NYC Muslim Family Angry Over Being Caught Lying About Anti-Muslim Attacks By White Males

Unhappy that no one is attacking them, a sad number of people who have big chips on their shoulders, have to resort to making up stories about white people attacking them.  When these are revealed as lies, the fake victims then blame everyone else for making them so unhappy, they have to lie about racist/religious bigot attacks that never happened:  How dare the NYPD investigate my Muslim hate-crime hoaxer sister: Sibling blames the cops for causing ‘trauma’ by looking into her lie that Trump supporters attacked her.


Yes, the delusional sister of this young lady who thought nothing about framing innocent bystanders by making up stories about them attacking her, a young lady who was more than happy to talk to all the NYC media giants, whining about something she made up entirely…is now very unhappy that she may go to jail for this.


So her sister is claiming, it is the fault of the police investigating a ‘crime’ that she is in trouble, the cops should have ignored her!


The teenager claimed she was called a ‘terrorist’ by Trump supporters as she boarded a subway on December 1.


NYPD officers investigated her story but found no evidence of it. She later confessed to making it up to get out of trouble for staying out late drinking with friends.


She appeared with a shaved head, an apparent punishment by her strict Egyptian-immigrant parents for the scandal and for dating a Christian, according to The New York Daily News.


So her Muslim father is an abuser.  Why isn’t he being arrested?  Evidently, her brother and her father’s son also did the exact same thing earlier: he also claimed he was attacked by racists when it never happened.  Here is her sister complaining to everyone in NYC:



This family is a hive of racists, religious fanaticism and hatred and should be on a terrorist watch list.  Their sense of entitlement is extremely high.  ‘How dare anyone investigate us!’ screeches this young lady.  Well, when you go to the cops, they investigate allegations of crimes.  Duh.


They were alarmed when they saw that this family is a bunch of ungrateful troublemakers with a nasty tendency to cause trouble.  The fact that this family of haters don’t want anyone probing into their hateful activities is particularly ironic.


The police have to investigate these sort of allegations for minorities take full advantage of charging people with ‘hate crimes’ while at the same time, they do all sorts of crimes against white Christians/Jews and then demand these not be ‘hate crimes’ so it isn’t.  They can do anything to the unsecured victims while whites must walk on tippy toe around violent criminal families who are entitled to Civil Rights protections.


The Civil Rights is for everyone and this year, people lost their jobs for writing down in public, ‘All Lives Matter’ for example.  WTF?  This is insanity and it is DNC insanity which is why I oppose that party this year, they have turned everything upside down and instead of expanding civility and good sense, have doubled down on the hatred and confrontations.

Girl Set on Fire by 3 KKK men …LIED SHE DID IT TO HERSELF 0_o – YouTube

Hate Crime Hoaxes Sweep Nation – YouTube

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23 responses to “NYC Muslim Family Angry Over Being Caught Lying About Anti-Muslim Attacks By White Males

  1. Lou

    Hate Crime Laws create protected classes [including Elaine’s beloved Gays and Trans]. And such laws encourage fake hate crimes.
    Meanwhile, real crimes are happening,

    Here’s a bit of news, from Europe.

    Just yesterday, in London, thousands of Muslims take to the streets, demanding Sharia law and an European Caliphate.

    In the Munster Region of Germany, hundreds of Christian religious statues defaced and destroyed, including Virgin Mary and Crucifixion icons beheaded.
    Syrian suspects have fled the country.

    Merry Christmas!

    Christian statues regularly defaced in Germany over past 2 …
    Christian statues regularly defaced in Germany … ‘This act has a religious … The latest round of attacks on Christian symbols comes just ……
    50 Christian Statues Defaced and Decapitated in Germany
    50 Christian Statues Defaced and … calling for the destruction of religious icons, statues etc of non-Muslims. … The series of attacks on Christian imagery was …
    /n/ – Fascist Muslim Terrorists Deface 50 Christian Statues …
    … Fascist Muslim Terrorists Deface 50 Christian Statues … The series of attacks on Christian imagery …
    List of Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians
    A list of targeted Islamic terror attacks on Christians, … Muslims attack a Christian community, … Islamists attack and burn three churches, …

  2. ziff

    WTF the lead story on cbc this morning was oblama was going to GET Putin for the election ” hack” . So there it it he totally f@#%n nuts. but notice he was going to ‘get putin’ , not trump. either he was going to beat him with a wet noddle or start WW3 i guess.

  3. emsnews

    Start WWIII is what he is talking about.

  4. Lou

    Start WWIII is what he is talking about.
    Before January 20th, 2017?

  5. emsnews

    It takes exactly 4 minutes to start WWIII. Ask Hillary, she mentioned it during the debates.

  6. floridasandy

    many Muslim extremists seem to have a problem with the concept of other people’s property.

    Obama was always all tallk, and wants to get some of that library money once he leaves. He is following the Clinton playback exactly.

    You can pretend you did something without actually doing anything!

  7. emsnews

    Ah, private property! Hmmm…my ancestors had no problem with that. They would find something after getting off of their Viking ship and say, ‘Nice, thanks.’ and then steal it. 🙂

  8. Petruchio

    Latest report: the US will give their proxy army in Syria anti aircraft missiles. This has been done before during the 1980’s in Afghanistan. If this happens, it may be the ‘tipping point’ that forces the Russians to directly attack a US operation. It won’t be long, imho, until there are direct military confrontations between the US and Russia.

  9. Seraphim

    Muslims live in a mental bubble. They live in a make-believe world of their own and are divorced from reality. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

  10. DeVaul

    Wow, Elaine, I’m really curious.

    You have not said a peep about the weird and implausible story by the white supermom out in California who “claims” she was abducted while jogging by two “female”(!?!?) Hispanic women, one of whom was “old” and the other young, but no other description of them is available from her.

    These two “vicious, sadistic Hispanics” dropped her off on the side of a main road on THANKSGIVING MORNING (newsflash: sociopaths don’t return their victims to their loving families on holidays so they can be reunited and also be home just in time for turkey and gravy). No police officer believes this story, but they have to pretend to until they can crack the white supermom, whom a huge throng of white minorities in California are praising as a symbol of hope against the evil Hispanics.

    Even the photos of this woman and her husband look more like something out of a perfume commercial than that of a traumatized woman who has just survived a harrowing ordeal. Look at their latest photo op. The husband is sniffing her neck while she stares straight into the camera with big blue eyes and no sign of a broken nose or even a bruise.

    Oh, but they are white, and their story, which has no evidence to back it up, cannot possibly be an opportunity to gain attention and fame and possibly a movie deal or acting gig while demonizing Hispanics, can it?

    Nope. No way. Only minority liars are fair game in this country.

  11. emsnews

    The cops don’t believe her story, the neighbors don’t believe it, the public don’t believe it, either. I read the story and within days, everyone was ripping into her and her husband about how fake it was.

    This is in stark contrast with ‘I was assaulted by Trump voters’ stories that the cops and schools took seriously and the news didn’t question until the police investigation proved otherwise.

  12. DeVaul

    Well, that was a nice bit of unsourced news that dodged the central question entirely. Congrats!

    A simple google search of “supermom kidnapped” shows 3 pages of the opposite of what you just said. What MSN news sites do you read now?

    More importantly, why is it ok for white people to do what minorities can’t?

  13. emsnews

    Good lord. READ THE COMMENTS the readers of those news stories said. Virtually none believed her.

    There are stories in the news about how it was probably staged, too. And why should I write about it? YOU can do this, start you own blog. Thanks in advance. Should keep you busy.

  14. emsnews

    Story image for kidnapped mother faked her kidnapping from The Inquisitr
    Sherri Papini ‘Facebook’ Staged Hoax? Did Missing California Mom …
    The Inquisitr-Nov 25, 2016
    Did Missing California Mom Run Away And Fake Kidnapping By Two … with her family, but CNN experts noted that it was quite rare for a kidnap …

    The Shady Hostage Negotiator at the Center of Sherri Papinis …
    Daily Beast-Dec 4, 2016
    Papini, a 34-year-old California mother of two disappeared during a November 2 … “My name is Cameron Gamble and I’m an international kidnap and … The alleged abductors’ motives are unclear; they did not ransom her or kill her. … said in a video, posed in front of a fake-looking bookcase background.

    Everything We Know So Far About the Supposed Abduction of …
    Heat Street-Dec 14, 2016
    Papini was reported missing on November 2 when her husband Keith returned … Papini has said she was abducted by two Hispanic women armed with a gun, … Kidnapping a suburban wife and mother whose disappearance would … from the fake kidnapping and rape of Wappingers Falls, New York teen …

    I could go on and on and on and on about all the online news saying that this ‘kidnapping’ was fake. Once it is settled as fake, I intend to talk about how this stupid woman tried to frame ‘Hispanic women’ as kidnappers. That was racist if she did it. Right now, I have no proof.

    Note, DeVaul, that the stories I featured here all were PROVEN to be people reporting fake attacks, etc. See the difference?

    You have been attacking me for quite a while now and I wish you would do more research instead of reflexively attacking me every time you come here.

    I have had to warn others to stop doing dumb things in the past, I really hate censoring people. But it pays to not whine unnecessarily.

  15. pontiff holysh*t

    All religions “live in a make-believe world of their own and are divorced from reality”. That’s what make them equally dangerous, and stupid.

  16. DeVaul

    You did manage to find the one article by Inquisitr that starts out questioning her story, but then CHANGES its tune by the end. It pays to read the whole article, Elaine.

    “Note, DeVaul, that the stories I featured here all were PROVEN to be people reporting fake attacks, etc. See the difference?”

    Proven by whom? Online opinions are not proof, Elaine. There’re just opinions — nothing more. Show me a police report or an arrest. Has she even been taken down to the station and interrogated for hours like most hoodlums about her curious story? Or has she been “off limits”?

    Before you ban me for questioning your obsession with inner city minorities, can you at least answer my question?

    Why does this woman get to have her story taken seriously by endless pages of MSM as well as online news sites like Inquisitr while a faker in NYC is considered downright evil by you and others here?

    If you think that people who question your narrative are “attacking” you, then that is one of the dangers of running a blog filled with one-sided opinions.

    But perhaps you no longer believe in freedom of debate, and only want “followers” of whatever narrative you deliver to them. Perhaps you don’t really believe in a true comments section anymore, like the others.

    I can think for myself, Elaine, and quite well, so ban me.

    Just remember not to whine endlessly about being banned from many other sites when you ban people yourself.

  17. emsnews

    I ban no one. I am just requesting that if you are so upset about this white woman’s story scheme, please find sites that think this is important and write there.

    Attacking me for not talking about your pet peeves is stupid.

  18. Lou

    Just remember not to whine endlessly about being banned from many other sites when you ban people yourself. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    Uh, I have been visiting here for a few years.
    All I recall is EMS posting, ‘I only ban for obscenity usage.’

  19. emsnews

    Yup but I can ask for civility or in some cases, if someone has a bonnet under a bee (hahaha) I want them to bother someone else, not me BY NAME. The minute someone addresses me and are sniping at me for not obeying their directives, I tell them to jump in a lake and that is totally different from banning someone.

  20. DeVaul

    @ Lou

    “I have had to warn others to stop doing dumb things in the past, I really hate censoring people. But it pays to not whine unnecessarily.”

    Elaine’s threat to ban me has nothing to do with obscenity, which I do not use. It is a clear threat to ban me because she does not want to address an issue that clearly shows hypocrisy in her news reporting.

    Pointing that out in a few posts is called “whining”.

    How civil is that?

  21. emsnews

    No, I want you to stop yapping and complaining. If you wish to do it here and be a nuisance, I will do what I enjoy doing to others: make fun of what is going on.

    Look, over there! A weeping Democrat who wants me to lie about everything! Boo hoo. Do go and read my examination as to why Trump already is a more powerful world leader than Obama, my most recent posting here. I know it won’t float your boat but it amuses me greatly because I like seeing the status quo overturned periodically. And this election was a major overturning of many boats that are now sinking fast.

  22. DeVaul

    I refuse to obey your directive to read about your favorite billionaire. I don’t like oligarchs and don’t like being ruled by them, so I’ll pass on that. I hope I am allowed to read your other articles.

    In fact, your pet peeve about the Democrats does not bother me either, although I do find it curious compared to what you were saying about them and the Republicans long ago — that they were exactly the same and that there would be no change no matter who was elected.

    It seems you’ve changed your mind now and are a “believer”. That’s fine.

    I don’t know if pessimistic views of oligarchs are allowed here anymore, but if they are, then count me as a pessimist regarding Trump.

    Being a powerful leader does not equate to being a great leader.

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