Bezos Washington Post Lies About Everything Trump Says Or Does


At last night’s Trump Triumph rally in Orlando, Florida, he made fun of the media and the Hillary gang by joking with his supporters saying, ‘We were violent, weren’t we?’ during the election.  It is obvious that the ‘violent gangs’ during the previous election were often illegal aliens and violent blacks who went to Trump rallies to prevent attendees of going in and out safely.  This mob violence was in cities run by Democratic mayors who told the cops to stand down.  Naturally, this joke is getting wall to wall coverage in the dying mainstream media claiming that ‘Yes!  Trump admits his followers are violent!’


This childish need to misrepresent the news is old stuff.  We call it ‘propaganda’.  No matter what Trump says or does, the mainstream media will howl with rage and twist it and tie it up so it appears as if he is doing something bad.  This old-fashioned propaganda technique is their last hope to stop any change.


I recall that Obama was ‘hope and change’ and then we had race riots, universities collapsing internally as mobs of angry Obama supporters demand everyone conform to their weird beliefs and social systems, our national debt shot to the moon, crime which went down previously began to relentlessly climb, rising the fastest in Democratic run cities, all this chaos and disasters were papered over by the media owners and the DNC.


Now, people  are scared and fed up.  Anyone living near a Democratic city that is collapsing due to free trade eliminating manufacturing, people live in fear of raging mobs of unemployable minorities screaming down the streets, torching and looting everything they encounter.  This, under OBAMA so now threats by these mobs to do it under Trump have to be taken seriously.


The Washington Post is the poster child of all that ails the Democrats and leftists in general.  Its new owner, Bezos (please help in spreading the word that is evil) continues to push for a coup and misrepresents the news even worse than the odious and evil New York Times which is run by Zionist war criminals.


For example, Trump didn’t ‘try to calm his vicious, violent, screaming supporters.’  He was joking with them and they were cheering him, being inside of the joke.  Everyone there knew that not one Trump supporter during the election, mobbed Hillary’s events nor did anyone attack Hillary supporters outside her events.  This was done constantly by the Hillary supporters and the mayors of Democratic run cities forced the police to stand down.


And the cheek of Obama, while making threats to Trump and accusing him of being a commie Ruskie of all things, warns TRUMP to watch his language and ‘not divide us’.  This snide, divisive, nasty man can’t leave DC soon enough for me.  He has slid downhill rapidly in the last year.


Insane warmongering Ruth Marcus has a hilarious editorial temper tantrum: ‘Trump needs to get over his victory and heal us instead of his victory rallies with his supporters!’


 “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won,” a newly sworn-in President Obama said eight years ago. So I accept: Trump won, Hillary Clinton lost. That has consequences for personnel and policy.


But the manner of winning and the scope of victory also have consequences. Let Trump proclaim his electoral college “landslide” — not true. Let him insist that he would have triumphed in the popular vote as well, “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Deduct away, notwithstanding that there is zero evidence of such massive fraud.


I will note here how constant the lies are these days.  No one with a brain could write such an open lie as ‘there is zero evidence of massive fraud…millions of people voted illegally.’  Au contraire: there is obvious evidence!  The fact that in all the ‘sanctuary cities’ run by Democrats, they openly said they would not check people’s citizenship status to register voters so millions of illegal aliens registered illegally there!


Furthermore, it was DNC policy to have ‘open borders’ letting in millions more illegal aliens so there is collusion here.  Marcus won’t say any of this not due to her stupidity which is considerable, but due to outright lying.


Even by Trump math, he will preside over a deeply divided country. Half its citizens, or more, are worried about what a Trump presidency augurs. They doubt that he has the temperament or experience for the job. It is Trump’s responsibility to reassure and reach out to them. It is his duty to consider — not summarily reject — evidence that Russia may have intervened on his behalf.


Since I don’t have Alzheimers disease and Ruth Marcus is obviously senile, way back a month ago, she and Hillary and Obama all were yelling at Trump claiming there was nothing wrong with the system, no one can hack it, the system is perfect (it is not, obviously) and so forth.  Now, they are screaming the opposite with no shame, the hussies.


This is the sixth presidential transition I have witnessed, beginning with Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the mood of the city is like no other. “Anxious” does not begin to convey the profound sense of worry.


Bwahaha…her gravy train is derailed!  And she is younger than me and doesn’t know the chaos of the elections from 1960 to 1976 including Nixon resigning and the Watergate break in and Kennedy assassination business, etc.  The leftist riots during the DNC convention in 1968, for example, I could go on by this woman is younger than me and has obvious brain damage.


Now, sober-minded people speak in all seriousness about fears for the future of the republic and the prospect of impeachment. These are not wild leftists but experienced hands, with long historical memories and understanding of how power ebbs and flows here. Whether or not these dire prognostications prove correct, the fact they are being voiced is alarming.


The Deep State wants Trump gone.  They can’t impeach him, despite constant screaming, a stream of utter lies, the mainstream media can’t stop him.  What they are doing is destroying themselves, trust in the media is near rock-bottom.


As for ‘long historical memories’…huh?  I see a bunch of clowns who are either very brain damaged or liars or both.  They are power hungry Bilderberg conspirators who have secret meetings overseas and Hillary’s main finances come from this source: Wall Street, foreign entities like China and Saudi Arabia, etc.  The simple patriotism of Trump’s appeals to voters infuriate this gang!


They hate America.  Intensely.  They are looting America, driving us deeper and deeper into debt.  They have devised a system that locks our children into a lifetime of debt if they want to go to school and university fees have shot upwards more than 100% under Obama and this debt regime!  This has very serious consequences.


Our children going deep into debt to get a degree so they can have a job are losing these same jobs to legal aliens, H1B workers brought in to work for pennies on the dollar.  Manufacturing was leaving rapidly and Trump’s very first attempts at stopping this…worked!


So what did the WP and the other media giants do?  They howled at him, screaming, why didn’t you save more jobs!  Insane!  The thing that stinks here is how entitled, sneering, obnoxious Obama and Hillary and their mob Bilderberg buddies are while doing this screeching.  Far from shutting up, they will up the ante the more successes Trump has.

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13 responses to “Bezos Washington Post Lies About Everything Trump Says Or Does

  1. Blissex

    «No matter what Trump says or does, the mainstream media will howl with rage and twist it and tie it up so it appears as if he is doing something bad.»

    Not everybody falls for it. The lower classes are not stupid really, just desperate. A typical quote:>

    «I watched many Trump speeches in full on youtube, and then, afterwords, read the reports in the MSM of what he had just said. They were lying to me! I could see it, hear it. They lied to me.»

    Now while Trump was the lesser evil compared to deeply compromised warmonger Clinton, I still think that he is going to disappoint, but realistic lower class people just voted lucidly and cynically for the devil they know less.

  2. DeVaul

    “…but realistic lower class people just voted lucidly and cynically for the devil they know less.”

    That’s a pretty accurate description of what happened, although the more “educated” ones (doctors, lawyers, bankers, engineers, etc.) actually believed the drivel that came out of this con artist’s mouth.

    I’ve discovered that the most uneducated lower class working male seems to have more common sense in his little pinkie than the most esteemed brain surgeon or celebrated lawyer, and that is a scary thought.

    With the MIT consuming 1-5 trillion dollars a year, where is Trump going to find the one trillion to renew our domestic infrastructure while building a whole new fleet of nuclear missiles? Reagan did it by looting the Social Security Trust Fund. What, exactly, will Trump loot?

  3. emsnews

    This is where ‘Congress’ comes in: they are the money controllers. And…the GOP and DNC voted nearly uniformly, all to gether now…to spend like drunk sailors.

    Can Trump fix that? Nope. Can the voters fix that? Yup. But it ain’t easy unseating a thousand wild spending fools, is it? We do have to make noise about it but no one wants to listen right now, do they?

  4. Christian W

    Congress works for Wall Street, AIPAC and the MIC. Exactly how are the voters going to change that Elaine? US voters have been voting for Wall Street critters since at least 1890. What will it take for the voters to stop doing that at long last?

  5. Christian W

    Time is ticking for the US voters. US voter approved Congress is preparing an “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a bipartisan effort by Congress to penalize and even potentially criminalize any criticism of Israel by equating it to anti-Semitism.. You are voting your free speech away.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, it is an uphill battle. We don’t control the media but the grip on what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fake’ with the media and politicians conspiring against voters is finally JUST THIS YEAR beginning to break down.

    If Trump lets down his own voters, trust me, he will be punished for this and faster than anyone thinks. But it is a process we can’t see the exact movement of this…if he is, as I predict, killed off, then it certainly will explode into open rage.

  7. Christian W

    @ 7

    The US is further down the path of Ukraine than I thought. If Trump wins he will only enrich a certain set of oligarchs even more. If he is gone another set of oligarchs will get richer. Both sides will screw the voters as much as they can.

  8. emsnews

    All the editorialists working now for Bezos all quickly learned to bark and bay on his command. Woof, woof, dudes.

  9. Lou

    In California, I see the Bezos trucks, more n more. And they are parking in the street and on the sidewalk, as if they are UPS.

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