NYT, Unable To Start WWIII With Russia, Wants To Destroy Putin Via JOKES


Most of the Top Stories of the NYT are about how Putin did the computer hacks, not Wikileaks supporters who are inside our government and wanted to release hidden information vital for US voters and prosecutors.  The war on Putin is heating up even as EU media reports the opposite.  The DNC need to vilify Trump and associate him with Putin is through the roof and ‘liberals’ in the media are turning into howling fascists as they ape McCarthy.  What the hell?  Are the Republicans more liberal than the Democrats?


These other headlines on the NYT front page are insane.  So, Obama is going to retaliate?  Is he going to do the CIA stuff like make Putin go bald?  HAHAHA. The history of secret CIA plots is long and utterly insane.  So why not continue this tradition?  This ‘double down on the lying’ thing is ancient. All liars do this.  It is their only route out of lying is to convince everyone that they are telling the truth over and over again.


With nuclear weapons, deterrence relies on demonstrating the possession of similar capabilities — and the will to use them. This won’t work with political warfare.


Yikes, note how they talk about nuclear war so easily just like Hillary during the last debate.  What the hell???  Are they nuts???  Yes.  So, the US won’t nuke Russia based on false information (no war crimes trials, of course, in the US future!) instead, they have a cunning plan.


It is not as though the United States hasn’t dabbled in destabilization and disinformation campaigns. (Elaine: HAHAHAHA) But these tactics are less likely to work in Russia, where the news media is mostly state-controlled, the security apparatus quickly stamps out political threats, and citizens have few illusions about their leaders. (For example, when the Panama Papers revealed that President Vladimir V. Putin’s cronies had secret bank accounts, most Russians simply shrugged, unsurprised.) All that such efforts would do is show Russians that Mr. Putin is right to say the West is no better than him.


So, US leaders have secret bank accounts, too.  Especially Hillary!  Wait!  Isn’t that part of the Wikileaks stuff?  Uncovering the disinformation campaigns and secret bank accounts?


By the way, Putin’s popularity is still quite high in Russia.  Higher than Hillary, here, that is certain.  Higher than all the EU leaders who are systematically destroying Europe.


What Russia’s president fears is failure. His macho political persona relies on the conceit that he never gets things wrong, and that he can, with the help of hackers, special forces or brutal allies, outmaneuver the West and consequently regain Russia’s status as a global power.


Oh my!  The horror!  Putin wants Russia to be #1.  How dare he do this!  Why isn’t he helping the Bilderberg gang rule everyone and crush Russian people like they are crushing EU populations and Americans?  Damn. Putin better stop thwarting Bilderberg plans to rule everyone ruthlessly.


Instead of trying to combat each leak directly, the United States government should teach the public to tell when they are being manipulated. Via schools and nongovernmental organizations and public service campaigns, Americans should be taught the basic skills necessary to be savvy media consumers, from how to fact-check news articles to how pictures can lie.


HAHAHA.  This is suicidal for the Bilderberg gang!  ‘How to detect if rulers are lying?’ is a topic I know a lot about.  First, if their lips are moving, they are lying.  See, easy!  So why won’t our rulers release all the details of the super secret Bilderberg meetings?  Oops.


Finally, Mr. Putin’s own vanity could be turned into a weapon against him. Every time he overreaches, the American government should point it out. Every time he fails, we need to say so loudly and clearly. We should tell jokes about him. He can rewrite the record in Russia, but the West does not have to contribute to his mythmaking — and we should stop building him up by portraying him as a virtual super villain.


Seriously, our rulers think this is how we will ‘win the West’ is via telling jokes.  When I look at all the jokers on TV who live in the US but many of them are foreigners brought in to tell us ‘jokes’ these ‘jokes’ have been increasingly stupid and annoying and above all, ugly.


Indeed, these ‘jokes’ this last three months have been like the Nazis ordering jokes at the end of the Monty Python skit.  Nasty!  Many of these ‘jokes’ have actually been threats.  Not the least bit funny.


All of this requires a new mind-set. It means accepting that Russia has chosen to be at war with us — albeit a special and limited war. Russia needs to be treated as a political combatant.


So, we are to fight Russia because a popular US Presidential candidate won an election…I do not count the illegal alien votes in sanctuary cities as votes for they were all illegal votes…Trump is more popular than Hillary and so…we have to go to war with Russia because Russia is happy that Trump won?


This tangled web of reasoning is based entirely on lies, namely, there is zero proof anyone in Russia, much less Putin, has hacked the US.  Indeed, this information was probably not hacked but came from inside the US Intelligence community when someone printed it up and packaged it.  Below are headlines from the British Daily Mail:


This third coup attempt has collapsed.  Virtually no GOP electors defected to the DNC coup plot.  The fact that the CIA is openly refusing to give any information to our Representatives is proof this was a manufactured plot to overthrow an election after other illegal schemes failed.


Now we are in very deep woods: the only scheme left is assassination.  How to engineer this is the riddle the DNC and spooks in DC have to cook up.  The temptation is to have a crazy black person do it.  Kill two birds with one stone: kill Trump and then have our cities set on fire by raging mobs.


This sort of lunacy is quite reasonable to these people who have inflicted this on foreign nations over and over again, this is their specialty.  Way, way back when Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, the obvious blowback of this sort of scheming was obvious and so our government swore not to do it anymore and then…did it nearly immediately in Vietnam, for example.


And so after Nixon’s collapse into total crime, they again, swore they would clean up things and cease the Dark Arts and…by Bush Sr, were doing it all over and over again and so forth.  Obama didn’t clean up the Spook World, he used it like all the others.  It is sort of like the Ring of Power: you put it on to be invisible and be able to spy and run away from big spiders and eventually you want to rule the world!  Precious.

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12 responses to “NYT, Unable To Start WWIII With Russia, Wants To Destroy Putin Via JOKES

  1. Nani

    The day of recogning is nearing for the Western elites. How wonderful it will be to see the downfall of these little, arrogant pricks.

  2. Old Ari

    Elaine, my thinking is the same a yours. The only thing left now, is murdering Mr Trump, one wonders ,just what must be kept hidden.

  3. kenogami

    “the only scheme left is assassination. The temptation is to have a crazy black person do it. ”

    More profit for them if it is a Muslim “terrorist”; an Iranian Muslim would be ideal.

  4. Christian W

    Are the Republicans more liberal than the Democrats?

    Nope. Only fascists are allowed in US politics.

  5. JimmyJ

    The Neocons wish to discredit Trump voters not simply Trump and assassination won’t achieve this, instead creating a martyr. The current moral panic over Russian election interference is a perfect ploy.

    Remember that millions of Christians have been hearing in Church and on TV for decades how Russia is allied with the Devil, nuance like the end of Communism and resurgence of Christianity be damned. It’s the ‘wrong kind’ of Christianity anyway.

    We’ve got a new witch hunt quite literally, since Russian sympathizers are Devil worshippers. The Neocons are setting the stage for a decades long purge.

    I’m sure the poor bastards standing at the edge of the mass grave waiting to be shot thought wryly it couldn’t be happening. Moral panics are serious business.

  6. emsnews

    Correct, Jimmy. Alas, this is so damn stupid, too. Watching ‘liberals’ foam at the mouth about ‘The Russians are coming’ is beyond pathetic. It is infuriating. Those fools should know better.

  7. Lou

    Those fools should know better. Not after decades of indoctrination.
    Yt [Whitey] is the enemy. There is a target on yr back.

  8. Moe

    From Washington Post today…

    – FBI backs CIA view that Russia intervened to help Trump win election

    “…there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference…”

    Strong consensus: where do they get this bullshit terminology? Is this equivalent to an agreement? What would a weak consensus look like?

    “…the scope,nature and intent…”

    The scope, nature and intent of the Russians could be that they didn’t want to interfere in any way, but the full explanation of the findings are not released, At this point it’s all implication, innuendo and anonymous CIA reports.

    ‘Brenner wrote: “…members understand and appreciate the importance and gravity of the issue…” Yeah, so what? Of course it’s a “grave issue” but that doesn’t mean there is any foundation to the allegations.

    I feel like I’m in Alice In Wonderland. One would be a idiot to trust these fools.


  9. Christian W

    Correct, Jimmy. Alas, this is so damn stupid, too. Watching ‘liberals’ foam at the mouth about ‘The Russians are coming’ is beyond pathetic. It is infuriating. Those fools should know better.

    They do know. The point is it is just more bullshit to baffle brains. They do it deliberately to poison any debate and twist the US political “debate” such as it is. It is completely anti-democratic.

  10. Christian W

    @ Moe

    It’s the same with every other accusation they have made against Putin and Russia:

    – Russia shot down MH17 (Evidence? None offered)
    – Putin killed spy with polonium (Evidence? None offered. Most likely it was the Israelis who murdered Arafat the same way)
    – Russia doesn’t bomb ISIS
    – Putin murdered Nemstov,
    – Putin murdered journalists
    – courts, arts, media all of them sing the CIA’s tunes on and on and on in a never ending stream of bullshit.

  11. emsnews

    I remember the 1950s! I was a very precocious child back then and could read adult books by age 7 to 8 and was spying on my father by age 9…and I remember the McCarthy hearings because my father watched these very, very closely for survival reasons.

    I could see back then how the news was a carnival mirror that is rather dirty, too, and reality has only a glancing similarity to the news itself.

    We have worse now! The deliberate distortions are at Nazi Beoachter Berichtung levels now, it is worse than Pravda.

    Pravda readers knew how to interpret the news via figuring out the distortion systems and using this to figure out reality. I have known a number of Russians who escaped that place back in the 1960’s (ballet dancers, etc.) and they were amusing to listen to as they explained how they figured out things via this ‘double think’ method.

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