Suicidal Democrats Continue To Relentlessly Flog Dead Election Horse


From the Daily Mail in London: the attacks on Trump and Putin continue as US media and the entire DNC and some corrupt corners of the GOP try their damnest to smear two world leaders with false allegations.  Hours and days go by and the CIA and FBI and all other entities continue to stonewall the ‘proof’ that obviously never existed.  The point is to hammer endlessly every hour with fake news so that it is digested by the victims in the audience as ‘real’.  This is the technique used to drive US citizens into a series of illegal wars starting with the Vietnam War.


HAHAHA.  The smear campaigns continue to flounder on the muddy bogs of reality.  Let’s look at the Washington Post, located somewhere deep inside Mordor, around Shelob’s lair:


HAHAHA. Unintentional irony time!  The biggest Pinocchios goes to the Washington Post and’s owner, Bezos the Bozo. That silly, shallow, stupid man should buy a mirror only he is probably a vampire.  The ridiculousness of this ‘award’ is indicative of the mental failure of liberalism which is pretty much a dead dog.


The lies told by the Hillary gang were monstrous.  They had to do with crimes of various sorts.  ‘Lying’ about say, a political promise, is not a ‘Pinocchio’ thing but normal.  All politicians do this.  But lying about crimes is…illegal.  Why the gang still push Hillary’s corpse along the road, hoping to haul her ass into the White House baffles me.  She is dead, Jim.


Note the WP editorials.  The FBI isn’t broken. The CIA is broken!  Podesta gets to talk about the FBI?  Why isn’t he now under arrest?   And Stein’s ‘tremendous public service’ was to demand a recount and then discover that most of the missing votes were for Trump, not Hillary?  HAHAHA.  As for climate change: it is now 10 degrees above 0F tonight so far and I am not roasting to death at all so why the fuss?


Sole Republican elector who plans to vote against Trump is a ‘9/11 faker’ whose claim to be a first responder at the Pentagon is FALSE…which means this guy is a serial liar and a cheat.  This news doesn’t surprise me.  It looks like the latest attempt at a coup has failed.  This dud of a dude is the only one to be unfaithful to the voters and he has now been threatened with a blizzard of lawsuits for even suggesting he will do this.


John Kerry REFUSES to join in claims Putin hacked the election and casts doubt on whether intelligence officials have been speaking about it.  I think that Kerry realizes that joining Obama and Hillary in this game of ‘Frankenstein McCarthy’ stitching together dead corpses of the past to resurrect a great evil we got rid of 60 years ago…is dangerous in the extreme.  So he is backing off.


Trump and Obama at war: Handover turns sour as the President vows to hit back at Russia over hacking after ‘ignoring it because he thought Hillary would win’ – as Trump AGAIN dismisses the intrusion by bringing up DNC dirt.  I think Putin is getting weary of all this stupidity.  It hurts, the stupid.  He thinks, if only he could send these creeps to Siberia and then tell them global warming is going to roast them  so they don’t need winter coats…yes.

Michelle bites back: The First Lady steps up war with Trump as she tells Oprah that Americans have no ‘hope’ now that he’s weeks from the Oval Office and suggests that a ‘grown up’ should be in charge…which is rather juvenile of this ‘lady’.  She is graceless.  I am very rude but then, I am not in the White House, I am on a lonely mountain so I can be as nasty as I wish.


Vladimir Putin’s popularity SKYROCKETS among Republicans with 37 per cent saying they view him favorably – about three times more than feel that way about President Obama.  HAHAHA.screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-2-49-15-pm

‘They stole it’: Chinese warship seizes underwater US Navy drone which was operating in the South China Sea as Beijing conducted huge live-fire exercise in contested waters.  Yes, the US sent this drone to spy on the Chinese.  They then fished it out with a NET.  HAHAHA.  They didn’t use a fishing pole.


Look, dear Navy, if you are going to have drones all over the place, do not complain if others fish them out, this is totally understandable, no?  Or do you think it is OK for China to park drones right at the mouth of the Hudson River next to the Statue of Liberty?  If not, then keep your nose out of the way of the Chinese navy when it is steaming about the oceans in the general vicinity of China.


Asia is thousands of miles away from America.  And if Japan wants war with China, let them do it themselves.  The Chinese would love it if the Japanese tried this again.  They have a bone to pick with Japan in this regard.

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2 responses to “Suicidal Democrats Continue To Relentlessly Flog Dead Election Horse

  1. ziff

    our local ‘CTV’ was playing this up big tonight and our dear sweet news anchor looked very smug , but my impression it was one of those ‘blow off steam ‘ pieces for the disaffected.

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