Putin Forms Alliance With Japan While EU/US Media Imposes Censorship On Alternative News

Abe of Japan and Putin of Russia hold joint news conference about new alliance.  The other day, I watched the video of PUTIN SHOWS OFF HIS GUARD DOG at their request, the Akita was from Japan as a gift and was barking at the photographers.  Now, Putin has made a deal with the Japanese who want to make money.  This, at the same hour the US government DNC and some GOP Bilderberg gangsters were shrieking their heads off yelling, ‘Putin runs our elections!  Not us!!!!’  HAHAHA.


Sigh.  I swear, they want me to laugh to death.  How nefarious.  The black magic/international conspiracy clowns who run our nation and ran it off the rails and into bankruptcy, are running in circles trying desperately to figure out how to steal this election.  So the latest scheme is to blame Putin for being this clever man who controls our country from far away.


Wow.  This makes our rulers look like idiots.  HAHAHA.  They are obviously too stupid to run a country.  They are pathetic creatures.  ‘Put me in power and I will protect you all, ‘ Obama, Hillary, the DNC, Pedestal (why is he still running the DNC???) and others yell at us.  Then they turn around and wail,’Mean Mr. Putin is twisting our noses and punching us in the groin and stop him!!!’


OK: so they are a bunch of weaklings, idiots, the school clowns and being beat up by this kid who is all alone since the entire EU is backing up our bullies in the school yard…and he is winning the fight?  Wow.  SuperPutin!


At first, I was worried that the latest media ‘Lying is evil except when we lie’ bosses conspired with the DNC (steal everything) bosses would succeed in stealing  this election.  I have a memory that is not as strong as when I was young but I am not so senile yet as to forget way back in October when the US media liars joined with the DNC thieves to lie about the election when they announced that since Trump had only a 1.95% chance of winning the election, why bother with the voting?


Seriously, for an entire week, the entire US mainstream media giants were demanding that Trump surrender to them because he was doomed.  I was quite furious about it and wrote about this attempted coup via false polls and false information.


The present media push to pretend only they can decide what is real news and what is propaganda is aimed squarely at all media that was correct and gave true information during the election cycle and they want to eliminate all of us so voters can only hear lies.


This is a COUP.  Already, the long list of websites that are called ‘Fake news’ by the liars who own and run the Real Fake News are cooperating with Facebook and Google and all the other services online to eliminate or restrict or defund all online sites that tell the real news.  They hope to totally eliminate us like is happening already in Europe where no one is allowed to post pictures of various crimes or criminals, or talk openly about stopping the flood of illegal aliens who are out to destroy Europe.


The DNC wants the same, here.  We are not supposed to notice the flood of illegal aliens and not connect this to the fact that wages are dropping as inflation rises, for example.  German politicians want €500k fines if Facebook fails to remove fake news within 24hrs — RT News: this news I am getting from Russia.  Evil Russia.


So, the Merkel monsters running Germany off the cliff are now censoring everyone quite viciously. Facebook, of course, will now crush any conversations online because  how do the Germans know what is ‘fake news’?  Oh!  They will have a list of sites that the mainstream media, the Bilderberg gang, the CIA, the super rich West Coast computer owners decide is ‘evil news that should be verboten.’


A bunch of people inside the government of Germany will get to do this, too.  If THEY decide a story is ‘fake’ THEY get to censor it!  And guess which stories will be ‘fake’?  Obviously, any stories that make them look bad or reveal their activities they wish to hide from voters and citizens, of course.


“Facebook has not used the opportunity to effectively regulate the issue of complaint management itself,” Oppermann said in an interview with Der Spiegel on Friday. Therefore, “market dominating platforms like Facebook will be legally required to build a legal protection office in Germany, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” he added.


German politicians fear that hate speech and ‘fake news’ could influence public opinion ahead of the federal elections next year, with far-right parties gaining momentum on growing discontent with Angela Merkel’s open-door refugee policy.


The legislation would oblige social media platforms to set up offices to respond to complaints from people affected by hateful messages. “High penalties” would await companies that fail to meet their responsibilities, he warned.


Earlier this week, the International Auschwitz Committee accused Facebook of “poisoning the societal climate” in Germany and overseas, warning that the social media giant’s soft treatment and arrogance towards online hate speech is “increasingly intolerable and dangerous.”


Facebook “continues to massively participate in the poisoning of the social climate, not only in Germany,” said Christoph Heubner, executive vice president of the International Auschwitz Committee (IAC), as quoted by German news agencies.


“Obviously, the responsible persons at Facebook neither take the [German] justice minister nor the German legislator seriously,” he added.


How rich is this?  The ‘Auschwitz Committee’ ought to go visit the Gaza strip and examine how closely it resembles the Warsaw Ghetto.  I will happily guide the tour.  The Jews on this ‘committee’ should be outraged and do something about this terrible reproduction of Nazi death camps!


Oh, anyone in Germany writing about how the Gaza strip is the Warsaw Ghetto is punished.  In the US, you are abused if you dare point out the obvious connections between Zionism and Naziism.  And if one points out that Zionism predates Naziism and inspired Hitler to create his movement several decades after the Zionists did it, try getting that into mainstream news!


News that doesn’t appear in the US despite the thousands of Jewish owners/reporters/writers in the US is enormous.  Here is today’s top editorial at the Jewish extremism – Opinion – Jerusalem Post:


Anyone attending a mixed-gender prayer service at Robinson’s Arch of the Western Wall could be sentenced to six months in jail, if a bill to establish Orthodoxy as the only recognized religion at Judaism’s holiest site, proposed by Shas, should become law.


Not only would common practice among millions of Diaspora Jewry be banned, but within the existing women’s section, there shall be not be allowed “any ceremony that includes taking out a Torah scroll, reading from it, blowing a shofar, wearing a tallit or tefillin.”


The bill would in effect make the Western Wall an Orthodox synagogue – by law.


Lawmakers from two haredi parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, as well as the Likud’s Oren Hazan, David Amsalem and Miki Zohar and Bayit Yehudi’s Bezalel Smotrich, Moti Yogev and Nissan Slomiansky, have endorsed the far-reaching proposal, which would make Orthodoxy the law throughout the entire Western Wall area.


The bill would also reverse the cabinet’s decision to provide an area for egalitarian worship at Robinson’s Arch, where it pledged to build a prayer plaza for Reform and Conservative Jews. Its construction has been frozen since it was announced in January to great acclaim, due to coalition threats by the haredi political parties.


The bill is part of a crusade against the Reform Movement being led by Interior Minister Arye Deri.


As he told reporters: “You must know that any recognition or compromise with the Reform means a recognition of their way as a ‘stream in Judaism.’ Our struggle against them is uncompromising. They bring assimilation and destruction.”


None of the above news will appear in any US paper.  Jews read papers here in the US and expect no real news about Israel here, they know already to go to the Jerusalem Post for news and are quite happy, it never shows up here in the US media for obvious reasons.


The Jewish religion is extremely racist.  When I married into a Jewish family in NYC, I was treated as a non-person by them all and was openly abused by them and insulted and mistreated.  They literally wanted me dead.  Then they all died in quick succession.


They were all DNC supporters who considered themselves to be very liberal!  Joe would publish liberal screeds in public and then tell me I was less than a human in private.  It was insane.  They were all totally insane.  This level of racism is insane.  I do not like black racism, white racism, Jewish racism, Nazi racism, any racism.


The anti-racists in the US leftist movement in our colleges today are insanely racist!  Openly racist. This lunacy has eaten the soul of the left leaving it a blasted mess of contradictions, criminal actions, vicious animosity and hatreds.  It has revived the Black Panthers, a toxic movement.  Then the left whines about the right being violent!


Duh!!!  The Jewish right wing in Israel wants to oppress and then kill off all Palestinians.  The Jewish left in Israel want them to go away and never come back but will let the women and children live…if they don’t do anything to resist their removal, of course.


All of these people are Nazis and will not understand how leftists can be Nazis, too.  Well, both left and right can be Nazis because it is an ideology that says, ‘Might makes right and what is yours is mine if I decide I can take it by force, drop dead!’  Muslims can be Nazis.  Communists can be Nazis.  It is ridiculously easy to be one.


Just say you have a divine right to steal stuff and kill people!  God or Marx gives you permission to kill for something.  Gott Mitt Uns, as the Germans would say.


For a brief while, we had real freedom of speech across the planet.  And this is now, thanks to our stupid rulers handing over the Internet to the fucking UN, now despots across the planet can and will and are censoring the Internet and now they can impose it on us with the help of our own traitors in DC joining in the censorship game as Congress just did this week.


How long will my blog survive?  We shall see.  I have been censored by the rulers in the past, over and over again.  They hate me and I hate them.  They have to control the news like they did before 1968.  They have to tell us the ‘truth’ so we can believe their lies.  Will Trump stop them?  Not if he is killed by them, of course.

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3 responses to “Putin Forms Alliance With Japan While EU/US Media Imposes Censorship On Alternative News

  1. Claudeeyah

    More and more you are sounding like a Trump supporter. Since you have mentioned your dislike for him in the past, it is refreshing to hear you say he might be able to hold off our Bilderberg ruling elite. I think we all need to get solidly behind Trump and become vocal supporters of him, warts and all. Nothing less than the survival of the planet is at stake. As you say, these people are truly mad.

  2. ziff

    you need a german translation for your site

  3. emsnews

    Are we in danger or not? And who is pushing the ‘Russia is evil and we must attack Russia’ storyline that can launch WWIII?

    It is the Democrats. They endanger all of us. Everything else is nonsense compared to WWIII. WWIII will terminate most humans in the first six hours. The survivors will have to cope with a collapse of civilization, nuclear Fukushima messes (think nuke power plants won’t be hit???) etc.

    Anyone whining about this or that should consider what WWIII means. And ask the stupid Democrats, why are they pushing so hard for WWIII. Thanks in advance.

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