Syria, Yemen, Brazil News: Chaos And Change, War And Starvation

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RT News from Russia which is at least sane much of the time compared to US media which is in total propaganda mode these days.  The US is telling us, the people of Aleppo want the ‘semi-al-Qaeda’ rebels, not Assad which is a total lie.  The Russians are anxious to show the reality and I imagine it is real because the brutal rule of the jihadists was about as nasty as it can possibly get for any society.  Nothing much can be worse!  Then there is the deterioration of the situation in Brazil, the President was arrested, it is now a coup there, the Olympics was a very expensive disaster which basically finished bankrupting the nation and now, violence there is rising with the usual outcome: the CIA won’t allow a revolt.


Then there is the New York Times, a slimy newspaper that can’t print the truth if it slapped them silly.  According to them, the return of Assad who freed women and gave them equality and had modern schools for children, etc. the people there according to the Jews running the NYT, hated that and wanted the nastiest forms of radical Wahhabism where they would be slaves again.  NOT.screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-6-19-27-amNow they are turning children into bombs! Girl, seven, walks into a Syrian police station to ask to use the bathroom and is blown up when handlers detonate her suicide vest by remote control just happened now.


The ‘world’ isn’t ‘horrified.’  If they were, they should be screaming about YEMEN.  Children and women and babies are being bombed, literally starved to death, tortured and abused by the Saudis and their allies (the US and Israel and Egypt, etc. assisting in various ways, of course).

Who cares?  Not the hysterics running the US.  The BBC story is from September, it is worse today.  The UN isn’t demanding Saudi Arabia stop.  Nope.  No US media demanding this stop.  Obama doesn’t care if dark skinned little children starve to death.  He is playing golf in Hawaii.

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4 responses to “Syria, Yemen, Brazil News: Chaos And Change, War And Starvation

  1. Christian W

    Interesting news if true. Apparently the Syrian Army has caught US, Israeli and Turkish military officers (among other “Coalition” nationalities) in East Aleppo.

  2. Seraphim

    @US, Israeli and Turkish military officers in East Aleppo.

    Now we can understand the mouth foaming hysteria surrounding the ‘evacuation of civilians’ from Aleppo!

  3. Lou

    1985, ‘WE ARE THE WORLD’ Song to ‘Save Ethiopia.’
    What I knew was that the Commie who ran Ethiopia was starving the Bantus [food as a weapon].
    Population then, about 30 million.
    Given food by White Nations, population now moves toward 90 million. in 36 years.

    Meanwhile, in Europe,

  4. Lou

    Elaine, have you ever written about the “Georgia Guidestones?’
    Their theme seems to be DEPOPULATION.

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