Corporate US Media WILL Censor Everyone Online If They Get More Power

Infowars compilation of mainstream media making threats of censorship and even murder against all of us ‘alternative media’ people which frankly, includes me, too.

Facebook will now have a warning for any site that is alternative news and which should be censored. They will use the WASHINGTON POST one of the most lying, deceptive, nasty papers in the world, to censor the news. Just amazing.  I go to that paper daily to see what garbage they are spewing.


The site explains: “Once a story is flagged, it can’t be made into an ad and promoted, either.”…If a story is proven fake, users will be shown a prompt that says, “Disputed by 3rd parties,” if they attempt to share the article.


Big Brother is Watching YOU.


Of course the organizations chosen to sort fake from real news aren’t infallible. Just last week The Washington Post, one of Facebook’s fact checkers, had to retract a story claiming various media outfits were working with the Russians to push Kremlin propaganda.


HAHAHA.  If the WP retracted all its crappy stories it would be a blank page.  I go there only to mock them.


Additionally, The Poynter Institute’s fact checking project, launched last year, was revealed to have been funded by grants from organizations with close ties to the Obama White House, guaranteeing bias will be prevalent in the selection of so-called fake news.


Of course, Obama and Hillary spew fake news all the time. In other words, they are liars.  This is painfully obvious now.  Some amusing comments to this story:


 Shorty Stuff • 28 minutes ago
Oh, how nice. A liberal website using another liberal website and a liberal news outlet to determine what is Fake. The biggest fake news sites determine what’s fake? GIVE ME A BREAK!
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IowaBound • 29 minutes ago
Thank you Fakebook I will decide on what news is true, right and just
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On to the endless complaints about Trump via the Honest Media That Never Lies except when they go to sleep at the wheel:  Too many rich people will be working for Trump. How dare they!  The article complaining about all the rich people working with Trump includes this amazing graph showing how the rich got much richer under Bush Jr. and especially OBAMA!


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-7-26-59-pm screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-7-28-09-pm

So, rich people at the top are going to what?  Imitate Obama???  Obviously, someone has been monkeying around with the tax system and the ability to have unions…Just two days ago, a carnival forced US citizens to train foreign workers and then were fired.  Then yesterday, Disney up and fired 250 US citizen workers and replaced them with foreign labor brought over illegally.

Technical people working for Disney were forced to train foreign cheap replacements before being fired, too just last year. Just last spring, Congress had hearings about replacing US workers with foreign labor here in the US and nothing was done about it since Obama and Bush Jr. both loved it because both were being bribed by the very rich and especially billionaire foreigners.


So will the super rich stop this garbage?  We shall see.  It better stop, it is infuriating. The entire H1Bpay pal blog picture program was due to LACK OF LABOR not to replace labor.  Now, it is openly used to eliminate US workers who are citizens.  This election was all about ‘who is a citizen and should they be protected?’



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16 responses to “Corporate US Media WILL Censor Everyone Online If They Get More Power

  1. Christian W

    Trump just appointed a blazing Zionist as US ambassador to Israel.

    “The bond between Israel and the United States runs deep, and I will ensure there is no daylight between us when I’m president,” Trump said in a statement. “As the United States’ ambassador to Israel, David Friedman will maintain the special relationship between our two countries.”

    In an interview with The Times of Israel in November, Friedman spoke in depth about Trump’s plans for managing the US-Israel relationship and conducting foreign policy in the region. “One significant part of a Trump policy would be no daylight between Israel and America,” he said, foreshadowing the language of Thursday’s announcement.

    Trump has surrendered the US to apartheid Israel.

  2. Christian W

    Corporate US Media WILL Censor Everyone Online If They Get More Power

    US state department and CIA propaganda hacks will sit with censorship buttons muting (censoring) everyone who exposes their bullshit. The only angle that will be heard is what the US government wants you to see and believe.

  3. emsnews

    OK: give us the list of candidates who were not Zionists.

    After some dead silence, may I suggest, no one dares? Of course! This is why the contradictions that plague us all and the trigger for WWIII will continue. It is also called ‘The Apocalypse’.

    I don’t want the Apocalypse but evidently millions and millions and millions of people do want this. So stopping it? I know I can’t do the trick. Can you?

  4. Christian W

    Obama vows action against Russia for hacks

    Never mind that there were no Russian hacks. The important thing is that US government propaganda flows unhindered and that Americans are mind fucked utterly and completely.

  5. Christian W

    @ 3

    Heh, no, there is no other trick than the truth. Our leaders are insane and pursue insane policies for insane ends (John Lennon).

    I feel like the Viking king Ivar the Boneless who took his advisors down to the shore to show them the limit of his powers. Not even kings can command the powers of ebb and flood to stop at his word. Much less so human stupidity and insanity.

    The collective madness has built up for far too long to be readily defused, especially in New York, Washington and Tel Aviv.

  6. Jim R

    Ivar? Ivar Sanders? Harlan’s 7th great-granduncle, the first man to breed a boneless chicken?

    (I always heard it was King Canute)

  7. ziff

    back to the top , will they censor you Elaine ?

  8. DM

    I doubt that the level of censorship can go much beyond stupid pop-ups, no-show on google searches, and deleting DNS entries. Anything more will be too intellectually challenging for them and might possibly interfere with advertising revenue. None of this will make much difference (DNS is simply a 2-column list of domain name and ip address – easy to overcome with peer-to-peer distribution). Their stupid lies and propaganda have reached such an imbecilic level that no-one is going to believe it anyway. Obama and the DNC are already certifiable.

  9. DM

    Elaine – I’m a little disappointed not to see your Tarot this year – especially as the ‘Economist’ did.

  10. tio


    “Anything more will be too intellectually challenging for them and might possibly interfere with advertising revenue.”

    Nerve strike! Going off the reservation …

  11. Christian W

    @ Jim

    Correct, it was King Knut (Canute).

  12. emsnews

    A probably made up story. He was a Viking talking to Vikings. Good lord. They all went to sea to loot, not command the tides. But it is amusing to imagine this story which was written by some clerk who probably sniggered while writing it (revenge for the Vikings killing scribes).

  13. Christian W

    It’s a rather poignant parable about reality vs human illusions imo :p

  14. melponeme_k


    Elaine did the tarot on election night.

    What is shown in the Economist cover is an abomination of the cards. They had to change the meanings of the cards they used to project their psychopathic need to retain control over society.

    The Tarot is a path to self enlightenment, it teaches the way to integrate all facets of the self (what the old timers called the 4 temperaments) in order to gain the ability to see true reality. However our society is imbalanced. It celebrates materiality (Earth/Melancholic) over the other 3 elements of emotion(Water/Phlegmatic), intellect (Air/Sanguinic) and creation (Fire/Choleric).

    Incidentally all our classical arts are the embodiment of the integrated human being. A human in control of all the elements can create great works of beauty, harmony and love.

    This, of course, fights against the notion that all we are is a fight for riches. So our arts have been systematically destroyed to blind the public to what it means to be a fully integrated human.

    The tarot is a last gasp at control of the elements for the common man/woman. The art of Alchemy, has been perverted from a path of enlightenment to a celebration of blue bloodlines and their right to rule.

  15. emsnews

    Thank you, Melponeme. A good explanation as any. Tarot is very much the planets and the moon and the earth and the constellations, too, which is how I approach it.

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