Russians Try To Warn US Citizens About Impending DNC/RNC Coup



Front page of the dangerous RT News which our ‘President’ ordered us to avoid because RT news is commie news unlike the DNC and Hillary who are…what?  Commies, too?  But it is something bizarre going on here.  our media is attacking citizens who refuse propaganda and our ‘liberals’ are aping McCarthy witch hunts and talk about a dog chasing its own tail.  Note how in Syria, the Russians and Assad try to cooperate with Peace Prize Obama only to see floods of more terrorists pour in under the US umbrella protecting them from being repelled.


Aren’t we supposed to howl at Trump for receiving a phone call from Taiwan?  Oh, he is so terrible!  And Japan is our fine ally…going off to Russia to do business while stripping the US of our wealth in one way trade, no?  HAHAHA.    Here is Sputnik News from Russia:


Note the ‘furious with ineffective propaganda, Congress to put foreign broadcasting under direct White House control’…only Trump will be in the White House!  This confirms to me that a coup is brewing with the GOP Bilderberg gangsters and the Bushes and Clintons and DNC fake liberals all breaking every law in the land to stop Trump from being President because he screws up their internationalist power games that are bankrupting America and destroying the civil rights of citizens.


Remember, citizens!  Our top civil right is the right to vote!  And this has been tampered with in many ways including assassinations for years and years and now will be nakedly disposed of entirely!  We must be on the alert.  The DC/NYC/California nexus is on the war path to stop Trump no matter how nakedly.


Proof that former ‘democratic’ online activists are now sewer rats, here is Bob Fertik’s email to me:

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-8-36-01-pm is disgusting.  How dare he do this crap???  Based on zero evidence.  What a fool.  Filthy critter, easily led by the nose by the Bilderberg gangsters.  Yuck.

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6 responses to “Russians Try To Warn US Citizens About Impending DNC/RNC Coup

  1. Seraphim

    Can you envisage the situation in which the Electoral College would not confirm Trump? What then?

  2. DM

    These people will reap a whirlwind.

    This Bob Fertik fellow is on very thin ice. Looks like he has bet his life on this coup succeeding.

  3. I get the same crap from OTHER “liberal” “activists,” also. The progs are dumber than a box of hammers.

  4. Moe

    From Jon Rappoport: The great fear that Putin and Trump will have THIS conversation

    Trump: “I’d be interested in your take on the CIA. I don’t know what the hell those people are doing over there.”

  5. Lou

    Any truth in a Clinton scam? I found this,

    Steve Pieczenik says it was the Intelligence Community feeding Julian Assange and Wikileaks because they saw that Bill and Hillary Clinton were attempting a coup d’etat of the United States, as we saw with the FBI and the justice department and the media collusion among other things.
    —The FBI wants Clinton in?

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