DNC And RNC Want To Punish Whistle Blowers And In Europe, The Same Cruelty



Some 200 people rallied outside a courtroom in Luxembourg on Monday as an appeal was opened in the case of two Frenchmen who helped uncover a tax avoidance scheme involving hundreds of multinational companies back in 2014.  Both Snowden and Assange are still being persecuted for exposing the lies and crimes of our Ruling Elites and this is true all over the ‘free world’ which is in a prison with very strong bars preventing us for knowing the truth about anything our rulers are doing behind our backs.  Cheating us and stealing stuff seems to be their main goals.


IMF chief Christine Lagarde goes on trial over ‘negligent’ £338million state payout to tycoon but insists it was ‘in the state’s interest’ because her mercenary thefts are good for the ‘state’, no?  HAHAHA.  I am so happy she is being examined.  Will they punish her?  I would hope so.


This week, Catholic priests will have to preach about climate change as part of a drive by the church to cut global warming because the Pope thinks we are all roasting in hell.  Only hell has frozen over, hasn’t it?  I would love to go to the Catholic Church this weekend when it is 6 degrees above 0F here in upstate NY.  When will this insanity end?


A black man in Florida faked a pro-Trump KKK hate crime, set his ex’s car on fire, and then staged his own kidnapping in ransom note covered with his blood.  More insanity.  Again and again, people who want to be victims end up faking crimes in order to bludgeon the rest of us over the head about racism, sexism and other pet issues.


The New York Times continues the nonstop front page demonization of Russia: ‘How Moscow aimed a perfect WEAPON at the US election.’  What was that?  Oh, a truth ray that revealed the secret doings of Pedesta, Obama and Hillary?  HAHAHA.  Now, kids hacking computers all over kingdom come are actually ‘devastatingly effective’ when they release secret information about our Real Rulers and their crimes and other plots and schemes?   HAHAHA.  Fantastic.


A Times investigation reveals missed signals, slow responses and a continuing underestimation of the seriousness of a campaign of cyberespionage to disrupt the presidential race.
A low-cost, high-impact weapon that Russia had test-fired in elections elsewhere was trained on the U.S., with devastating effectiveness.


March forwards, Young Pioneers!  Take over the world!  Defeat the Global Bankers and Military Dictators!  pay pal blog picture

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