Obama Really Believes (HAHAHA) The Media Giants Were Mean To Hillary!


Obama, at his last press conference, lashed out at the media claiming falsely that they were mean to Hillary and nice to Trump, thus getting him elected.  This is proof positive of one or two or both things: Obama is insane and or he is a total liar.  Does this man really believe what he is saying?  He needs help.  Is he lying?  Let’s just call him Nixon Junior.



As the final votes of the Electoral College approaches, the Bilderberg gang and Obama is one of these co-conspirators, gets more and more desperate.  The press at his very last press conference, did not openly laugh with derision when he made this insane comment.  They didn’t yell at him.  No doctor working for Hillary came up to him with a syringe to take care of his brain damage.


Nope, they all pretended this was important for him to say so they could say to us, ‘See, we didn’t push Hillary uphill, we didn’t lie about Trump, we didn’t work nonstop for the DNC during the election!’  As co-conspirators, they had to pretend they were unfair to Hillary so they could blast more anti-Trump propaganda.


Trey Gowdy BLASTS Hillary Clinton for Meeting With Donors While at State – YouTube which is another scandal that had nothing to do with Russians.  Half of her non-government meetings were with foreign powers where she went to ask for money for her ‘charity’ while Secretary of State.  She claims that ‘these meeting TOO LITTLE TIME’ therefore, they didn’t matter!


If the meeting (pass me bribes) took ten seconds, that was ten seconds too long.

Chairman Gowdy questions Secretary Clinton about Benghazi – YouTube

This is one of a million reasons why Hillary and Obama and the DNC are desperate to keep Trump out of the White House.
Just for the hell of it, a funny exchange between Trey and a ‘professor’ who teaches law:  Trey Gowdy Questions Law Professor on Need for Special Counsel in IRS Investigation – YouTube

How a Putin Fan Overseas Pushed Pro-Trump Propaganda to Americans – The New York Times continues the slime parade after promising no more lies the other day.  Another day, another lie as truth is tossed into the trash can at the NYT in Manhattan.  What a weird, strange world they all live in.  Lies all the time leads to delusions and dangers.  Why  be blind to reality?


It is fatal to not see reality.  It is fatal to reporters and news papers.  Lose credibility and you are finished.  Readers of my blog often punish me for not believing their world view.  I can’t share ideological uniformity with everyone else, I exist here because I do NOT share everyone’s point of view.  I look at the world from my own mountain and see what I can see and I interpret what I see based on many years of experience and a devotion to reading thousands of years of history including stuff written two thousand or more years ago.


One thing we learn is, History is a dog chasing its tail, it goes round and round like the moon goes around the earth, lessons are seldom learned and have to be learned the hard way and even then, humans have a tendency to not learn thus, the Furies and the Fates have eons of perfect pleasure as they toy with humans.


Lying is ridiculously easy.  Little children figure out how to lie when less than three years old.  Cats don’t lie, they just ignore you if you accuse them of something.  Dogs look guilty all the time even if not guilty.  Cats know this…heck…I am off track now!  If you trick a crow, a crow gets very pissed off.  But you can trick a monkey but the monkey will throw shit at you even if you don’t trick it.


Yes, these are the rules of politics.  The only people being tricked by the poo being thrown by our media giants and Obama are Hillary supporters.  The rest of us are seeing monkeys throwing poo.

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23 responses to “Obama Really Believes (HAHAHA) The Media Giants Were Mean To Hillary!

  1. Moe

    Obama’s better half also perpetuates the lie in discussion with
    oxygen-wasting Oprah, the original lie about ‘Hope and Change’. (My ‘Hope’ was granted when the administration was ‘Changed’ to incoming Trump!)

    This woman (?) is obviously not very bright. She has also demonstrated during the past eight years that she is graceless and totally without class. (She is an overt racist too, but that’s a separate posting). Bring on Melania!


  2. Lou

    Oprah wants Whites to die.

  3. Moe

    Elaine prompted: “Is he insane and/or is he a total liar?” Correct answer: he’s both.

    It’s patently obvious that Obama is, was and always will be a ‘total liar’. It is not quite so obvious that he is indeed insane (a legal term), or more accurately, delusional, a condition fueled by his rampant narcissism.

    In a separate but related press conference Obama attacked the functionality of the Electoral College, completely oblivious to the intent of the Founding Fathers which was to maintain and protect State’s rights, i.e., state sovereignty, from the overtures of larger, stronger states and/or the Federal Government. Far from absolving the College, the US needs to re-embrace and reinforce the concept of state sovereignty, as do the states themselves.

    Excerpt: ‘Obama, a former constitutional lawyer, listed the Electoral College as one of the “structures in our political system as envisioned by the Founders that sometimes are going to disadvantage Democrats.” ‘

    Ha, disadvantage Democrats! That’s his true concern, He doesn’t give a rat’s ass if it disadvantages the Republicans or he would have plainly said so.

    Excerpt: ‘Echoing earlier remarks he made last month blaming Hillary Clinton’s strategy for her devastating loss to Donald Trump, Obama said it’s ultimately on Democrats to have a “strong message” to win elections.

    “The truth of the matter is that if we have a strong message, if we’re speaking to what the American people care about, typically the popular vote and the electoral college vote will align.” ‘

    The Electoral College vote and popular vote did align in this election and he knows it since he advocated illegal voting by non-citizens, knows those votes are not eligible, and that large numbers of those votes originated in Democrat controlled precincts, cast for ruling Democrats.

    Trump needs to have this mother-fornicator hanged. Soon.

  4. Claudeeyah


    Spot on, Moe. And yes, he is both a pathological liar as well as insane. He wrote about his questions concerning his father in his book, “Dreams of My Father”. If the recent disclosure that his birth certificate was falsified proves nothing else, it openly questions the identity of the man who inseminated Obama’s whore of a mother, Stanley Dunham. He has all his life been caught between his negro ancestry and his Caucasian ancestry. His sexuality is also filled with duality. He was groomed by the Bilderbergers and forced through the system like a pig through a python.

    What I found amusing about his ramblings during the last press conference was his self-adulation – as if to say, “Of course Hillary couldn’t have the success I had during my elections. She has neither my coolness or my intellect.” HA! That sounded sooo condescending. I love it when they turn on each other like vipers.

    He knows in his heart he is only a doorman, but he is a well paid one at that. Notice the grand lifestyle he and his family will lead on their way out the (back) door. This, on a presidential pension of roughly $400K/yr. He has been paid off very well for his kissing Bilderberger ass. The general public is just too stupid to recognize him as the clown he is. Not only that, but Elaine is correct. The Trump supporters see the emperor without his clothes and openly mock him when he goes off on tangents such as these.

  5. Moe

    #3 addendum:

    Liar Obama contradicted himself when, after espousing the anachronism of the Electoral College, acknowledged that “if we’re speaking to what the American people care about, typically the popular vote and the electoral college vote will align.” LOL! So the Electoral College vote is only disadvantageous for the Democrats when they have a message that doesn’t speak “to what the American people care about.”

    He’s always been an unintelligent mouthpiece for his handlers, nothing but a shill. Arrest that clown!

  6. Claudeeyah


    Well, yes, Lou, but if that happens, who is going to feed and house the negroes? (See post apartheid South Africa). 😉

  7. Moe

    I have a friend who lived in Hawaii while Obama lived there: he was friends with her children while they attended high-school. She related that he seemed normal, average even, no evidence of his later narcissism.

    Another friend, then aligned with the Chicago Irish mafia, related how he often saw Senator Obama at City Hall and in the legislature. I asked him if he ever had any relations with Obama, and he replied no. Said Obama was at that time unimportant in Chicago politics, irrelevant even.

    So what happened to propel this nondescript loser to the White House? Damn, I have to lend credence to all those tales of CIA (or other alphabet agency) voluntary drug-induced brainwashing to impose upon Obama the requisite audacity and sense of entitlement to seek the Presidency. Other than that explanation, I’m stumped.

  8. emsnews

    The Chicago machine. Like the one in NYC and the one in California, the rich dudes pick up various people and then shove them forwards.

  9. Jim R

    If they were mean to Hillary, they poured boiling tar on Trump for six or eight months. But in fact, all the negative publicity was publicity for Trump.

    I think that was a big factor. The PR weenies have an old saying: no such thing as bad publicity. Trump didn’t have to pay much for TV time, his name was up there all the time. Hillary who?

    The media giants did as much to promote trump as the Wikileaks scandals did to defeat Hillary.

  10. Petruchio

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!! I loved Barack “The Devout Muslim” Obama’s last press conference. So… Hillary wasn’t treated fairly!!?? LOL! Well that’s what Obama has to say. Obama can’t admit the truth, that he knows FULL WELL that the MSM was in Hillary Clinton’s pocket (next to her lifesaving medical devices) the whole campaign.
    Finally, I loved the bit about how Barry O would be glad to give Trump some “advice” about being President! What are you going to give hime tips on Mr. Obama? The best way to sneak out of the White House and go golfing? HaHaHaHa!! Good riddance Obama, you were a total disgrace as President.

  11. ziff

    crazy , one problem with celebrity , you start to believe your own bullshit.

  12. tio

    Obomber was charismatic, articulate, pretty, compromised & vacant. There are (were) vids of him extolling the virtues of neoliberalism to small conferences way back when, with just Rahm sitting behind him smiling serenely.

    For those of a stronger disposition, do read the whole BBC article.

    David Remnick: Why Trump’s win is ‘an American tragedy’
    {David Remnick: It’s part of a larger current in the world that I find equally troubling, which is an illiberal current. It has justifiable beefs with the results of globalisation, de-industrialisation. There are all kinds of people in the north of England, in the south, in the Rust Belt of the United States and throughout Europe who are made uneasy by, and have suffered by, all these currents. I get that. I do. I just don’t think that the political results that we’re seeing in many of these countries are the healthiest thing in the world. I think just the opposite. It worries me deeply and I will not rescind that concern. Why should I?}

    {Economist David M. Kotz contends that neoliberalism “is based on the thorough domination of labor by capital.”[14]:43 The emergence of the ‘precariat’, a new class facing acute socio-economic insecurity and alienation, has been attributed to the globalization of neoliberalism.

    Sociologist Loïc Wacquant argues that neoliberal policy for dealing with social instability among economically marginalized populations following the implementation of other neoliberal policies which have allowed for the retrenchment of the social welfare state and the rise of punitive workfare, increased gentrification of urban areas, privatization of public functions, the shrinking of collective protections for the working class via economic deregulation, and the rise of underpaid, precarious wage labor is the criminalization of poverty and mass incarceration.[94]:53–4[97] By contrast, it is extremely lenient in dealing with those in the upper echelons of society, in particular when it comes to economic crimes of the privileged classes and corporations such as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, credit and insurance fraud, money laundering, and violation of commerce and labor codes}

    Is treason even a ‘thing’ any more? Having taken it in the stern sheets for so long by a group that holds no allegiance to the nation it rapes, the precariat are revolting. The poster boy is deeply worried that his brand of Soma is not cutting it any more. A .. HAHAHA.

  13. Petruchio

    About those Trey Gowdy videos. The first and most important thing to know about Trey Gowdy is that he is an ACTOR, just like Barack Obama is an actor. Gowdy gets his payola from the SAME people who owned Obama!! Think of this as a movie. Obama’s role was to play the honorable, war prez who is fighting the good fight against those nasty Muslims who hate us for our freedoms.
    Trey Gowdy’s role in this picture is to play the role of the honorable and loyal Opposition, doggedly pursuing wrongdoers wherever they may be. But notice what is missing. Notice how guys like Trey Gowdy NEVER get ANYTHING done? They are members of Congress, they can subpoena people, they can throw people into jail for things like Contempt of Congress, but note how that NEVER happens? It never happens because it isn’t in the script! Gowdy is like Ron Paul. He’s a Safety valve presence. Gowdy’s job is the same as Ron Paul’s is to pacify outsiders, give people the illusion that there is some hope that things in Washington D.C. can and will turn around. Guys like Trey Gowdy are as sleazy and corrupt as Barack Obama. Maybe more so, because Gowdy is acting like he is some sort of Defender of the People and he is up to his neck in corruption every bit as much as the Dems.

  14. Lou

    ‘Id rather eat under White rule than starve under Black rule’—African.

  15. emsnews

    I happen to believe in house cleaning. It has to happen every 20 years. I have done it, myself, in the past. That is, send a bunch of powerful people to prison.

    I was very disappointed in Nixon slipping the leash. It was wrong. He belonged in prison.

    Now, they want everyone to slip the leash. This is unacceptable. There is no perfect economical or political system. All of them have major flaws because we are humans. But we can have systems for cleaning up messes and this is why, the longer the dictatorship, the worse it is for the people living under it.

    CHANGE IS GOOD. We wanted change with Obama, it didn’t work in all levels at all so we…change again. Will it work? We don’t know. But we did want it to change, that is certain.

    The Hillary people wanted more of the same and that was impossible! Why?

    Obama ran up record deficits. That’s why. End of story.

  16. floridasandy


    Obama is such a narcissist in that clip. . He would have helped Hillary win if he just had the time.He couldn’t “transfer” his vast intellect to her to help her win evidently.

    you gotta love liberals eating their own when push comes to shove.

  17. emsnews

    The Democratic defeat was epic and TOTAL. They lost seats in the House and Senate, the Presidency and will determine who the missing Supreme Court judge will be. This desperate attempt at undoing Trump’s obvious victory is desperation.

    Instead of examining what is wrong with the DNC mess, they are lashing out. That is foolish, dangerous and counterproductive.

  18. KHS71

    This isn’t over yet. Wait until January 6th when the votes are counted in Congress. The Dems will do anything they can to object, delay, and postpone the votes. Check out the 1876 election. Sound familiar.


    Even if Trump emerges as the winner, I expect the Dems to take the results to the Supreme County arguing that the results disenfranchises minorities and places and undue burden on them because a Republican was elected. There are four Justices now on the Court that would agree.

    The stench of the Klinton Krime Klan is all over this.

  19. Christian W

    Obama got off script for a bit and used the word “leaks” instead of “hacks” 😉

  20. Christian W

    “Change is good…”

    There is no guarantee that the Trump crowd will be change for the better. Odds are they will just be as bad, or worse. Most likely they will simply be a different crowd of crooks.

    Unless the American people end the Oligarchy the US is kaputt.

  21. emsnews

    True, that can happen. But then, this is our system right now. Imagine another system (hint: you could use my family’s system back in the eleventh century! That is: invade and then enslave!)

    History shows there is no such thing as a perfect system. It does not exist. Even if people do have this, in no time at all, they screw it up royally like Sweden which is rapidly spiraling into hell after having a perfect society a mere 30 years ago.

  22. Lou

    Where is the real ‘Fake News?’

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