of seven devices used in propaganda?– Here we go, if you please–

    If I call you a “commie”, for example, what specific propaganda device (or technique) is this and why?

    Thank you and peace.

  24. emsnews

    Humans are easy to dupe. Cats, on the other hand, are always very suspicious critters and fooling them is difficult if not impossible. But then, they fooled us all into thinking they are our pets and not our masters.

    WAIT! I have three cats…all very demanding…they want more catnip. Must get more catnip…see you later…

  25. Moe


    Elaine deigns not to engage: that’s the prerogative of the Blog-Master! (Exaggerated bowing ensues, with chant: “We are not worthy, we are not worthy”). 🙂 (Emoticons don’t work here??).

    Actually, if you had written to me: “At the risk of being accused of being didactic in the pejorative sense…” I wouldn’t respond either.

    I did though appreciate your initial submission. Thanks for the guidelines, as I need all the help I can get.

  26. emsnews

    Everything is ‘propaganda’ and then there is reality. Reality is a harsh mistress and punished humans mercilessly. Also, She has a name: the Furies, the Dire Sisters, Fate, Libra, etc. Humans are helpless in the teeth of these bitches.

  27. Petruchio

    Here’s the latest story on the subject. The New York Times is “demanding” that Social Media ‘subsidize’ the MSM! This is kind of like the MSM hoisting the white flag of surrender when they need to have somebody else bankroll their lifestyle.

  28. emsnews

    HAHAHA. the dirty beggars. 🙂

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