Arrest Clinton and Her Gang And Obama For Violating Government Regulations About Unsecured Computers

Obama tells the military to ignore Trump and obey him instead and not protect Trump which is so dangerously close to treason, this is breath taking.  Now the really stupid thing brewing today is, the ‘Russians’ (sic) or whoever, were able to hack Hillary and all her buddies computers because this gang used ILLEGAL UNSECURED computers to do government business much of which is rather on the illegal side of the ledger.  Arrest Hillary and her entire gang and go after Obama who also used a fake name and unsecured computer to talk about how to cheat in this election with Hillary’s gang.


A Denver University political science professor asks, ‘Why can’t the Electoral College stop Trump, the Presidential candidate who won by far, the most delegates?’

Yet, at least outside of political fiction, there has probably never been a better election for electors to go against what their states’ voters wanted. Recent revelations by the Central Intelligence Agency that Russia actively engaged in this very close election to advantage Trump, and that Russia maintains leverage over him with unreleased information, call into question the legitimacy of a Trump presidency.


Add to that Trump’s erratic and destructive behavior over the past month, the fact that nearly three million more voters preferred his opponent to him, his work to undermine relations with China, the fact that he considers his own uninformed opinions about international security superior to the evaluations of the nation’s intelligence agencies, and the near certainty that he’d be in violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause on the day he is sworn in, and you really don’t get a more appropriate opportunity for Republican electors to rethink their states’ choice.


Note how the propaganda campaign to undermine our fair election which the Democrats and all the media rats told us in a big bellow, that Trump better dare not contest the election results.  Now, they are all doing this nonstop.  Yes, nonstop!  With relentless stupidity and malice, they forgot the demands that no one do this.


Note that this traitor is worried that Communist China might be mad at Trump and therefore, we voters should kick him to the curb.  What?  The main reason we voted for him was precisely to do this!  A HUGE issue in this election that gave Trump the victory was the moving of US manufacturing to China and then running this enormous trade deficit with China.


Naturally, China wants to continue this.  The treason part here is, the Chinese told me directly and quite innocently way back in 1987, they planned to bankrupt the US by luring us into a huge trade deficit with them.  This is their 30 year plan and nearly done and lo and behold, enough citizens have woken up to this terrible danger.


The treason here is, our ‘liberals’ demanding we destroy our economic base and go deep in debt to communist China.  If the creatures in Congress are yelling about this, we must take names for they are traitors.


In these or many other situations, you have a new president being chosen whom voters did not choose on Election Day. This would create a legitimacy crisis for the new president. It would validate every fear Trump raised during the campaign that our election systems are rigged and voters are not getting what they want. At best, this would lead to mass disillusionment and a crisis of faith in American democracy. Other possible outcomes are far worse.
It is obvious that would be a terrible situation. It is not obvious that this is a worse situation than the one we already face.


Oh my, will there be a backlash!  From hell, no less.  The fury of voters who are going to be cheated this way will be enormous.  One of the fictions that many ‘liberals’ (sic) hold is, most voted for Trump while holding their noses.


This is because most Hillary voters were holding their noses so they assume the Trump voters who were much more enthusiastic, were the same.  They don’t go into the hinterlands to see what is brewing there.

Obama leaves troops speechless as he demands they surrender to the DNC crooks or else.

Some interesting comments about Obama demanding troops not protest a potential coup.


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15 responses to “Arrest Clinton and Her Gang And Obama For Violating Government Regulations About Unsecured Computers

  1. Petruchio

    Have you ever watched videos of Congressional hearings into various scandals like with Atty General Loretta Lynch or the banking scandals of Wall Street, like on YouTube? It is the same script over and over! The honorable Member of Congress huffs and puffs and launches into a tirade about whatever the Scandal du Jour is.
    But notice what is NOT happening and never happens? NOBODY gets arrested, NO reform legislation is passed, NOBODY goes to jail for things like Contempt of Congress. Members of Congress have subpoena powers, they CAN throw people into jail, they can pass any kind of legislation they want, but it never happens! You would think it would happen, but it doesn’t. Why? Because these Congressional “hearings” are a fraud, just like most members of Congress are frauds. Fooling the ‘proles’ that something will be done is the objective not real reform(s). And most members of Congress are in on the charade.

  2. Christian W

    OT: What used to be France (now owned by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Zionist interests) has gone from being Charlies (Je suis Charlie) to being Al Qaeda (Je suis Al Qaeda). Paris turns off lights on Eiffel Tower to mourn Al Qaeda’s defeat in Aleppo.

  3. Christian W


  4. emsnews

    Europe is literally dying of old age and few children coupled with invaders from hostile cultures which hate the European culture and have many children.

  5. Claudeeyah


    Yes, and how sad. We are witnessing the suicide of our own European race. Its beauty, the art, the blonde, blue-eyed women, will be gone forever. The savagery that brought it into existence will live on for eternity. I suddenly feel old(er) today.

  6. Moe

    I’m comforted by the number of US lampposts, but concerned there may not be enough rope.

  7. Claudeeyah


    There isn’t enough hemp to go around. We were founded upon a concept known as a Democratic Republic, which in and of itself was restrictive and culturally biased. Through the ensuing years, we adapted the Republic and its laws as was deemed prudent and necessary, not to mention morally just. We are or were the one country that at least pretended to listen to its citizenry. The past one hundred years we have seen our rulers actively destroy what our country set out to be. There is currently a re-awakening, in of all manifestations, Donald Trump. He may well be a disaster. I still voted for him, because an unknown disaster (Donald) is better than a known disaster (Hillary).

    Our country is now in a perpetual state of decline, with or without Donald Trump. We have only ourselves to blame. Something about the human brain has it hard wired within it to destroy that which it created. I am reminded of my own childhood at the seashore. My delight in building sandcastles paled in comparison to watching the tide take it all away.

    Enjoy the beauty while you can. The older you get, the more you will appreciate that (unsolicited) advice. Watching the cold come through and kill off the vegetation on my property only reinforces this fact for me. Nothing is certain except that the life cycle can and must continue at some level. Indeed, accepting death opens up an entirely new meaning to what we call “life”.

  8. Christian W

    The West is in deep trouble for various reasons, but we have to be careful we don’t mind fuck ourselves via biases and skewed perceptions. Europe is not exactly over run yet, but the TPTB are definitely stirring the pot of chaos for all their worth.

  9. JimmyJ

    The Neocons are simply improvising now, trying to get to a point of justifying an attack on Crimea before the inauguration. They thought they’d have lots of time with Clinton as Pres, but now they’re scrambling to figure out how to get it done.

    They want that port at Stevastopol very badly. Can they do this with Trump as President? Maybe they are testing the waters to see how far they can take the Putin propaganda, to neutralize Trump making peace with Putin before the inauguration. But if they pull an attack before inauguration, it’s less of a problem worrying about a Trump Presidency.

  10. emsnews

    The reason so many think there are so many Muslims is, in Europe especially, these guys hang out in the streets and all over the train stations. I used to fight them back in 1968 when there were far fewer there back then (yes, they attacked me every time I tried using the parks or trains and I considered it to be rather amusing to fight back, for me, fighting is fun).

    Very obnoxious people who terrorize the population loom large! By definition.

  11. Jim R

    This happened in Sweden, the text says:

  12. Jim R

    A correction, the forum I got this from says it was mis-attributed … it was in German, so I didn’t read it right away. I have no idea…

    Das Video wurde bereits im Januar gedreht, und zwar nicht in Schweden sondern in Ägypten. Im Kairoer Einkaufszentrum “Mall of Arabia” wird da einer christlichen Tradition gefrönt, die übersetzt “Weihnachtsbaum plündern” heißt. Bevor die Tanne abgebaut wird, wird der Baumschmuck (und wahrscheinlich auch Süßigkeiten) vom Baum gepflückt. Das Original-Video findet man hier.

  13. emsnews

    It was in Egypt…in the Mall of Arabia where it traditionally was placed. Egypt is being shut down by the Islamic radicals.

  14. Lou

    Egypt is full of very poor people. The population there exploded in the 20th century. Poor, desperate people. 83 million + the ones that have left for White or wealthier nations.

    Responding to Rapid Population Growth in Egypt
    Egypt’s rapid population growth is putting pressure on the country’s economy and environment and is threatening the health and well-being of its people.
    [Search domain]…

    Population Explosion in Egypt –
    Egypt is struggling to contain a population explosion that has surged in the past three years, exacerbating many of the social tensions that indirectly led to the …
    [Search domain]…

    Population Growth in Egypt: More People, More Problems?
    Putting aside the question of simply sustaining its vast population, Egypt faces additional difficulties in promoting its people’s economic productivity.
    [Search domain]…

    Egypt’s population explosion – Vignette Interactive
    Egypt’s population explosion. … In Egypt, where rapid population growth has long strained the country’s decaying infrastructure and consumed vital resources …
    [Search domain]

  15. Christian W

    The Syrian “civil war” is split along the lines of cities and urban centers versus the country side, much like Egypt. What Syrian rebels there are, amongst the foreign hordes, is mostly country bumpkins born and raised as conservative Sunni Islamists. The Sunni city dwellers understandably want none of the Islamist caliphate nonsense.

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