Mystery Military Plane Scares NYC And Me Yesterday: Prelude To Coup Fails As Trump Makes More Job Deals


A huge military plane that flew over my mountain scaring me, my cats, the doggies and everyone then flew to Manhattan to scare everyone there, too.  Was this a prelude to a coup?  A huge military plane circled Manhattan menacingly scaring everyone including ME because it flew over my mountain barely above the top of my mountain scaring everyone here, I am VERY paranoid of planes crashing into me because it has already happened in Tucson when a military jet flown by a Saudi crashed where my little house used to stand!  I think the chances of a coup are now dropping as we shall see in today’s news brought here via foreign media since I don’t trust US media to tell us anything true.


Since 9/11 when Atta flew the hijacked jet right over my little house scaring me badly before turning it towards Manhattan, I have been on high alert about planes again.  Paranoia in my case is quite sensible.  Supposedly, we are to be told when the military is skimming rooftops with giant planes.  They are to warn us so we don’t freak out.


So why did this happen?  I would suggest, this was a prelude, a test for a coup.  The idea is, the election will be nullified by bribing electors to deny the votes that the voters wanted and force a crisis on us all.  I was very certain of this yesterday.  But today’s news shows us that a significant part of the Ruling Elites, that is, the Super Duper Rich have decisively thrown their weight behind Trump now and the Hillary gang will have to retreat, tails between their bitchy legs.


Now IBM has announced it is bringing home 25,000 workers after meeting with President Trump. Plans are to train them over the next four years.  I used to make prototype parts for IBM while working for an independent computer prototype company run by my brother-in-law way back in 1970.   Nearly everything has been moved offshore and this is a key element in the US going bankrupt since we now run not only huge trade deficits but we also have eliminated good jobs here which has a huge economic impact.


I recall all last week, the mainstream US media giants who hate Trump have been blasting away at him saving ‘only’ 85% of the Carrier Corp. jobs.  Oh, these gangsters were all in a tizzy, howling that he should have saved all the jobs!  None noted that President Obama saved no jobs at all.  Every time jobs were taken away, Obama said we should tighten our belts and expect more of this.


He claimed, falsely, that no one could stop the international bankers and the Bilderberg gang.  This is why the B gang is freaking out now and demanding that all the electors we voted for so overwhelmingly, drop any pretense of being a ‘democracy’ that has voting and simply have an electoral college coup.  They are willing to destroy whatever is left of our ‘democracy’ to shoehorn in someone who supports the Bilderberg gang’s ‘free trade’ fraud.

Trump flew last night to Wisconsin the thank his supporters who cheered like crazy and guess what he told them all? That his ‘gift to America is jobs, jobs, jobs…’while Bill Gates jumps aboard the Trump Job Express as he says he will try to do the same and increase ‘innovation’.


A Federal Judge has asked to see the FBI warrants to gain access to Weiner’s sexy laptop and the judge says he may release all these documents…hahaha. I can’t wait!  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we get this story explaining everything which makes everything far funnier: A typo by Clinton aide caused the ‘Russian’ (sic) hacks to enter Hillary’s dark online dungeons via the aide writing the word ‘legitimate’ instead of ‘ILLegitimate’ when he was screwing around with her passwords.


Which is still entirely her fault due to her using unsecured computers in order to…CONSPIRE with her buddies to do various ILLEGAL junk!!!  The entire point here was, she messed around due to breaking rules and laws and this got her dick stuck in the crossfire and hung out limp on the clothesline. This is yet another reason to investigate her and punish her since she seems to have learned no lessons.


All these interesting stories headlined in England and here is the NYT top page stories:


I love how the NYT is howling about a corporation putting itself first!  Hilarious.  Note how Moscow controls our government via kids hacking computers where the Hillary gang screwed up everything by not knowing how to use computers and the stupid gits would get things wrong by mistyping words.


Note, too, unlike the British press, the NYT pretends it is Russia’s fault that Hillary and her gang misused computers and the NYT also forgets WHY she did this: it was to hide conspiracies she hatched to break the laws and do illegal stuff so she would destroy Sanders and then bring down Trump.  She should be put in prison.


For the NYT to howl about the Russians in this matter is insanity.  HAHAHA.  Now, the NYT also says, the Russians were ‘trained in the US’ to do all this.  HAHAHA. So…the offing CIA, the most incompetent organization on earth (I penetrated them in various ways when only a child, for crying out loud!) trained the ‘Russian hackers’?  Arrest the DNC head of the CIA.  Thanks in advance.


Also, this happened under OBAMA’S reign. Arrest him, too.  And of course, arrest Hillary.  These Keystone Kops are all stupid gits.

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12 responses to “Mystery Military Plane Scares NYC And Me Yesterday: Prelude To Coup Fails As Trump Makes More Job Deals

  1. stupid gits?been watching Monty Python?

  2. Ken

    Off topic. The Michigan recount uncovered voter fraud after all. In Detroit the poll workers were scanning pro-Hillary ballots multiple times, sometimes 4 and 5 times. This gave Hillary vastly more votes than were actually cast. This was only caught because total votes cast per precent greatly exceeded the total number of eligible voters.

    Undoubtedly the poll workers were inspired to take matters into their own hands by the media’s virulent anti-Trump reporting. If it happened in Detroit, how do we know it didn’t happen elsewhere? Perhaps Trump won his home state of New York. This is akin to isolated acts of terror. Easy to inspire and hard to stop.

  3. Lou

    Detroit [or Det Rot] is Blacks. Ever learn of Marion Berry and countless other corrupt Black ‘leaders?’.
    Lynch, Holder [who is not Black but appears to be of Arab heritage], Obama [mulatto]. Etc.

    Classic example–
    Representative Maxine Waters of California later explained that many …
    Cop Killer gets luv from maxine Waters.
    Joanne Chesimard, who is also known by her Black Panther name of Assata Shakur.
    Scandal-Plagued Maxine Waters Top Dem on Banking Committee …
    Judicial Watch • Scandal-Plagued Maxine Waters Top Dem on Banking Committee. ……
    Congresswoman Waters issues statement on U.S. Freedom Fighter …
    Congresswoman Waters issues statement on U.S. Freedom Fighter Assata Shakur 29 September 1998. September 29, 1998 President Fidel Castro Central Committee

  4. Lou

    Military jet flown BY A SAUD? When? Whats the story here?

  5. emsnews

    Sigh. Way back in 1976, a Saudi pilot nearly crashed his military jet into my parent’s research building at the University of Arizona and then it screamed into my old neighborhood where I used to live and plowed into the ground where my house used to stand.

  6. Moe


    Git?: I had to look it up.

    Git: 1. British Slang. a foolish or contemptible person.
    2. A bastard.

    Derived from ‘begat’.

  7. Lou

    Off Topic—This is USA, today. [And will not be seen at ‘USA Today’ news]
    THIS IS NOT ‘THE ONION,’ Breaking news,

    Enjoy. Have a good laugh.

  8. Petruchio

    ” But today’s news shows us that a significant part of the Ruling Elites, that is, the Super Duper Rich have decisively thrown their weight behind Trump now and the Hillary gang will have to retreat, tails between their bitchy legs.” This is just like what happens in a (traditional) Organized Crime Family. Some of the Bosses have decided that Hillary Clinton and her pervert hubby have outlived their usefulness so it is best that they leave the D.C. ‘stage’. I think some of the Super Elites, the less insulated ones, have realized that the ‘soiled masses’ are one incident away from picking up their pitchforks and marching. (Remember when Obama told Wall Street: “I’m the only thing separating you from the pitchforks.”)
    The Elites, most of them, are aware of their fatal flaw: they are going to be BADLY outnumbered in any kind of violent confrontation! I think the ones siding with Trump have realized this and changed their loyalties. They may not personally like Trump’s policies may be, but these Elites DO want to be on the Winning Side. It’s a survival tactic.

  9. emsnews

    General rule of thumb: when the troops revolt, heads roll. And the regular troops are nearly uniformly for Trump so any fool who wants to call out the police or the troops to crush opposition will be in for a nasty surprise.

  10. Christian W

    My guess is that this plane was full of electronic spyware.

  11. emsnews

    HAHAHA…yup. It was obviously anxious to collect something electronic. Note that most of the flights were where foreign embassies and such are located. And the UN, too, for that matter.

  12. Lou

    ‘ And the regular troops are nearly uniformly for Trump,’
    Hence the Deep States using Muslims and Wetbacks as foot soldiers in the ‘New Army.’
    Fort Hood, hmmm. Obamas ‘Let us not rush to judgement.’
    He should have been removed, just for that statement.

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