CIA Officials Refuse To Hand Over Proof That Putin Is Hacking US Elections…HAHAHA

Infowar talks about coup against Trump.
CIA officials REFUSE to brief Congress on the truth about Russian hacking claims – and are rebuked by GOP congressman for ‘disgraceful’ move.  So, Europe already knows that it was a whistle blower inside the US spook community that released all the information of Hillary/Obama crimes and so they are doubling down in the US on the silly propaganda that it was Putin who knows more about the criminals inside the CIA/NSA than Obama…HAHAHAHA…this is too funny, our incompetent, helpless leaders!  Hang them for being stupid.


Members of the House Intelligence Committee are fuming that the CIA is refusing to provide an immediate briefing on Russian interference in the U.S. elections, after media reports that the intent of hacking was to boost President-elect Donald Trump’s chances.


Yes, of course, but like so much information like the redacted pages of the 9/11 report, no one is allowed to see the actual information lest their eyes pop out, I guess.  This is so ridiculous.


The panel had hoped to hold a briefing with the CIA Thursday, although the agency is declining to participate, prompting panel member Rep. Peter King of Long Island to suggest U.S. intelligence could be perpetuating a ‘disinformation campaign’ designed to undermine Trump as he prepares to take office.


He is correct, it is a disinformation campaign run by the Washington Post, the NYT, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. to undo an election and steal our government illegally.  Arrest them all.


The infighting is coming out into the open amid reports of hardening conclusions about Russian government motives and chain of command – with NBC reporting Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was ‘personally involved’ in the covert campaign to interfere with the elections through hacks of the Democratic National Committee and other political figures.


HOW DOES NBC KNOW and not GOP leaders in Congress???? Hello! That is illegal.  It is very illegal.  Who leaked this to NBC?  I would suggest an interrogation of the NBC lunatic, to hand out the name and ID of the person who gave them this information.


‘This violates all protocols and it’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the president-elect of the United States,’ fumed King in an appearance on ‘The Kelly File’ on Fox News Wednesday night.


No shit.


House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes complained about the CIA’s failure to send a briefer, after seeking a briefing by the end of the week.  ‘It is unacceptable that the Intelligence Community directors would not fulfill the House Intelligence Committee’s request to be briefed tomorrow on the cyber-attacks that occurred during the presidential campaign,’ he said in a statement Wednesday.


Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin named world’s most powerful leader! HAHAHA.  He runs everything.  He is god.  Obviously, the US is so feeble, he can run our elections, too!  Obviously, the DNC and RNC can’t do this trick.  Trump could.  All the GOP that ran into office on his considerable coat tails have repaid him by egging on the creeps in the DNC to stop him.


Look at this news: The EU Council on Foreign Relations (a Bilderberg operation) claims that Syria and Russia are orchestrating sex attacks in Europe to cause the voters there to vote against the liberals in Europe who let in all the rapists…HAHAHA.


Gustav Gressel, a Russian expert at the think-tank, said small numbers of refugees with links to the Kremlin and Syrian security services could be mobilised to sway public opinion against the Chancellor.


Citing a series of sex assaults in the city of Cologne during New Year’s Eve celebrations at the start of 2016 he told Bild: ‘What would happen, for example, if a similar event were repeated at a summer festival before the election as in the Silvesternacht in Cologne?


‘How would Merkel stand then? What would be the consequence for the Bundestag election? Of course, this is an extreme example, but it is within the range of possibility.’


So, Merkel and her gang let millions of rapists into Germany and now are blaming Putin who warned her not to do this.  Got it.  HAHAHA. I swear, these lunatics are out to kill us by making us laugh to death.


White House screams that Russia and Syria are killing children by bombing playgrounds.  Zero proof of this, too.  And the US is allies with…al Qaeda.  I recall, they attacked the US on 9/11, no?  Or has that been dropped, too?  Now, Putin attacked?  His powers are vast, eternal, and undefeatable, no?  HAHAHA.


Meanwhile, Manhattan and the minority neighborhoods in NYC voted for Hillary and…New York City is paying $400,000 a NIGHT to put up homeless families in hotels – with some rooms costing $600 a day – as homelessness reaches highest levels since 1930s. Include costs of 60 families each staying a $629 a night hotel near Times Square…Price is close to double the cost of a weeknight stay at the 5* Waldorf hotel as NYT wants desperately to go bankrupt again as it does all the time when Democrats run the city.


I had to deal with them all in the past and ended up having a handful of creeps arrested for theft, conspiracy, looting and stealing quarters from parking meters, I swear to god, they were ripping off parking meters!  I hope this crew is arrested, too.

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15 responses to “CIA Officials Refuse To Hand Over Proof That Putin Is Hacking US Elections…HAHAHA

  1. Jim R

    The only explanation is that Putin has a time machine.

    He probably shot JFK, too.


    ELAINE: Dr. Who to the rescue!

  2. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    Fer Sure! Putin hung out with John Wilkes Booth too and told him to kill Lincoln. That dastardly, time tripping Villain!

  3. Moe

    If the CIA, MSM and other elements of the Deep State wanted to discredit themselves they couldn’t have done a better job. Are they really that hamhanded and incompetent? What about all those Hollywood productions that show CIA’s overwhelming superiority, surveillance and gee-whiz electronic wizardry/warfare?

    One thing no organization can withstand is ridicule. Their getting close now.

  4. Claudeeyah

    I swear, I saw an old video clip of Putin right next to Lee Harvey Oswald, about a month before JFK was assassinated. Oh, he did it alright! And he also killed Marilyn Monroe, with whom he was having an affair with and wanted to frame JFK for it. Putin has done his utmost to unseat our democracy. This latest push to keep Hillary out of the White House is only his most recent dastardly deed.

    In other news, NBC will soon release a tape of Putin perched on the grassy knoll moments before the fatal shots were fired that fateful day. He done it, I tell ya!!!!

  5. Lou

    hey, Huntress, just for a laugh—Vegans attack—-

  6. Melponeme_k

    Putin’s time traveling crimes are no holds barred!

    Putin killed the DINOSAURS! He caused their extinction personally by using his super secret attractor weapon to pull in that deathly meteor!


    ELAINE: and he stepped on my big toe and made it throb, too!

  7. venguer

    It’s not going to get serious until the Fake Mainstream Media accuse Putin of rigging The Super Bowl. Then it’s WAR.

  8. Seraphim

    You got the feeling that the desperate attempts to ‘stop Trump’ translates a real fear that they might really be ‘locked up’. Endangering the National Security, collusion with the enemy, you name it.

  9. emsnews

    BINGO. As I keep saying, ‘Arrest them all’.

  10. Nani

    Putin must be some kind of God with divine powers. No wonder why the Western elites are trembling in fear.

    Merkel is not to happy either 🙂

  11. Petruchio

    “…HAHAHAHA…this is too funny, our incompetent, helpless leaders! Hang them for being stupid.” This is the inevitable result if you want your puppets to be stupid and have a willingness to do ANYTHING for money as your sole criteria for putting them inti positions of power. Take Obama the Devout Muslim as an example. Obama was a Community Organizer in the sleazy, corrupt city of Chicago. Well, well. With THAT on his resume, why wouldn’t he be qualified to run a country that runs a TRILLION dollars a year deficits?
    Of course, if you put clever criminals in positions of power, they might try to blackmail you or put the squeeze on you in some other way. And the Oligarchs who own and run the US Government would rather chop their arms off than get blackmailed by one of their peons or showed up in some other way. HAHAHAHA!! These Oligarchs are going to get done in by their own hyper inflated egos.

  12. Seraphim

    When you think that McCarthy was actually up against these people!

  13. emsnews

    McCarthy was evil, all people who persecute others for ‘think crimes’ are evil. And if he was any good, he would have gone into the business of the weird cult in Pasadena which was trying to take over the rocket program….which goes back to my own birth, my parents and weird, strange, bizarre stuff which is continuing today, utterly unstopped and is connected to the web of CIA/deep state junk we all admire and love so very much, comrades! HAHAHA.

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