Sputnik News Is Far Superior To NYT and WP And Other Mainstream News In US

Sputnik news is superior to EU/US mainstream news media which has deteriorated badly over the last half a century.
First, the F35 planes that has caused very expensive problems for everyone, is being attacked by Trump supporters who want the program stopped due to it being a very expensive failure.  Duh.  Fighting with these jets will bankrupt the nation and bankruptcy is a high danger to our nation that runs endless trade deficits with everyone including with people we threaten with these war planes in the first place. Bad choices by the Democrats and the establishment Republicans who talk war, war, war all the time and who are agitating against Russia this very week.


Look at the front page of Sputnik news!  Lots of important stories and I agree with their assessment.  The threat of stealing the election from Trump is fading fast despite media/GOP/DNC attempts at a coup.  A judge just slapped down the faithless electors in Colorado, for example.  Thank you for saving democracy, judge.


On top of that, a former NSA officer shoots down the ‘Russia hacking’ story.  Of course, the CIA is lying.  Now we need an investigation of the CIA operatives who pushed these lies.  I want them all hauled into court.  This attempt to have a coup in this country after Hillary left her buddies and herself open to any hackers by violating government rules about using computers…HAHAHA.  Arrest them all.


I hope the Democrats learn a lesson here.  I put a number of DNC operatives in NYC in prison except for the one who committed suicide, thirty years ago.  Good riddance.  The GOP also can be corrupt but both parties do this and should be put in prison when caught and I fail to see why Hillary and her gang haven’t been indited and I am including Obama who participated in the violations.


This is a war crime: the US sponsored terrorist attacks in Syria and protected terrorists and is attacking the ruler of Syria at the UN while supporting dictators in say, China and other places…the irony is heavy here.


This is the BBC front page.  No stuff like the Sputnik page only attacks on Putin and others and of course, the BBC is blaming Assad for the violence that was encouraged to ravage his country.  The UN ‘cannot find a way forward’ because the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia want Assad destroyed.  Well, they are wrecking the place, thanks a lot.


This can happen to us, too!  The horrors visited on foreigners can come home.  Oh, at the Russian news site is the news that Yahoo has been hacked.  I bet they will blame Russia for that, too.  HAHAHA.  Russia rules the web!  Wow.


More news from Russia: Trump has won the election yet again as a judge strikes down the coup attempt saying, ‘You cannot steal the votes of the citizens.’  Thank you for some sanity.


Note that the weasels at the NYT where I got the screen shot here, are still howling about how Russia runs our elections due to our own stupid rulers being too dumb to do things correctly so this is Putin’s fault, taking advantage of dumb DNC top staff and politicians.  And then all the DNC candidates did poorly, too!  Must be the fault of Putin who is a genius unlike these dumb bells.


Above is a front page screen shot from the Washington Post which  at least is recognizing that if the screams of the DNC and US media is true, Putin is a massive genius and political kingpin.  HAHAHA.  And our rulers are…STUPID.  HAHAHA.  Love it.

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8 responses to “Sputnik News Is Far Superior To NYT and WP And Other Mainstream News In US

  1. Moe

    Other Russia related news sources:

    Russia Insider http://russia-insider.com/en
    RT News https://www.rt.com/news/
    Fort Russ http://www.fort-russ.com/
    Pravda http://www.pravdareport.com/
    Lada Ray https://ladaray.wordpress.com/ (a bit out there…)

  2. Moe

    Regarding Lada Ray:

    She’s redone her webblog and (IMHO) it looks like shit.

    Check out her ESR’s, Earth Shift Reports. They can be interesting. Small donation required.

  3. Moe

    Oops, forgot one: The Duran.


  4. Jim R

    Next time I have a chance to vote, I’m gonna write in V. V. Putin.

    I’m tired of having idiots in Washington.

  5. If they shut down those other sites this one will be top of the heap.

  6. Nani

    It is kind of funny, because during the last 16 years under the reign of Bush and Obama, the Chinese dictatorship has been much smarter at running their country than the Americans.

    While the US poured money into futile wars, and maintaining their vast global military empire, Communist China invested heavily in things like infrastructure, education, science, technology and inovation. In other words all those things that makes a country stronger and more prosperous.

    Obama wanted to be the “cool guy” in the White house. But being the head of state is not about being cool, it is about being SMART. This is where Obama failed miserably. He was never smart or clever, just extremely arrogant and self complacent.

  7. emsnews

    All hell is going to break loose now that we know the CIA leaked the Pedesta files, that is, an angry CIA agent decided to leak it all because he was pissed that Hillary is a lying war criminal.

    So…off we go into crazy land as fake stories will proliferate in the US mainstream media as they desperately try to cover up their own lies about Russia and Putin who has been defamed by the top brass of the CIA and Obama and Clinton as well as top Congress critters in the GOP.

    Arrest them all.

  8. Jim R

    I hope Mr. Trump does just that.

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